Russel Brand Allegations, Hasan Minhaj Made Up Stories, & Deion Sanders Saved College Football

    enSeptember 19, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Comedian Hassan Minhaj's fabricated stories in Netflix specialsTruth and authenticity are crucial in storytelling, especially when evoking strong emotions. Fabricating personal stories can have unintended consequences and raise ethical concerns.

      Comedian Hassan Minhaj's use of fabricated stories in his Netflix specials has raised concerns, as these stories were not presented as exaggerations or hyperbole for comedic effect, but rather to elicit emotional responses from the audience. The New Yorker article revealed that some of these stories didn't actually happen, and in some cases, may have caused harm to others. For instance, a story about being rejected at the prom because of his race was found to be untrue, and the girl in question had to marry an Indian to avoid being labeled as racist. This incident highlights the importance of truth and authenticity in storytelling, especially when the stories are used to evoke strong emotional responses. The incident also raises questions about the ethics of comedians fabricating personal stories for comedic effect, and the potential consequences for those involved.

    • Lies in Jokes: Separating Exaggeration from Harmful LiesComedians may exaggerate for humor, but lying about victimization or serious matters is not acceptable. Separate comedic exaggeration from harmful lies to maintain ethical standards in comedy.

      People often exaggerate or change details in their jokes for comedic effect, and it's not uncommon for comedians to lie about non-essential parts of their stories for humor. However, targeting other comics for lying about victimization or serious matters is not acceptable. The speaker in this conversation shared an experience where a comedian he used to know told a lie in one of his jokes, which the speaker believed for years. The comedian had fabricated a story about being rejected by a white woman and being called racist, but in reality, the encounter never happened. The speaker acknowledged that the comedian's exaggeration of the situation was not a major issue, as long as the funny part of the joke remained true. The comedian had also conflated timelines and made fun of powerful figures in his acts, which the speaker had less of an issue with. Overall, the speaker's experience highlights the importance of separating comedic exaggeration from lies that can harm or target others.

    • Lies in Comedy: Truth or Embellishment?Comedy can blur the line between truth and lies, and it's important to consider the context and intent behind jokes involving real people or sensitive topics.

      The discussion revolved around the topic of lies in comedy, specifically regarding Dave Chappelle's stand-up routines. Some people believe that Chappelle's stories, which may include embellishments or fabrications, are intended to be funny and should be separated from the truth. Others, however, feel that some of these lies can be hurtful or manipulative, particularly when they involve real people or sensitive topics. The line between comedy and truth can be blurred, and it's important to consider the context and intent behind the jokes. Ultimately, the discussion highlighted the complexity of comedy and the role of truth and lies in shaping our understanding of reality.

    • Cultural beliefs impact personal relationshipsUnderstanding and respecting cultural differences can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships. Cultural practices, like using astrology in arranging marriages, can stem from religious and traditional backgrounds and should be respected.

      Cultural beliefs and traditions can significantly impact personal relationships and decision-making. In the discussed situation, a man's conflicting identities as a leftist, Muslim, and Indian led to confusion and disagreement with his partner over a relationship matter. The use of astrology in arranging marriages is a cultural practice, and the man's reluctance to accept his partner's decision might have stemmed from his religious and cultural background. The importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships. The New Yorker article about the man's lies also highlights the importance of fact-checking and the potential consequences of manipulating the truth. Overall, the discussion underscores the significance of cultural sensitivity and respect in navigating personal relationships and conflicts.

    • Hasan Minhaj Announces New Tour Dates and Potential Daily Show HostingHasan Minhaj expands his comedy tour to new cities and hints at upcoming announcements, while controversy over past lies threatens his brand and reputation, but he remains undeterred.

      Comedian Hasan Minhaj recently announced additional tour dates in various cities including Manchester, London, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. He also mentioned upcoming shows in Atlanta, Portland, and New Orleans. Minhaj expressed his excitement for these shows and hinted at some upcoming announcements. Additionally, there was a discussion about Minhaj's potential hosting of The Daily Show following revelations about past lies he had told. Some believe his fan base may not care and he'll still be able to tour, while others think the lies could hurt his brand and reputation. Overall, Minhaj continues to move forward with his comedy career despite the controversy.

