Morning briefing Thursday 21st September

    enSeptember 21, 2023

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    • Emphasis on business support and political debatesBT emphasizes business support, Labour criticizes gov't delay on electric cars, expert discusses clean energy benefits, Met Police Marksman faces murder charges, Bank of England may keep interest rates unchanged

      Businesses, regardless of size or industry, need support to thrive. This was emphasized in the sponsorship message from BT. Meanwhile, in political news, Labour criticized the government's delay in banning new petrol and diesel cars, arguing it would damage investor confidence and increase costs for electric vehicles. An expert, Richard Black, explained the economic benefits of investing in clean energy technologies and the potential consequences of delaying such investments. Additionally, a Metropolitan Police Marksman is facing murder charges, and the Bank of England is expected to make a decision on interest rates, which could impact borrowing costs. Despite earlier expectations, the Bank may keep rates unchanged due to lower than expected inflation figures.

    • Mortgage rates drop, King Charles impresses, NHS savings, Crocodile tongue factsMortgage rates may decrease further, King Charles III makes a successful state visit to France, researchers discover potential NHS savings using animal waste, UnitedHealthcare offers short-term insurance plans, crocodiles can't extend their tongues

      Mortgage rates are expected to continue declining, according to traders, as we may be nearing the peak of the interest rate cycle. Meanwhile, King Charles III is making a positive impression during his state visit to France, and researchers are exploring the potential of using endangered animal waste to save the NHS billions by creating bacteria-killing viruses for dressings. Additionally, for those in need of temporary health insurance, UnitedHealthcare offers short-term plans with flexible and budget-friendly coverage. A surprising fact, crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues. I'm known for being an excellent gift giver.

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    Are negative interest rates off the table?

    Are negative interest rates off the table?
    Interest rates may have been slashed to the bone in the wake of the coronavirus crisis but the threat of a dive into negative rates has remained.

    This week, however, the Bank of England opted to stick at 0.1 per cent and upgraded its view on the economy for this year, saying GDP will only fall by a worst-in-a-century 9.5 per cent rather than a worst in 300-odd years 14.4 per cent.

    It also hinted that negative rates could do more harm than good, so does that mean a base rate below zero is off the table for the UK?

    On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert and Georgie Frost discuss negative rates: what’s the point, do they have any positives and beyond costing savers’ interest how would they prove harmful?

    They also talk gold and why the price of the precious metal has soared 35 per cent this year, to rise above the $2,000 mark and whether it can keep going.

    For goldbugs it is a long-term store of value, a safe haven and a hedge against inflation, but will fears of bumper inflation at the end of the decade prove unfounded - and is part of the gold price sentiment-driven in the same way Tesla shares are?

    Buying gold and taking rates negative are seen as glass-half-empty measures, but are things brighter than we think?

    The housing market is doing better than expected, car sales have posted a surprise 11 per cent annual rise and Britain went mad for eating out at the start of the week, thanks to Rishi Sunak’s discount deals. Are these indicators of a V-shaped recovery?

    The job losses that continue to pile up will weigh on that and the team have tips on what to do if you are made redundant or it is a threat.

    And finally, if you do fancy splashing out and have your eye on a new car, you might think it is time go electric. Simon runs through What Car?’s new special awards for the best electric cars in every category.


    Ep09 // Are Electric Vehicles Practical In 2021? Tesla, Energy & The Future of Commuting w/ Mark Rice

    Ep09 // Are Electric Vehicles Practical In 2021? Tesla, Energy & The Future of Commuting w/ Mark Rice

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    #40 EMFs vs. You, with Justin Frandson

    #40 EMFs vs. You, with Justin Frandson

    EMFs are kind of a big deal, and in this episode Justin Frandson breaks down exactly why you should care. An athleticism performance coach specializing in nerve work, Justin became aware of the effects of EMF when he noticed athletes breaking down due to the effects of wearable technology. In response to this, he looked to nature for solutions to the man-made EMF challenge, and became a leading EMF expert along the way.

    Listen in to learn:

    • What the difference is between native and non-native EMF;
    • What is giving you the largest EMF exposure;
    • Whether driving an electric car is actually good for people and the planet;
    • Whether solar homes emit more EMFs or less;
    • Why you might not be getting good sleep and what to do about it;
    • And, the best (free) actionable tips you can use right away to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

    Justin is the founder of athleticism.com and emfrocks.com.

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    Fluence’s Kumaraswamy on Energy Storage: The “Flex” Making The Grid Smarter, Cleaner & Faster-Responding

    Fluence’s Kumaraswamy on Energy Storage: The “Flex” Making The Grid Smarter, Cleaner & Faster-Responding

    Energy storage is playing a critical role in managing and reducing corporations’ and communities’ carbon footprint. And no one knows this better than Fluence, the technology company whose team pioneered the use of grid-scale batteries as energy storage 15 years ago.

    Kiran Kumaraswamy, VP of Growth & Head of Commercial at Fluence, joins our host Lincoln to share the history and importance of energy storage in transforming how countries and companies source, store and deliver electricity. They cover questions such as: How has public perception of energy storage evolved? And what roles are digitalization, companies’ pursuit of 24/7 carbon-free energy, and materials sourcing playing in progress towards net zero?

    New Jersey’s first-in-nation environmental justice rule tackles pollution

    New Jersey’s first-in-nation environmental justice rule tackles pollution
    On Monday, New Jersey regulators finalized a first-of-its-kind environmental justice rule that protects over 4 million state residents in low-income areas and communities of color from heavy industrial pollution. POLITICO’s Ry Rivard breaks down the extensive public debate surrounding the new rule, along with the details and challenges ahead. Plus, as Senate committees tee up permitting hearings, Senator Joe Manchin plans to reintroduce his energy permitting reform bill that failed to pass late last year.   Ry Rivard covers energy, the environment and transportation in New Jersey for POLITICO.  Josh Siegel is an energy reporter for POLITICO.  Nirmal Mulaikal is a POLITICO audio host-producer. Raghu Manavalan is a senior editor for POLITICO audio. Jenny Ament is the executive producer of POLITICO’s audio department.