Saturday Briefing 23rd September

    enSeptember 23, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Global political tensions, personal controversies, and economic debatesBT supports businesses, Biden considers long-range missiles for Ukraine, Zelensky seeks international support, Brand denies sexual misconduct allegations, HS2 rail project debate, Menendez steps down due to bribery charges

      BT, a major business telecommunications company, is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes and industries in their success. This was emphasized in the podcast sponsorship. Meanwhile, in the news, President Biden is reportedly considering providing Ukraine with long-range missiles to defend against Russian aggression. Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been seeking international support, including from Canada, which has pledged additional military aid. Russell Brand, a well-known media personality, has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct by thanking his supporters and denying the claims. In the UK, there is ongoing debate about the future of the HS2 rail project, with some politicians advocating for its continuation despite rising costs. Robert Menendez, a senior US senator, has temporarily stepped down as head of the foreign relations committee due to bribery charges. These stories highlight global political tensions, personal controversies, and economic debates.

    • Tough anti-smoking measures and personal health careSome people benefit from anti-smoking measures, but increasing tobacco buying age may face challenges. Manage health care costs with UnitedHealthcare's Health Protector Guard plans, and gift Osea's Mother's Day skin care set for healthy skin.

      While some individuals may have received significant benefits, the implementation of tough anti-smoking measures to prevent the next generation from smoking, such as increasing the legal age to buy tobacco, may face challenges in larger populations and could conflict with other policies promoting personal freedom. Meanwhile, being proactive about health care and managing out-of-pocket costs is important, and UnitedHealthcare's Health Protector Guard fixed indemnity insurance plans can help supplement primary insurance plans without usual requirements and restrictions. Additionally, this Mother's Day, consider gifting Osea's limited edition skin care set for healthy, glowing skin. The set includes advanced eye care duo and Golden Glow Body Trio, all infused with clean seaweed, to brighten, firm, and nourish skin. Use code "mom" for a 10% discount on your first order at oseamalibu.com.

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    Daily Dish: Zelensky Presses DC For MORE Aid, Trump Releases New Trading Cards, & Sununu Endorses Nikki Haley
    Today the Chicks chat about Trump's epic new digital trading cards, Republicans finally shutting down Zelensky's funding requests, Nikki Haley's newest endorsement, and SO much more.

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    Seven Trillion Reasons - (Pt. 1)

    Seven Trillion Reasons - (Pt. 1)
    Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM - Learn to protect yourself from predatory mass media.

    In the first hour of this March 17, 2022 edition of Boiler Room Hesher, Spore, Infidel Pharaoh, Ruckus and MindSpaceArt are looking at the cost of fuel skyrocketing around the United States. Of interest along the way becomes looking at the economic impacts of Covid response versus what the mass media would now have everyone believing is "Putin's Fault" or at the very least unrelated to the seven trillion dollars the government created between the Biden and Trump administrations. Hesher features an IG Reel by "Anomaly" with regards to how money could possibly be better spent in the U.S. than being shipped to foreign nations to get the gangs response. But first... there is the important matter of enigmatic tech oligarch, Elon Musk, challenging Vladimir Putin in hand to hand combat with the stakes being Ukraine. Is this what modern warfare looks like? Who would win in a fight? What would Elon's Ukraine look like after he vanquished Vlad? All these stupid questions are NOT answered but fun was had.

    Entre Pékin et Washington, c'est toujours la carotte et le bâton

    Entre Pékin et Washington, c'est toujours la carotte et le bâton

    Les négociations sur le plafond de la dette américaine continuent à dominer les débats sur les marchés financiers. Heureusement, parce qu'on se serait probablement ennuyés ferme sinon. L'intelligence artificielle reste de toutes les discussions d'investissement, pendant que les relations entre la Chine et les Etats-Unis pourraient, dit-on, s'apaiser. Si l'on fait abstraction bien sûr d'un bannissement de Micron et d'un G7 qui a énervé Pékin.