Piers Morgan Uncensored: Michael Knowles, Murdoch's New Role, More US Funds to Ukraine, Young Aussie Comedian

    enSeptember 21, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Power dynamics and personal freedomsRussell Brand's case highlights the impact of power dynamics on personal freedoms and livelihoods, while technology offers solutions but also wields influence and control.

      The power dynamics between individuals, companies, and governments can have significant impacts on personal freedoms and livelihoods. The Russell Brand case illustrates this, as he faces allegations that have led to his monetization abilities being stripped on various platforms at the request of a parliamentary committee. This raises concerns about due process and the potential for overreach by powerful entities. Meanwhile, the use of personalized weight loss plans from Noom and the convenience of services like Stamps.com demonstrate how technology can offer effective solutions for individuals in their personal and professional lives. However, it's essential to remember that these platforms also have the power to influence and control access to resources and opportunities. Overall, the Russell Brand situation and the role of technology in our lives highlight the importance of understanding the complex interplay between power, privacy, and personal autonomy.

    • Blurring of Institutional Roles and the Dangerous Precedent Set by the Russell Brand CaseThe Russell Brand case highlights the dangers of institutions overstepping their bounds and the importance of upholding the rule of law and separating their roles to maintain a fair and just society.

      The blurring of institutional roles in society, as seen in the Russell Brand case, is a concerning development that threatens the foundation of a free society. The British parliament's involvement in preemptively convicting Brand based on allegations without due process sets a dangerous precedent. This issue extends beyond YouTube and the media, and it's a reflection of a larger societal problem where institutions are overstepping their bounds. The Me Too and Time's Up campaigns have led to a surge in allegations against public figures, but it's crucial to remember that they remain allegations until proven in a court of law. The rush to judgment and punishment without due process undermines the principles of a free society and opens the door to potential abuses. It's essential to uphold the rule of law and separate the roles of different institutions to maintain a fair and just society.

    • Double standards in public figure treatmentPolitical alignment influences how public figures are scrutinized and treated by media and society, with inconsistent application of standards leading to double standards.

      Double standards exist in the way public figures are treated based on their political alignment. The speaker discusses the case of Russell Brand, who admitted to having multiple sexual partners in a GQ interview years ago without facing significant backlash, despite today's societal norms. The speaker also compares this to the treatment of political figures like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with different standards applied to each. The speaker points out that Trump faced intense scrutiny over classified documents, while Biden's involvement in his son's business deals in Ukraine, which involved political pressure and potential corruption, was downplayed by the media. The speaker suggests that these discrepancies can be attributed to political motivations and compromising positions that public figures put themselves in. The speaker concludes by mentioning the ongoing indictment of a former president and the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden as further evidence of these double standards.

    • Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Fox News ChairmanMedia mogul Rupert Murdoch, known for revolutionizing media with his audacity and tenacity, steps down as Fox News Chairman and hands control to his son Lachlan. Murdoch's legacy as a risk-taker and visionary leader in the media industry continues, with his commitment to freedom and pride in colleagues' achievements.

      Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who has been a trailblazer in the industry for over seven decades, has stepped down as the chairman of Fox News Corp and passed control to his son, Lachlan. This marks the end of an epic run for Murdoch, who revolutionized media with his audacity and tenacity, building a global media empire that spans newspapers, sports, media, and news. Despite his retirement, Murdoch expressed his commitment to the cause of freedom and his pride in the collective achievements of his colleagues. He also made it clear that he will continue to watch Fox News with a critical eye. This transition comes at a time when the battle for free speech and thought is more intense than ever. Murdoch's legacy as a risk-taker and visionary leader in the media industry is undeniable, and his impact on society will be felt for years to come.

    • Murdoch's Success Driven by Work Ethic, Passion, and CuriosityRupert Murdoch's success in media is due to his unwavering work ethic, passion for journalism, and intense curiosity. He's not just about the money, but the love of the business and constant pursuit of new ideas. His influence inspires others to work hard and strive for success, with his global reach and impact shaping the industry.

      Rupert Murdoch's success in the media industry can be attributed to his unwavering work ethic, passion for journalism, and intense curiosity. He's not just in it for the money, but rather for the love of the business and the constant pursuit of new ideas and innovation. His influence on others, including the speaker, has been profound, shaping their careers and inspiring them to work hard and strive for success. Murdoch's global reach and impact are a testament to his vision and his ability to identify and nurture talent. His legacy will continue through his son Lachlan, who is poised to take over and carry on the family business.

