Witnesses and Impeachment, WH Moves Goal Post to Protect Joe, plus Mayor Adam's Immigration Problem Week In Review

    enSeptember 16, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Being vigilant about medical bill errors and using technology to helpOver half of medical bills contain errors, but HealthLock technology can securely connect with insurance and flag inaccuracies, saving users over $130 million

      Consumers need to be vigilant about potential errors in their medical bills, as over 50% of them may contain inaccuracies. HealthLock is a technology that can help by securely connecting with insurance and flagging overbilling, wrong codes, and fraud. It has already helped its members save over $130,000,000. Meanwhile, in the world of entertainment, there are concerns about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on Hollywood. Investigative reporter Tiffany Meyer reveals this in the documentary "Hollywood Takeover." Regarding impeachment proceedings, witnesses such as Merrick Garland, David Weiss, and Hunter Biden may be called to testify, and their testimonies could be significant. It's important to note that Garland is expected to be evasive, while Weiss and Schwerin, who have been directly implicated in obstruction of justice, are likely witnesses. Hunter Biden may also stonewall if called. The impeachment process could lead to revealing information about potential lies and cover-ups.

    • Democrats' Hypocrisy in Impeachment ProceedingsDemocrats leading impeachment against Biden despite lack of evidence, while criticizing Trump for similar actions; Hunter Biden's Fifth Amendment invocation adds to controversy; Impeachment unlikely to result in removal, but could bring attention to potential Biden family corruption ahead of election

      The ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden are showcasing the hypocrisy of congressional Democrats. While they have criticized former President Trump for allegedly conducting "witch hunts," they are now leading an impeachment process against Biden, despite having no direct evidence of wrongdoing. Hunter Biden's refusal to testify, invoking the Fifth Amendment, has added to the controversy. The Democrats' actions are particularly ironic given their past criticisms of Trump. It's important to note that even if the House manages to impeach Biden, it's unlikely the Senate would vote to remove him from office, given its current makeup. However, the impeachment process could still serve to bring more attention to potential corruption involving the Bidens before the upcoming election. Ultimately, the cynicism towards the political process is not unwarranted, as partisan politics appears to be prioritized over evidence of wrongdoing.

    • Exploring the potential value of impeachment proceedings for Biden's business dealingsImpeachment could bring Biden's business dealings to public attention, but risks galvanizing support for him or creating a new Democratic nominee, emphasizing the importance of a non-partisan justice system.

      While no Democrats have publicly expressed concerns about potential wrongdoing by President Joe Biden regarding his son's business dealings, impeachment proceedings could still be valuable in bringing these facts to the attention of the American people. The speaker emphasizes that a justice system independent of partisan politics should handle such investigations, but in the current political climate, impeachment may be the best way to present the information to the public. The speaker also warns of the potential risks for Republicans if they don't handle the situation carefully, including the possibility of galvanizing support for Biden or the emergence of a new Democratic nominee.

    • Saving Money on Wireless and HealthcareConsider alternatives like Consumer Cellular for wireless savings and HealthLock for healthcare bill accuracy and negotiation.

      Consumers can save money on wireless service by considering alternatives to leading carriers, such as Consumer Cellular, which offers similar coverage at up to half the cost. Meanwhile, in healthcare, having insurance is not enough to avoid overpaying for medical bills. HealthLock, a healthcare technology company, helps consumers ensure their medical bills are accurate by reviewing claims for errors and negotiating with providers on their behalf. In the news, there have been shifting narratives regarding President Biden's involvement in Hunter Biden's businesses. The White House maintains that the president's calls to his son during difficult times were purely for checking in and no business deals were discussed. The president has faced an impeachment inquiry as part of ongoing investigations, but his response has been that he has seen many challenges throughout his political career and this may be the most unusual one yet.

    • The Current Administration's Focus vs. Biden Family AllegationsThe current administration is prioritizing American needs, while allegations about Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest for the president.

      The focus of the current administration, as represented by the president's recent international travels and domestic announcements, is on addressing the needs and concerns of the American people. In contrast, there are allegations regarding the past actions of the Biden family, specifically Hunter Biden's business dealings with foreign entities, which have raised questions and concerns. Critics argue that these dealings involved significant sums of money from countries with antagonistic relationships with America and that Joe Biden may have been involved. The administration and its supporters dismiss these allegations, portraying Joe Biden as a loving father who was simply supporting his son. However, critics insist that the value Hunter provided in exchange for these payments is unclear, and they question why such large sums were transferred from these countries. The ongoing impeachment inquiry is expected to delve deeper into these matters.

    • Biden family's business dealings raise questionsThe Biden family's business dealings during Joe Biden's Vice Presidency involved introducing associates to the President and receiving significant financial benefits, raising questions of potential conflicts of interest and corruption. In healthcare, ensuring the accuracy of medical bills is crucial, with over 50% containing errors.

