Piers Morgan Uncensored: Brand Cancelled Continues

    enSeptember 19, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Media and public opinion impact on individuals' careersMedia and public opinion can lead to cancellation of deals, tours, and removal of content, even before legal conviction. Transparency and due process are essential in handling allegations.

      The power of media and public opinion can significantly impact individuals and their careers, even before any legal conviction. In the case of Russell Brand, allegations of sexual misconduct led to the cancellation of his book deal, theater tour, and even the removal of his content from various platforms, including YouTube. Brand has denied these allegations, but the damage has already been done. The incident raises questions about the role of media and tech companies in wielding such power and the potential consequences for those accused. The situation also highlights the importance of transparency and due process in handling such allegations. Additionally, the reaction from Brand's fans and the public at large shows the power of tribalism and the potential for misinformation and hasty judgments. It's crucial to remember that accusations do not equal guilt and that everyone deserves a fair and transparent process.

    • The Russell Brand controversy: Past allegations and problematic commentsThe Russell Brand controversy revolves around his past allegations of misconduct and problematic comments regarding consent and women, with recent allegations adding fuel to the debate on whether he should be canceled or given a chance.

      The Russell Brand controversy is not just about his recent involvement in conspiracy theories, but also about past allegations of misconduct and problematic comments regarding consent and women. While some believe he should be canceled without due process, others argue that he has been allowed to broadcast for too long despite questionable past statements. The mood in America is that he is not a major talent, and his past attempts to break into Hollywood and UK media have not been successful. The recent allegations against him are based on the word of the accusers, and it's unclear if he should be canceled before a definitive conclusion is reached. Some have pointed to past quotes from Brand, including those about seduction and consent, which have raised concerns. The debate continues on whether Brand should be given the benefit of the doubt or if he has crossed a line.

    • Media's role in enabling abusersThe media's normalization of jokes about serious issues and failure to hold individuals accountable for abusive behavior allows abusers to go unchecked for years

      The culture that normalizes jokes about serious issues, like sexual misconduct, allows individuals to abuse their power and go unchecked for years. Russell Brand's case is a prime example, with numerous allegations of abusive behavior towards women, yet he was given respectability and a platform by various media outlets. The investigation into his actions is important, but it also raises questions about why he was not held accountable earlier and why he was given such a prominent role in the media despite damning revelations in his own writings. The media, from tabloids to broadsheets and television, has a role to play in legitimizing individuals and allowing them to abuse their power. The Me Too movement has brought important conversations about power and consent to the forefront, and it's crucial that we continue to examine the systems that enable abusers to go unchecked.

    • Normalization of Harmful Behavior towards Women in the Digital AgeThe easy access to pornography and lack of guidance in the digital age have contributed to the normalization of harmful behavior towards women, enabling individuals accused of sexually inappropriate conduct and hindering fair trials, ultimately damaging the concept of justice.

      The normalization of harmful behavior, particularly towards women, facilitated by the easy access to pornography and the lack of guidance in the digital age, has contributed to the enabling environment for individuals like Russell Brand who have been accused of sexually inappropriate conduct. The media and various organizations played a role in enabling Brand during the height of the allegations against him, but it's important to note that not everyone fell for his charisma. The consequences of this culture extend beyond the individual, as it makes it difficult for fair trials to take place and ultimately damages the concept of justice itself. It's crucial to acknowledge and address the root causes of these issues to prevent similar situations from arising in the future.

    • The line between wild promiscuity and criminal behavior for high-profile figuresThe cultural shift in how sexual misconduct is perceived requires a focus on changing the culture and ensuring equal justice for all, not just high-profile cases.

      The line between wild promiscuity and criminal behavior is a complex and nuanced issue, especially when it comes to high-profile figures like Russell Brand. While some may view his past actions as merely boastful or even celebrated, others see it as a form of sexual misconduct. The cultural shift in how such behavior is perceived has led to increased scrutiny and accusations against Brand, who has been accused of rape. However, it's important to consider the issue of due process and the fact that few rape accusations result in trials and convictions. The focus should be on changing the culture and ensuring equal justice for all, not just high-profile cases. Additionally, figures like Andrew Tate continue to post about their sexuality openly, highlighting the ongoing presence of this issue in society.

    • Investigative journalism vs. fair trialsJournalistic investigations, even those with potential impact on fair trials, should not be suppressed to maintain fairness.

