NFL Week 3, Fastest 2 Minutes, Dolphins Drop 70, The Bears Are The Worst Team In The NFL & A Special Monday Reading

    en-usSeptember 25, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Unexpected NFL results in Week 3The Vikings lost due to Cousins' decision, Chargers won, Watson shone, Lions emerged victorious, g 4 released a Father's Day collection, Bills continued dominance, Dan Jones outperformed Mac Jones, Broncos received several Dolphins TDs

      Week 3 of the NFL season brought some unexpected results, with several upsets and impressive performances. The Vikings suffered a loss due to a questionable decision by Kirk Cousins, while the Chargers finally secured their first win. Deshaun Watson shone in a rainy game against the Browns, and the Lions emerged victorious against the Falcons. In other news, g 4 has released a Father's Day collection with discounts available at gfore.com/foreplay. The Bills continued their dominance, and the Jets and Patriots faced off in a rainy MetLife Stadium. Dan Jones outperformed Mac Jones, and the Broncos were on the receiving end of several touchdowns from the Dolphins. Overall, the NFL season continues to deliver excitement and surprises.

    • Intriguing Chargers-Vikings matchup, Justin Herbert's standout performance, and Taylor Swift's surprise appearance highlighted NFL SundayThe NFL delivered a mix of exciting and disappointing games, with the Chargers-Vikings matchup being a close contest, Justin Herbert impressing, Taylor Swift surprising, and the Chiefs continuing their dominance.

      The NFL Sunday in week 3 brought a mix of excitement and disappointment with some games being close and competitive while others were complete laughers. One of the most intriguing matchups was between the Chargers and Vikings, which came down to the wire with the Chargers securing a win despite trying to give it away. Another notable moment was Justin Herbert's impressive performance for the Chargers against the Vikings. Additionally, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs continued their dominance, while Taylor Swift's unexpected appearance at a game added some entertainment value. However, the scheduling of games with several early and late matchups left some fans feeling robbed of better games on national television. Despite the ups and downs, the NFL managed to deliver some memorable moments throughout the day.

    • Chargers win narrowly against Vikings despite questionable callsThe Chargers won a close game against the Vikings due to defensive interception, but made questionable decisions and faced criticism for risky plays.

      Both the Chargers and Vikings showed signs of faltering at the end of their NFL game, with the Chargers ultimately winning due to a defensive interception. Quarterback Justin Herbert had an impressive performance, but the team made questionable decisions, including failing to spike the ball and attempting a risky play that didn't work. Defensive coordinator Brandon Staley faced criticism for these calls, but the team's win may have saved his job. Wide receiver Keenan Allen had a historic game, breaking multiple records with his 18 catches, 215 yards, and two touchdowns. Despite the Chargers' ability to move the ball easily throughout the game, they ultimately won by the narrowest of margins due to the Vikings' turnovers. The game was a back-and-forth affair, with neither team able to secure a clear advantage until the end.

    • Potential Trade Partners for Kirk CousinsThe Vikings and Jets are potential trade partners for Kirk Cousins, but the Vikings may wait until closer to the deadline, and the Jets' poor record may not make them an attractive partner.

      The Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets are potential trade partners for Kirk Cousins, with the Jets reportedly expressing interest in acquiring him. However, the Vikings may wait until closer to the trade deadline to make a decision, as they are currently 1-3 and have lost all three games by one score. The Jets, on the other hand, may not be an attractive trade partner due to their own poor record. The Chargers' impressive performance with Justin Herbert has been a topic of discussion, and it was revealed that the team's name was originally inspired by credit cards, not lightning. The Dolphins had an historic offensive performance against the Broncos, with 726 yards and 70 points, and did so without star wide receiver Jaylen Waddle.

    • Miami Dolphins set historic NFL record with 70-point victory over Denver BroncosThe Dolphins' impressive offensive performance and McDaniel's sportsmanlike decision not to score additional points, despite the opportunity, overshadowed a long-standing grudge between the organizations and a former ball boy, leading to a conversation about moving past grudges in professional sports.

