SC EP:989 Two Police Officers Encounter Creature

    enSeptember 17, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Encounter with an Unidentified Creature in LouisianaAn officer with 20 years of experience had an encounter with a large, hairy creature that moved uncharacteristically and disappeared before backup arrived. Similar encounters reported by other senior officers.

      John, a law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience, had an encounter with an unidentified creature 20 years ago while on duty in Louisiana. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning in a dense, wooded area. John and his training officer came across a being that was described as being large in size, covered in hair, and moving in a way unlike anything John had ever seen before. The creature was raking the insides of a freshly killed deer and appeared to have facial features, but its movements were almost gliding. The officers were shocked and called for backup, but the creature disappeared before reinforcements arrived. This encounter was not an isolated incident, as two other senior officers had previously shared similar experiences, both of whom have since passed away. The encounter left a lasting impression on John and serves as a reminder of the unexplained phenomena that exist in our world. If you have had a similar encounter, reach out to Wes@sasquatchchronicles.com to share your story.

    • Encounter with an Unidentified Creature Feeding on RoadkillDuring a patrol, officers observed a creature with humanoid features, covered in hair, and feeding on a roadkill deer. The creature's behavior was unlike anything they had seen before, leaving them unable to identify it as human.

      The speaker and his senior officer encountered an unusual creature on the side of the road during their patrol in Central Louisiana. The creature was described as having humanoid facial features, covered in hair, and was feeding on a freshly killed deer. They observed it for several minutes before it stopped eating and watched them pass by. The creature's behavior was unlike anything they had seen before, and they were unable to identify it as human. Reports of similar creatures, such as Sasquatch and dogmen, suggest that they may feed on roadkill for a quick and easy meal. The encounter left the speaker feeling uneasy and left him with vivid memories of the encounter. The creature did watch them as they passed by, and they were able to observe it from a distance of about 10-12 feet.

    • Encounter with a Sasquatch in LouisianaA witness described an encounter with a large, powerful, and humanoid creature in Louisiana, exhibiting dominance and disappearing after officers approached.

      The witness described an encounter with an unusually large and powerful creature, likely a Sasquatch, in Louisiana. The size and strength of this creature were striking, with broad shoulders suggesting a diet high in protein. The creature exhibited humanoid features, including a wide nose and hair covering its face. Unlike most predators, it didn't flee when the officers approached but stood its ground, suggesting dominance. The officers discussed their encounter afterward, intending to return to the scene to investigate further, but upon their return, they found the carcass had disappeared. The witness, a seasoned hunter and fisherman, expressed that this encounter was unlike anything he had experienced in his life.

    • Personal experiences shaping beliefs about BigfootChildhood encounters and later experiences can significantly alter our perceptions and beliefs about mythical creatures like Bigfoot.

      Personal experiences and encounters can significantly shape our perceptions and beliefs, especially when it comes to mythical creatures like Bigfoot. The speaker shares his lifelong fascination with Bigfoot, sparked by a childhood encounter with a book about unexplained mysteries. He grew up consuming any media related to Bigfoot, assuming it was a peaceful creature that ate fruit and berries. However, an encounter with a roadside sighting of a Bigfoot throwing roadkill threw a wrench in his perception. He also shares the story of a retired officer's encounter with Bigfoot when he was a young man, which further illustrates the impact of personal experiences on beliefs about Bigfoot.

    • An Unusual Discovery in the WildWhile exploring nature, one may encounter the unexpected, requiring quick thinking and calmness to handle the situation

      While hunting squirrels, a man encountered an unexpected discovery in a hollowed-out hole near a creek. He initially believed it was a den or a bear's nest, but upon closer inspection, he saw a large hand with dark skin and signs of injury. The man was frightened, believing it was a person, but soon realized it was not. He quickly retreated with his dog, leaving the mysterious hole behind. This experience left a lasting impression on the man, highlighting the unpredictability of nature and the importance of staying calm in unfamiliar situations.

    • Sharing experiences of encounters with the unknownEncounters with the unknown can leave lasting memories and bond people together, reminding us of the importance of nature and the outdoors, even with its darker side.