      The line between investigative journalism and potential prejudice in legal proceedings can be a fine one. In the discussed case, a journalist at the BBC was investigating the death of a woman and the potential abuse of power within a big organization. The journalist, with the help of The Sunday Times, conducted a meticulous and unhurried investigation over several years, giving Russell Brand time to respond before publication. However, the media coverage of the brand scandal has raised concerns about the potential impact on a fair trial. Former editor of The Sunday Times, Andrew Neil, defended the journalistic approach, emphasizing the importance of investigative journalism and the potential consequences of suppressing it in the name of fair trials. Neil argued that the investigation was crucial in bringing the possibility of criminal proceedings to light, and that the line between journalism and legal proceedings should not be used to stifle investigative journalism.

    • Journalists' role in exposing misconductJournalists bring important issues to light, but they are not judges or juries. Their role is to report facts and maintain the balance between accountability and innocent until proven guilty.

      The role of journalists in bringing important issues to light cannot be underestimated. The Harvey Weinstein scandal is a prime example of how women coming forward to journalists led to a wider investigation and eventual legal proceedings. However, it's crucial to remember that journalists are not judges or juries, and their job is to report facts, not convict. The investigation into Russell Brand's past behavior is a reminder of this principle. While it's clear that some egregious behavior occurred and major media companies were complicit, it's not for journalists to decide on criminality. The media's role is to expose and reveal, leaving the judicial process to determine guilt or innocence. It's essential to maintain the balance between holding powerful figures accountable and upholding the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

    • The Power of Celebrity: Overlooking Flaws and Ignoring Cultural ImpactCelebrity status can elevate individuals, but it doesn't guarantee talent or positive impact on culture. Genuine figures, despite personal challenges, continue to contribute significantly.

      The power of celebrity can elevate individuals of questionable talent and value to iconic status, often leading people to overlook their flaws and ignore the corrosive impact on culture. The discussion touched upon the cases of Jimmy Fallon and Russell Brand, and how their celebrity status gave them undue influence and attention. Meanwhile, genuine figures like rugby legend Danny Cipriani, who have faced personal challenges off the field, continue to make significant contributions to their respective domains despite the media attention on their private lives. Ultimately, it's essential to recognize the difference between talent and celebrity and not let the latter overshadow the former.

    • Carrying shame and seeking distraction can lead to negative consequencesRecognize past mistakes, let go of shame, extend sympathy to those facing media scrutiny, and await the truth and judicial process before passing judgment.

      Carrying shame and trying to distract oneself from inner turmoil can lead to destructive behaviors and negative attention from the media. The speaker shares his personal experience of carrying shame and seeking momentary pleasure, which led to negative consequences and judgment from others. He also discusses his experience of seeing others, like Russell Brand, face similar judgment and scrutiny from the media. The speaker emphasizes that it's important to recognize the past and let go of shame, as well as extend sympathy to those facing media scrutiny, regardless of the circumstances. Ultimately, the truth and judicial process should be awaited before passing judgment.

    • Respecting the legal process in high-profile casesWait for the judicial process to unfold before forming opinions, respect the right to defend oneself, and consider the impact on all parties involved.

      It's important to wait for the judicial process to unfold in high-profile cases before forming opinions or judgments. The speaker acknowledges the seriousness of the allegations against Russell Brand, but also emphasizes the need to respect his right to defend himself in a court of law. The speaker also expresses concern for the impact on all parties involved and the potential for negative media coverage and social media backlash. The speaker reflects on their own experiences and how they've learned to navigate challenges both on and off the field, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and personal growth. Overall, the speaker encourages patience, understanding, and a wait-and-see approach in complex situations.

    • Transforming pain into love and purposeExpressing past pain from a loving place can be cathartic. Being a good person impacts others positively. Reporting abuse, no matter the timing, is a brave act.

      Pain and experiences from the past can be transformed into love and purpose with time. The speaker shared how going through a difficult experience and expressing it from a loving place was cathartic for them. They also emphasized the importance of being a good person and the impact it can have on others, using an example of Russell Brand's charitable act. Furthermore, the discussion touched on the misconception that a victim's worth is determined by whether or not they report a crime immediately. It was highlighted that survivors of abuse live with the impact every day, and coming forward at any point is a brave and strong act.

    • Language Matters: Neutral Terms and Legal ProcessUsing neutral language when discussing ongoing allegations is crucial to avoid damaging reputations before legal outcomes. Underreporting of sexual assaults, especially when involving known perpetrators, highlights the need for sensitivity and care.

      The choice of language used when discussing ongoing allegations is important and can have significant implications. Using terms like "victims" and "survivors" can imply a guilty verdict, potentially damaging the reputation of the accused before the legal process has run its course. Instead, it's crucial to use neutral language and wait for the outcome of investigations. Another key point is the impact of underreporting of sexual assaults, especially when the perpetrator and victim are known to each other. This can lead to embarrassment and fear, making it essential to approach such situations with care and sensitivity. Additionally, the ongoing debate surrounding Russell Brand's situation highlights the potential consequences of lad culture and the fear that past actions could be reassessed and judged negatively. Ultimately, it's important to avoid extremes in the debate and respect the legal process.