      The Miami Dolphins put on a historic offensive display against the Denver Broncos, scoring an impressive 70 points. The game was filled with laughter and disbelief as the Dolphins continued to rack up touchdowns. Mike McDaniel, the Dolphins' head coach, was praised for his classy decision to not attempt to score an additional point at the end of the game, despite the opportunity to tie the record for the most points scored in a single NFL game. However, the conversation also touched on the long-standing grudge between the Broncos organization and former ball boy, Mike McDaniel, who was not given an interview for the head coaching position years ago due to his association with the Shanahan family. The Broncos' poor performance in the game was described as an "ass kicking of historic proportions," leaving fans and analysts questioning if the team owes an apology to Nathaniel Hackett, who was their head coach for just two and a half games before being fired. Overall, the game and the conversation surrounding it highlighted the importance of moving past grudges and focusing on the present and future in professional sports.

    • Miami Dolphins' Offense Shines, Defense StrugglesThe Dolphins' offense is impressing with high-scoring games, but their defense is underperforming. Fan favorite Tua Tagovailoa leads the team, and they're favored against the Bills, but their success may be challenged by colder weather.

      The Miami Dolphins are making a strong statement in the NFL with their high-scoring offense and impressive team dynamics. The Dolphins' defense, on the other hand, is struggling significantly. Sean Payton is expected to become the Broncos' head coach, and he has shown indifference towards Russell Wilson. Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins' quarterback, is a fan favorite, and his teammates adore him. The Dolphins have been putting up impressive numbers against their opponents, but their success may be tested as they face colder weather in the upcoming games. The Dolphins are currently favored to win against the Buffalo Bills, but the game could be close. The over/under for the points in the Dolphins-Bills game is set at 53 and a half, which some believe is too low. The Dolphins' offense is showing signs of being a dominant force in the league, but their defense needs improvement. The team's morale and camaraderie are also notable strengths.

    • Packers' QB Jordan Love leads impressive comeback winJordan Love's strong fourth-quarter performance raises doubts about his capabilities, while Jameis Winston solidifies his role as Saints' backup, and Packers' win despite injuries shows their potential as a strong team.

      The NFL preseason Week 5 game between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints showcased an exciting comeback by Packers' quarterback Jordan Love, who led his team to a win against the Saints. Love's impressive performance, especially in the fourth quarter, has raised doubts about the capabilities of the previously criticized quarterback. Additionally, the Saints' decision to put in Jameis Winston instead of Taysom Hill when Derek Carr got injured indicates that Winston is the clear backup quarterback for the team. The Packers' impressive win, despite playing with several injuries, highlights their potential as an above-average team in the NFL.

    • Green Bay Packers' High Expectations and Washington Commanders' Learning MomentsThe Packers, led by Rashaun Gary and high expectations from owner Mark Murphy, face the Bears in a significant division game. The Commanders, despite turnovers, show promise and aim to learn from their mistakes against the Bills.

      The Green Bay Packers, despite some recent challenges, are considered a well-run organization with a good team and a promising defense, led by standout players like Rashaun Gary. Owner Mark Murphy expressed his high expectations for the team and shared some insight into the dynamic between Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love. The Packers' upcoming game against the Bears holds significance for the division, and the team is currently favored. The Washington Commanders had a disappointing performance against the Buffalo Bills, with Sam Howell throwing several interceptions. Despite the setback, the Commanders are seen as a 500-team, and their offense, while turning the ball over at inopportune moments, did not play poorly in the first half. The focus now shifts to learning from the mistakes and moving forward.

    • Commanders Offense Underperforms, Defense Struggles Against BillsDespite QB Sam Howell's interceptions, Commanders have potential to improve, especially against Eagles. Defense had a tough day against Bills' offense.

      While Sam Howell showed some consistency for the Commanders in their game against the Bills, the team as a whole underperformed on offense. Howell had an interception in every quarter, reminiscent of Jameis Winston's performance in the past. The Commanders are not yet an elite team and have room for improvement, especially in the upcoming game against the Eagles. The Bills, on the other hand, impressed with Josh Allen's electric performance and the offense's ability to exploit gaps in the defense. Allen's interceptions have been notable, but if Howell could learn from them and turn interceptions into long gains, it would benefit the Commanders. The defense had a rough day against the Bills, but it was expected given the caliber of the opposing team. Despite the loss, the speaker remains optimistic about the team's potential and is looking forward to the next game against the Eagles.