    • Rupert Murdoch's Impact on JournalismMurdoch's departure marks a significant moment in journalism, with his commitment to freedom of speech and recognition of all employees resonating with many. His impact extended to television with satellite dishes and premier league football.

      Rupert Murdoch's departure from News Corp marks a significant moment in journalism, as he has been a major figure in the industry for decades. His commitment to freedom of speech and acknowledgement of the importance of all employees, including those often overlooked, resonated with many. Murdoch's impact extends beyond news and sports, as he revolutionized television with the introduction of satellite dishes and premier league football. Despite his controversial image, his legacy remains significant. Regarding the Guardian's report on countryside access, the discussion revealed differing opinions, with some dismissing it as sensationalist and others recognizing its importance in highlighting disparities.

    • The Importance of Adaptability and ResilienceA recent survey suggests embracing a 'stiff upper lip' and suppressing negative thoughts can benefit mental health, while adaptability and resilience are crucial in various aspects of life.

      Wealth disparities can be linked to various factors, including garden sizes, and while the research in question did reference race, it's essential not to dismiss it outright. Rishi Sunak's approach to net zero and resilience in the face of adversity were also discussed. A recent survey revealed that suppressing negative thoughts, often referred to as having a "stiff upper lip," can be beneficial for mental health. The debate around this concept has been contentious, but the survey results suggest that sometimes, embracing this approach can be helpful. Isabelle, who had recently experienced a loss, shared her perspective on resilience and dealing with setbacks in life. The conversation touched on the potential drawbacks of constant therapy and introspection, as suggested by the survey findings. Overall, the discussion emphasized the importance of adaptability and resilience in various aspects of life.

    • Impact of Traumatic Content and Lack of Preparation on Mental HealthExposure to violent content and lack of life preparation negatively affect mental health. Parents, schools, and individuals must learn resilience and manage losses to thrive.

      Constant exposure to traumatic and violent content, coupled with the lack of preparation for real-life challenges, can negatively impact individuals' mental health. This research is not new, as it has been studied since the late 1980s, but the effectiveness of suppression techniques for traumatic events, especially extreme cases like PTSD, remains unclear. The responsibility for teaching children resilience lies collectively with parents and the media. Schools should focus less on participation prizes and more on preparing students for competition and the harsh realities of life. Ultimately, individuals need to learn how to manage losses and understand the concept of competition to thrive in the real world. In the news, Ukraine's President Zelensky is in Washington seeking additional aid from the US, but faces opposition from skeptical Republicans. The importance of mental health and preparing young people for life's challenges is a critical issue that warrants attention and action.

    • Children's Education Disrupted by Ukraine ConflictChildren in Ukraine face school disruptions due to conflict, with families moving and the need for innovative solutions like laptops and early intervention. US support for funding is crucial for defending freedom and democracy.

      The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on children, with many being displaced and their education disrupted. Sarah Brown, who recently visited Ukraine with the children's education charity Their World, shared that families are moving to safer areas, leading to school disruptions and the need for innovative solutions like providing laptops with learning materials. The focus is not only on older children but also on the youngest, as research shows that 90% of brain development occurs in the first three years. President Zelensky is pushing for early intervention and investment in these children. However, the challenge lies in the fact that families are often on the move, making it essential to create safe and stable learning environments. Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd expressed concern over the resistance from some Republicans to continue funding for Ukraine, stating that it's crucial for the United States and its allies to defend freedom and democracy against Russian aggression.

    • Understanding Putin and the Consequences of Ukraine's Loss to RussiaFailure to support Ukraine against Russian aggression harms American interests and values, and Putin should be recognized as a war criminal. Strong, principled foreign policy is crucial to standing up to authoritarian regimes and promoting democracy and freedom.

      The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a serious threat to global peace and democracy, and the failure to provide adequate support to Ukraine against Russian aggression is harmful to American interests and values. Speaker Pierce emphasized the importance of understanding Putin as a war criminal and the potential consequences of Ukraine's loss to Russia, including the loss of Eastern Europe to Russian influence and the potential escalation of tensions with China. The speaker criticized certain Republican candidates for their isolationist views and lack of understanding of foreign policy, arguing that their lack of experience and disingenuous proposals are harmful to the United States. The speaker also called out Donald Trump for his disingenuous claims about being able to solve the conflict through a simple meeting between Putin and Zelensky. Overall, the speaker emphasized the need for a strong, principled foreign policy that prioritizes democracy and freedom, and the importance of standing up to authoritarian regimes like Russia.