      The shared experiences of encounters with the unknown, whether it's a paranormal event or a dangerous animal, can leave a profound impact on a person's memory and heart. The vividness of these memories can be compared to significant life experiences like a first kiss or first car. This was emphasized in a conversation between two individuals, one of whom was a police officer, as they recounted their own encounters with the unusual. The officer described a chilling encounter with an injured creature, which left him shaken but intrigued. The shared experiences of these encounters reminded him of the camaraderie among police officers, who often bond over their unique experiences. The conversation also highlighted the importance of nature and the outdoors, and how even those who love and appreciate it most can't help but be aware of its darker side.

    • Fear and respect for nature's powerEncountering nature's vast power can evoke feelings of awe, fear, and vulnerability, reminding us of the natural world's grandeur and complexity.

      Experiencing the vast and powerful beauty of nature can instill a sense of awe and fear, making us feel small and vulnerable. This was shared by John after his encounter in the woods, and it was echoed by an old man who had worked in the Morganza Basin in Louisiana. The old man recounted how they had to fill up their diesel tanks completely to prevent diesel from sweating and mixing with water. One day, while they were working, they heard strange noises coming from the swamp. Despite their initial curiosity, they quickly returned to work, fearing the unknown. This fear and respect for nature's power is a common theme among those who have spent time in the wilderness. It can strip us of our complacency and remind us of the grandeur and complexity of the natural world.

    • Unexplained events in the swamp leave lasting impactUnexplained events in the swamp, like mysterious tank damage and flipped equipment, can leave a deep impact on witnesses, possibly causing trauma-like symptoms.

      There are unexplained phenomena in the world that can leave a lasting impact on people. The account of a well-respected community member from Morganza, Louisiana, shared his experience as a teenager when fuel tanks and equipment were mysteriously damaged in the swamp. The man described the sounds and signs of destruction, but never discovered what caused it. Decades later, when recounting the story around a campfire, the man displayed signs of trauma, which the speaker believed to be similar to PTSD. Similar incidents, such as a flipped dozer at a lumber site, suggest that these unexplained events may be more common than one might think. Despite the lack of explanation, these experiences leave a profound impact on those who witness them.

    • Personal encounters with the elusive SasquatchJohn's experiences of encountering something inexplicable in the woods left him in awe and deepened his appreciation for the natural world's mysteries. He believes Sasquatch is a real, elusive creature that wants to avoid human contact and lives in peace.

      The speaker, John, shared his personal experiences of encountering something inexplicable in the woods, which he believes to be Sasquatch or Bigfoot. He emphasized the awe-inspiring feeling of reliving those moments and the mystery that still surrounds this creature. The speaker also expressed his belief that Sasquatch is a real, elusive creature that wants to avoid human contact and live in peace. He sees it as a reminder of the vast unknown parts of nature and the importance of respecting the boundaries of the natural world. The speaker acknowledged that it's impossible to definitively say what Sasquatch is, but he believes it's an animal with human-like qualities, making it both intriguing and elusive. The speaker's perspective highlights the enduring fascination with the unknown and the sense of wonder that comes from exploring the mysteries of nature.

    • Encounters with mysterious creatures leave a deep impactPeople who have encountered mysterious creatures like Bigfoot express a longing to relive the experience and connect with the unexplained

      Encounters with mysterious creatures, such as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, can leave a profound impact on individuals, often leading to a deep desire to witness such an event again. The emotions experienced during these encounters can be overwhelming, with fear, confusion, and a desire for presence being common themes. Despite the potential terror, many people express a longing to relive the moment, even if only to slow down the experience and better process what they've seen. This fascination with the unknown and the desire for connection with the unexplained is a common thread among those who have had encounters and adds to the enduring mystery of these creatures.

    Recent Episodes from Sasquatch Chronicles

    SC EP:1072 Retired SWAT Officer

    SC EP:1072 Retired SWAT Officer

    Mark writes "I thought I would give you some bullet points to a Bigfoot Weekend I was blessed to have experiences. This started on Friday July 21st and ended on July 23.

    Just so you know how the weekend started I responded to our camp site and picked as spot to pitch my tent. After setting up my area m met some people from outside Houston who were there with their ten year old son, closest to my tent. The ten year old asked to go to a nearby creek and look for some rocks there. He left but returned after about 5 minutes.

    He had chosen a way that was at the bottom of where two hills met. Add into this that I knew it had rained the night before in this area as I followed the weather in order to pack right for the weekend. The kid stopped about 25 feet from my tent and behind his parent's tent. He said, "I found a foot print." We kind of blew it off and then Jesse Morgan came by to introduce himself. The boy told him what he had found and he went to check. Sure enough there was a larger and smaller print. I took some photos.