      During Joe Biden's tenure as Vice President, his son Hunter's business dealings involved introducing business associates to his father and receiving significant financial benefits. For instance, a Burisma executive thanked Hunter for the opportunity to meet Joe Biden, and Hunter planned to distribute 10% of the equity from a Chinese private equity fund to "the big guy," which is believed to be a reference to Joe Biden. Additionally, Hunter had at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations, and there is photographic evidence of him and Joe Biden together on a golf outing with a Burisma board member who had a 1 on 1 meeting with Joe Biden at the White House. These business dealings and meetings raise serious questions about potential conflicts of interest and corruption. It's important to note that these allegations have not been proven in a court of law, but they warrant further investigation. In the healthcare sector, another significant takeaway is the importance of ensuring the accuracy of medical bills. With over 50% of medical bills containing errors, it's crucial to have a third-party service like HealthLock to review claims for errors and help consumers pay only what they owe.

    • Saving Lives: Pre Born and the Importance of ActionPre Born saves 200 lives daily through clinics, $28 donation saves a life, NYC Mayor Adams faces migrant crisis, Texas border situation is a national crisis, action needed to save lives through organizations and stronger border security.

      While insurance is important, it's not enough to save lives, especially for unborn babies. The organization Pre Born is making a difference by rescuing 200 babies from abortion every day through their network of clinics. A simple donation of $28 can save a life, and larger donations from businesses are also welcome. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing a crisis with the influx of migrants, but he's not receiving enough support to address the issue. The situation in Texas, where the number of illegals crossing the border is a daily occurrence, is much worse, and it's a national crisis that requires immediate attention and action. The lack of support from the government leaves cities like New York and Texas struggling to cope with these issues. The bottom line is that we need to take action to save lives, whether it's through supporting organizations like Pre Born or advocating for stronger border security.

    • Political leaders' inactions caused the border crisisDespite expressing anger, Dems like Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, and Adams have contributed to the border crisis through years of blocking border security measures

      The border crisis was not caused by Governor Greg Abbott, but rather by the actions and inactions of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These political leaders have consistently blocked efforts to secure the border, build the wall, deport illegal immigrants, and implement policies to address the issue. New York Mayor Eric Adams, who is currently dealing with the consequences of this crisis in his city, should look to his own party for accountability, as they have been creating and exacerbating the problem for years. The hypocrisy of some Democrats, who now express anger and frustration over the influx of immigrants, is massive, as many of them have previously welcomed and encouraged the very same population into their cities. The Mariel boat lift in the 1980s serves as a reminder of the significant challenges that come with large-scale immigration and the need for proper resettlement and support.

    • Liberal Hypocrisy on ImmigrationSome liberals claim compassion but oppose immigrants in their communities, contradicting their supposed values.

      During a discussion on a podcast, a commentator expressed frustration towards liberals who claim to be compassionate but do not want immigrants in their communities, specifically in wealthy areas. The commentator criticized their hypocrisy and suggested that they should be sent to areas with more conservative populations for education. The commentator also shared an instance where they proposed legislation to send illegal immigrants to liberal areas, but were met with opposition. However, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis actually sent illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, the response was an emergency declaration and mass deployment of National Guard members. This highlights the inconsistency in the stance of some liberals on immigration.

    • Political Debate over Immigration PoliciesThe political debate over immigration policies continues, with some using busing migrants to sanctuary cities to bring attention to the issue, while others criticize these actions. The speaker argues that the crisis requires a federal solution and calls out the Democratic Party for inaction.

      The political debate surrounding immigration policies has reached a boiling point, with some politicians advocating for busing migrants to sanctuary cities and others criticizing these actions. The speaker in this discussion argues that these policies are effective in bringing attention to the issue, but also highlights the larger scale of the immigration crisis, with millions of people entering the country illegally since Biden took office. The speaker criticizes the Democratic Party for not addressing the issue and calls on them to take action. They also point out the hypocrisy of cities expressing concern only after buses began arriving with migrants, and question why these cities aren't suing Biden instead of the governors implementing the busing policies. The speaker also emphasizes that the border crisis is not just a Texas issue, but a national one that requires a federal solution.

    • Hollywood under Chinese influenceThe CCP's control over Hollywood results in the creation of content tailored to Chinese audiences, offering tax advantages and potential returns for accredited investors in US Oil and Gas through Labrador Energy, but with risks and consultation required.

      Hollywood, once a symbol of American culture and dreams, is now under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), leading to the creation of nightmarish content to appease Chinese audiences. This control is revealed in the documentary "Hollywood Takeover" by investigative reporter Tiffany Meyer, brought to you by The Epic Times. Meanwhile, for accredited investors, US Oil and Gas remains a tax-advantaged investment opportunity with potential for sound returns through Labrador Energy. By investing, you may be able to offset income and reduce tax liability. However, it's crucial to consult your legal, tax, and financial advisers and read the prospectus before making any investment decisions. Remember, past performance is not an indicator of future results, and investing involves risk.

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