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    00:00 - Introduction

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    33:13 - Roger Waters - legend or loon?

    41:58 - Hawk Tuah!

    44:33 - The strange new online trend

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    Glenn and Piers dive right into his career in right-wing media, but quickly arrive at the topic of Donald Trump. Glenn was initially sceptical about the former President, but now admits he was wrong, saying that ‘he speaks directly to the people’. Lastly, Glenn give his brutally honest opinions on the Russia-Ukraine war and the fight between Israel and Hamas.

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    Megyn Kelly: End Game For Biden?

    Megyn Kelly: End Game For Biden?

    President Biden is getting the Trump treatment.

    And a brutal lesson in what happens when the full force of the media trains its crosshairs on your mistakes, your mishaps and your misinformation.

    First the president’s aides blamed a “cold” for his disastrous performance in last week’s debate.

    Now the president himself says it was jet lag.

    The problem is that everybody knows the president returned from international travel a fortnight before the debate and spent almost a week at Camp David to prepare.

    Biden says it’s “not an excuse, just an explanation.”

    In fact it’s neither. It’s a lie.

    And the many people who’ve defended him blindly for years - reasoning that nothing could be worse than another Trump presidency - now feel they are being taken for fools.

    Last night the White House Press Secretary was forced to deny that the president has dementia.

    Will that turn out to be a lie?

    Megyn Kelly, Journalist & Host of The Megyn Kelly Show joins to discuss

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    Co-host of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Ben Ferguson

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    Dark Side of the Moon remains one of the most iconic and acclaimed records in music history.

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    He one accused Piers, of being part of a media conspiracy to cancel him.

    Well, he got the call. And delighted to say Roger Waters joined us in the Uncensored studio...

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    Can Democrats Replace Biden?

    Can Democrats Replace Biden?

    Amazingly, it seems that last week’s car crash presidential debate has done little to persuade the Democrats to change course, as Joe Biden remains the candidate they back to take on Donald Trump in November's election. Piers Morgan not only believes this to be a colossal mistake, but also openly wonders if the incumbent will make it to election day. The main target of his ire is First Lady herself, Jill Biden.

    Piers brings host of 'The Michael Knowles Show' Michael Knowles, host of 'The Bitchuation Room' podcast Francesca Fiorentini, host of 'Tomi Lahren is Fearless' on Outkick Tomi Lahren, streamer and commentator Destiny and Fox News medical contributor Dr Marc Siegel on the show to discuss the abysmal state of affairs in the Biden camp.

    00:00 - Introduction

    04:00 - Should Joe Biden remain the democratic candidate for this election?

    06:50 - Tomi says Biden would be the easiest competition to beat

    09:40 - “The thought of Kamala Harris terrifies the Democrats more than Dementia Joe”

    13:30 - Francesca: “Donald Trump represents a far worse threat than Biden”

    16:07 - Michael: “How does the entire liberal establishment campaign for this guy?”

    19:20 - Dr. Marc Siegel diagnoses Biden as a “bumbling idiot”

    27:50 - “MAGA is a cult of conspiracy theorists”

    30:00 - "Will people vote for a corpse over Donald Trump?"

    34:30 - 'The public can smell a political hit job'

    43:20 - Trump’s conviction 'embarrassing' for America

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    Piers Morgan Uncensored is the global arena for fearless debate, bold opinions and major interviews. Subscribe for all-new and exclusive daily content. 

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    Piers once called the Australian a monumental asshole. Kyrgios told Piers 'to eat a dick'

    But after making up in their first interview last year...Nick came to visit Piers in our London studio.

    00:15 - Who is the real Nick Kyrgios?

    02:00 - Reacting to adversity 

    07:00 - Handling criticism 

    10:45 - John McEnroe Vs Nick Kyrgios 

    13:20 - Mental strength needed to become elite athlete 

    17:00 - Andy Murray "Afraid to let go" 

    19:30 - Djokovic's 'sick obsession'  

    23:00 - Move into Boxing after Tennis

    27:00: Nick responds to Andrew Tate fallout

    33:00 - Piers Vs Nick: Table Tennis (probably better viewed on our YouTube page)

    Piers Morgan Uncensored is the global arena for fearless debate, bold opinions and major interviews. Subscribe for all-new and exclusive daily content. 

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    Introducing: Blood River

    Introducing: Blood River

    The killers of Berta Caceres had every reason to believe they’d get away with murder. More than 100 other environmental activists in Honduras had been killed in the previous five years, yet almost no one had been punished for the crimes. Bloomberg’s Blood River follows a four-year quest to find her killers – a twisting trail that leads into the country’s circles of power.

