The Importance of Building Trust with Brian Grazer

    enSeptember 16, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • The Power of Empathy and Human Connection in Business and StorytellingEmpathy and human connection are essential tools for success in business and storytelling. Persistence, determination, and the ability to connect with others can help overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

      Empathy and human connection are powerful tools for success, as evidenced by the story of film and television producer Brian Grazer. Grazer, who grew up selling magazines door-to-door and delivering newspapers, didn't initially plan to enter the media business. But his experiences selling and his determination to overcome obstacles, such as dyslexia, prepared him well for a career in storytelling. Grazer's admiration for creativity and storytelling in his contemporaries reminds him of the awe a young fan might feel towards a celebrity. During this podcast episode, Gary and Brian discuss the importance of empathy and human connection in business and storytelling, and how these qualities have contributed to Brian's success. Grazer's story highlights the value of persistence, determination, and the ability to connect with others in achieving one's goals.

    • Struggling with academics can lead to growthStruggling with academics can foster self-reliance and resilience, but overprotective parenting can create disempowerment, unhappiness, and entitlement. These experiences can significantly impact professional success and human connection.

      Struggling with academic work in school can lead to feelings of shame and avoidance, but these experiences can also foster self-reliance and resilience. The current parenting culture, which tries to fix everything for children, can inadvertently create disempowerment, unhappiness, and a lack of identity. By solving problems for children and taking on their responsibilities, parents may unintentionally create entitlement. The speakers, who both had challenging experiences with academics, have had successful careers and believe that these experiences played a significant role in their professional success. They argue that the contemporary parenting problem, which undermines children's accountability and autonomy, may contribute to the current epidemic of loneliness, depression, and lack of human connection.

    • Lessons from Past MistakesRadical candor and learning from failures are essential for growth, but leaders must find a balance between providing guidance and allowing individuals to take ownership.

      Being overly protective or dismissive of mistakes can hinder growth and lead to entitlement. Andy's experience of losing a significant amount of money on a business deal served as a reminder of the importance of radical candor and allowing people to learn from their mistakes. The speaker's past experiences of protecting others and even engaging in physical fights on the playground have shaped his approach to leadership and his belief in the value of learning from failures. However, it's important to find a balance between providing guidance and allowing individuals to take ownership of their projects. The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations from the beginning and allowing the market to dictate outcomes. While some may view his approach as harsh, the speaker believes that it ultimately leads to greater understanding and resilience.

    • The Power of Face-to-Face CommunicationFace-to-face communication builds trust, makes people feel validated, and allows for deeper understanding. It's essential for human connection and learning, even in a technology-driven world.

      Face-to-face communication is a powerful tool for human connection and learning. The speaker shares his personal experience of winning a big fight in junior high and how it led him to value the importance of looking at and listening to people. He discovered that face-to-face interactions build trust, make people feel validated, and allow for deeper understanding. The speaker wrote a book called "Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection" to emphasize the importance of this skill in today's technology-driven world. He believes that technology can be a gateway to face-to-face interactions, but it's important to learn about someone before meeting them in person. The speaker values coming into a meeting or interaction without preconceived notions and instead focuses on actively listening and observing. Overall, the speaker's message is that human connection is essential and that face-to-face communication is an effective way to build meaningful relationships and learn from others.

    • Hollywood executive's intuition and meeting Isaac AsimovEmpathy towards those exhibiting bad behavior can lead to understanding and potential resolution

      Successful people, like a Hollywood executive, often rely on their intuition or the energy of individuals they meet to determine their potential. This was evident in an encounter the executive had with the most prolific science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov. Despite being a huge fan and reaching out to meet him, the writer's wife felt the executive didn't know enough about them and they left. The executive learned from this experience and continued to reach out to experts in various fields, often sensing if their agendas aligned. This audacious behavior, stemming from insecurity, fascinated the executive and fueled her curiosity about understanding the motivations behind bad behavior. Ultimately, empathy towards those who exhibit hateful actions can lead to a better understanding and potential resolution.

    • The Power of Kindness and Discovering Hidden TalentsKind acts and recognizing others' potential can lead to meaningful collaborations and personal growth.

      Acts of kindness and generosity, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on people's lives and careers. This was evident in the story of how the speaker shared a tuna fish sandwich with a hungry Bradley Cooper during a meeting, which led to their eventual collaboration and Cooper's rise to fame. Another key takeaway is that sometimes, people underestimate others based on their initial impressions, but with a closer look, one can discover hidden talents and potential. The speaker's encounter with Ron Howard, who was an actor on "Happy Days" at the time, is a prime example of this. Despite having no evidence of his directing abilities, the speaker recognized his potential and took a chance on him, leading to a successful partnership. Overall, these stories demonstrate the importance of empathy, curiosity, and believing in people's potential, even when they may not fit the mold of what is traditionally expected.

    • The power of intuition and human connectionIntuition and the ability to read people can lead to successful bets on individuals. Trust your instincts, form strong connections, and don't be afraid to take risks.

      Intuition and the ability to read people can lead to making successful bets on individuals, as described in a forthcoming book. The speaker, who has a history of writing best-selling books with the help of ghostwriters, met an Oscar-winning director in a similar way. They discovered their shared ability to read people and formed a strong connection. The speaker emphasized the importance of trusting one's intuition and not being afraid to take risks based on that intuition. The speaker also shared that they had received valuable feedback from their inner circle regarding the book, and that they had written it with the help of a ghostwriter, but that every word was their own. The speaker also shared a past experience of making a "shitty" movie, Fun with Dick and Jane with Jim Carrey, despite its financial success, because they believed in the project and the superstars involved. Overall, the conversation highlighted the importance of trusting one's instincts and the power of human connection in achieving success.