    • Carolina Panthers' Offensive Coordinator Keeps Game Plan Hidden from BillsCoaches employ various strategies to outmaneuver opponents, from hiding game plans to managing rookie quarterbacks and utilizing backup players effectively.

      Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, intentionally kept his game plan hidden from the Buffalo Bills in their recent matchup. The reason being, Bieniemy has a history of dominating the Bills, and he wanted to keep them guessing. Despite the Panthers losing to the Bills, Bieniemy believes that Sam Howell, their rookie quarterback, has potential and is not giving up on him yet. Elsewhere in the NFL, there were surprising performances. Justin Tucker, the Ravens' reliable kicker, missed a 61-yard field goal, leading some to question his form. In contrast, Shane Steichen, the Colts' offensive coordinator, managed to keep his team competitive with their backup quarterback, Gardner Minshew, against the Ravens. Overall, these coaches demonstrated different strategies in handling their teams' strengths and weaknesses.

    • Orlovsky's Controversial Opinions and Min Chiou's Football PassionOrlovsky's unconventional views and Min Chiou's football enthusiasm highlight the diverse personalities within Barstool Sports. The Colts and Ravens face injuries and controversies, with the Colts remaining feisty despite losses.

      Orlovsky, a Barstool Sports personality, is known for his unusual opinions and behaviors, which can sometimes lead to controversial interactions on social media. For instance, he deleted a tweet in response to a joke made by PFT Commenter about not using toilet paper when staying at a house with a saltwater pool. Orlovsky is seen as a unique character who expresses unconventional views on various topics, such as ice cream sandwiches and chili. Min Chiou, another Barstool Sports figure, is admired for his enthusiasm and love for football, even as a backup quarterback. The Colts are a topic of discussion, with the possibility of Jonathan Taylor's return and the controversy surrounding Jim Irsay's decision to fly a dead whale's body to the University of Georgia for an autopsy. The Colts and Ravens are facing injuries, with Gus Edwards being the latest addition to the Ravens' injured list. The team's facilities and strength and conditioning have been criticized, and the Ravens are currently experiencing a string of injuries among their running backs. The Colts, despite their losses, are seen as a feisty and spunky team.

    • Jets' Quarterback Struggles Against Patriots, Fan's Teeth Fall OutJets QB Zach Wilson lost his last 5 starts, had only one good drive out of 13, and the team lost to the Patriots, causing a fan's teeth to fall out.

      The New York Jets and their quarterback Zach Wilson are currently struggling and have yet to win against the New England Patriots, with Wilson having a particularly poor performance in their latest matchup. Wilson has lost his last 5 starts, and if the Jets had scored an average of 21 points in those games, they would have had a better record. During the game, a fan's teeth even fell out while watching the team's performance. Despite some optimism from head coach Robert Saleh, it's clear that Wilson is not giving the Jets the best chance to win at the moment. Wilson had only one good drive out of 13 total, gaining 79 yards and going 7 for 10. In contrast, the Patriots seem to perform better when away from the spotlight and have won their last 15 games against the Jets, with the latest game serving as a warning sign if they had lost.

    • Football discussion dominates podcast, lighthouse topic tabled for laterDespite initial interest in lighthouse research, group agrees to focus on football and discuss recent game between Patriots and Jets, with disappointment in Zach Wilson's performance and praise for Bill Belichick

      During a recent conversation, there was a discussion about various topics including football and a previous research on illegal lighthouses. However, some participants expressed their disinterest in the lighthouse topic and preferred to focus on football. The group agreed to table the lighthouse discussion for a later date and focus on football for the rest of the podcast. The group shared their opinions on the recent football game between the Patriots and Jets, expressing disappointment in Zach Wilson's performance and relief that the Patriots had emerged as the winners. Bill Belichick's performance during the game was praised, with some expressing concerns about his age and the team's recent performance. Overall, the group agreed to avoid discussing the lighthouse topic for the remainder of the podcast and focus on football.

    • Staying focused on opportunities in NFL gamesEven in disappointing games, it's crucial to maintain perspective and search for potential opportunities. The NFL season is full of surprises, and staying informed and positive can lead to valuable insights for betting.

