Podcast cut: How young workers can boost their pension (and maybe double their money)

    enSeptember 19, 2023

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    • Starting early and contributing consistently to a pension can lead to a substantial retirement fundStarting early and contributing consistently to a pension, with employer matching and tax relief, can result in a significant retirement savings by the age of retirement.

      Contributing to a pension, especially when your employer matches your contributions, is a smart financial move. For every pound you put in, you effectively get an additional 25% due to tax relief. Over a long period, such as 30 years, even small monthly contributions can grow significantly. For instance, a person contributing £200 a month from age 35 to 65 would end up with £201,000, but if they started at age 25, they would have over twice as much, £400,000. Therefore, starting early and contributing consistently can lead to a substantial retirement fund. Although £200 a month may seem like a lot, remember that your employer matches your contribution and you also receive tax relief, meaning the actual cost to you is less. In the end, your future self will thank you for starting early and saving more for retirement.

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    Have you got financial confidence - and is it the key to getting wealthier?

    Have you got financial confidence - and is it the key to getting wealthier?
    Do you feel financially confident? When it comes to budgeting, saving, investing, and building your pension, are you clueless, comfortable, or cracking on?

    A piece of research this week by Moneybox claimed that being financially confident could add £67,000 to your lifetime wealth – on average those with confidence were worth £145,000 on average, compared to £78,000 for the unconfident.

    But what does being financially confident actually mean and how can you get there?

    On this week’s podcast, Georgie Frost, Tanya Jefferies and Simon Lambert look at how to boost your financial confidence and whether the tips to do so could work.

    Plus, a week into a new government and with a planned pensions review looming, the team look at what Labour could mean for our retirement savings.

    Meanwhile, investors seem to be cheering Labour taking charge and this week investment giant BlackRock flagged Britain’s ‘relative political stability’ and cheap stock market, so does that mean good future returns?

    Investing a large sum was on the mind of a reader who asked This is Money an unusual question: I’m inheriting £10million, should I set up an investment trust? So, what is the answer to that?

    And finally, a new report has revealed Britain’s best places for customer service – did your favourite make the list?

    This is Money Podcast
    enJuly 12, 2024

    Can Labour get Britain growing again and make us richer?

    Can Labour get Britain growing again and make us richer?
    All change, please. In a radical reshaping of the political landscape, Britain has elected a Labour government for the first time in 14 years.

    New prime minister Keir Starmer and Chancellor Rachel Reeves have made bold promises of revival, growth and wealth creation.

    But many fear that Britain’s troubled public finances will also mean that promises not to raise taxes will prove empty.

    So, what has Labour said it will do, what important things have been left unsaid, what will it mean for the economy and your finances and is there a path to prosperity that doesn’t involve more tax pain?

    On this special election podcast, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane, Lee Boyce and Simon Lambert look at what Labour’s election victory could mean for our money.

    The team discuss the manifesto promises on the economy and growth and at how robust the no tax rise pledges are.

    Can Labour’s housebuilding plans and planning shake up deliver more homes? What are its other plans to get growth going?

    Plus, the team look at the Tories’ 14 years in charge of the economy and the positives that can be drawn amongst the turbulence.

    And finally, what have we got to be optimistic about as we move into the next chapter of British life?

    This is Money Podcast
    enJuly 05, 2024

    More of us are falling into the savings tax trap - is it fair?

    More of us are falling into the savings tax trap - is it fair?
    You find a decent paying savings account, diligently squirrel away your money, watch it grow… only for the taxman to come along and swipe a chunk.

    And since savings rates have been much better in recent years, the amount HMRC is taking in in savings tax revenue has gone up significantly

    It's only going to increase according to estimates, to the tune of £10.37billion in 2024/25, up from £6.6billiion in 2023/24 - and £1.2billion in 2021/22.

    So, how can you dodge the trap? This week, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Lee Boyce look at this growing revenue spinner.

    It also means taking advantage of Isas is key - and we're very keen on one tax-free account in particular.

    And sticking with savings, this week Helen explains the case of a Barclays customer who had a stroke - recovered better than expected - but was then locked out of his account with £100,000 in it for nearly a year. 

    There is a mobile phone swiping epidemic in the country - but what is it the criminals are really after? Is it the handset, or something else?

    We explain all, alongside businessman and This is Money columnist Dave Fishwick, who interviewed one of the gang leaders.

    And sticking with Dave... he gives his views on what needs to the happen after the general election on 4 July for the North.

    It's not just our phones being stolen… motor theft too is on the rise. A former police interceptor gives his tips on how to keep your vehicle safe. 

    Lastly, what is the magic number of salary to make you feel rich? Recruiter Indeed believes it has found the answer...

    This is Money Podcast
    enJune 28, 2024

    Inflation is back on target, so is life about to get easier?

    Inflation is back on target, so is life about to get easier?
    Inflation is back on target at 2 per cent. After the spike into double-digits that triggered talk of a cost of living crisis and sent interest rates spiralling, we are now back at the Bank of England's target level.

    So, is the great inflation panic over and is life about get easier?

    Or will we be feeling the after effects of high inflation for years to come?

    And what's going to happen to interest rates?

    On this episode of the This is Money podcast, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Simon Lambert look at why inflation as come down and what happens next.

    Plus, the couple who didn't get a Natiowide fairer share payout despite having £100,000 saved.

    And finally, would you let your parents pay for you to go on holiday as an adult - or pay for your own adult kids to go with you? 

    The team look into the family time vs freeloading debate.
    This is Money Podcast
    enJune 21, 2024

    The manifesto episode: Do Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems have the plan Britain need?

    The manifesto episode: Do Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems have the plan Britain need?
    It’s manifesto week and Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have laid out their vision for the country – along with the Green Party, Reform and others.

