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    • Life experiences shape our responses to situationsEven when making the right decision, the emotional impact of life experiences can make it challenging to establish stability

      Life experiences, including trauma, can shape our responses to situations. Some people may react calmly and passively, while others may respond with chaos. Regarding personal matters, the discussion touched on the challenges of going through a public divorce and dealing with family disputes. Despite wanting a peaceful separation, the speaker found it difficult to escape the drama and establish stability for herself and her children. It's important to acknowledge that even when we know something is the right decision, the emotional impact can still be significant.

    • Addiction to Negative ExperiencesPeople can become addicted to negative experiences, making it hard to live peacefully and grow personally. Maintaining boundaries and forgiveness are keys to achieving a calm nervous system and living successfully.

      People can become addicted to negative experiences and situations due to the comfort they provide, even if they're not beneficial for personal growth. This can lead individuals to feel lost and unsure of who they are outside of the chaos. A calm nervous system, or living peacefully, is the ultimate goal, but it can be challenging to achieve when dealing with personal struggles and outside criticism. The speaker, for instance, felt attacked and misunderstood while going through a divorce, despite keeping it private before the show aired. Boundaries are essential to maintain a peaceful life, but letting go of grudges and learning to forgive can be difficult. Success, in this context, is the ability to maintain a calm nervous system and live peacefully, despite the challenges that come our way.

    • Navigating Complex Relationships Amidst Public ScrutinyDespite accusations of abuse and attempts at therapy, infidelity was the final straw in a complicated relationship under public scrutiny.

      Relationships can be complicated, especially when outside factors come into play. The speaker in this conversation shares her experience of staying in a marriage despite accusations of abuse against her partner, only to find him cheating on her with an ex during a public tour. The confusion and betrayal led her to file for divorce. The couple had attempted therapy beforehand, but the partner struggled to receive calm communication. The speaker reflects on how some people may need conflict or chaos, even if their partner remains calm. The reality TV element added to the confusion, making it difficult for the public to discern truth from fiction. Ultimately, the final straw was the infidelity, which came after a series of other challenges in the relationship.

    • Conditioned to prioritize men's egosWomen should prioritize their own needs and emotional growth, rather than sacrificing for a man's ego or societal expectations.

      Women are often conditioned to prioritize protecting a man's ego over their own needs and well-being. This dynamic can stem from societal expectations and upbringing, with men realizing the importance of self-exploration and ego protection in their own evolution. In some relationships, women may find themselves mothering their partners due to absent or inadequate parenting in their childhoods. However, when women reach a point where they no longer wish to continue mothering in this way, they may face backlash and feelings of guilt. Ultimately, it's crucial for individuals to recognize their own needs and take responsibility for their emotional growth and well-being, rather than relying on external validation or the expectations of societal norms.

    • Representation and empowerment through black voicesUplift and center underrepresented voices, foster open communication in relationships, and recognize the importance of trust and addressing deeper insecurities.

      Representation and empowerment are crucial in media, and NPR's Black Stories, Black Truths collection showcases this through distinct and nuanced black voices sharing stories of joy, resilience, and empowerment. Additionally, trust and communication are essential in relationships, as shown in the discussion about going through a partner's phone and the root causes of infidelity often stemming from deeper insecurities. Ultimately, it's important to uplift and center underrepresented voices and to foster open and honest communication in personal relationships.

    • The importance of touch and affection in early childhood developmentEarly childhood touch and affection form the nervous system and lack of it can lead to feelings of instability and emptiness later in life, potentially impacting mental health and personal relationships.

      The early years of a child's life are crucial for healthy development, as they form their nervous system through touch and affection from their parents. Lack of this crucial connection can lead to feelings of instability and emptiness later in life, potentially resulting in crashes or breakdowns. As a performer, the rush of validation on stage can be addictive but ultimately unsatisfying and unsustainable. Divorce, though painful, can be an opportunity for personal growth and rebuilding, but the process requires focus and limiting external distractions. The speaker's experience involved a period of fasting and limiting social media to maintain focus during the divorce process.

    • Lack of a prenup during divorce leads to financial and emotional challengesNot having a prenup can result in unexpected financial burdens, emotional distress, and the need to move during a divorce

      The absence of a prenup during a divorce can lead to significant financial and emotional challenges. The speaker in this discussion did not have a prenup and found herself dealing with issues related to money, property, and visitation. While they did not have shared assets, the splitting of bills and unexpected expenses led to financial strain. Additionally, the lack of a clear agreement on visitation and child support caused emotional distress. The speaker also shared that her former partner's inconsistent payment of rent led to the termination of their lease and the need to move, adding to the stress and upheaval. Overall, the experience underscores the importance of considering a prenup to help mitigate potential issues during a divorce.

    • Unexpected situations in life and relationshipsBeing unaware of others' relationships or agreements can lead to inappropriate situations. Divorce can bring unexpected emotional challenges, especially regarding child-sharing.

