The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 09/17/23 - President Donald Trump, Dinesh D'Souza and some very emotional rants

    enSeptember 17, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Discussing Sleep Quality and Trump's Election ChallengesDan Bongino talks about the benefits of Beam dream's sleep aid and shares President Trump's perspective on election challenges, emphasizing the determination of those opposing him.

      During this episode of the Sunday podcast, Dan Bongino discusses the importance of a good night's sleep and introduces listeners to Beam dream, a product designed to help improve sleep quality. President Donald J. Trump also makes an appearance, sharing his thoughts on being kept off the ballot due to the 14th Amendment and expressing his confidence in his ability to win elections despite opposition. Bongino emphasizes that those trying to keep Trump off the ballot are "dishonest people" and "losers" who have been attempting to undermine him for years. The podcast also offers an exclusive discount on Beam dream's dream powder for listeners.

    • Unequal application of justice in USConcerns over disparity in Capitol riots vs BLM protest sentences, calls for addressing personnel issues in DOJ and FBI, and potential use of pardon power to address perceived injustices.

      There are growing concerns about unequal application of justice in the United States, as highlighted by the disparity in sentences handed down for alleged offenses committed during the Capitol riots compared to those during Black Lives Matter protests. This issue, along with the broader topic of election interference, was a recurring theme in the discussion. The speaker also expressed concern about living in a "police state" and being treated unfairly due to political beliefs. If he wins the next election, the President hinted at the possibility of using the pardon power to address perceived injustices. Additionally, there were calls for addressing personnel issues within the Department of Justice and the FBI to bring about change.

    • President Trump's tumultuous tenure and key accomplishmentsTrump's presidency was marked by significant personnel changes, battles against perceived adversaries, and key policy achievements despite challenges like the Russia investigation and COVID-19 pandemic.

      President Trump's tenure was marked by significant personnel changes and battles against perceived adversaries, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey which exposed alleged attempts to undermine his presidency. He relied on advisors and made decisions that led to policy achievements such as military rebuilding, elimination of ISIS, tax and regulation cuts, and economic growth. However, his administration faced challenges like the Russia investigation and the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump expressed disappointment with some of his appointments and criticized their loyalty. Despite these challenges, he believed in his ability to identify and trust the right people to help him achieve his goals.

    • President Trump's Pandemic Leadership and Florida's OutcomeTrump allowed states to decide on lockdowns and vaccines, leading to varying outcomes. Florida had high death tolls despite no strict lockdowns. Trump disagreed with Fauci on closing country to China, but ultimately did it to save lives. Trump assured no vaccine or mask mandates if re-elected.

      During the pandemic, President Trump allowed state governors to make their own decisions regarding lockdowns and vaccines, while some governors like Ron DeSantis in Florida imposed strict measures. Trump argues that these actions led to varying outcomes, with some states doing well without strict lockdowns, while others like Florida had high death tolls. Trump also emphasized that he disagreed with Fauci's advice to close the country to China, but ultimately made the decision to save lives by closing it to China. The audience expressed concerns about potential vaccine and mask mandates if Biden is re-elected, to which Trump assured them that he would not implement such mandates if he is re-elected. Additionally, Trump mentioned that Florida has since recovered from the pandemic and that there were mistakes made early on in the response.

    • Speaker discusses truthfulness in politics and concerns over COVID-19, China's influence, and lockdown measuresSpeaker expresses concerns over political truthfulness, COVID-19 response disparities, China's perceived influence, and lockdown measures; praises some governors and criticizes others; emphasizes loyalty and truth; mentions 9/11 anniversary and promotes Birch Gold Group

      During a recent interview, the speaker discussed the importance of truthfulness in politics and expressed concern over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in certain states and the perceived influence of China on the US. He praised the responses of some governors and criticized others for strict lockdown measures. The speaker also expressed his concern over China's perceived control of the current US administration and its shift away from using the US dollar in international trade. He reminisced about his past relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and the use of tariffs as a means of negotiating with China. The speaker emphasized the importance of loyalty and appreciation for those who support truth and freedom. Additionally, he mentioned the anniversary of the September 11 attacks and the importance of remembering that event. The speaker also promoted Birch Gold Group as a resource for investors looking to protect their savings during economic uncertainty.

    • Personal experiences with profound impactExperiences, whether positive or negative, can shape our lives in profound ways and leave a lasting impression

      No matter how much time passes, some experiences continue to deeply impact us. The speaker shares his personal experience of the 9/11 attacks and how it has affected him every year since, despite having seen the footage countless times. He also reflects on the unexpected loss of his godmother and how her passing continues to impact him emotionally. The speaker also shares a story from his early days as a federal agent, where they debated the best approach to serving a search warrant on a deaf suspect, highlighting the complexity and uncertainty of their job. Through these experiences, the speaker emphasizes that some events leave a lasting impression and shape our lives in profound ways.