    The economy, tax and people’s finances are a cornerstone of the all the manifestos, but what are the main parties proposing and what could it mean for you?

    On this week’s podcast, Georgie Frost, Angharad Carrick and Simon Lambert take a deep dive into the manifestos to see what’s there.

    If the country votes for a change and we do get the widely predicted Labour government, what will it mean for your money – and does talking about growth mean there’s an actual plan to deliver it?

    After 14 years in charge, were the Tories bold enough in their manifesto to derail Labour’s run at power?

    And do the Lib Dems have the policies that could shake things up, including a plan to substantially overhaul capital gains tax?

    Plus, what did Reform say?

    All this and more go under the microscope, along with a look at what has really happened to our taxes in a decade-and-a-half under the Conservatives.

    And finally, away from the election, how much did the most desirable new King Charles £5 note go for at a special auction this week?

    This is Money Podcast
    enJune 14, 2024

    What does it take to win the Premium Bonds - and is it worth you trying?

    What does it take to win the Premium Bonds - and is it worth you trying?
    How much do you need in Premium Bonds to win the jackpot?

    And if you haven’t maxed them out to the full £50,000, is it even worth bothering?

    This is Money has run some in-depth analysis on all the £1million prizes over the past four years and this week revealed how much those lucky people held.

    On this week’s podcast episode, Georgie Frost, Lee Boyce and Simon Lambert look at what it takes to win the Premium Bonds.

    Simon gives us his tax manifesto to get us out of the mess Britain’s tax system is in.

    Plus, one of our readers is in their mid-40s, would like to semi-retire to work on their own terms, travel and enjoy life in a decade, and wants to know if their £180,000 investments can grow enough to achieve that. 

    What does someone with those ambitions need to consider? The team take a look.

    Should you consider buying a cheap electric car? Prospective buyers are worried about batteries but get over that and Simon says it could prove even cheaper to run than you think.

    And finally, the new King Charles notes are out but what are the serial numbers to check your wallet for that could make them worth big money?

    This is Money Podcast
    enJune 07, 2024

    The consumer champion's guide to getting what you want

    The consumer champion's guide to getting what you want
    This is Money's consumer champion Helen Crane celebrated the 100th edition of her Crane on the Case column this week.

    Helen has won back more than £1.2million for readers over the course of all those columns and learnt a thing or two along the way about how to battle consumer problems and bad customer service.

    On this podcast, she discusses the big wins, the satisfying victories, the worst cases of bad customer service - and gives her tips on how to get what you want.

    Also on the show, Georgie Frost, Lee Boyce and Simon Lambert discuss whether working parents could be missing our by not claiming child benefit now that the rules have changed and more can get it.

    Plus, if you owe tax on savings interest but don't have to do a tax return how will HMRC find out?

    Is Scottish Mortgage worth backing as shares rebound but remain considerably down on their peak?

    And finally, Charles Stanley's Dan Beecroft jons the show to explain 50-30-20 budgeting and why people love this rule of thumb for spending and saving.
    This is Money Podcast
    enMay 31, 2024

    What could the general election mean for your money?

    What could the general election mean for your money?
    The Prime Minister put an end to all the speculation this week by giving us the date for the general election: July 4.

    That comes as the latest inflation reading was 2.3 per cent, a little above forecasts making a base rate cut next month now unlikely.

    Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Lee Boyce delve into the economic state of affairs and what the upcoming election could mean for your money, when it comes to tax, pensions, property and everything in-between.

    Nationwide Building Society posted pre-tax profits of £1.77bn this week and as a result, it is dishing out another year of 'Fairer Share' loyalty payouts of £100 – will you qualify?

    And not only that, it is now offering £200 to switchers and an exclusive 5.5 per cent loyalty savings rate.

    How does early retirement sound to you? It seems it appeals to a lot of us because searches on Google for 'retire early' have increased threefold in the last decade.

    But how much would you be willing to sacrifice to achieve it? At the extreme end, we have the FIRE movement, advocating saving 70 per cent of your income.

    Special guest, former This is Money editor Andrew Oxlade had had enough – he explains why.

    Lastly, This is Money has a new regular series called Modern Treasures with valuation expert Dan Hatfield – Lee reveals all about the first one, all about first edition books, and gives details on how to get YOUR items valued for free.

    This is Money Podcast
    enMay 24, 2024

    The mystery of the stolen Nectar Points - and the loyalty card price sting

    The mystery of the stolen Nectar Points - and the loyalty card price sting
    Supermarket loyalty schemes have become even more of a big thing in recent years as the two giants Tesco and Sainsbury's have rolled out Clubcard and Nectar Prices.

    But while cards bring lower prices, the points collected still mean prizes for some loyalty scheme fans.

    So, what happens if a fraudster steals your points? This is Money's Angharad Carrick recently went on the trail of some stolen Nectar points and uncovered a story that delivered as many questions as it did answers.

    On this podcast, Ang, Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert discuss the mystery of the stolen Nectar Points and how our reader got short shrift from Sainsbury's, Action Fraud and the police when they had £230 nicked.

    Plus, are these loyalty cards any good and worth having anyway and why is the competition watchdog investigating them?

    Also on this week's show:

    Many more people are taking mortgages than run past state pension age but with work and retirement blurring and changing does this matter? Simon explains why he thinks it does but for another reason.

    Would you buy fake cash for a knockdown price off social media? It sounds daft, but this is a genuine thing - we look at how it is happening.

    And should a reader who is still working at age 77, worth £2.6million and doesn't want a big inheritance tax bill start giving money away - and splashing out on themselves and their family?
    This is Money Podcast
    enMay 17, 2024

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