    • Identity, Trust, and Societal PerceptionsFalse accusations can lead to widespread mistrust, particularly when influenced by societal biases. Open and honest communication is essential to build trust and understanding.

      The discussion revolved around the complexities of identity, trust, and the impact of societal perceptions. The anecdote shared involved an individual who was falsely accused of being an FBI informant, leading to widespread mistrust within the community. The conversation also touched upon the idea of racial dynamics, particularly the notion that some individuals may be more susceptible to accusations based on their race or ethnicity. Additionally, there was a mention of a comedian, Russell Brand, who was accused of wrongdoing, leading to a conversation about the implications of such allegations and the importance of due process. The conversation also highlighted the potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications, particularly in situations where trust is already fragile. Overall, the discussion underscored the importance of being mindful of societal biases and the need for open and honest communication to build trust and understanding.

    • The importance of emotional truth in comedyBe mindful of emotional authenticity in jokes, but beware of those who manipulate it for personal gain. Maintain your integrity and independence in the entertainment industry.

      Emotional truth is a crucial element in comedy, and it's important to recognize and respect the emotional authenticity behind jokes, even if they involve misdirection or sarcasm. However, it's also important to be wary of individuals who co-opt the concept of emotional truth for their own gain or to further an agenda. Additionally, it's essential to be skeptical of those who blindly follow a particular ideology or party line, as they may be using it as a mask for financial gain. The speaker emphasizes the importance of maintaining one's integrity and independence in all aspects of life, especially in the entertainment industry. The speaker also touches upon the issue of people using comedians or artists as tools to further their own agendas, and the potential consequences of compromising one's principles for financial gain. Ultimately, the speaker encourages a critical and thoughtful approach to entertainment and the individuals who create it.

    • Taking breaks for growth and authenticityTaking breaks to reflect and find new passions is crucial for creating authentic and original art, but not everyone has the luxury to do so. Being truthful and authentic in art is essential, and owning up to mistakes can lead to redemption and continued success.

      Focusing solely on success and fame can hinder artistic growth and authenticity. Taking time off to reflect and find new passions is crucial for creating meaningful and original art. The example of an artist who took a break after a successful project to regroup and find new inspiration is commendable. However, not everyone has the luxury of time and financial stability to do so. Being truthful and authentic in art is essential, and if a mistake is made, owning up to it and moving forward with honesty can help rebuild trust and reputation. The entertainment industry can be unforgiving, but being open and vulnerable can lead to redemption and continued success.

    • Russell's Controversial Past and Current AllegationsJournalistic integrity and racial prejudice complicate allegations against Russell, raising questions about his career and the motivations of those reporting on him.

      The discussion revolves around allegations against a public figure, Russell, involving inappropriate relationships and potential assault. The age of consent is a contentious issue, as it was 16 at the time, but the relationship was met with disapproval from the victim's parents due to racial prejudice. The situation is complicated, as some allegations came to light while Russell was employed by a British media organization, which did not conduct a background check at the time. Now, with Russell pushing back against mainstream narratives, the organization is publishing an exposé. The women involved came forward when approached by the journalist, and one did pursue legal action but ultimately chose not to. The situation raises questions about journalistic integrity and the motivations of the journalist. If the allegations are proven true, Russell's career in the industry could be impacted, but he may still be able to build a following online. The conversation also touches on the complexities of cultural appropriation and the use of Indian ideas versus Hindu practices. Ultimately, the situation highlights the need for sensitive handling of allegations and the potential for racial prejudice to influence perceptions.

    • The Complexities of Rape ConvictionsThe legal system's challenges in handling rape cases can result in public attention for the accused, regardless of guilt or innocence. Consensual relationships are crucial, and weddings symbolize love and commitment.

      The legal system can be challenging, especially when it comes to rape convictions. The conversation touched on the difficulties in bringing such cases to trial and the potential impact on the accused's public image. If the accused is found innocent, they may even gain more attention and influence. However, without solid evidence, these cases can become a "he said, she said" situation, making it difficult to determine the truth. The conversation also highlighted the importance of consensual relationships and the joy that weddings bring. Despite the heaviness of the initial topic, the group found solace in sharing their experiences and the beauty of love and commitment.