    • Firsthand account of 9/11 attacks from Secret Service officeEmployees at a Secret Service office were the first to learn of 9/11 attacks, processing the magnitude of the tragedy through disbelief and personal connections, marking a turning point in history.

      The events of September 11, 2001, came as a shock to everyone, especially those who witnessed them firsthand. Tommy Hooks, an employee at the Long Island office of the Secret Service, was the first to receive word of the attacks when he heard that a bomb had gone off in the World Trade Center. When they turned on the TV, they saw the devastating scenes unfolding before their eyes. It was hard for everyone to process the magnitude of what was happening. Marty, the boss, and Paul, a Navy navigator, quickly realized that the attacks were deliberate. The office was filled with a sense of disbelief and sorrow as they tried to make sense of the unfolding tragedy. Personal connections were made as some employees had family members who were directly affected. The attacks marked a turning point in history and left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness.

    • Communication challenges for law enforcement during 9/11Despite advanced technology, communication was a challenge for law enforcement during 9/11 due to the sheer number of agents and the lack of widespread cell phone usage, leading to reliance on two-way pagers and emotional turmoil.

      The 9/11 attacks brought unprecedented chaos and emotional overload for those involved, including law enforcement agents. Communication was a challenge due to the sheer number of agents in New York for the UN conference and the lack of widespread cell phone usage. Agents relied on two-way pagers to contact each other. The fear of losing colleagues was palpable, and the uncertainty of the situation led to widespread belief that many agents had been killed. Voicemails from Flight 93, including messages expressing love and farewells, served as a poignant reminder of the human cost of the tragedy.

    • People showed courage and resilience during 9/11 attacksPeople showed strength and resourcefulness during 9/11, and it's essential to protect civil liberties in times of adversity.

      During the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, people showed remarkable courage and resilience, even in the face of impending death. Some passengers on United Flight 93 made calls to loved ones to share a safe code and secure their affairs before the plane crashed. An umpire at a baseball game, who was a secret service agent, halted the game during the attacks. The events of 9/11 were devastating, and the aftermath brought about significant changes, including the erosion of civil liberties. It's essential to remember that no emergency justifies forfeiting civil liberties. The speaker also endorsed a product called the Bone Charge infrared sauna blanket, which he found helpful for managing arthritis pain and reducing stress. The takeaway is that in times of adversity, people show incredible strength and resourcefulness, and it's crucial to protect our civil liberties.

    • A warning about America's emerging police stateThe film 'Police State' is a powerful reminder of the potential consequences of inaction against the police state and the importance of awareness and engagement.

      The film "Police State," directed by Dinesh D'Souza, is a powerful and timely warning about the emerging police state in America. Dan Bongino, a close friend of Dinesh, expressed his deep concern about the America they once knew being destroyed and the importance of taking action. The film combines intellectually rich narrative with firsthand accounts and emotionally riveting recreations, creating a unique and impactful cinematic experience. The film has already gained significant attention, with tickets selling out quickly for its initial release. The moving stories of victims of the police state serve as a reminder of the potential consequences of inaction and the need for awareness and engagement. The film "Police State" is a must-see for anyone concerned about the future of America and its values. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit policestatefilm.net.

    • A coordinated campaign against civil liberties in the USThe erosion of civil liberties in the US is a coordinated effort involving various institutions, making the distinction between free and unfree worlds increasingly blurred.

      The assault on civil liberties in the United States is not limited to the actions of specific individuals or events, such as the January 6 Capitol incident or former President Trump. Instead, it's a coordinated campaign involving various institutions, including law enforcement, academia, and nonprofit organizations. The film "Police State" explores this issue in depth, sharing shocking stories of individuals who have been affected. The urgency to address this issue is highlighted, as the distinction between the free world and unfree world is eroding. The movie's intellectual and emotional power makes it difficult for anyone to argue that this is the way to save democracy in America. The stories presented in the film are real and cannot be dismissed as fabrications. Recent developments, such as potential indictments of politicians for speaking out about election issues, further underscore the North Korea-like nature of these events.

    • The gradual establishment of a police stateThe film 'Police State' warns of the dangers of a police state, including the violation of due process and individual rights, and encourages viewers to take action to prevent its entrenchment.

      The establishment of a police state is a gradual process, where those in power may choose to conceal their actions for the sake of maintaining control and avoiding public backlash. The film "Police State" highlights the potential dangers of this trend, including the violation of due process and individual rights, and the eventual entrenchment of a system where no one is safe from persecution. The speakers warn that if we don't take action now, we could all become victims of this system. The film features prominent figures such as Kyle Serifen, Julie Kelly, Senator Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, and FBI whistleblowers, and is a stark indictment of the current state of affairs. The speakers encourage viewers to see the film in theaters, reserve tickets at policestatefilm.net, and get involved in fighting back against the encroachment of our rights.

