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    Podcast Summary

    • A summer adventure and UN criticismUkraine's President criticized the UN for inaction on Russia's invasion, calling for veto power removal and more financial support. Meanwhile, the Biden administration extended TPS to 470k Venezuelan migrants and confirmed the first black Air Force chief and defense secretary.

      During my summer trip to South Dakota, I experienced some incredible adventures, from exploring the badlands and catching a big walleye, to seeing bison and riding through the needles. Meanwhile, on a more serious note, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized the UN for inaction on Russia's invasion of Ukraine during a special UN Security Council session. He called for the removal of Russia's veto power and more financial support for Ukraine. In other news, the Biden administration announced that it will extend temporary protected status to 470,000 Venezuelan migrants, allowing them to work legally in the US and support themselves. Additionally, the senate confirmed Air Force General Charles Q Brown Jr. as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, making him and Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary, the first black Americans to hold the Pentagon's top two positions.

    • Political obstacles and military promotionsMilitary leaders continue to offer informed advice despite delays in promotions, while the Biden administration tackles current issues and faces challenges in various sectors

      Despite political obstacles, military leaders like Brown are committed to providing the president and defense secretary with informed advice, even as important promotions are delayed. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is taking steps to address current issues, such as providing free COVID-19 tests and combating climate change. However, progress in certain areas, like air quality, is being hindered by natural disasters and other challenges. Additionally, intellectual property disputes have emerged in the tech industry, with authors accusing a language model's creator of mass-scale theft. These stories highlight the complex interplay of politics, public health, and innovation, and the ongoing challenges and opportunities they present.

    • The Value of Art and InspirationArtists' and authors' work used without credit or payment for AI training is a contentious issue. Ross' painting, 'A Walk in the Woods,' is now worth millions, inspiring generations and reaching more people through streaming. Exploring and appreciating the world around us can bring joy and inspiration.

      The use of artists' and authors' work without credit or payment to train AI is a contentious issue. While critics argue that this constitutes piracy, tech companies claim that their use of data scraped from the internet is legal. Meanwhile, a rare Bob Ross painting, "A Walk in the Woods," which was sold for likely less than $100 in 1983, is now on sale for $9,800,000. Ross' art has continued to inspire generations, and his teachings on painting have reached even more people in the streaming era. In a lighter note, a young narrator shares his exciting experiences in South Dakota, from discovering natural wonders to catching a big walleye. These stories serve as reminders of the beauty and joy that can be found in our own backyards, encouraging us to explore and appreciate the world around us.

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    Friday, June 28, 2024

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    The Ukraine war is crippling the world's food supply, says food security expert Ertharin Cousin
    The Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia have created a perfect storm that will lead to a global food supply crisis, Ertharin Cousin, former head of the UN World Food Programme, tells Ian Bremmer on the GZERO World podcast. Russia and Ukraine account for almost a third of the world's wheat exports. All nations could be affected since these are global commodities, but developing countries that rely on those imports are most at risk. The disruptions could double the amount of people that went hungry during the pandemic, and since agriculture is a seasonal business, the worst may be yet to come.
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    The Future of War: AI + Autonomous Warfare with “Army of None” Author Paul Scharre

    The Future of War: AI + Autonomous Warfare with “Army of None” Author Paul Scharre
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    A World Cup and a Budget

    A World Cup and a Budget

    A football World Cup and a Budget, what better subjects could Mihir Bose, former sports news editor at the BBC, Sunday Times Economics Editor David Smith and political analyst Nigel Dudley wish for, to talk about?

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    Why German tanks are going to war in Europe

    Why German tanks are going to war in Europe

    Last week, Germany confirmed it would send tanks to Ukraine to help in the fight against Russia. The announcement came after weeks of foot-dragging on the issue. So why was the decision apparently so difficult - and what made Germany change its mind?

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    Guest: Oliver Moody, Berlin correspondent, The Times and Sunday Times.

    Host: Manveen Rana.

    Clips: Sky News, Bundeswehr, BBC News, Al Jazeera, France 24, DW News, CNN, VOA, Parliament.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.