    • Russia's involvement in Ukraine and Ukraine's resilienceRussia's vulnerability and Ukraine's determination offer an opportunity for international support, but lack of US Republican backing could embolden territorial claimers like China.

      The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Russia's involvement is a significant concern for global security, and the Ukrainian people's resilience and determination to push Russians out of their territory is crucial. The timing of Russia's vulnerability, with Putin's internal struggles and need to buy outdated equipment from North Korea, presents an opportunity for international support to help Ukraine win the war. However, the lack of Republican support in the US is concerning, as it could be perceived as a green flag to countries like China, potentially emboldening them to make territorial claims. A young Australian comic's joke about vegans and vegetarians jumping off a cliff has gone viral, providing a moment of levity in the news cycle. Byron Kirk's near-the-knuckle humor and deadpan delivery have earned him attention and a potential future in comedy. Ultimately, the power of humor to bring people together and lighten the mood, even in the face of serious global issues, is a reminder of its enduring impact.

    • Recognizing Media Pioneer Rupert Murdoch and Celebrating Mother's Day with 1-800-Flowers and QuinceWe celebrated Rupert Murdoch's media impact, discovered affordable and ethically-made travel essentials from Quince, and enjoyed special Mother's Day offers from 1-800-Flowers, including discounts on gourmet food and unique gifts.

      Rupert Murdoch was praised for his significant contributions to media, and in a lighter note, travel essentials from Quince were promoted as affordable and ethically-made, while 1-800-Flowers encouraged celebrating mothers with discounted gifts for Mother's Day. Rupert Murdoch was acknowledged for his tremendous impact on media, with the speaker expressing gratitude for his opportunities under his leadership. In a more casual tone, the conversation shifted to Quince, a brand offering jet-setting essentials at affordable prices and using ethical manufacturing practices. As Mother's Day approached, 1-800-Flowers was highlighted for their wide range of gifts, including handmade bouquets, sweet treats, gourmet food, and unique presents. They also offered a limited-time discount of up to 40% off Mother's Day bestsellers. So, in summary, we appreciated Rupert Murdoch's influence on media, discovered Quince as a travel companion with quality and affordability, and learned that 1-800-Flowers made it easy to celebrate mothers with special offers.

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    Protests In Israel: 9 months Of War

    Protests In Israel: 9 months Of War

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    President Biden Refuses To Stand Down

    President Biden Refuses To Stand Down

    Joe Biden’s primetime interview with a sympathetic ABC News anchor was supposed to be the beginning of a fightback - but exactly the opposite has happened, with four more senior House Democrats today calling on the President to abandon his reelection bid.

    So, should the 81-year-old admit defeat in his race against Donald Trump and be replaced by another candidate? If so, who? Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Outkick founder Clay Travis, broadcaster Geraldo Rivera, host of 'White Flag With Joe Walsh' and former congressman Joe Walsh, and Democrat presidential challenger Marianne Williamson to discuss.

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    Pride Month Comes To An End...

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    One thing that has been noticed by more than just a few is that in the US, Target have massively scaled back their pride merchandise and observance of the holiday after the conservative backlash, leading many to question their commitment to the queer community in the first place. Conflict then arises when the panel arrives at the topic of trans women in women’s sports. Then we move on to the overnight success of the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl and what it says about western society. Piers also has an interview with Power Slap heroine 'Hungarian Hurricane' Sheena Bathory about her rise and somewhat tragic journey into the brutal new combat sport of slap fighting.

    00:00 - Introduction

    01:27 - 'Woke capitalism'

    09:12 - Eli v Piers on trans in Sport

    13:43 - Has Pride jumped the shark?

    21:23 - Female Power Slapping

    33:13 - Roger Waters - legend or loon?

    41:58 - Hawk Tuah!