    I attached the smaller one first and the second is the track that was plastered. That is the fourth photo. I found another track about 30 yards away from the other two and it was 15 1/2 inches. The plater cast measures 17 1/2 inches. Part of the foot did not get plastered as it was on a slight slope. That is what was found in my first 20 minutes after setting up my tent.

    Here are the bullet points for the rest of the weekend, I believe in chronological order.

    1) Night hike with small tree breaks and a head seen by Alan Megargle through therm.
    2) After that heard some light chatter by a stream.
    3) One person in my group saw a shadow running bent over near the ridge.

    Second day:

    1) We did a recon a mountain we had to bushwhack up into. No trail. Found these quartz rock circles set up in the ground. Not sure who did that.
    2) We found many trees twisted and broken at about the six foot level.
    3) We found a 15 inch track almost near the top with a small one next to it.
    4) The mountain was completely quiet

    Second night:

    1) Went back to mountain and bushwhacked up at about 10 pm. except for our start by the road the woods were silent.
    2) We ascended (Myself and 6 other guys) to the top. Where I separated from the group. They eventually settled down and were quiet. I then heard something moving around my perimeter. It started around my 9 o'clock and stopped around my 2 o'clock. It stopped and it was dead silent. I then moved my position and it did roughly the same thing again. It stopped.

    3) It stayed silent for about 5 or so minutes and then we all heard the howl from down in the valley.
    4) It stayed quiet for some time and we decided to head down, getting lost in the process. This was around midnight.
    5) As we were walking 2 guys heard something pacing us.
    6) One guy saw green eye shine.
    7) We stopped to get our bearing and one guy pulled his thermal scope out and saw one. He handed them to me and I clearly saw a head.
    8) We started back down and I heard something, in what was like a conversational tone, right in front of me in a thicket, say something like,"HeeeeeeYou", which was just so close to me. It sounded like a twelve year old male.

    My wife and I did head back to the same mountain in late September and she found a small trackway. Like a bone head I did not photograph those..

    Well, that was it, but there are details to fill in."

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJuly 13, 2024

    SC EP:1071 Caught With Your Pants Down

    SC EP:1071 Caught With Your Pants Down

    Tonight I will be speaking to Jeremy. In 1984 he was on vacation with his family. The family stopped in Colorado to take a break from their road trip. Jeremy stepped out of the camper to pee and was face to face with a creature. I will also be speaking to Pete. Pete owns a home in rural New Hampshire. Recently he has noticed a lot of strange activity on his property.

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJuly 07, 2024

    SC EP:1068 The Journey To Belief

    SC EP:1068 The Journey To Belief

    Tonight my guest is Stacy Brown, he will be discussing his new film The Journey To Belief. From thejourneytobelief.com/ "Bigfoot: The Journey to Belief" is a four-part documentary series where Bigfoot researcher Stacy Brown Jr. attempts to prove the existence of Bigfoot to his skeptical filmmaker friend Joseph Badia.

    Joined by author Richard Laudenslager they hit the road as The journey begins with Stacy introducing Joey to thirteen credible witnesses who recount their harrowing encounters with the elusive creature. They then delve into the state of Florida's documents, searching for references to Bigfoot sightings in the journals of past governors, as well as requesting emails and reports from state agencies hoping to link modern-day encounters to historical legends.

    The series culminates in an expedition to a property with ongoing Bigfoot activity. "Bigfoot: The Journey to Belief" weaves firsthand accounts, document research, and fieldwork to explore whether these experiences and evidence can transform Joey from a skeptic into a believer.

    Link to the trailer


    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJune 29, 2024

    SC EP:1067 Bigfoot And Ghost Encounters

    SC EP:1067 Bigfoot And Ghost Encounters

    Kenny writes "I had an encounter in 2005 about a week after hurricane Katrina. I’m from a small town about an hour north of New Orleans called Ponchatoula. We didn’t get any structural damage but we did get a lot of downed trees.