    • Living in Red vs Blue AmericaThe speaker believes people in red America enjoy better elections and overall quality of life, but listeners might stay in blue areas for family or jobs.

      There are significant differences between living in conservative "red" America versus liberal "blue" America, according to the speaker. He emphasizes that people's reasons for staying in blue America might be due to family ties or jobs, but he believes that those living in red America generally have it better based on objective measures, such as cleaner elections and overall quality of life. The speaker promotes Field of Greens, a nutritional supplement, and encourages listeners to try it for better health. He also mentions the upcoming release of a documentary called "Policestatefilm.net" and encourages viewers to check out the trailer. The speaker ends the segment by sharing a sponsor message about Feel the Greens, a nutritional supplement, and offering a discount code for listeners.

    • Confidence in Voting System and Law Enforcement in FloridaDespite concerns about mail-in voting and two different Americas, the speaker expresses confidence in Florida's voting system and law enforcement. He also calls for being informed and engaged in the political process, and mentions the importance of securing personal belongings and potentially changing voting behavior.

      Despite some concerns about mail-in voting and the existence of two different Americas, as highlighted by John Edwards during his presidential campaign, the speaker expresses confidence in the voting system and law enforcement in Florida. However, the discussion also includes a cautionary tale about the importance of securing personal belongings, especially when traveling to areas with higher crime rates. The speaker expresses frustration with the situation in cities like San Francisco and calls on listeners to consider changing their voting behavior if they're dissatisfied with their current representatives. The conversation also touches on the efficiency of online voting systems and the role of constitutional sheriffs in upholding civil liberties. Overall, the speaker emphasizes the importance of being informed and engaged in the political process.

    • Recognizing the fragility of life and the importance of changeGrowing up in violent cities, the speaker emphasizes the importance of recognizing the fragility of life and not wasting time, sharing personal experiences of sitting on dead bodies as a rookie cop and the long journey towards improvement.

      Despite the chaos and violence in certain cities, particularly New York, the situation is not yet as bad as it once was, with only 38% of New York City residents supporting a border wall. The speaker, who grew up in New York during its most dangerous times, recalls the persistent belief that things would get better, but they didn't, and it took a long time for the situation to improve significantly. The speaker emphasizes the importance of recognizing the fragility of life and not wasting time. The speaker also shares a personal anecdote about having to sit on dead bodies as a rookie cop until the medical examiner arrived, a grim but necessary part of the job. The overall message is that change takes time and that every moment matters.

    • Understanding the evolutionary origins of our aversion to death and decayHumans have evolved to avoid the smell of death and decay due to natural selection, but modern priorities and values differ greatly, highlighting the importance of recognizing trade-offs and making informed decisions.

      Our aversion to the smell of death and decay is likely a result of natural selection, as humans who avoided such smells in the past were able to avoid diseases and illnesses. However, in modern times, people's priorities and values differ greatly, as evidenced by the fact that only 38% of New York City residents want to build a wall despite the city's ongoing crime and budget crises. This illustrates the fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals: conservatives understand the concept of opportunity cost and the importance of making compromised choices in a world of scarce resources, while liberals tend to believe that every amount of government spending is worth it, regardless of the consequences. The speaker urges listeners to recognize the reality of these trade-offs and the importance of making informed decisions based on this understanding.

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    At first it sounds ominous, but it’s actually promising that the Taliban
    and the niece of Osama Bin Laden endorse President Trump.
    Yes, a spokesman for the Taliban told U.S. media that the Taliban
    endorses Trump. But, when someone from the Trump campaign
    rejected this, it spawned a retraction from some other members of
    the Taliban. At first, one might think ’Taliban is bad', so that
    means Trump must be ‘bad'. But, in fact, the Taliban and the
    President have a common goal: to get American troops out of
    Afghanistan, and Trump has been trying to make this happen in a
    way that still protects the U.S. from terrorism.

    Noor bin Ladin, the niece of Osama bin Laden, (though she spells
    her name differently), is a big fan of President Trump and has been
    from the beginning. In fact, she says, only Trump can prevent
    another 9/11 - and she ought to know!

    Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg, the teen Swedish climate change
    activist, endorses Joe Biden. She obviously hasn’t been paying
    attention to Biden's flip-flopping on his environmental positions
    regarding fracking and the Green New Deal. But, Greta’s
    backing seems more to do with her discomfort at being
    considered irrelevant, than what Biden is thinking at the moment.