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    enSeptember 16, 2023

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    • Decongestants don't work as advertised, FDA revealsDespite FDA's revelation, many still use ineffective decongestants; trust in scientific evidence for health decisions

      The most popular over-the-counter decongestants, which have been on the market for years, do not work as advertised. A pharmacist from the University of Florida made this revelation after the FDA made the decision that these drugs are essentially inert and do not provide any relief for stuffy noses. This news might come as a surprise to many, but it's important to note that these drugs were previously removed from shelves a decade ago due to their use in making methamphetamine. Despite this, people continued to purchase and use these drugs, believing they were effective in relieving congestion. The infuriating thing is that when similar claims are made about vaccines, the reaction is often very different. This goes to show the importance of relying on scientific evidence and facts when making decisions about our health.

    • Unexpected events can impact sports and industriesThe NFL season took a surprising turn for the Jets and Rodgers, while diamond companies are promoting diamonds as gifts for friends due to changing trends.

      The NFL season took an unexpected turn for the New York Jets and their new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, who joined the team after a contentious off-season filled with vaccine criticism and conspiracy theories, suffered a devastating injury just four plays into his first game. His Achilles tendon was torn, sidelining him for the entire season. The injury was a significant blow to Jets fans, but a welcome one for those of the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers' former team. Meanwhile, in the world of diamonds, the industry is trying to shift the narrative around their product. Instead of being seen as a symbol of romantic love, they're now promoting diamonds as a gift for friends. The diamond companies are facing a decline in sales due to fewer marriages, so they're encouraging people to buy diamonds for their friends as a way to express appreciation and strengthen bonds. The takeaway here is that unexpected events can have significant impacts, whether it's in sports or in industries, and that the meaning and value of symbols can change over time.

    • Broadway Star, Lauren Boebert, Ejected for Disruptive BehaviorWell-known figures like Lauren Boebert can be removed from cultural venues for disrespectful actions, despite their public status.

      Even well-known public figures like Representative Lauren Boebert can face consequences for inappropriate behavior, even outside of political arenas. This week, Boebert was removed from a Broadway musical production of "Beetlejuice" in Denver for talking, vaping, and taking pictures during the performance. Her actions disrupted other patrons, leading to her ejection. The incident serves as a reminder that there are expectations for respectful behavior in various settings, including theaters. The incident also highlights the contrasting standards of conduct between political events and cultural venues.

    • Unexpected Qualities of Famous FiguresFrom Bloody Mary inventing the Bloody Mary cocktail to Vlad Dracul being a vegan, history is filled with surprising twists about famous figures

      History is full of surprising twists and turns, as shown in three intriguing stories. First, Queen Mary I of England, known as Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants, was also the inventor of the popular brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary. Second, Vlad Dracul the Impaler, the historical figure who inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, was actually a vegan. Lastly, new evidence suggests that Satan, as depicted in the Bible, might not have been the evil demon we've been taught but rather an annoying tenant in God's basement. These stories remind us that even the most feared and hated figures can have unexpected qualities.

    • A unique platform for connecting and making a differenceThe CGI annual meeting brings together individuals to make charitable commitments, engage in meaningful conversations, and build connections with like-minded individuals, including high-profile figures.

      The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, taking place next week after a pandemic hiatus, is not just about charitable commitments, panels, and ideas for fixing the world. It's also about connecting with like-minded individuals, including high-profile figures like Matt Damon and the Pope, and letting loose at the event's renowned parties. As Secretary Clinton shared, the desire to be with people and make a difference has been strong since the pandemic, and CGI offers a unique platform for that. A memorable moment from the conversation was when Faith Salie shared her daughter's confusion about President Clinton being Hillary's husband, highlighting the iconic status of both Secretary Clinton and her husband. The conversation also touched upon the unexpected connections one can make at CGI, like Pete Davidson's tattoo of Secretary Clinton. Overall, the CGI annual meeting is a place for earnest work and playful surprises.

    • Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) in Film MakingCGI enables filmmakers to create illusions, depict impossible actions, and solve production challenges

      Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) plays a significant role in modern filmmaking, enabling the creation of illusions and the depiction of actions that might be difficult or impossible for actors to perform in real life. For instance, in the movie "Blade Trinity," CGI was used to make Wesley Snipes' character appear to keep his eyes open when he refused to do so on set. Similarly, in a recent Steven Seagal film, CGI was employed to depict him walking, as he could no longer perform the stunt in real life. In another instance, during the production of the movie "Cats," a graphic artist was tasked with removing anatomically correct CGI cat butts that a previous team had added to the actors. These examples illustrate the creative and problem-solving capabilities of CGI in filmmaking.

    • Communication and feedback methods in the workplaceEffective communication and feedback are crucial for teams, with Grammarly offering personalized suggestions for impactful writing and companies shifting to 'feed forward' for improved morale. Sincerity and specificity are key to successful feedback.