    I was about ten years old and living with my grandparents. For the next couple of weeks after the storm me and my grandpa would clear as much of the trees and other crap out of the yard. After a few days we were starting to run out of clean clothes so my grandma had me go out to the pond in our backyard to get some water so that she could boil up and wash some clothes in this big 55 gal pot we had (typically used for crawfish) because we still didn’t have any power. I didn’t think much of it and went out there with some buckets. For some backstory we only lived about 3 miles aways from Manchac Swamp and were surrounded by pine forest except for the 7 acres of land we lived on which was clear except for about 30 pecan trees.

    Anyways, when I went down the bank I heard a bunch of noise like trees crashing from the other side of the pond. I started watching over there and then what I thought was a bear came out of the woods and stopped at the opposite side of the bank. I knew we had a few black bears in the swamp but had never seen any so I just stood still to watch it. After what felt like a few minutes I saw it reach into the water and snag up a catfish (cats were the only fish we kept stocked in the pond).

    Being a 10 y/o who loved nature I thought that was pretty cool until it stood up and stretched. The kind of way someone who just woke up would with its arms reaching up to the sky. I could see that it still had the catfish in its hand. Seeing that thing stand up I froze. I don’t think it ever noticed me because as soon as it got done stretching it simply turned around and went right back the way it came. After a few minutes when I couldn’t hear it anymore I just ran inside and needless to say we didn’t get any laundry washed that night. I never saw or heard anything else after that but yeah that’s my story and just thought that I would share.”

    Dusty writes "I've been thinking about writing you for a while now but haven't committed to the idea yet; well here goes.

    I have had many strange encounters with paranormal and supposedly "unknown" or at least "unpublished" entities. I had a sasquatch road crossing encounter when I was a kid. It was pretty basic, it just ran across the road in the middle of the night while I was out with a cousin of mine.

    I was 12, and my mom had passed away in March of 2000, and this encounter was close to the 4th of July. After my mom died I was kind of on my own most of the time, and would get dumped off with various people from time to time because I wasn't welcome at "home". Life was pretty traumatic at the time looking back, and maybe that's why that encounter didn't really stick with me to be honest.

    It happens at night, probably around 0100-0300 in the morning, I had been with an older cousin of mine who was more of a child than I ever realized, and he never really grew up. But when you're 12 and life goes tits up you don't think about those things. I would hang out with him and his drunken friends a lot and cruise back roads and things like that. I started learning to drive because they're getting drunk and stupid and I'd drive people home.

    We were going to his house from a local lake one night, and a sasquatch just crossed the road in front of us, probably in 3 east steps, and walked into a big field headed for a creek. I turned in my seat and watched it for a few seconds. We made it to the highway and turned and headed for town in shock. We made it to his house and I didn't think I slept much, and I was just flabbergasted the next few days. But nobody cared to notice, and my cousin was so drunk and hungover he didn't remember what happened.

    The creature was massive, bulky, tall, upright Harry and the Hendersons looking critter. It was a breathtaking experience and it happened so quickly that it almost didn't register for a while what we saw. We both just looked at each other, wide eyed and pale as could be. I remember saying we just saw a bigfoot!!! But that was about the end of that encounter.

    I went into the Marine Corps at 17, and was stationed in Washington DC in late 2006, at a ceremonial unit that marches funerals in Arlington, Presidential ceremonies, among other important ceremonial jobs for the Marone Corps. Our barracks was "out in town" as we didn't have a formal "base" it is just a small post just north of the navy yard.
    It is the oldest post in the Corps, and has been in place since 1801. During the war of 1812 when the white house was burned by the British, the Marine barracks and Navy Yard were attacked and the Marine barracks supposedly burned down. From the stories I've heard several Marines were killed in the collapsed barracks.

    One night while on duty I was walking down the lower parking area, an underground secure parking garage under the barracks. I heard screaming and yelling coming from the locked, heavy steel door that closed off the electrical equipment room for the barracks. A secure concrete room with a heavy steel door. It sounds like dozens of people inside screaming and yelling to get out, rifles slamming on the door from the inside, and then it just stopped.
    The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, the temp dropped and it was so scary down there I just took off running. I hot the stairs well closest to me and ran up several flights of stairs in dress shoes, which isn't easy to do. I made it to my duty post and didn't leave for the rest of the night.

    Another night I encountered another spirit down there. Another "barracks ghost story" for which there was no shortage. A young girl had been run over one night playing with her ball on the ramp between parking levels. I was on duty walking the lower parking, and as I got closer to the ramp I could hear little feet slapping the concrete, a small girl giggling and a ball bouncing up and down the ramp. She was headed down the ramp to me as I ran past.