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    SS 271: Gang Bang The Mailbag 31

    SS 271: Gang Bang The Mailbag 31

    Welcome to Gang Bang The Mailbag TRIPLE X (plus 1)!  We're recording tonight with a live (and muted) studio audience! As always, questions have been edited for content and clarity. As usual, answers have not been edited for content or clarity! If you have a question for a future listener mailbag, please give us a call at 573-557-9464 and leave us a message, or email us at contact@lifeontheswingset.com. Tonight, Dr. Liz Powell, Mike Joseph, Cooper and Dylan gang bang the mailbag!

    As you listen, don't forget to tweet at #sspodcast!

    We're sponsored by Castle Megastore, a one stop shop with everything you could want, from wand vibrators, to harnesses, to lube and condoms, to a complete suite of BDSM equipment including sex furniture. If you use the promo code SWINGSET at check out you can save 20% on your order.





    Tonight we answer the following written questions:

    My road into non-monogamy has been a twisted and challenging path. My 13-year marriage ended last year partly because of an incompatibility around the potential for opening our marriage.

    When I started dating I tried to be very open with women about my desire for non-monogamy and live a polyamourous life that includes swinging and sometimes a little kink and BDSM. Through dating apps like Tinder I have met many wonderful women and had some great relationships develop. I have tremendously transparent conversations with these women. Most run for the hills after to non-monogamy talk, some are intrigued and go along with it for a while, but in the end these relationships mostly follow the same pattern. The woman is okay with other partners in the beginning, but as time passes she always has a difficult time with the non-monogamy and it ends or goes to the friend zone. Otherwise the woman wants a “don’t ask don’t tell” or “friends with benefits” approach, which to me is just single dating rather than ethical non monogamy. It is impossible to have intimacy without transparency.

    Where does one go to find women who are already there in the poly/swinger community who are looking for other poly/swing single partners? Are there any better strategies for finding women more directly who already share these values?

    Aaron from Canada

    My brief backstory: 50ish male, married for twenty-something years. I have always struggled with attraction, crushes, and even feelings for, and from, others. Monogamy isn't actually what I want, and, in the spirit of a good mid-life crisis, I'm not getting any younger.

    Being aware of the trauma that this might cause my wife, I have introduced the topic gently and slowly. She has reacted... well, it's hard to say. There has been no screaming and crying, which I guess is a good sign. The best description of her reaction is "ninja-level avoidant", as she deflects my every attempt to explore this in depth.

    An example: after a recent talk she said "you've given me a lot to think about".

    I realise what I want most is to have the relationship communication skills that are necessary to be non-monogamous in the first place. To have the openness that I hear others describe in their relationships. It's not even principally about the swinging anymore. I have communication envy!

    So how do I learn to communicate like a non-monogamous person? And how do I teach someone else to do this? Is it possible?

    My husband I have been in the swing lifestyle since we first started dating 6 years ago. Along the way, I have developed more romantic feelings for some of our partners, while things remain mainly about friendship and sex for my husband. I've tried to hide my feelings which has resulted in a lot of hurt. We are trying to figure out how to move forward when I feel more poly and he still feels more like a swinger and isn't interested in developing romantic relationships. I'm having trouble finding resources that talk about how to successfully move between the two.


    Today I found out, in a convoluted way, that a long-term male partner of mine sexually assaulted someone. I don't know the any details. I don't know when it happened, or what happened afterwards. I do know that women don't lie about sexual assault. I also learned two others say they witnessed him pushing boundaries or putting women in uncomfortable situations , and that he's seen as a "missing stair" in some subsets of our local kink community.

    This is someone I love. Someone I've only ever had positive, affirming, respectful experiences with. Someone I trusted with my life (and I'm an angry, suspicious, mostly-lesbian hardcore feminist killjoy who rarely trusts anyone).

    What should I do?

    Oh, and just to make things even more complicated, this partner's live-in partner is also my partner. We're a triad. Do I tell her? How?

    In answering this question, Dylan lamented not reading the question before he read it as he wanted to have a more prepared answer. Dr. Liz on the other hand was able to respond quickly and effectively on ways to address members of the community to who have violated boundaries and support people who have had their boundaries violated, and how to both repair and grow the larger community after. Visit a compilation of resources Dr. Liz put together here.


    We took a little time at the end of the episode for business. Dr. Liz put out a new video on Youtube titled "What's the 'Friend Zone' Anyway?"

    Mike Joseph has been speaking lately on behalf of the Jed Foundation, a NYC based organization empowering teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy thriving adults. Visit them at www.jedfoundation.org.

    You can also always find Mike Joseph at his podcast the Jheri Curl Chronicles Radio Show at www.popblerd.com.


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