      Effective communication and feedback are essential in the workplace, but the methods and approaches can greatly impact their impact. Grammarly, a writing tool, helps users save time and create more impactful writing by providing personalized suggestions in context. Meanwhile, in the news, companies are shifting from giving feedback to "feed forward," focusing on future improvements rather than past mistakes, to reduce anxiety and improve employee morale. However, the success of this approach depends on the sincerity and specificity of the feedback given. Additionally, the hiring of reporters for specific celebrities, such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce, raises questions about the relevance and sustainability of such coverage. Ultimately, clear, effective, and timely communication is crucial for teams to make their point and move faster.

    • NBA Star Damian Lillard's Entrepreneurial Venture: Buying a Toyota DealershipDamian Lillard, an NBA star, showcases his entrepreneurial spirit by buying a Toyota dealership, inspired by Larry H. Miller dealerships from his childhood.

      The hosts of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me are currently on a bonus episode featuring an extended interview with NBA star Damian Lillard. During the interview, Lillard shared his unusual business venture: buying a Toyota dealership. Inspired by the Larry H. Miller dealerships he saw growing up in Utah, Lillard imagined a chain of dealerships branded with his name. This anecdote showcases Lillard's entrepreneurial spirit and his creativity in thinking beyond his basketball career. Additionally, the show featured a segment where listeners could call in and complete limericks with missing words. The contestants' correct answers led to them winning a point. The limericks ranged from humorous to surprising, with one involving a lost hiker who used a bear cam to signal for help when he couldn't reach his phone. The episode also included the regular segments like "Lightning Fill in the Blank" and "Bluff the Listener," as well as announcements for upcoming live shows in various cities. Overall, the episode showcased the entertaining and engaging nature of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, with its unique blend of humor, trivia, and celebrity interviews.

    • Australian Golf Course's Shark-Free News: A Game Changer?Despite sharks adding an intriguing element to Australian golf, they've been removed due to safety concerns, sparking debates about the importance of preserving natural ecosystems in recreational spaces.

      The golf course in Australia, known for its shark-infested lake near the 14th hole, has now announced that the water is shark-free. This news might seem like a relief for golfers, but it turns out that sharks were a requirement for an interesting game of Australian rules golf. The sharks had lived in the lake for 17 years, surviving mostly on fish and the occasional golfer. They even evolved to thrive in that environment. However, this evolutionary advantage might not be enough to save them from being removed. In other news, a history enthusiast on Twitter made an amusing observation about men's fascination with the Roman Empire, which led to a surprising admission from many men. The men claimed that they were constantly thinking about the Roman Empire and its impact on world history. This revelation sparked a lively discussion on social media. In the quiz, Faith did well, answering 7 out of 10 questions correctly, earning her a total of 14 points and the lead. The quiz covered various topics, including politics, current events, and pop culture. Overall, the discussion covered a range of topics, from golf and sharks to history and men's fascinations.

    • Surprising Events of the Week: From a Drag Racing Ambulance to a 70-Year-Old MessageA week filled with unexpected events, from a man's arrest for drag racing an ambulance to a woman's long-awaited response to a decades-old message, and Apple's new USB-C cable for the iPhone, to Kim Jong Un's meeting with Putin, and the CDC's COVID vaccine recommendation for all ages. Inflation, theft, and space exploration also made headlines.

      This week was filled with unexpected events, from a California landlord's controversial party to a woman's 70-year-old message finally being answered. A white man was arrested for drag racing an ambulance, while a woman in Iowa waited patiently for a response to a message she wrote on an egg decades ago. Apple introduced a new USB-C cable for the iPhone, and Kim Jong Un met with Vladimir Putin in Russia. The CDC recommended the COVID vaccine for everyone over 6 months old, while Florida's governor advised against it for those under 65. The Labor Department reported that surging gas prices contributed more to inflation than expected. A woman in China stole an iPhone by chewing through the security cable, and astronaut Frank Rubio broke the record for most days spent on the International Space Station. Drew Barrymore announced she would resume her show in defiance of the writers and actors strikes, and a robbery suspect was finally arrested after hiding in various places. The panelists predicted that the next surprising drug revelation might be Elon Musk acquiring GasX, the development of a drug to help focus less, or Viagra causing sadness instead of pleasure. "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" is produced by NPR and WBEZ Chicago in association with Urgent Haircut Productions.

    • Invest in areas you're passionate about with Schwab's thematic investingSchwab identifies emerging trends and curates relevant stocks into over 40 themes for individuals to consider aligning their investments with their interests.

      Schwab offers thematic investing, making it simple for individuals to invest in areas they're passionate about, such as online music and videos, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and more. Schwab's research identifies emerging trends, and their technology then curates relevant stocks into over 40 themes for investors to consider. It's important to remember that Schwab's thematic investing is not investment advice or a recommendation of any specific stock or investment strategy. Tune in to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for the latest news and entertainment, and visit schwab.com/thematicinvesting for more information on how you can align your investments with your interests.

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