    44:33 - The strange new online trend

    56:33 - Piers' Pick of the Day

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    Glenn Beck: On Biden, Israel , Russia & More

    Glenn Beck: On Biden, Israel , Russia & More

    Commentator, radio host and entrepreneur Glenn Beck touches down on Uncensored for his first ever interview with Piers Morgan. Describing himself as a ‘constitutional conservative’, Glenn has been a high roller of American conservative thought since his radio show The Glenn Beck Program first aired in 2000. His media empire has grown to incorporate not just radio, but also books, television programmes and even a clothing line.

    Glenn and Piers dive right into his career in right-wing media, but quickly arrive at the topic of Donald Trump. Glenn was initially sceptical about the former President, but now admits he was wrong, saying that ‘he speaks directly to the people’. Lastly, Glenn give his brutally honest opinions on the Russia-Ukraine war and the fight between Israel and Hamas.

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    Megyn Kelly: End Game For Biden?

    Megyn Kelly: End Game For Biden?

    President Biden is getting the Trump treatment.

    And a brutal lesson in what happens when the full force of the media trains its crosshairs on your mistakes, your mishaps and your misinformation.

    First the president’s aides blamed a “cold” for his disastrous performance in last week’s debate.

    Now the president himself says it was jet lag.

    The problem is that everybody knows the president returned from international travel a fortnight before the debate and spent almost a week at Camp David to prepare.

    Biden says it’s “not an excuse, just an explanation.”

    In fact it’s neither. It’s a lie.

    And the many people who’ve defended him blindly for years - reasoning that nothing could be worse than another Trump presidency - now feel they are being taken for fools.

    Last night the White House Press Secretary was forced to deny that the president has dementia.

    Will that turn out to be a lie?

    Megyn Kelly, Journalist & Host of The Megyn Kelly Show joins to discuss

    Followed by a panel:

    Co-host of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Ben Ferguson

    Dave Rubin, creator of The Rubin Report

    And liberal talk radio host, the former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner

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    Roger Waters Uncensored

    Roger Waters Uncensored

    As the man behind rock revolutionaries Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is music royalty. 

    He’s still filling stadiums after six decades in the business.

    Dark Side of the Moon remains one of the most iconic and acclaimed records in music history.

    But his critics say there’s a dark side to Roger Waters, too, namely his contentious views on political lightning rods such as Putin, Israel and Donald Trump.

    Piers once uncharitably described him as “the dumbest rockstar in history.”

    He one accused Piers, of being part of a media conspiracy to cancel him.

    Well, he got the call. And delighted to say Roger Waters joined us in the Uncensored studio...

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    Can Democrats Replace Biden?

    Can Democrats Replace Biden?

    Amazingly, it seems that last week’s car crash presidential debate has done little to persuade the Democrats to change course, as Joe Biden remains the candidate they back to take on Donald Trump in November's election. Piers Morgan not only believes this to be a colossal mistake, but also openly wonders if the incumbent will make it to election day. The main target of his ire is First Lady herself, Jill Biden.

    Piers brings host of 'The Michael Knowles Show' Michael Knowles, host of 'The Bitchuation Room' podcast Francesca Fiorentini, host of 'Tomi Lahren is Fearless' on Outkick Tomi Lahren, streamer and commentator Destiny and Fox News medical contributor Dr Marc Siegel on the show to discuss the abysmal state of affairs in the Biden camp.

    00:00 - Introduction

    04:00 - Should Joe Biden remain the democratic candidate for this election?

    06:50 - Tomi says Biden would be the easiest competition to beat

    09:40 - “The thought of Kamala Harris terrifies the Democrats more than Dementia Joe”

    13:30 - Francesca: “Donald Trump represents a far worse threat than Biden”

    16:07 - Michael: “How does the entire liberal establishment campaign for this guy?”

    19:20 - Dr. Marc Siegel diagnoses Biden as a “bumbling idiot”

    27:50 - “MAGA is a cult of conspiracy theorists”

    30:00 - "Will people vote for a corpse over Donald Trump?"

    34:30 - 'The public can smell a political hit job'

    43:20 - Trump’s conviction 'embarrassing' for America

    46:00 - Who would the panel parachute in to save the Democratic Party?”

    47:10 - Where are we heading?

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    Nick Kyrgios Vs Piers Morgan: Round 2

    Nick Kyrgios Vs Piers Morgan: Round 2

    Few public figures have feuded so publicly, explosively and bitterly as the tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios - and Piers.

