Podcast Summary

    • White House intentionally causing harm to the countryDan Vongino believes the current administration is deliberately damaging the country, specifically mentioning the border situation and recent corruption allegations against Senator Bob Menendez.

      According to Dan Vongino, the current administration in the White House is intentionally causing harm to the country. He strongly believes that they are not making honest mistakes but rather actively trying to destroy the country. He expresses his frustration over various issues, including the situation at the border. Additionally, Vongino endorsed Genucel skincare products and shared testimonials from satisfied customers. Furthermore, he mentioned an upcoming book signing and the success of his podcast, The Dan Bongino Show, which recently ranked number seven in a podcast chart. Lastly, he briefly mentioned the recent corruption allegations against Senator Bob Menendez.

    • Deep concern over perceived corruption in DOJ, broken systemSpeaker expresses deep concern over perceived corruption within the DOJ, believes indictment of Democratic senator is politically motivated, and expresses frustration over societal issues like inflation, border crisis, and economic problems, fearing country may not make it another year.

      The speaker expresses deep concern over what they perceive as corruption within the Department of Justice, leading to the indictment of a Democratic senator. They believe that the senator's charge is politically motivated and part of a larger issue of a broken system. The speaker also expresses frustration over various societal issues, including inflation, border crisis, and economic problems. They express a sense of hopelessness and despair, fearing that the country may not make it another year. The speaker encourages listeners to watch a Fox report on the border crisis to understand the severity of the situation. Overall, the speaker's tone is passionate and impassioned, reflecting a deep sense of unease and concern.

    • Migrants illegally crossing border under port of entry in Del Rio, TexasGovernment ineffectively addressing border crisis and financial instability, leading to security concerns and disregard for rule of law

      There's a large group of migrants illegally crossing the border under the port of entry in Del Rio, Texas, while there's a legal way to enter the United States through the bridge above them. Simultaneously, the government is dealing with the consequences of excessive spending, leading to inflation, higher interest rates, and housing and mortgage crises. Both issues are being addressed in an ineffective manner, with the government continuing to print money and not enforcing laws at the border or addressing the root causes of these crises. The result is a lack of security, financial instability, and a disregard for the rule of law.

    • Societal issues and accountabilityThe speaker raises concerns over societal issues like children's indoctrination, racial grifting, immigration, and lack of DOJ accountability, believing they're being worsened by those in power. Encourages media to ask tough questions and emphasizes importance of voter turnout.

      The speaker expresses deep concern over various societal issues, including the destruction of children through sexual indoctrination and body mutilation in schools, racial grifting in universities, the Biden administration's handling of illegal immigration, and the perceived lack of accountability from the Department of Justice. The speaker believes that these issues are being deliberately worsened and exploited by those in power, and calls for better questioning from the media to hold them accountable. The speaker also believes that voter turnout is a key factor in political outcomes and encourages greater engagement from the public.

    • Speaker expresses concern for country's borders and lack of leadershipJoin organizations for self-protection, support strong leaders, and vote for candidates who won't back down.

      The speaker expresses deep concern about the state of the country, feeling that its borders are being disrespected and that the political establishment is not doing enough to address the issue. He advocates for stronger leadership and self-reliance, urging listeners to join organizations like the U.S. Conceal Carry Association to protect themselves and their rights. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having candidates who will stand firm and not back down, using the example of Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson of North Carolina as an inspiration. He plans to regularly feature such candidates on his show.

    • Mark Robinson's Speech at Black Church: Truth and Fearlessness in PoliticsMark Robinson, a North Carolina gubernatorial candidate, urged for truth and fearlessness in politics, emphasizing the importance of standing up to enemies and speaking honestly, despite potential backlash. His call for 'bellbusters' resonated with many, offering hope and a call to action in the tense political climate.

      Mark Robinson, a Republican candidate for governor in North Carolina, delivered a powerful and controversial speech at a black church, advocating for truth and fearlessness in politics. He emphasized the importance of standing up to political enemies and speaking honestly, regardless of potential backlash or criticism. Robinson's words resonated with many, as he challenged the notion that skin color determines one's beliefs or abilities. The left has been criticized for focusing too much on melanin, and Robinson's candidness was seen as refreshing by some. The country's political climate is tense, and Robinson's call for more "bellbusters" – individuals who speak truth and are willing to fight for their beliefs – reflects a growing desire for authenticity and action in politics. The speech was not without controversy, but Robinson's message resonated with many, offering a glimmer of hope and a call to action for those seeking change.