    That was the last time I was ever down there after dark alone."

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJune 23, 2024

    SC EP:1064 The Tip-Toeing Sasquatch

    SC EP:1064 The Tip-Toeing Sasquatch

    Frank was hunting in 2010 with a friend of his in Georgia. Frank later found his friend in his truck shaking and he looked like he was in shock. He explained to Frank what he had seen that day. Many years later Frank would see a creature and he describes it tip-toeing up to a deer before grabbing it and running off into the woods.

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJune 15, 2024

    SC EP:1063 The Clicking Sound Surrounded Me

    SC EP:1063 The Clicking Sound Surrounded Me

    Tonight I will be speaking to Kelly and Zach. Kelly writes "I'm an avid outdoors person and have had multiple jobs which required me to work in remote locations, sleeping out under the stars and having experiences I can't explain.

    My brother turned me on to your podcast about a year ago after I had an encounter myself. I called and told him about it and he told me to listen to your podcast. After hearing some other stories I realized I had more encounters that I had never shared because I didn't know how to explain them. I'll just share some of them here and see if you would like more info.

    The encounter I told my brother about that had him recommend your show took place in western North Carolina near the town of Hot Springs. I was out exploring on my own, which I do a lot and found this abandoned road. I began following it and maybe a mile down the road I saw some skid marks. Being curious about the marks because the road was not accessible, I wandered off the road near the skid. About 300 yards away I found a small teepee type structure built that was about the size of a small tent. I kind of assumed it was built as a blind by hunters. There was no trail or anything. As I looked closer at the structure I could tell the branches had been snapped off to make this structure, not cut with a saw. Not knowing anything about sasquatch or the huts people have reported I looked at this thing a long time trying to figure out how a human would have made it. The other curious thing was the leaves on the inside of the hut were not disturbed, like the structure had been there a while without anyone going inside of it. I began looking around the area more and found two smaller, similar structures. At this point I thought it was a boy scout camp or something where they had built these. I looked around further and started noticing that small saplings had been snapped all around these huts. The only thing I could think is that a vehicle had driven over them but there was no way a vehicle could access this area without leaving a massive sign. I'm about 6'2 220 and I tried snapping them and couldn't get anywhere near being able to snap them. As I began to look around the area further I noticed all the birds stopped chirping and there was a weird chill in the air. I became pretty uncomfortable and then I started hearing what sounded like someone clicking their tongue extremely loud and occasionally a high pitched whistle. At this point I decided I must have stumbled into someone's property or drug area and started to move away. The clicking began to surround me and scared the shit out of me so I started moving quickly to get out. I then heard what sounded like rocks were being thrown. I never stopped to look back but just got to my vehicle as quickly as possible and drove to the nearest bar where I wrote down my encounter.

    After listening to other episodes I was reminded about a time I worked out at a hunting and fishing lodge in northern New Mexico. I used to get up at 4am every morning and drive around the ranch to make sure all the boats were cleaned and dried out for the guests. This was a gigantic ranch (they say it was bigger than Rhode Island) so you could easily go days without seeing another human. I drove to this remote area in the high country and came around a turn right around sunrise. I spooked this massive creature, which I assumed initially was a bear, it went from being on two legs down to all fours and ran like a wolf. The area it ran was through this open meadow that was probably about 1-2 miles long (if not further) downhill. Its hard to explain but the vantage point I had was from up above and the animal ran down towards a lake. This thing ran those 2 miles in under 10 seconds. It ran with long strides like a wolf but the ground it covered was insane. I told people about it at the ranch and they all made fun of me and said I was seeing things.

    I have a couple of other stories that are similar if you'd like to hear more. Thanks for taking the time to read this."


    Zach writes "I emailed you about 2 years ago regarding the footprints my uncle and I found in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania. After taking some time to think about my own sighting and some other encounters and stories told to me by family, friends and coworkers.....I've decided to finally type up an email.