    Piers once called the Australian a monumental asshole. Kyrgios told Piers 'to eat a dick'

    But after making up in their first interview last year...Nick came to visit Piers in our London studio.

    00:15 - Who is the real Nick Kyrgios?

    02:00 - Reacting to adversity 

    07:00 - Handling criticism 

    10:45 - John McEnroe Vs Nick Kyrgios 

    13:20 - Mental strength needed to become elite athlete 

    17:00 - Andy Murray "Afraid to let go" 

    19:30 - Djokovic's 'sick obsession'  

    23:00 - Move into Boxing after Tennis

    27:00: Nick responds to Andrew Tate fallout

    33:00 - Piers Vs Nick: Table Tennis (probably better viewed on our YouTube page)

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    Ukraine deploys cluster bombs against Russian forces & Kremlin critic and Russian nationalist Igor Girkin arrested

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    Trump Wins CNN Town Hall, and if Tucker Got Fired Over Big Pharma, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 548

    Trump Wins CNN Town Hall, and if Tucker Got Fired Over Big Pharma, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 548

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to talk about his decision to run for president, the truth about the "misinformation" and "disinformation" of RFK Jr., ABC News' censorship of him, how the media is supposed to work, RFK's evolving views on Tucker Carlson, coordination between government agencies and the press related to the Hunter Biden laptop, Trump's war in Ukraine comments, his relationship with Roger Ailes, whether Tucker Carlson fired due to Big Pharma criticism, if the DNC should have debates, Biden's mental competence, the support of his wife actress Cheryl Hines, Fauci's latest comments about masks and EcoHealth Alliance getting more millions, and more. Then Megyn gives her take on CNN's Trump town hall last night, and why Trump won the night but no one was happy, followed by National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke to talk about how Trump actually doesn't hate CNN, CNN pundits criticizing their own network, Trump and CNN's January 6 obsession vs. what voters care about, Trump's response on the E. Jean Carroll story during the town hall, whether RFK has a chance to beat Biden, and more.

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    Cooke: https://charlescwcooke.com

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    Will America continue to make Russell Brand rich?

    Will America continue to make Russell Brand rich?

    Russell Brand famously hated big tech. He ranted about their power as recently as last year. Yet now, he’s all over the websites he purports to despise - YouTube, TikTok, Rumble. How has he reinvented himself as an alt-right interviewer.

    And we ask why Donald Trump has changed his position on abortion. Is he already fighting the general election on the airwaves?

    Editor: Gabriel Radus

    Planning Producer: Alex Barnett

    Social Media Editor: Georgia Foxwell

    Video Producer: Will Gibson-Smith

    You can listen to this episode on Alexa - just say "Alexa, ask Global Player to play The News Agents USA".

    The News Agents is a Global Player Original and a Persephonica Production.

    Michael Franzese SLAMS Biden For Selling U.S. Secrets | Ep. 269 | Part 1

    Exclusive: Andrew Tate UNCENSORED Interview with Patrick Bet-David

    Exclusive: Andrew Tate UNCENSORED Interview with Patrick Bet-David

    Patrick Bet-David sits down with Andrew Tate in Madrid, Spain. In an interview that spans nearly 5 hours, they leave no stone unturned. Pat & Andrew discuss his ban, Logan Paul, Elon Musk, modern-day manhood, and much more.

    Ask Tate a question or Facetime him on Minnect! You can download it here:

    Minnect on the App Store: https://apple.co/3eLvPfV

    Minnect on Google Play: https://bit.ly/3L68rpM

    Visit Andrew Tate’s official website: https://bit.ly/3Bxiykf

    Andrew Tate’s Rumble page: https://bit.ly/3Bcu9nl

    Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    PBD on Instagram: 

    Patrick Bet-David https://www.instagram.com/patrickbetdavid/?hl=en

    A special thank you to Club Pasión Habanos for allowing us to shoot at their cigar lounge, check them out on social media here: https://bit.ly/pasionhabanos and their restaurant:  https://bit.ly/elcluballard

    To reach the Valuetainment team you can email: info@valuetainment.com

    Valuetainment is a media company founded by Patrick Bet-David. We create a wide range of content from entrepreneurship to sports, politics, and lifestyle with segments involving education, interviews, current events, and other relevant topics. We educate, entertain and empower people from around the world through video, podcasts, live events, and other digital verticals.


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