    • Weddings: A Celebration of Love and ConnectionWeddings offer a unique opportunity to witness raw, unfiltered love and emotional vulnerability. They remind us of the importance and beauty of love and connection between people, and celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

      Weddings provide a unique opportunity to witness raw, unfiltered love between two people. The speaker shares his excitement and joy in attending weddings, particularly his friend Derek's wedding, which stood out to him due to the emotional vulnerability displayed by the couple and their loved ones. He contrasts this experience with his own Catholic wedding, which he feels was more structured and less personal. The speaker values the opportunity to see people express their love and emotions freely, and he finds that weddings are a reminder of the importance and beauty of love. He also appreciates the diversity and inclusivity he experiences at weddings, which adds to the richness of the occasion. Overall, the speaker's reflections highlight the significance of weddings as a celebration of love and connection between people.

    • Renewing vows: A meaningful way to reaffirm loveExpress love through renewing vows, seek legal help after car accidents, and consider enhancing sexual performance with products.

      Renewing vows at anniversaries or significant milestones can be a meaningful way to reaffirm love and commitment in front of loved ones. This tradition can be personalized and doesn't have to be religious or formal. It's a reminder of the importance of expressing feelings and can be a fun and memorable experience for both partners and their children. Additionally, the speakers discussed the importance of seeking legal representation if injured in a car accident and mentioned Morgan and Morgan as a reputable law firm with a proven track record of fighting for fair compensation. Lastly, they joked about the importance of enhancing one's sexual performance with products like Blue Chew.

    • Misunderstandings and unexpected twists in everyday lifeClear communication is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected twists in daily activities, but life can still surprise us with unexpected turns.

      Personal experiences and commitments can sometimes make it challenging to attend events or activities, even when they seem like a great alternative to routine activities. In the discussion, a man shares how he almost missed a Padel event due to a misunderstanding with his wife about their plans. He ultimately managed to attend, but the experience was filled with unexpected twists and turns, including a near-miss with being exposed on social media. Despite the challenges, the man emphasized the importance and enjoyment of the Padel event, which he described as a more entertaining workout than traditional gym activities. The conversation also touched on the excitement of being recognized as a pioneer in comedy by a professor, leading to a humorous misunderstanding about the professor's identity. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of clear communication and the unexpected twists and turns that can arise in everyday life.

    • Attitudes towards pickleball as a game vs. sportSupportive teammates and mental resilience can enhance performance in both games and sports.

      The distinction between a game and a sport can be subjective, and the mindset and experience of the players can greatly impact the outcome. The conversation between Alex and Dennis reveals that while they both enjoy playing pickleball, their attitudes and skills differ significantly. Dennis sees pickleball as a more serious sport, pushing himself to improve and giving it his all, while Alex views it as a game and takes a more relaxed approach. However, when Alex starts to struggle and get in his head, Dennis helps him refocus and acknowledges his feelings, allowing Alex to regain his confidence and perform better. This experience highlights the importance of mental and emotional resilience in both sports and games, and the value of supportive teammates.

    • Teamwork and resilience in tennisPartner's role is crucial, avoid ego, learn from opponents, appreciate support, and aim for real tournament with partner

      Despite the rough experiences and challenges faced during a tennis match, the importance of good teamwork and resilience emerged as key factors for success. The speaker acknowledged the dominant role of their partner and the importance of avoiding ego during the game. They also shared their regret for letting opponents target them and their appreciation for the support of their coach. Moving forward, the team's goal is to create a real tournament, with the speaker expressing their excitement about joining forces with their partner once again. Additionally, they expressed admiration for legendary figures like Deion Sanders, who embodies the victor mindset.

    • Deion Sanders' charisma and leadership make him a magnetic figure in sportsDeion Sanders, a former football player and current coach, captivates audiences with his unique charm and impressive track record, attracting fans, recruits, and media attention through his confidence, bravado, and positive energy.