    • Notice if you're being followedIf someone follows you for an extended period, stay alert, remember the car's license plate, and call the police.

      Being aware of your surroundings and understanding the signs of being followed can help keep you safe. If you notice someone following you for an extended period in time, over a significant distance, and in a specific direction, it's likely that you're being surveilled. In such a situation, do not pull into your house or neighborhood, but keep driving and call the police. Make sure to remember the license plate number of the following car and have it ready when you call 911. These simple steps can help you stay safe and potentially prevent criminal activity.

    • Providing necessary details in an emergency and staying hydratedIn emergencies, give location and details to increase chances of recovery or help. Staying hydrated is vital for health and Liquid IV can help ensure proper hydration. AI tools like Zipper Crew aid in hiring qualified candidates.

      In an emergency situation, it's crucial to know your location and provide any necessary details, such as license plate numbers, to authorities immediately. This can increase the chances of recovering stolen property or finding help in a timely manner. Additionally, staying hydrated is essential for overall health and well-being, and using products like Liquid IV can help ensure proper hydration. Lastly, AI is becoming increasingly important in various industries, including hiring, and tools like Zipper Crew can help businesses find the most qualified candidates by utilizing AI technology.

    • Border Crisis: Biden Administration Fails to ActThe border crisis worsens as large numbers of people illegally enter the US daily, straining resources and safety. The Biden admin is criticized for not enforcing immigration laws and releasing migrants into towns, causing concerns.

      The border crisis continues to escalate with large numbers of people illegally crossing into the United States every day, and the Biden administration is not taking sufficient action to address it. Speaker Joe, who has experience working in different studios, expressed his frustration over the situation, using strong language to emphasize the urgency of the issue. He criticized the administration for not enforcing immigration laws and for allowing massive releases of migrants into towns, causing strain on resources and safety concerns. The speaker also mentioned instances of shoplifting at Marshals and mentioned Kathy Hochul's comments regarding limiting immigration to New York. The overall sentiment was that the country is being taken over by people who disregard the law, and the Biden administration is facilitating this. The speaker urged listeners to recognize the reality of the situation and demanded action from the administration.

    • Speaker Criticizes Merrick Garland and Nicole WallaceThe speaker expresses strong opinions about Merrick Garland's potential dishonesty and Nicole Wallace's coverage during Garland's Attorney General nomination hearing. They advocate for transparency, reducing spending, lowering taxes, and securing the border to address societal issues.

      The speaker expresses strong opinions about various topics, accusing others of conspiracy theories and corruption, while also expressing their own views on how to solve societal issues. During a discussion about a hearing for Merrick Garland's nomination for Attorney General, the speaker criticizes Garland and Nicole Wallace from MSNBC for what they perceive as dishonesty and lack of transparency. They believe Garland has an incentive to lie due to his potential connection to a corrupt president, while Wallace is criticized for her coverage of the hearing. The speaker also shares their perspective on solving economic and political issues, including reducing spending, lowering taxes, and securing the border. They express frustration with the current state of affairs and believe that transparency and honesty are essential for progress.

    • Concerns about Biden's mental and emotional stateReports of Biden repeating stories and economic instability raise concerns about his presidency's stability, with potential implications for the country.

      According to the speaker, there are concerns about President Joe Biden's mental and emotional state based on reports from the White House press pool. The pool, which is predominantly liberal, reported that during a speech, Biden repeated the same story nearly word for word, indicating potential memory issues. Additionally, the speaker mentioned that the U.S. Treasury yield, which represents the interest rate the government pays to borrow money, is at its highest since November 2021, indicating economic instability. The speaker also criticized Biden for his handling of the economy and immigration, suggesting that the situation at the borders is a major concern. Overall, the speaker expressed concern about the state of the presidency and the potential impact on the country.

    • Economic downturn and inflationThe economic situation is worsening with inflation rising, US government borrowing difficulties, and potential damage to household spending power. Criticism towards Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and rising demands for wages due to inflation.