      Even in disappointing games or against less-than-ideal opponents, it's essential to maintain perspective and focus on the potential opportunities. The New England Patriots, despite a close loss to the Miami Dolphins, still had a chance to impact the season by beating their upcoming opponent, the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, past performances and trends can provide valuable insights for betting, such as the Patriots' history of success against the Jets and the underperformance of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Furthermore, the conversation touched on various entertaining topics, such as Mac Jones' controversial on-field antics and the potential impact of Ezekiel Elliott's name on his football career. Despite the occasional distraction, the focus remained on the excitement and unpredictability of the NFL season. It's also worth noting that the conversation contained a reminder to bet on Zeke Elliott scoring two touchdowns against the Cowboys, which could still be a profitable opportunity. Overall, the discussion emphasized the importance of staying informed, maintaining a positive attitude, and embracing the unexpected twists and turns of the NFL.

    • Unexpected Plays and Performances Shake Up the NFLEven the least likely players and coaches can make a difference in the NFL, with record-breaking performances and unexpected outcomes shaping the league's landscape.

      Unexpected plays and performances can significantly impact the NFL landscape. Andrew Beck's record-breaking kick return and CJ Stroud's impressive quarterbacking show that even the least likely players can make a difference. Stroud's evolution from a doubted rookie to a top performer serves as a reminder that first impressions are not always accurate. Additionally, head coaches like Tamiko Ryan and standout players like Tank Dell contribute to unexpected outcomes, making for exciting moments in the league. The Jaguars' early season struggles demonstrate the unpredictability of football, with even high-profile teams experiencing setbacks. Ultimately, the NFL is full of surprises, and fans and analysts alike must remain open to the unexpected.

    • Jaguars fans' expectations vs. Lions and Falcons' progressJaguars fans hope for division competition, Lions and Falcons show promise, both teams need a capable quarterback

      The Jaguars fans' expectations for their team to compete with the Titans in the NFL division are high, despite potential financial issues and the possibility of the team moving to London. Meanwhile, the Lions, led by Jared Goff, are showing signs of improvement and are looking forward to the next game against the Falcons. Fans are excited about the Toy Story theme for the game and are monitoring rookie safety Brian Branch's aggressive playing style. The Falcons, despite having quarterback concerns, are showing promise with their running game and solid defense. The Lions and Falcons both need to secure a capable quarterback to reach their full potential. The Jaguars' stadium deal and potential relocation to London remain uncertain.

    • NFC South division competitive, Lions-Packers game crucialDetroit Lions' offense shines, NFC South up for grabs, Packers game could determine division lead

      The NFC South division is expected to be competitive this season with every team maturingly available for the playoffs until late in the season. The Detroit Lions, in particular, are showing promise with their offense, and their upcoming Thursday night game against the Green Bay Packers could be a significant turning point for the team. Elsewhere, Deshaun Watson had his best game for the Cleveland Browns, despite an unusual backwards pass, while the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback situation remains uncertain with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ritter. The Falcons fans, however, can take solace in the fact that their division rivals, the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, have both started the season with losses. The Lions, with their easy schedule, could potentially take the lead in the division with a win against the Packers. The NFL continues to surprise with its unpredictability.

    • Mac Jones' indiscretion and potential move to Browns, Browns' impressive defense, Derrick Henry's future, and Nick Chubb's injuryMac Jones' indiscretion unlikely to impact Patriots tenure, Browns could acquire him as backup. Browns' defense shines, allowing least yards in 3 games since '99 Bucs. Derrick Henry's future uncertain, fans hope for one more dominant season. Nick Chubb avoids worst-case ACL/PCL injuries, suffers MCL tear instead.

      Mac Jones' indiscretion is unlikely to lead to his departure from the New England Patriots, and the Cleveland Browns could potentially benefit from acquiring him as a backup quarterback and "penis grabber." The Browns' defense, led by terrifying standout Myles Garrett, has been impressive, allowing the fewest yards through three games since the 1999 Buccaneers. Derrick Henry, on the other hand, may be approaching the proverbial "cliff" for running backs, with concerns about his age and declining performance. Despite this, fans hope for at least one more dominant season from the beloved Titans running back. Additionally, Mac Jones' teammate Nick Chubb suffered a torn MCL instead of the initially feared ACL or PCL injuries.

    • Early NFL Season Surprises and Hopeful PerformancesCoaches remain optimistic about struggling players like Rashaad Penny, while promising performances from QBs and rookies like Kenneth Walker add excitement to the NFL season. Long-term evaluation is crucial.