      Deion Sanders, the former professional football player and current college football coach, possesses an exceptional charisma and leadership that draws attention and interest, both on and off the field. Sanders' unique ability to captivate audiences, combined with his impressive track record of success, has made him a magnetic figure in the sports world. His confidence, bravado, and positive energy have created a gravitational force that attracts fans, recruits, and media attention, making him a star both on and off the field. His unconventional recruiting methods, such as bringing his mother to team meetings, have created a buzz around his team and attracted top talent. Sanders' impact extends beyond football, as he is an inspiring figure who motivates and encourages people to be their best selves. His ability to connect with people and create a positive and successful environment has made him a true headliner.

    • NFL coaches and players may consider coaching in college for less money and fewer headachesNFL coaches and players might find financial benefits and excitement in college coaching, but risk fan backlash and pressure to perform.

      Some NFL coaches and players might consider taking a pay cut to avoid dealing with the headaches and high-pressure environment that comes with being a professional athlete. This was discussed in relation to Warren Sapp's potential move to coaching at the University of Colorado. The potential financial benefits of staying at a successful program, as well as the excitement and charisma of recruiting, were also highlighted. However, there is a risk of backlash from fans if the team experiences a loss, especially if the team is perceived as overly confident. Additionally, some predictions were made for upcoming NFL games and bets were suggested.

    • Drake's Strategic Album RolloutDrake's strategic album rollout created buzz by controlling conversation, maximizing impact of release, and using controversy to generate news.

      Drake's strategic album rollout, which included controlling the conversation for over a month and a half, was a masterclass in marketing and generating buzz. By not dropping the album immediately and instead keeping fans talking and speculating, he maximized the impact of its release. The controversy surrounding Halle Berry's image on his album cover added to the hype, even if her anger was perceived as fake or not. This tactic, which Drake has used before, pulls people into his orbit and creates news, making him a cultural phenomenon. The use of samples and clearances also plays a role in album releases, sometimes pushing them back significantly. Overall, Drake's approach to album releases is a textbook example of successful marketing and audience engagement.

    • Maximizing hype and ticket sales with album release strategyDrake releases album after tour to build hype, avoid negative impact on ticket sales, and create reason for fans to attend international shows.

      Drake's strategy of releasing an album after completing a tour is a clever move to maximize hype and ticket sales. By teasing the album during the tour, he ensures that fans are already excited about the new music and are more likely to attend the concert to hear the new songs live. This approach also allows him to avoid the risk of releasing an album that may not be well-received during the tour, which could negatively impact ticket sales. Furthermore, by dropping the album after the tour, he creates a reason for fans to attend his international shows, as they will want to hear the new songs live. Overall, Drake's approach is a brilliant marketing strategy that utilizes the excitement of the tour to build hype for the new album.

    • Automating e-commerce shipping with ShipStationShipStation simplifies shipping for e-commerce businesses, saving time and money through easy setup, marketplace integration, and industry-leading shipping rates.

      Automating shipping tasks for e-commerce businesses can save time and money through the use of tools like ShipStation. With its easy setup, integration with various marketplaces, and industry-leading discounts on shipping rates, ShipStation streamlines the shipping process and allows business owners to focus on growing their business. Additionally, the discussion touched upon the comfort and convenience of the waterproof shoes from Vessi, which can be easily cleaned and are suitable for inclement weather. Lastly, the topic of the F-35 fighter jet and its supposed "dud" status was brought up, but the validity of this claim remains uncertain.

    • Military plane disappearance sparks transparency concernsThe disappearance of a military plane without GPS and the public's reaction raises questions about government transparency and accountability, with concerns of hacking and potential national security implications.

      The disappearance of a military plane without a GPS and the subsequent public response raises questions about transparency and accountability. The speaker expresses confusion over why the GPS wasn't functioning and why the public was being informed about the situation. They also discuss the possibility of the plane being hacked and suggest that the government may be downplaying the incident to save face. Additionally, there's a mention of Hunter Biden's gun charges and the speaker's skepticism towards the seriousness of the situation. Overall, the conversation touches upon themes of secrecy, embarrassment, and potential national security concerns.

    • Discussing gun control and drug addictionBelief in laws preventing drug addicts from buying guns, but acknowledgement of enforcement challenges. Controversial discussion on Hunter Biden's past drug addiction and societal normalization of addiction.

