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    • Embrace the changing seasonsAppreciate the small moments of autumn, like wearing warm clothes and lighting fires, and enjoy the natural shift in the world around us.

      The changing of the seasons, specifically the autumn equinox, brings a sense of excitement and coziness. People look forward to wearing their favorite warm clothes, lighting fires, and experiencing the natural shift in the world around them. It's a time for reflection and enjoyment of the simple things in life. So, embrace the changing seasons and take pleasure in the small moments. Whether it's putting on a hoodie or lighting a fire, savor the sensation of the seasonal transition. Stay tuned for more everyday positivity from Kate Cocker, and don't forget to sign up for her Facebook group or become a bird subscriber on Patreon for more inspiring content.

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    With warm winds 

    that bring each autumn, 

    summer’s last breath 

    falls across 

    the fields,

    October lies, 


    beneath the stars 

    as gently, 


    the season turns 

    and bids 


    with winter’s call 

    to yield.

    For above 

    and beyond 

    the empty 


    the crowning grace 

    of trees,

    a pale moon 

    full, across the hidden 

    the skies,

    pulls the shadows 

    behind the last 

    of daylight,

    turning life 

    to greys 

    and the changing


    of forgotten 

    summer leaves 

    Feel free to contact me. Be nice to know who my audience is and perhaps you can suggest some further topics or themes for my writing! And do give me feedback!

    94: My boyfriend is still using his Ex’s Netflix account!

    94: My boyfriend is still using his Ex’s Netflix account!

    We have a lot to catch up on this week! We’re finally reunited in the studio and back to reading all your messages and dilemmas (and another wild vibrator story!) We’re discussing should you or should you not look through your boyfriend’s phone, using an ex’s netflix account with your NEW girlfriend, and an update on Melissa’s romantic retreat and Sophie’s wedding outfits!

    This week we are drinking a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 

    Melissa’s rating: 7

    Sophie’s rating: Our first ever 10!!

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    Earning the gift of life | Ric Elias (#79 rebroadcast)

    Earning the gift of life | Ric Elias (#79 rebroadcast)

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    In this episode, Ric Elias, founder of Red Ventures, opens up about the fateful day he knew for certain that he was going to die as a passenger on US Airways Flight 1549. Ric dives deep into how that day impacted his life, greatly changed his perspective, and improved his relationship with his family and the broader community. We also talk about his incredible role as CEO of an enormous company, his remarkable work in philanthropy, and all the wisdom he has acquired in his extraordinary life.

    We discuss: 

    • Ric’s life leading up to the day of the plane crash [2:15];
    • The plane crash—What it’s like knowing you’re about to die, feelings of regret and sadness [8:00];
    • The improbable plane landing in the Hudson River [15:45];
    • Emotions after the safe landing (and a story he’s never told before) [22:15];
    • A powerful story about Captain Sully [26:15];
    • Earning his second chance at life, and playing the “infinite game” [35:15];
    • Why time is the ultimate currency, and how (and why) to say “no” [43:00];
    • Raising kids in an achievement culture, Ric’s definition of life success, and what Ric wants to instill in his kids [49:45];
    • What Ric believes is actually worth getting upset about, and the organizations that are taking steps to help people [1:05:45];
    • The core principles of Red Ventures (Ric’s company) [1:16:00];
    • Ric’s tips for developing business acumen and negotiation skills [1:26:15];
    • What qualities does Ric look for in people he wants to work with? [1:29:15];
    • What is the next big problem that Ric wants to solve? [1:32:15];
    • What is the most challenging part of your business today? [1:34:15];
    • If Ric could go back and talk to himself in the morning before getting on that plane, what would he say? [1:36:00]; and
    • More.

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    Deep Cover RCMP

    Deep Cover RCMP

    Garry Clement had a hell of a career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! Really fun conversation with lots of insight to how the RCMP fights crime in the great white north!

    Retired RCMP police officer with 30 years experience and former Chief of Police with 4 years experience. Financial crime expert with combined 50 years experience. Author of just released best selling book: Undercover, In the Shady World of Organized Crime and the RCMP.

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