      The NFL season is still unfolding, and it's too early to make definitive judgments about players and teams. For example, Seattle Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny had a lackluster performance with 11 carries for 20 yards in one game, but his coaches remain hopeful that he can turn it around. Meanwhile, quarterback Andy Dalton showed promise in a win against the Carolina Panthers, and rookie Kenneth Walker impressed with his running ability. Geno Smith also displayed impressive wrist talent and threw a record-breaking 2-point conversion. However, the energy and enthusiasm on the sidelines was starkly different between the Seahawks' Pete Carroll and the Panthers' Frank Reich. The Seahawks are currently rolling with two wins in a row, while the Panthers struggled to keep up with Andy Dalton's better play. Overall, the NFL season is full of surprises and twists, and it's essential to take a long-term approach when evaluating team and player performance.

    • Cardinals' Defense Keeps Them CompetitiveThe Cardinals' defense has been a major factor in their competitiveness, allowing them to run the ball effectively against strong opponents and keep games close despite offensive struggles.

      The Arizona Cardinals' defense has been impressive, allowing them to compete in every game despite some offensive struggles. The Cardinals have run the ball effectively against strong defenses like the Giants and Cowboys, and their defense has been a major factor in their success. While some may question the coaching abilities of Jonathan Gannon, his team's performance on the field speaks for itself. The Cardinals could have been undefeated this season, and even in their loss to the Giants, they showed signs of offensive potential with the play of quarterback Josh Dobbs and receiver Rondell Moore. The future of Kyler Murray in Arizona may depend on how many games they win this year, but their defense is a clear strength that keeps them in contention.

    • Controversial Quarterbacks and NFL Team PerformancesCowboys' QB Dak Prescott sparks controversy, Bears' poor performance against Chiefs disappoints fans, with some suggesting Taylor Swift's attendance was the highlight.

      The Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott is a subject of controversy, with some praising him and others criticizing him heavily. Cowboys fans either love or hate the team, and the recent performance of the Chicago Bears against the Kansas City Chiefs was a clear indication of the Bears' struggles. Trey Lance, the 49ers' quarterback, might have felt good about the game as he watched the Bears lose. The Bears are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL, with their head coach Matt Eberflus being criticized for his performance. The defense was described as "soft as baby shit," and the team's overall performance was disappointing. The loss was not the worst of the week, but the team's poor performance throughout the week was a concern. The Chiefs dominated the game with a score of 41-10, and the bears' defeat was a topic of amusement for many. The team's performance was so bad that some suggested that Taylor Swift's attendance at the game was the highlight. Overall, the discussion revealed a deep-rooted animosity towards the Cowboys and the Bears, with fans expressing their strong opinions about the teams and their players.

    • Taylor Swift fans' obsession with her relationships may be causing her distressSwifties' intense scrutiny and criticism of Taylor Swift's boyfriends could be unintentionally sabotaging her happiness and causing her distress.

      Taylor Swift's fan base, known as Swifties, may be unintentionally sabotaging her happiness by wanting her to remain in a perpetual state of heartbreak for songwriting inspiration. They seem to prefer her to be unhappy and in bad relationships, as seen in their reaction to her dating NFL player Travis Kelce. Swifties' intense devotion to Taylor and her music has led them to scrutinize and criticize her boyfriends, including Kelce, who is a successful football player. The fan base's obsession with Taylor's relationships and their desire for her to be unhappy in them could be causing her distress and hindering her overall happiness. Additionally, the discussion touched on the idea of rooting for draft picks in football and the complexity of being a fan, as fans want their team to win but may secretly hope for losses for draft pick advantages.

    • Steelers Secure Win Against Raiders, Matt Canada PromotedKenny Pickett throws 2 TDs, Steelers lead AFC North. Matt Canada promoted to work directly with Pickett and remain play caller.