      The discussion touched upon the topic of gun control and drug addiction, with the speaker expressing their belief that there should be laws preventing drug addicts from buying guns. However, they also acknowledged the challenge of enforcing such laws due to potential dishonesty from addicts. The conversation then shifted to the controversial topic of Hunter Biden's past drug addiction and its impact on public perception, with some expressing the idea that the normalization of addiction in society might be a reason for the lack of sustained media attention on the issue. Ultimately, the conversation circled back to the idea that systemic issues, such as corruption and misuse of power, may be the real focus for addressing the problem.

    • Political corruption and the need for accountabilityThe political landscape is plagued by systemic corruption, making it difficult to choose leaders based on merit, and change requires addressing the root causes

      The political landscape, as discussed, is seen as a systemic issue of corruption, with various figures, including presidents and their families, profiting from their positions. The speaker suggests that if we're going to hold one accountable, we should hold all accountable. The popularity contest nature of elections makes it challenging to choose a leader based on merit rather than popularity. The speaker also touches upon the idea that the success or failure of a leader's children does not necessarily reflect on the leader's abilities as a parent. The overall sentiment is that the system is flawed and needs significant change.

    • Leading vs ParentingPersonal experiences, whether failures or successes, can shape a leader's abilities and make for stronger, more empathetic presidents.

      Being a good parent and being a good president may not always go hand in hand. While some people believe that personal failures or imperfections disqualify someone from being an effective leader, others argue that these experiences can provide valuable lessons and make for stronger, more empathetic leaders. The public often holds presidents to high personal standards, but it's essential to remember that the qualities that make a great president might not be the same as those that make a great parent. Ultimately, what matters most is the ability to lead and make informed decisions for the betterment of the country.

    • Former Presidents Trump and Biden's Different Approaches to Stress and Decision-MakingTrump is seen as arrogant and dismissive, while Biden is perceived as serious and engaged. Trump's relaxed demeanor contrasts with Biden's sense of responsibility, highlighting the unique challenges of the presidency.

      During the discussion, it became clear that there are significant differences in how former presidents Trump and Biden handle stress and decision-making. Trump is seen as arrogant and dismissive, with a relaxed demeanor and a tendency to delegate decisions. Biden, on the other hand, is perceived as more serious and engaged, with a sense of responsibility and a deep understanding of the weight of his decisions. The conversation also touched on the idea that Trump may not have been fully in charge during his presidency, with others making key decisions. Overall, the contrasting styles of these two leaders highlight the unique challenges and demands of the presidency.

    • Former Presidents Bush and Obama's Image RebuildingDespite initial negative perceptions, Bush and Obama have successfully rebuilt their images post-presidency through socializing and hobbies.

      Despite their different backgrounds and public perceptions, some presidents, like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, have managed to rehabilitate their images after leaving office. Bush, a native of Connecticut, was initially viewed negatively during his presidency due to the Iraq War, but is now seen more favorably. Obama, who grew up in Hawaii and Illinois, was generally well-liked during his presidency but faced criticism from some quarters. Both presidents have since been seen socializing with former political rivals and enjoying hobbies like painting and golfing. The discussion also touched upon the perceived differences between the presidents' upbringings and cultural backgrounds, with Bush being seen as more "Waspy New England" despite spending significant time in Texas. The conversation also included a brief comparison of the golfing skills of various presidents, with Bush and JFK being noted as two of the best. Overall, the conversation highlighted the complexities of public perception and the ability of former presidents to shift their images after leaving office.

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    Charlamagne tha God On Diddy Tape, Catching Gay, and Nuclear War