    My sighting: In April of 2014, I was in my last few months of high school and had been working at a nursing home in Pottsville, PA in the kitchen. My mother at the time was the supervisor of the the place and I was getting a ride home with her after working 0700-1500. We were driving south towards my hometown, which is only about 4 miles from this sighting. I was in the passenger seat looking out the window, down towards the Schuylkill River and railroad tracks that run along the same route. The train tracks are about 75 yards from the road on a 45 degree angle. The leaves were not on the trees yet because it was right before spring, so I can see the tracks pretty good. Next thing, I see this tall and lengthy.....creature. It almost had the look of Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings Movie. Very tall, long, thin appendages and I could see dark brown/black hair. This creature was standing on the side of the railroad closest to me, looking down at the ground. Not sure why, but it was so eerie and just didn't register in my head until we got home. I told my Mom and she really didn't react. Totally didn't think it could be a sasquatch until you described the different types.


    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJune 09, 2024

    SC EP:1061 The Bernie Chronicles

    SC EP:1061 The Bernie Chronicles

    Bernie writes "Wes, I'm seventy three years old now and live in the beautiful Texas hill country southwest of Austin. This is what happened fourteen years ago.
    It was my last night at work and I was closing up my department in Salmon Creek, at the north end of Vancouver, Washington.

    My best friend called and asked if I was flying out soon. She wanted me to come by, and said she had a twelve pack of Blue Moon. "Prettiest lady I know" I affirmed as I headed toward Battleground.

    We hung out for a couple hours. Her boyfriend had cheated on her and I listened to her broken heart with sympathy, and I tried to give her hope for the future.
    We said our hasta la vistas. I got back on I-5 north and got off at Woodland and headed up Lewis River Road. I had been living there for six weeks in a spare bedroom I was renting. It was a ways to my boss's property, on up past the fish hatchery, almost to Ariel where D.B. Cooper supposedly bailed out of that airliner, west of Mt. St. Helens.
    The moon was nearly full on that night of August 22, 2010, as I parked in my spot 30 feet from the forest, just off to my left. My window was down and I was listening to the radio. The Foo Fighters were playing "Times Like These." The tree frogs loudly approved and I popped open my last Blue Moon that Darcy sent home with me.
    I lit a cigarette, reflecting on our good times, how much I was going to miss her, and hoping our paths would meet again. Speaking of missing, I was seriously missing my two teenaged daughters that currently lived in Texas for the past six weeks.

    Tomorrow was Monday, my son's 39th birthday, and I'd be in Raleigh with him Wednesday night. I had a lot on my mind.

    I looked to my right scanning for life. Tina's doublewide sat on 4 acres, and was dark and silent, the front door 80 feet from me at my 3 o'clock. No signs of her sister and brother-in-law, who were notorious for wandering in the moonlight, but it was only one o'clock in the morning right now. I had another smoke and nursed my beer as it had been a very long day at work.

    I couldn't believe my ears when suddenly out of nowhere, what sounded like a million birds started screaming in the forest just to my left. Every hair on my body stood out as I reached to kill the radio. This surreal cacophony went on for maybe a whole minute when I heard something that would have knocked me over had I not been sitting in my car.

    I have since listened to vocalizations on YouTube and the nearest thing to what I heard was "The Ohio Sound," except that was far away and I was probably less than 100 feet away from the source here. Also there was no descending vocalization once it reached it's deafening crescendo. The force behind that howl/scream was somewhere between a really hungry lion, and a very pissed off T-Rex. Think up-close Jurassic Park. I was sitting in my old Ford Contour and my bones and organs were vibrating. I have since learned that was the result of the infrasound it produced. I was terrified and felt disoriented, also effects of infrasound.

    Things have never really scared me. Hell, I'm an old guy from Texas. I'd seen lots of crazy shit, but I jus0couldn't move. I just sat there thinking someone like me might get eaten. When the roar finally peaked, the birds and frogs were totally silent; not a single peep or croak was heard, and I was still vibrating. The silence was broken by a few seconds of the sound of something moving away in the woods. There was a creek in a ravine out there about 50 yards straight ahead and I started hearing what sounded like large rocks smashing against others.

    I happened to look at the front porch as Tina turned the light on and stuck her head out, looked my way, dipped back and closed the door. I figured since the beast was in the ravine, I had a chance to make a run for the house.

    I was shaking when I entered, and she said I was pale and asked what was wrong. I told her I thought she had a Sasquatch in her back yard.
    She just laughed and laughed and laughed. I told her I was serious, but she snickered and I went to bed. It took a long time to fall asleep that night.
    The next day I avoided the backyard and drove into Vancouver to get my cat. I pretty much stayed in my room when we got back. The next day I sold my car to Tina's mother and stayed in my room. Wednesday, Tina drove me to Portland to fly to Raleigh.