    • Expectations and Surprising SuccessMaintaining a growth mindset and being open to exceeding expectations can lead to surprising success.

      Our expectations can significantly influence our perception of success or failure. The speaker shared an experience where he always strives for excellence in every decision he makes, no matter how small. He believes that settling for "good enough" can lead to disappointment. The conversation then shifted to discussing movies or shows that surpassed expectations. The speaker shared an example of "Apollo 13," which he initially thought would only make around $40 million at the box office. However, the film went on to earn almost $400 million and received nine Oscar nominations. The speaker was fascinated by the story of human capability and survival, and the unexpected success of the film was a reminder that our assumptions can be proven wrong. Ultimately, the conversation underscored the importance of maintaining a growth mindset and being open to the possibility of exceeding our own expectations.

    • Embrace Your Potential - Stories from Gary VaynerchukFearless self-expression and embracing internal worth can lead to personal growth and success, despite external validation or criticism.

      Anyone can create and succeed, regardless of their background or perceived limitations. Gary Vaynerchuk shared his personal experiences of passing on Uber and the help he received from Travis Kalanick, which led him to understand that anyone can make an impact. He emphasized that fear of public speaking and judgment often stems from shame and the fear of embarrassment. With the unprecedented opportunities for creation and self-expression through social media and technology, it's crucial to focus on internal self-esteem and not get too caught up in external validation or criticism. By developing a strong sense of self-worth, individuals can overcome their fears and fully embrace their potential to live their happiest and most fulfilling lives.

    • Embrace personal growth and authenticityFocus on self-improvement, do the right thing, and explore new perspectives to continuously learn and grow, benefiting both yourself and others

      Focusing on personal growth and being true to oneself, rather than seeking external validation, leads to better behavior and a more fulfilling life. This idea, known as karma, is practical and effective in navigating the world. The speakers, Brad and Brian, emphasize the importance of doing the right thing and being kind, as the energy of these actions will work for you rather than against you. They encourage their audiences to find value in different perspectives and to explore new content that may bring unique insights, even if it may not align perfectly with their own experiences or interests. Ultimately, the goal is to continuously learn and grow, both for personal development and to bring value to others.

    • Discovering the power of relatable storiesSuccess in entertainment relies on understanding human truths and finding stories that resonate with those truths. Relatable stories explore the fine line between good and bad and have universal appeal, leading to captivated audiences and opportunities in the industry.

      Understanding human truths and finding stories that resonate with those truths is key to success in the entertainment industry. The speaker shares how they have discovered this talent in themselves, leading them to a career in film and television. From Spud Webb's underdog story to the Blind Side's unexpected success, the universal appeal of stories that explore the fine line between good and bad is what truly captivates audiences. The speaker's personal realization of this talent came after a year of introspection and self-discovery, and it is what led them to connect with stories like The Blind Side and their favorite, Star Wars. Ultimately, it is the human truths and relatable stories that open doors and create opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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    Surviving His Own Personal Traumas and Becoming a Successful Trauma Surgeon with Dr. Craig Thayer

    Surviving His Own Personal Traumas and Becoming a Successful Trauma Surgeon with Dr. Craig Thayer

    For those who have started their entrepreneurship journey or aspiring entrepreneurs who seek inspiration, have you heard the myths about Craig Thayer's Trauma Surgery Journey? Some say he never faced any obstacles, others claim he was born with the knowledge to succeed, and a few even say he had it easy. But the truth is far more inspiring. Join us as Craig Thayer shares his story of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness in the world of trauma surgery.



    Introducing Craig Thayer, a trauma surgeon with a story that's both inspiring and heartwarming. From being adopted at birth to overcoming numerous health challenges, Craig has faced adversity with grace and determination. He's not only a skilled surgeon, but also a motivational speaker, radio show co-host, and author of the book "Saved." Craig's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of finding purpose in life. His experiences have shaped him into an empathetic and compassionate individual, making him a true inspiration for those pursuing a career in trauma surgery.


    “I'm here to serve and not be served. So my idea of abundance is making money to give away. I'm happy where I am.”


    “I think in general, it's just that there's always hope. There's going to be trials. Learn to embrace those trials.”


    Adversities Craig had to overcome:

    · Being adopted at birth

    · Having an alcoholic mother

    · Losing both parents

    · Getting through divorce

    · Health struggles

    Abundance Craig created:

    · Knowing your passion and doing it

    · The passing of his parents made him even stronger

    · Following your calling and passion despite of and in spite of life adversities


    Craig Thayer's Book "Saved"

    Writing and sharing one's life story can provide inspiration and support for others experiencing similar challenges, creating a sense of connection and understanding among individuals. Autobiographical works, such as memoirs, can serve as motivation for those navigating their own life journey. In the podcast, Craig Thayer discusses his book, "Saved," which delves into his life, including his upbringing, medical career, and the various adversities he overcame. By sharing his story, Thayer aims to inspire those who may be experiencing similar struggles and encourage them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of purpose and true connections.

    Books and Resources

    SAVED: One Trauma Surgeon's True Accounts of the Miracles in His Life

    Connect with Craig Thayer:

    WEBSITE: https://www.craigthayer.net/

    LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-thayer-b178b472/

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tank.thayer

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tankthayer/

    LINKTREE: https://linktr.ee/craigthayer?fbclid=IwAR1uFgVuvaB9T_n6wH1Ah0XccggRR77Fh2pjZmkC-WPk-s5Iu0IH9jCyodY

    Haven Financial:



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