    Charlamagne tha God On Diddy Tape, Catching Gay, and Nuclear War
    YERRR had to get on CTG on Flagrant to talk about Diddy, Ye, Nukes and also debut some exclusive new music from Charlamagne. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 1:04 Andrew is a civil rights hero 4:43 “Get Honest or Die Lying” + we want MEAT not small talk 10:18 Can Whites be acceptably offensive? Don’t mess with r-word strength 15:01 Charla was a school SNITCH + “I SAVED LIVES” 18:16 Self-snitching is dangerous + Diary of a CEO title is crazy 20:48 The Pope is back, baby! Can you catch gay? 27:11 Finger test + everyone’s gay = be who you are 31:15 The new F-word + Starbucks makes you strictly sickly 32:43 Every side using Charla + Dems doesn’t create narratives 39:19 Campaign on student loans + impact ordinary people 49:23 Over for Ye? Diddy using God + Don’t talk about it, be about it 58:23 Dinos were gay so God punished them 1:00:38 Social media is dangerous + our memory is limited 1:08:59 Bring back stories of Hell + what unites Americans? 1:11:19 Nuclear war abyss, regime change justifiable + Iran PM was inside job? 1:21:25 Does American industry need Putin? 1:25:20 We faking nukes? D-jokes setups + we live in the best times 1:28:49 If you’re gonna sell out - do it properly at least 1:32:31 Do your googles + Nicki Minaj arrest 1:34:56 If you could grift, what would you choose? 1:38:51 Diddy, avoiding real issues, gay smokescreen & power lust 1:47:39 Carl Winslow got worn out? + Shoutout to 50 Cent 1:53:18 Charla’s “Grippy” + AI is scary 1:58:25 Scarlett Johansson issue with OpenAI’s voice 2:00:53 Lawsuits aren’t cheap, Diddy’s chutzpah + “I’m a savage” 2:06:51 How does Charla check himself? 2:08:38 Charla’s ayahuasca experience + easy to criticise others, not look at yourself 2:11:30 Charla taking mental health so seriously + Panic Attack Sunday 2:14:53 People’s addiction to attention 2:15:54 How many more years of the Breakfast Club?

    Michael Malice on Soulless Political Demons, Voting Being Useless, & Why Trump Won’t Win

    Michael Malice on Soulless Political Demons, Voting Being Useless, & Why Trump Won’t Win
    Yerrrrr, Michael Malice came through and had to explain some things to us. Is Biden running the country? Will Trump be in the General Election? Why he is an American Anarchist. & Much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Malice is a hipster - music, shoes + shiny suit 2:58 Malice getting ghosted TWICE 5:19 US is the best country on Earth + Alexx = Team China 6:52 Malice is still a New Yorker + Akaash is a Texan traitor 10:33 Malice loves X, steelmanning “censorship” + can’t police the internet 15:11 Politicians are depraved and evil + unsatiable lust for power 19:13 Is Biden is running the country? + “we’re not voting our way out of this” 21:54 Noam Chomsky + what is permissible within acceptable opinion 23:54 Malice: DON’T VOTE, impact what you have control + defining anarchy 31:20 Steelmanning gun control, exile people + “places we’re least safe are gov. controlled” 39:20 We need more security, feeling safer in Texas + freedom as the default 41:31 Malice’s thinking, Communism doesn’t follow socialism + people LOVE to snitch now 45:33 Covid proved people’s willingness to conform + Malice thought the US would be different 51:47 Trump & Biden might not make it, Trump ain’t saving you 56:46 People are in love with narratives, Trump’s narratives + trolling with 0 change 1:02:41 What do Biden voters want now? Hillary will replace Biden before Election 1:09:08 Gorbachev’s importance + US and USSR didn’t want to press the button 1:11:16 People getting triggered, Some people don’t have souls + corporate Media already prompts you 1:21:04 We use logic to justify our feelings 1:24:15 People want to be Cypher, security over freedom + the State targeting/politicising children 1:30:09 Media enforces the state, Corporate media are demons + Huberman’s hit piece 1:38:19 Elon becoming more political + Malice wants to slide into his DMs 1:38:56 Michael’s writings, triumph of good over evil + Malice’s next book about National Divorce

    Shannon Sharpe vs Shaq Heated Beef, Vitaly Pedo Hunting, & Seinfeld Commencement Walk Out