      People can find themselves in compromising situations unintentionally, especially when they are unaware of others' relationships or agreements. This was evident in the speaker's experience of being in a hot tub with Benzino while Kirk, who was married at the time, was with other women. The speaker didn't realize the implications of her actions then, but looking back, she acknowledges that it was inappropriate. Another unexpected aspect of life the speaker encountered was the emotional impact of divorce, particularly the sharing of children. She didn't anticipate the emotional toll of her kids being away from her for extended periods. These experiences underscore the importance of being aware of others' relationships and considering the potential consequences of our actions. Additionally, the speaker emphasized the significance of black media as a platform for amplifying black voices and experiences, as demonstrated in NPR's Black Stories Black Truths collection.

    • Explaining Life Changes to ChildrenNavigating life changes with young children requires creativity, communication, and resilience. A children's book can help explain concepts like moving houses.

      Going through significant life changes, such as moving or pursuing higher education, can be challenging, especially when it comes to explaining these changes to young children. The author shared her personal experience of moving houses and her son's difficulty adjusting, which led her to write a children's book to help explain the concept. The author also emphasized the importance of education and using one's brain to its fullest capacity, particularly as a mother and an author. The author's background includes a degree in mass communications, and she expressed her pride in being one of the first in her family to earn a college degree despite facing challenges during her time in college. Overall, the conversation highlighted the importance of resilience, creativity, and communication in navigating life's transitions.

    • Empowerment through DivorceDivorce can bring personal growth and empowerment, allowing individuals to feel emotions and lean on support systems during the process, regardless of the cause.

      Going through a divorce can be a difficult and empowering experience. The speaker shares how she gained a sense of calm and control in the process, as she no longer had anyone to blame for the situation. She emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to feel emotions and lean on support systems during this time. The speaker also mentions that being in a public relationship did not directly contribute to the divorce, as her partner was pursuing something she couldn't provide. Overall, the speaker's experience highlights the potential for personal growth and empowerment during the divorce process.

    • Investing in self-improvement and setting healthy boundaries are acts of self-loveFocusing on external validation can hinder personal growth and healthy relationships. Prioritize self-improvement and setting healthy boundaries for self-love and fulfilling relationships.

      Focusing on the opinions of the Internet or external validation can hinder personal growth and healthy relationships. Instead, investing time and energy into self-improvement and setting healthy boundaries are essential acts of self-love. Many people are afraid to seek help or explore their inner selves due to fear or perceived weakness, but doing so can lead to discovering hidden gems and overcoming hidden obstacles. Codependency, the need to please others and neglect one's own needs, can stem from a desire to avoid being perceived negatively. However, it's important to recognize that selflessness can be a blessing when practiced in a balanced way with a partner who reciprocates. Ultimately, prioritizing personal growth and setting healthy boundaries are crucial for building fulfilling relationships and leading a happy life.

    • Pressure to present a certain imagePeople may prioritize pleasing others over authenticity, leading to potential feelings of unfulfillment and disconnection in relationships.

      People, especially public figures, often feel pressure to present a certain image or persona to avoid being judged based on superficial aspects. This can lead to a conscious effort to be in service and please others, despite the potential for being left feeling unfulfilled and unneeded. The speaker also discussed the concept of parallel parenting, where communication is focused solely on the children and personal matters are kept separate. Overall, the conversation touched on themes of self-acceptance, identity, and the importance of authenticity in relationships.

    • Healing from emotional pain is a personal processAllow yourself to feel and express emotions fully, prioritize peace and well-being, and share experiences to support others.

      Healing from emotional pain, such as a divorce, is a personal process that requires allowing oneself to feel and express emotions fully. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and embracing the feelings, even if it means crying a lot. She also encourages people to share their stories and experiences to help others going through similar situations feel encouraged and supported. The speaker adds that fighting for a relationship can be beneficial if both partners are making efforts, but ultimately, it's essential to prioritize one's own peace and well-being. O'Reilly Auto Parts' professional expertise and knowledge can help with automotive needs, but when it comes to emotional healing, everyone must find their unique path towards compassion and peace.

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    I'm happy to say I've come a long way baby!!
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    Join me as I share my experience with boundaries, or lack thereof, along with sharing some examples that you can begin to implement yourself!
    It's not always comfortable to place them... Its not always easy to accept when others place them... but both of those options are a BAZILLION times better than continuing to live a life without them. In my opinion anyway ;) 

    **DISCLAIMER: Please take note that any references to ketamine infusions or any other form of medicinal treatments, mainstream or non mainstream, are strictly meant to provide an insight into my own experiences. That being said, should you find yourself curious about anything spoken about on my podcast I firmly suggest speaking to a doctor/psychologist/therapist/family member/psychiatrist/etc. before making any decisions. Asking for help is a courageous act.

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