      The Pittsburgh Steelers secured a crucial win against the Las Vegas Raiders, with Kenny Pickett throwing his first career two-touchdown game and the defense holding strong. The Steelers, despite a modest point differential, currently lead the AFC North. Elsewhere, Matt Nagy's Chicago Bears faced the Kansas City Chiefs, with Nagy expressing his disappointment in his team's performance. Josh McDaniels drew criticism for the New England Patriots' decision to kick a field goal instead of going for a touchdown. The most intriguing news came from the Steelers, as Matt Canada was reportedly promoted to a more prominent role, working directly with Pickett and remaining the play caller on offense. The Steelers' fans in Vegas celebrated their team's victory in style, donning their best Steelers attire.

    • Unexpected NFL performances and amusing momentsThe NFL season has brought surprises, with some teams underperforming and others showing signs of regression. Amusing moments include missed opportunities and overzealous blocks.

      The NFL season has seen some unexpected performances, with teams like the Raiders and Bears struggling, and the Vikings and Bengals showing signs of regression. The Raiders and Bears seem to be vying for the title of worst team in the league, with the Bears-Broncos game being a particular low point. There were some amusing moments in the games, such as Patrick Peterson's attempted interception that came too late and George Pickens' overzealous block attempt. The conversation then shifted to potential conspiracy theories, with one theory suggesting that Tom Brady may have influenced Mark Davis to hire Josh McDaniels to help with the Raiders' inheritance tax bill. Despite the current struggles of some teams, there's still excitement for the season, with the potential for unexpected twists and turns.

    • Speakers confidently share their football predictionsDuring a football discussion, speakers boldly expressed their opinions on team performance and player outcomes, with one predicting the Bears to go 0-17, another expecting Russell Wilson to be benched, and a third linking the Dolphins' success to Tua Tagovailoa's health. The speakers also discussed NFL, college football, and the end of the writers' strike.

      During a discussion about football and making predictions, the speakers expressed their direct opinions without holding back. For instance, one speaker predicted that the Bears would go 0-17 this season, another believed that Russell Wilson would get benched, and yet another thought that Tua Tagovailoa's health would determine the Dolphins' success. These predictions were given without hesitation or apology, reflecting the speakers' confidence in their analysis. Additionally, they touched on various topics such as the NFL, college football, and movies. Notably, the Writers Guild of America and the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached an agreement, ending the ongoing writers' strike.

    • NFL Hiatus and College Football ExcitementThe NFL's writers' strike may result in subpar shows, but college football's feud between Ryan Day and Lou Holtz keeps fans engaged. The Oakland A's faced backlash for a insensitive gift to Miguel Cabrera.

      The NFL is facing a significant hiatus due to the writers' strike, which could lead to subpar shows for an extended period. However, the excitement around college football, particularly the ongoing feud between Ryan Day and Lou Holtz, is keeping fans engaged. Additionally, the Oakland A's made headlines for all the wrong reasons by giving a recovering alcoholic, Miguel Cabrera, a cheap and insensitive going-away gift. The podcast also discussed the PLL championship and the controversial call that led to Orlando Squeeze's victory over DC. Despite some disappointments, the hosts remained optimistic and looked forward to upcoming guests and topics.

    • A heated sports discussion with camaraderie and banterThe group had strong opinions on a sports game's outcome and official's performance, but remained committed to their podcast and planned to discuss various topics including a children's book and a newfound interest in pickleball.

      The group had a heated discussion about a sports game, with some members expressing frustration and disappointment over the outcome. They also shared their opinions on the performance of a specific official, using strong language. Another topic of conversation was the investment and emotional attachment they had towards different teams. Additionally, they made light-hearted jokes and teased each other throughout the conversation. Despite the disagreements, they planned to continue their podcast and engage in debates on various topics, including a children's book called "Hello Lighthouse." The conversation also revealed that some members had recently discovered a new interest in pickleball. Overall, the conversation showcased the camaraderie and banter among the group members.

    • Unexpected discovery of a Caldecott Medal-winning book and planning for a YouTube debateThe group found an unexpected Caldecott Medal-winning book and planned a YouTube debate on the importance of lighthouses, featuring Commander Kroll from the US military.

      The group was discussing the acquisition of a fixer-upper house, where they found an unexpected Caldecott Medal-winning book. They also planned for a debate on YouTube, where they would discuss the importance of lighthouses and the debate's participants, including Commander Kroll from the US military. The conversation also included some light-hearted moments, such as discussing hypothetical celebrity marriages and PowerPoint presentations. Despite some disagreements, they were looking forward to the debate and encouraged viewers to tune in. The unexpected discovery of the book and the upcoming debate highlighted the unexpected twists and turns in their discussions.