    Shannon Sharpe vs Shaq Heated Beef, Vitaly Pedo Hunting, & Seinfeld Commencement Walk Out
    YERRRR, the guys broke down the Shannon Sharpe & Shaq beef; Schulz explains why BBL Drizzy is ultimate winner in all of this fighting; what's going on with Vitaly's vigilante streams; why Seinfeld might be right; and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 You should never bet against Metro 4:25 Metro Gr**min getting James Gunned 9:22 Vitaly catch and releasing all the predators 14:40 Issues with tipping off these wrong’uns 18:34 Streamers are catching the same people + offences committed against them 23:19 Drake should lean into BBL Drizzy + exposing his “tactics” 29:40 Drake ties to Hip-Hop hubs, Who is the real Drake & what is actually true? 36:43 Drake wanting to dominate EVERYONE + small meat filter? 44:54 Was Drake fed fake information instead? 47:14 Shaq v Shannon BEEF, Jokic fatigue + Shaq shouting out Andrew 52:35 Katt changed everything + beefing is the new wave 54:06 Andrew wrong about Seinfeld? People grifting + Seinfeld speech was great 1:03:54 Dov reading out Seinfeld’s speech = LIVE LAUGH LOVE 1:07:11 What is “Not Like Us” REALLY about? 1:10:56 Acne masks the new clock boy? Was Drake wearing an acne mask too? 1:16:09 How long until we stop caring about Blackface? 1:19:27 Kirstie Alley WILD retelling of parents’ car accident 1:22:38 R Kelly’s greatest interview hits + Would you like to come back with Rob to America? 1:27:08 Alexx has Drink Sucking Lips 1:29:13 “MJ” proud of another “MJ” 1:31:06 Happy Mothers’ Day + Post Malone “drugged” Dov’s mom 1:33:17 Raising Cane’s sent Andrew’s mom to hospital

    DJ Akademiks: Drake Lost, here’s why & Brady Roast Untold Stories

    DJ Akademiks: Drake Lost, here’s why & Brady Roast Untold Stories
    YERRRR Schulz recaps his crazy weekend with back-to-back sold out MSG shows, the real behind-the-scenes of the Tom Brady roast, & then BIG AK comes on to breakdown the RAP BEEF 00:00 Intro 00:32 Roasting Tom Brady + Gronk is PHENOMENAL 3:26 Kevin Hart is a beast + Andrew’s performance 5:30 Nikki & Tony were the best + the players taking it seriously 7:40 Did J Lo break Ben Affleck? 8:40 Kim K isn’t really present at all 11:35 Tom Brady really checked Jeff Ross for “Happy Ending” 15:01 Best roast joke against Andrew Schulz 19:00 Woke comedy is officially dead 22:00 What’s Tom Brady like + Drew Bledsoe is a G 24:15 Dana White running jokes by Andrew + Edelman crushed it 25:53 Andrew selling out MSG TWICE + 50 Cent/G-Unit turning up 27:30 Mark’s never been Whiter + studying 50 Cent music 31:00 50 Cent really is that guy + delivering a great show 35:00 Trying not to cry + soaking in MSG 37:27 So many things had to align for 2nd show to happen 42:53 Mark and Deric killed it too + shoutout the team 43:54 Akademiks joins the show + MSG reflection 46:40 Drake gave Ak the heads-up + Push Ups leaked on Ak’s Reddit 50:45 Drake mentioning Ak + didn’t think Kendrick would drop 54:17 Ak’s streams is central to everything, Kat William’s fault 56:30 Kendrick only dropped when Ak was live + streaming numbers 1:04:26 How does Ak maintain credibility? 1:06:50 Drake grooming allegations will change everything 1:11:40 Montages can look crazy + Shane Gillis predicted this 1:15:29 Drake has to stay current + lifestyle working against Drake in this battle 1:23:00 Drake v Kendrick popularity 1:37:20 Both sides are lying + can’t play with people’s family 1:43:00 Kendrick versatility is insane + where did this start? 1:46:17 Racial component, no-one’s changing their opinions + playing Chess against a master 1:54:16 Did Drake feed the daughter information? 1:56:40 Everyone’s smashing the same girls + Future v Drake beef 1:59:41 Rick Ross is truly funny 2:00:57 Drake’s next move + no-one’s speaking up for Drake 2:07:15 Drake isn’t untouchable + industry “friends” 2:11:20 Why is the Industry so against Drake? 2:14:25 Rumours of using view bots & likes etc 2:16:25 If “Meet the Grahams” were true = would be the greatest KO