      The economic situation is deteriorating, with inflation on the rise and the US government facing difficulties in borrowing money. The speaker warns of further increases in the US 10-year treasury yield and the potential for damaging effects of inflation on household spending power. The speaker also criticizes Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for downplaying the situation and highlights rising demands for wages due to inflation. A lighter moment was shared about Donald Trump's visit to a bar in Iowa and the hoopla it caused among liberals. In response to a question, the speaker shared that he enjoyed reading "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote and mentioned his love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    • Jason's Authentic Writing ProcessSuccessful author Jason dictates his books over the phone to ensure authenticity, dislikes his own handwriting, and doesn't use a ghostwriter in the traditional sense.

      The speaker, Jason, is a successful author who takes pride in the authenticity of his work. He dictates his books over the phone to an editor and researcher, ensuring that every word is his own. However, he clarifies that he doesn't use a ghostwriter in the sense of someone writing the book for him. He also shares some personal quirks, such as his dislike of his own handwriting and his past experience as a vegetarian. Despite these seemingly trivial details, Jason emphasizes that his books are a true reflection of his thoughts and ideas. He also mentions the common practice in the publishing industry of political writers having their books ghostwritten, but assures that he is not one of them. Overall, Jason's conversation reveals his dedication to producing authentic work and his unique perspective on life.

    • Dan expresses gratitude and shares updatesDan appreciated listeners' support, had a record-breaking number of listeners, announced a book signing event, and expressed frustration with the current state of the country

      Dan Bongino, the host of the Dan Bongino Show, expressed his gratitude to his audience for their continued support and loyalty. He mentioned that they had a record-breaking number of listeners, around 74,000, on a Friday. He also shared that he had a book signing event coming up in Naples, Florida, and apologized for any inappropriate language used during the show. Dan also expressed his frustration with the current state of the country and his desire to see it improve. He signed off by promising to be back on Monday. Overall, Dan's message was one of appreciation and a call to action for his audience to get involved in making positive changes in the country.

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    The Authoritarian Voter Next Door

    The Authoritarian Voter Next Door

    Authoritarian voters cosplay Rambo on the U.S. Southern border, literally hunting refugees and denying them basic human rights. Our interview this week features Lisa Molomot and Jeff Bemiss, the filmmakers behind the extraordinary must-watch Peabody Award-winning film Missing in Brooks County about the immigration crisis in America deliberately engineered for maximum cruelty by both Republican and Democratic leaders over the years, creating the world’s deadliest border crossing. It does not have to be this way. In this discussion, you’ll hear common sense solutions, unmasking an entrenched genocidal culture that has gone unchecked for far too long.

    Who was first in line to carry out the Holocaust? The authoritarian voter next door. Survivors described how their neighbors turned on them, throwing rocks through their windows. That’s who Trump is appealing to, driving out people who have existed throughout history: longing for a strongman to crush their enemies, and put mouthy women, smug nonwhite people, those pesky gays, and don’t forget entitled refugees in their place. These are the “vermin” Trump scapegoats as he travels the country, amplifying Russian disinformation, and consolidating his base: the authoritarian voter next door. 

    Reality Winner, the patriotic whistleblower who confirmed extensive Russian hacking of our election systems after government officials tried to downplay it, has faced far harsher punishment than violent coup plotter Trump with his 91 criminal indictments. The American people see the threat to our democracy clearly, which is why they’ve built resilient grassroots power that ushered in yet another historic Blue Wave. The latest victory in a long list: Dauphin County, PA flipped to Democratic control for the first time in 100 years. We the People have done significantly more to protect our democracy than Merrick Garland’s DOJ. 

    Given the immense power we’ve shown, it’s time to abolish the Electoral College, a monument to slavery, and agitate for other reforms to modernize the United States government. Gaslit Nation is working on a special series on how to Trump-proof our democracy, protecting us and future generations from his massive cult that ensures succession is guaranteed. Even after Trump is gone, another cultist will take his place. So it’s time to expand our historic Blue Wave energy into overdue government reform. The nonsense press release from the Supreme Court pretending to care about ethics is not what we’re talking about. 