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    Gunnar Henderson, Dingers Only Draft, NBA Free Agency And USMNT May Suck

    Gunnar Henderson, Dingers Only Draft, NBA Free Agency And USMNT May Suck

    We’re back to update NBA Free Agency and Playoff P is officially a Sixer (00:00:00-00:09:53). Hank is going to try to buy the Celtics (00:09:53-00:16:09). Klay Thompson’s time in Golden State is over and Lebron has the Lakers by the balls (00:16:09-00:28:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including USMNT sucking and Hawk Tuah girl getting her first big interview with Brianna Chickenfry (00:28:53-00:46:15). Orioles phenom Gunnar Henderson joins the show to pitch himself for Dingers Only draft and if he could’ve played D1 basketball (00:46:15-00:58:25). We then do our annual Dingers Only fantasy baseball draft with special guests Jersey Jerry and Brandon Walker (00:58:25-01:57:43).

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    Pardon My Take
    en-usJuly 03, 2024

    Real Bros Jimmy Tatro & Christian Pierce, Best of KSR W/Rick Pitino, NBA Draft + Mt Rushmore Of Hobbies That Become Your Personality

    Real Bros Jimmy Tatro & Christian Pierce, Best of KSR W/Rick Pitino, NBA Draft + Mt Rushmore Of Hobbies That Become Your Personality

    Packed Show today and we start with the NBA Draft and Bronny somehow got drafted by the lakers (00:00:00-00:19:26). Mt Rushmore of hobbies that become a person’s personality (00:19:26-00:49:20). Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce join the show to talk about the Real Bros From Simi Valley movie coming July 5th, how they became writing partners, the Lakers, Boner Dogs and tons more (00:49:20-01:41:51). We hosted Kentucky Sports Radio and have the best of on the podcast including our interview with Rick Pitino and Jack Gohlke (01:41:51-02:12:30). We then finish with Fyre Fest of the week and a sober recap of Beer Games (02:12:30-02:34:22).

    You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/PardonMyTake

    Pardon My Take
    en-usJune 28, 2024

    Will Compton, Panthers Win The Cup Plus A Drunk Ending Of The Show Live From Beer Games

    Will Compton, Panthers Win The Cup Plus A Drunk Ending Of The Show Live From Beer Games

    The Panthers have won the Cup and people are asking if Connor McDavid can win the big one after awkwardly being awarded the Conn Smythe(00:00:00-00:23:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including podcasters after JJ Redick turns his back on us for coaching(00:23:11-00:50:03). Will Compton joins the show in studio to talk about the tumultuous story arc for beer games 2024, us getting back in the mix, is he pissed at barstool, plus some old school reminiscing(00:50:03-01:55:57). We finish the show very drunk post beer games with Mt Rushmore of things you say to your boys when you’re drunk(01:55:57-02:21:38), and then we do our concussion test with Will(02:21:38-02:49:22).

    You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/PardonMyTake

    Pardon My Take
    en-usJune 26, 2024

    Ryan Whitney, Game 7 Of The SCF, Hank Is Part Of Joe Mazzulla's Family Now And Mt Rushmore Of People Who Can't Win The Big One

    Ryan Whitney, Game 7 Of The SCF, Hank Is Part Of Joe Mazzulla's Family Now And Mt Rushmore Of People Who Can't Win The Big One

    Hank had the greatest day of his life on Friday and is now a member of Joe Mazzulla's family after riding a duckboat in the championship parade (00:00:00-00:12:57). The Oilers force a Game 7 (00:12:57-00:13:59). Protestors tried to stop Scottie Scheffler and the Hawk Tuah girl has taken over the internet (00:13:59-00:28:41) . Who's back of the week including Klutch going after MJ's stats and the Oilers girl has found more fame (00:28:41-00:45:33). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk about the Stanley Cup Final, how the Oilers have come all the way back, what he expects Monday night and more (00:45:33-01:22:30). We finish with the return of Mt Rushmore season and the Mt Rushmore of people who can't win the big one, with some bonus case race recap (01:22:30-01:45:32).

    You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/PardonMyTake

    Pardon My Take
    en-usJune 24, 2024

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