    I told my son about it after I had been there a couple days. He was intrigued, and then I put it all in a box for several years. I knew people would laugh. I wish assholes were as hard to find as Sasquatches. I never mentioned it again.

    A couple months ago I started listening to podcasts, especially yours, and it's really been all consuming, but in a very beneficial way: the realization of the existence of an ancient, feral species that has no concept or need of money to survive.

    They are truly free. I feel we are the newcomers here, living our lives in chains."

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enJune 02, 2024

    SC EP:1059 They Were Not Bears

    SC EP:1059 They Were Not Bears

    Randy writes "I'm from prince Edward island, Canada I'd like to tell you about my story that I had. When I was open Alberta, Canada, I was up Norris for appointment. 

    My first encounter took place in 2012. I was driving a water truck and had to stop because a bunch of Caribou were crossing. I saw what I thought was a black bear and a brown bear crossing up ahead. I yelled "Hey Bear!" and they both stood up on two legs like a man."

    About two years later, I was on cold lake weapons range. It was either a male and a female or 2 I just seen the eyes.

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enMay 26, 2024

    SC EP:1057 I Believe in Bigfoot Project

    SC EP:1057 I Believe in Bigfoot Project

    I will be interviewing Kelley Lockman. Kelley is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Born and raised in Georgia, Kelley's passion for film eventually led him to film school and then to acting. Kelley has appeared in various TV shows and films, including Tyler Perry's "A Fall From Grace." He has written and directed his own work and recently completed "A Sunset in Winter," in which he wrote, directed and starred.

    He started a new project called I Believe in Bigfoot Project. You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO04DCiqtp8

    Kelley writes "We spoke a few years ago briefly. The Squatchwatchers made an introduction for me. At that time I was beginning the process of working on a documentary about Bigfoot. But since then things have gone a bit crazy! The path I started to go down led me into places I never expected and I’ve been able to document some truly amazing stuff! The story became so huge that its just too much for a movie. I am now releasing it as a series on YouTube and Rumble."

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enMay 19, 2024

    SC EP:1054 They Chased It!

    SC EP:1054 They Chased It!

    A listener writes “I’ve had a week of direct encounters with my dad, brother and uncles in central Utah back in the early 80’s while deer hunting. Over the following 30 years, I’ve had at least four more probable encounters in the same area. I think that I’d like to tell you about them.”

    Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He recounts a hunting trip with his father, brother and uncles back in the 80’s.

    Sasquatch Chronicles
    enMay 11, 2024

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    SC EP:111 What was that?

    SC EP:111 What was that?

    Many encounters with Sasquatch happen so fast, it leaves people thinking “What was that?”

    One of the encounters on Sunday will be with a witness who saw one run across the road, jump and clear a 6 foot embankment. The witness and her husband were shocked by the size of the creature. The witness describes how the creature moved on all fours and the “hair” on the body.

    The second witness writes “My boyfriend and I were living about 10 miles east of Huntsville, Texas on a private property with three lakes in the Big Thicket. One night my boyfriend asked me to go get his wallet out of my truck that was parked just below the deck. I immediately had a very uneasy feeling like never before??? I asked him to go instead. He said he would stand on the deck and watch since he did not have his shoes on. I have never been afraid of the dark since it was around 9PM. I finally agreed and walked down to my truck. As my hand grabbed the door, the truck began to vibrate and shake like a 7.2 earthquake!! I was immediately paralyzed but managed to let out a blood curtailing scream as I saw a giant hairy blob jump out of the back of my truck. It seemed to fly all the way across the railroad tracks. This creature filled the entire bed of the truck and I was about one foot from it! My eyes were looking but my body was frozen. I never thought Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We thought it may have been a bear but there were never any sightings of bears there although my boyfriend had mentioned he had tossed his left over hamburger in the bed. We looked for tracks but I explained to my boyfriend that it seems to fly all the way across the railroad tracks landing on the other side.”

