The 1 Million March 4 Children & Rupert Murdoch Steps Down | 9.22.23

    enSeptember 22, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Canadians Protest Against Radical Gender Theory in SchoolsThousands protest against SOGI ideology in schools, raising concerns over parental rights and child sexualization. Rupert Murdoch steps down as chairman of Fox and News Corp. Philadelphia reverses policy on supervised drug consumption sites.

      Thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets to protest against the teaching of radical gender theory in schools, raising concerns over parental rights and the sexualization of young children. These protests mirror similar movements in the US. The 1,000,000 March for Children in Canada aims to unite diverse backgrounds against the SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) ideology, which teaches young children about sexual education and gender identity from an early age. Critics argue that this ideology is confusing for children who are not mentally developed to understand such concepts. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch, a media industry giant, is stepping down as chairman of Fox and News Corp, leaving the media industry to ponder his legacy. In Philadelphia, city officials have reversed their policy on supervised drug consumption sites in an attempt to curb widespread drug use. These are just a few of the news stories making headlines today. Stay tuned for more updates from Morning Wire.

    • Protests for and against 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion in Canadian schoolsThousands protested in Ottawa and other cities, voicing concerns about sexual education curriculum for younger children, while counterprotesters advocated for trans rights and safe spaces in schools. Both sides emphasized respect and understanding.

      The 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion movement in Canada sparked protests in 92 cities and towns, with thousands participating in Ottawa alone. These protesters, who identified as parents, voiced concerns about the sexual education curriculum they believed was inappropriate for younger children. They emphasized their respect for all communities and wanted the right to raise their children as they saw fit. Counterprotesters argued for trans rights and safe spaces in schools. Despite clashes between the two sides, both groups emphasized their desire for respect and understanding. The protests underscored the ongoing debate around the role of schools in shaping children's understanding of sexuality and identity.

    • Protests against new student name policy and Rupert Murdoch's retirementProtests occurred in Canada against a new student name policy, while Rupert Murdoch, a media mogul, retired as chairman, making headlines this week.

      There were recent protests in Canada over a new policy requiring parental consent before teachers use new names or pronouns for students. The protests followed similar policy changes in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. The government strongly condemned the demonstrations, while Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who built a media empire including Fox and News Corp, announced his retirement as chairman. Murdoch's impact on the media landscape is significant, with a career that began in Australia and England, where he acquired newspapers and saw circulation boom. His departure marks a major shift in the industry. The protests and Murdoch's retirement are unrelated events, but both made headlines this week.

    • Revolutionizing Media: Rupert Murdoch's Impact on Film, TV, and NewsRupert Murdoch transformed media with Fox News, news tickers, and Wall Street Journal purchase. Son Lachlan takes over, focusing on live sports and news content while maintaining conservative slant.

      Rupert Murdoch revolutionized the media landscape, particularly in the realms of film, television, and news. He was a pioneer in the political commentary space, launching Fox News in 1996 and implementing news tickers at the bottom of the screen. Murdoch's influence extended to print media as well, purchasing the Wall Street Journal in 2007. Now, his son Lachlan Murdoch is set to take over as chair of Fox and News Corp, inheriting an empire that has recently shifted focus to live sports and news content due to the decline of traditional cable. Despite this transition, Lachlan has been instructed to maintain the conservative slant of the network. As he assumes control during a time of cable cutting and shifting viewer demographics, the future of Fox's political coverage remains to be seen.

    • Murdoch family's commitment to free speech and fight against elitesDespite opposition, Murdoch family advocates for free speech and thought. In Philadelphia, a new bill bans supervised drug consumption sites, driven by a council member representing a drug-affected community who wants local voices heard.

      There is a commitment to fighting for free speech and thought from the Murdoch family, as expressed by both Lachlan Murdoch and his father Rupert, despite potential opposition from elites and bureaucracies. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, a controversial new bill was passed last week to ban supervised drug consumption sites in most districts of the city. The bill was driven by council member Quetzie Lozada, who represents the neighborhood of Kensington, known for its large open-air drug market. Lozada, who has witnessed the daily trauma of drug use in her community, passionately advocated for the voices of local residents to be heard over those who do not have to deal with the issue firsthand. This bill is a significant development in Philadelphia's efforts to address rampant drug use in the city.