    As a thank you to our Gaslit Nation community on Patreon, look out the weekend after Thanksgiving for a special MAKE ART workshop in the form of a podcast that you can download and try at your own leisure. We’re all natural born artists, and this act of self-care and meaningful therapy reminds us that our voices matter and that we’re needed now more than ever. In his brilliant resistance pocket guide On Tyranny, historian Timothy Snyder urges us to be visible, and that visibility comes through creativity, as we use our voice for our collective good. The model of this has always been embedded in this show that has featured interviews with extraordinary artists like Nelson George, a writer of the hip-hop movement and Andrea’s longtime mentor, and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov who survived a Siberian prison by writing a novel, stories, and directing a film.

    Yes, art matters. Art is survival. And each of us, to navigate these civilization-making-or-breaking years ahead, can embrace our inner artist to create a sustainable, livable future together. Artists imagine and show that another world is possible. As Sentsov said on our show: Dictators die. Art is forever. Look out for that special MAKE ART workshop next week! To get access to that, bonus shows, all episodes ad free, and more, subscribe to join our community of listeners at Patreon.com/Gaslit 

    This week’s bonus show will look at the latest in the Israel-Hamas war, troubling jumps in A.I., and answer questions from listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. Thank you to everyone who supports the show – we could not make Gaslit Nation without you! 

    If you’re in NYC, stop by 42 Second Avenue, between 2nd & 3rd Streets, to see a giant photograph of a “car cemetery” in Irpin, Ukraine, an area that suffered greatly during the early days of Russia’s total war genocide. The photographer is Phil Buehler, and more of his work can be seen here: https://modern-ruins.com/irpin-ukraine-please-dont-forget-us/

    You can also join Andrea this Thursday at NYU to check out a talk by Terrell Starr of the Black Diplomats podcast. Details here: https://twitter.com/terrelljstarr/status/1724146505001422925

    Andrea joined Jennifer Taub, author of Big Dirty Money: Making White Collar Criminals Pay, on her podcast Booked Up. Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/andrea-chalupa-on-dictatorship-is-easy/id1651929984?i=1000634521344


    MUST WATCH: Missing in Brooks County by Lisa Molomot and Jeff Bemiss https://www.missinginbrookscounty.com/

    MUST WATCH: John Oliver on the Israel-Palestine Conflict https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ9PKQbkJv8

    Opening Clip: Trump in New Hampshire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE3S2_zWEIc

    Supreme Court Announces Ethics Code for Justices The decision comes after revelations about undisclosed property deals and gifts have intensified pressure on the court to adopt such a code. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/13/us/politics/supreme-court-ethics-code.html

    Supreme Court approval ratings at record lows, new Gallup poll shows https://www.cnn.com/2023/08/02/politics/supreme-court-record-lows-gallup/index.html

    In a Historic First, the Supreme Court Has Adopted a Code of Ethics The code, which does not include any enforcement mechanism, comes after ProPublica and other outlets disclosed that justices had repeatedly failed to disclose gifts and travel from wealthy donors. https://www.propublica.org/article/supreme-court-adopts-ethics-code-scotus-thomas-alito-crow

    FROM AXIOS: “Driving the news: In a Veterans Day speech in New Hampshire on Saturday, Trump vowed to "root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country that lie and steal and cheat on elections." He then posted the same message on Truth Social, including the word "vermin" often used by Hitler and Mussolini to denigrate Jews and their political enemies. Trump went on to say that "the threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous and grave than the threat from within." The big picture: Trump's increasingly violent rhetoric — calling for a U.S. military leader to be executed, mocking a near-fatal assault on a congressional spouse, urging police to shoot potential shoplifters — has become a staple of his brand as he faces the threat of conviction in four different criminal cases.” https://www.axios.com/2023/11/13/trump-vermin-fascist-language-speech

    “The institutional right is screening a “pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists” that, if elected, Trump plans to use to unleash DOJ on his political enemies, create deportation camps for millions of immigrants, and generally turn his whim into law.”  https://twitter.com/MattGertz/status/1724037010183123157

    We encourage you to check out the sponsor of this week’s episode: 

    Our listeners can go to HelloFresh.com/gaslitfree and use code “gaslitfree” for FREE breakfast for life! One breakfast item per box while subscription is active. Thank you so much for our sponsor, HelloFresh, America’s #1 Meal Kit