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    • Spring Deals at Ross Stores, Writers' Guild Tentatively Reaches Deal, Government Shutdown Looms, Senator IndictedRoss Stores offers spring deals, Writers Guild reaches tentative deal, Government shutdown possible, Senator Menendez indicted

      Ross Stores is currently offering significant spring deals, allowing shoppers to expand their wardrobe without straining their budgets. The Writers Guild of America and Hollywood studios have reached a tentative deal to end the writers' strike, but the TV and Film Actors Union's ongoing strike may delay the resumption of production for favorite shows. Lawmakers are racing against the clock to prevent a government shutdown, but far-right House Republicans' demands for long-term spending bills could complicate matters. Additionally, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has been indicted on federal corruption charges.

    • Usher at the Super Bowl and Swift with Kelce's momUsher gears up for another Super Bowl halftime show, Swift fuels Chiefs' victory rumors by sitting with Kelce's mom, NASA's asteroid sample lands, coronavirus tests are free, and learn to strengthen friendships through 'Try This' series

      This week saw significant events in both entertainment and science. Usher prepared for his second Super Bowl halftime performance, having previously performed with the Black Eyed Peas in 2011. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift fueled rumors by sitting with Travis Kelce's mother and celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the Chicago Bears. In the realm of science, NASA's asteroid sample capsule safely landed in Utah after a dramatic return journey of over 10 million miles. Scientists are eager to study the material it contains, which could potentially shed light on the origins of life on Earth. The spacecraft that launched the capsule will continue its journey to meet another asteroid in 2029. In other news, coronavirus tests are once again available for free, and you can sign up for a new series of audio courses, "Try This," to learn how to make friendships stronger.

    • Small changes, big improvementsFocus on achievable changes for significant progress in life. The Washington Post's 'Try This' series provides practical tips to enhance daily routines and overall well-being.

      Making small, achievable changes can lead to significant improvements in various aspects of life. The expert shares practical tips from The Washington Post, ensuring they are doable and concise. These tips can be easily applied to enhance your daily routines and overall well-being. Remember, making a difference doesn't always require grand gestures. Instead, focus on the small steps that can lead to meaningful progress. So, grab a pair of glasses and stay tuned to The Washington Post's "Try This" series for more inspiring and actionable advice.

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    In a cooking rut? 'Try This.'

    In a cooking rut? 'Try This.'

    "The 7" is off for the holiday but we wanted to give you a heads up about the new season of "Try This" from a voice that may be familiar to you! Cristina Quinn is back with a new audio corse. This time it's a look at how to make cooking more enjoyable. She begins by outlining how identifying parts of your personality outside the kitchen can set you up for success inside the kitchen.

    Cristina teams up with the Washington Post food team to uncover tips for identifying your kitchen personality. Food and dining editor Joe Yonan, food writer and recipe developer Aaron Hutcherson and recipes editor Becky Krystal discuss how to apply personality characteristics — like a tendency to tinker or an adherence to rules — to your cooking experience. The process can make preparing a meal more personalized and therefore more pleasurable.

    Find more than 10,000 recipes – sortable by cuisine, course and time it takes to cook – in The Post’s recipe finder. Try one of Cristina’s favorites, Simple Butter Chicken.

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    To hear more, check out “Try This” wherever you listen to podcasts.

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    Flat Earth Dave Returns to High Road to Humanity with New Information

    Flat Earth Dave Returns to High Road to Humanity with New Information

    Dave Weiss brings us up to date on the flat earth and his mission to reveal the truth to humanity. We discuss the galactics, airline pilots, revelations, Biblical references to the flat earth, nuclear weapons, the war in Ukraine and more on the show. Dave talks about all of the new flat earth followers that have joined the flat earth app. Here are a few links to connect with Flat Earth Dave. The Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWTBNGnjXEZOtEwEp9BGTg/video Link to app: https://qrco.de/bbizVA

    #47 - May 2016

    #47 - May 2016

    In this month's show:

    The Discussion

    Revision season as Jeni finishes her masters in astrophysics and preparations for AstroCamp in the Welsh Brecon Beacons.

    The News

    • SpaceX make Paul look a right fool
    • Stephen Hawking backs an attempt to send spaceships to Alpha Centauri
    • More insight in to gravitational waves
    • A new galaxy is discovered orbiting the Milky Way
    • Narrowing down the whereabouts of Planet Nine

    Paul's Big Hat of Woo

    This month we look at planetary alignments and all those crazy notions that tsunamis or weightlessness might occur if the planets are in certain alignments, or something.


    Our question this month comes from Clemens Unger in Melbourne, Australia who helpfully suggested:

    If you’re looking for a topic to chat about in the show, how about the recent well publicised case of image theft in the Astro imaging community? A chap used a Damien Peach image and presented it as his own. But, as it’s a small world, Damien saw it by chance. There seems to be so much pressure on these days to show better and better images and that seems to overtake the fun of astronomy a bit for some and peer pressure is getting to some.

    The Fiery Death Plunge of Spacecraft Cassini (47)

    The Fiery Death Plunge of Spacecraft Cassini (47)

    On the 15 September, 2017, after a long and happy life, the spacecraft Cassini will do (or did, depending on when you listen to this) a suicide plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn, the ringed planet.

    This episode is a repeat, originally released in March 2017. 

    Dr Linda Spilker has been with NASA's Jet propulsion Lab since 1977. Her work spans Voyager missions and the current Cassini mission. With 40 years of exploration experience, enjoy our extended edition of Shirtloads. Also find out how Australia may play a vital role in decoding Saturn's rings. (Warning: Contains Physics, Chemistry, inter-planetary exploration and traces of Biology). 

    Aloha From "Mars"

    Aloha From "Mars"

    Lynn Levy, host of Gimlet’s ‘The Habitat’, joins Steve and guest host Moiya McTier to talk about the true story of six strangers who were picked to live in a Mars simulation, work together, and have their lives taped.

    Questions Include: How does one become a fake astronaut? Will there be psychological therapy in space? Are the HI-SEAS participants safe? What kind of entertainment do you bring on a Mars simulation? What is it like listening to 200 hours of tape? What makes up a good crew of astronauts? What kinds of conflicts arise during a Mars simulation? Why is there a space simulation in Hawaii? Is being an astronaut boring? Why doesn’t NASA study sex or romantic relationships in space?

    Follow ‘I Need My Space’ on Social Media:

    Twitter: @INeedMySpacePod

    Instagram: @INeedMySpacePod

    FB Group:  I Need My Space Pod

    To continue the conversation from this episode, use the hashtag #INeedMySpace.

    Listen to ‘The Habitat’ on Gimlet: http://www.gimletmedia.com/the-habitat

    And on Apple: https://apple.co/2NJIy08

    Follow Lynn on Twitter: @LynnRLevy

    About Inverse:

    Inverse sparks curiosity about the future. We explore the science of anything, innovations that shape tomorrow and ideas that stretch our minds. Our goal is to motivate the next generation to build a better world.


    ‘I Need My Space’ is an Inverse production hosted by Steve Ward, produced by Sam Riddell, and executive produced by Hannah Margaret Allen and Weston Green. This episode was also produced and hosted by Moiya McTier. Our intro and outro music was created by Andrew Olivares.

    Steve: @stevejohnhenryw

    Moiya: @GoAstroMo

    Andrew: https://soundcloud.com/andrewo

    Other Topics Discussed Include: Gimlet, ‘The Habitat’, Lynn Levy, HI-SEAS, Hawaii, and NASA

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