    SC EP:141 Sasquatch running down the hill

    SC EP:141 Sasquatch running down the hill

    I will be speaking to Skip who is from Texas. He shares with us his encounter he had almost 28 years ago. He was at the river with his friend and they decided to pack up and head home. Skip was carrying items back to his car and as he walked up the hill away from the river he says “This big black thing that was covered in hair bursts out of the brush and I watch it run upright…like a man but WAY too fast to be a man. In one leap the creature jumps about 12 feet across the river. My friend walks up because she saw it too and say who…..what….was that?!” Skip is a pastor in Texas and this encounter has always stuck with him.

    I will also be speaking to Jack McCarty who is the author of “Bigfoot Evidence – I Cannot Deny It.” Jack writes “Twenty-three years ago I saw my first Bigfoot footprint in the woods. Ever since then I have studied additional evidence and documented it with photographs and journals. This book is a compilation of my experiences in the forests where Bigfoot lives.”

    SC EP:696 Fishing Trip From Hell

    SC EP:696 Fishing Trip From Hell

    The witness is a veteran and has agreed to come on the show. Chris writes “Wes, I recently discovered your podcast and have been listening and enjoying it.

    For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and believe enough evidence has been found to prove their existence. On to my possible encounter.

    In June of 2006, my fishing buddy and I were on Lake Ouachita (pronounced wosh-i-taw) in Arkansas. We hit the water around 1900 that evening, launching from the Joplin recreation area boat ramp. The breeze was calm and the moon was bright, a perfect night for fishing. Around 2200, we had been fishing the perimeter on one of the many islands on the lake. This particular island has a nice long inlet on one side that has a finger protruding just off center and we always catch some nice fish there. This evening was no exception. After landing my second bass, there was a loud splash from a decent sized rock being tossed in the water.

    I looked back to my buddy giving him the WTF look only to notice he was giving me the same look. As we were about to say something to each other, there was another splash in front of the boat. Now we knew that neither one of us had done this as a joke on the other as we were facing each other when the second and third splash occurred. We exchanged a few words while scanning the bank looking for who was throwing these rocks when the fourth splash was made to our left and very close to the boat. I remember my buddy saying “oh shit” and pointing to the crest of the island shortly after that splash.

    My eyes followed to where he was pointing, and standing next to a large pine tree was a hulking figure. While neither of us could make out any details, we knew it was massive. As stated earlier, the moon was bright and almost full that night, and what we were looking at was standing in the shadows of the tree it was beside. There was low, deep growl unlike anything I have ever heard before. This thing grabbed the branch it was standing behind, tore it from the tree, and began walking to our right, down the ridge towards the front of the boat carrying this limb.

    SC EP:1018 Grandfather Was Feeding Them

    SC EP:1018 Grandfather Was Feeding Them

    Brian writes “I grew up on a property and looking back, it would seem my grandfather had habituated a group. Moving in on the land he sat us down to explain his “rules” of living there.

    I basically all boiled down yo 1 simple rule. Don’t be on the property at night. In those days kids didn’t question. I wouldn’t have anyway since I had already witnessed to red eyes that I spent some time staring into from the window.

    Found out later that this seemed to be an epidemic among the other grade school kids on that side of the county. Although my parents did really well at trying to hide the truth from us and play things off this place was off the charts weird.

    Most friends I made only visited once and wouldn’t come back. The feeling was tangible as soon as you turned to corner of the driveway. There has never been a moment that you felt comfortably alone in these woods. From the voices, the name calling, to the late night vocals. Rock throwing while night fishing, and pinecones on occasion while hunting.

    Missing pets, tree structures, random animal body parts, discarded carcasses, the occasional stolen deer from where it fell after hunt. Which is what led to my eventual encounter. The smells, the lights, all the things we know nothing about sasquatch.

    Anyways, as I said before, it’s a lot to share.

    My encounter is something I’ve never shared considering the treatment I got for saying I’ve seen one.
    I’ve been bingeing your podcast since I found it. I’ve almost caught up with all the free shows. Hopefully after new year I’ll be able to join.

    I had given up on actually hearing from you and being able to share, but the situation has recently changed. A couple of months ago my son was discharged from the Marines. He decided to return to my parents instead of my home. I moved away from home for work. Now my son is messaging me regarding the odd occurrences he’s encountering.”


    Here is a link to Sarah McLeod YouTube Channel. Go subscribe and check out the song played tonight. Sarah gave me permission to play it and it is a same she only has like 2K YouTube subscriber's.



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