    • City council vote on safe injection zones heated with protestsDespite city council support, safe injection zones and drug decriminalization face opposition and may be reversing in some places

      Despite widespread support for safe injection zones among city leadership, the issue remains contentious and divisive. A recent city council vote in Philadelphia was nearly unanimous in favor, but the meeting was heated with protests from both sides. The bill now goes to Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney, who has been supportive but may veto it. Overriding a veto is an option for the city council. The trend towards decriminalization of hard drugs, seen in cities like Portland and New York, may be reversing in some places due to public pressure and new ordinances. However, not all blue cities are turning away from decriminalization, as New York City has recently allowed supervised drug consumption sites. California, known for its progressive policies, has not yet allowed these sites due to the drugs remaining illegal on the state level. The debate around safe injection zones and drug decriminalization continues to evolve, highlighting the complexities and nuances of addressing substance abuse and public health.

    • San Francisco Allows Safe Injection Sites, Joining Other CitiesSan Francisco joins cities like Philadelphia and Vancouver in allowing safe injection sites, as part of harm reduction strategies. Impact on drug-related issues will be closely monitored.

      The debate around safe injection sites for drug users continues, with some expressing concerns about potential unintended consequences despite supporting harm reduction strategies. This year, San Francisco became the latest city to allow nonprofits to operate these sites within its limits, joining others like Philadelphia and Vancouver. It's also worth noting that California's larger cities typically do not prosecute drug possession. As the implementation of these policies unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor their impact on drug-related issues in these cities. Ultimately, the success or failure of these efforts will serve as valuable case studies for other jurisdictions considering similar approaches.

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    Episode 20: The [Un]Sanctioned Citizen Podcast

    Episode 20:  The [Un]Sanctioned Citizen Podcast

    We are making preparations for the budding of the [Un]Sanctioned Citizen podcast at Callin.com.


    3/13 UPDATE:  To no real surprise to anyone your Host admits to oversecuritized microphone settings.  I liken it to hiding a safe key code so well even you cannot find it.  So until the microphone and other hyper-private settings are managed, I am moving forward with old school guest-talk interview formatting, to post right here at Podomatic.  

    We really like Callin because you can have a panel of guests and issue commmentators on for a discuss and then open the phone partition to take caller questions and frame the discussion. 

    Callin is going to be awesome because you can produce Town Halls and side bar public input comments on issues where say, Zoom locks you out of US City Hall meetings. Meetings where no one is admitting the public in-person to deliver comments and everyone is still wearing masks. This models as an excuse to not serve and not answer the public, yet still tax us for those services.  [If this is you, Callin.com.]

    We needed a port in a storm of phone applications hang ups. So we are posting the flagship content here.  It's going to require a visit to the phone service to unlock some of the microphone applications options.  You cannot yet upload static mp3 files to Callin, yet!  While it would be cool to drop in cutaways from prior recordings, I think the point is to have an open dialogue.  It's not just for you to talk but for others to talk as well.

    There is currently no Callin phone schedule to date.  I will be updating this post with some air-times.  We may have to experiment with air-times that are going to work for other people to listen in and participate.  So what may happen is we have one Callin with a Guest for a good while, semi-longform. Think midi vs maxi in airtime length. The reason is we want other people to get on and talk.  From there, I will just have the Guest call back in. Then we can take some calls. 

    So here is an example of what it might look like:

    It lasts for approximately 30 minutes.  We announce a move to  the "Green Room Discussion".  We end this room and start another room, titled "[Un]Sanctioned Green Room with #1 NERD EVER".

    1) Get a Callin profile using a phone number of choice.  If you want to use a burner number you can.  There are ways to do it with the Burner app, but just choose a phone you can use that Callin will like and accept for either single or multiple uses.
    2) Enable your phone and your settings to allow access to your microphone.  You can revoke access for privacy later.  This is so if you want to call in on Callin, you can actually talk.
    3) I'll do my best to screen for people I know vs. complete strangers. Developed relations with my show increases your chances dramatically that you can speak.  I am still learning content moderation policies and options as a Callin talker. 
    4) Invite me to your show so I can drop in and thank you for stopping by at a later time AND HAVE FUN!


    Questions for me about the show?  SheilaMDean.com/contact
    Put [UnSanctioned] Citizen in the Subject line.