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    enSeptember 19, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Reflecting on Prioritizing Self-Care During Relationship ChallengesRecognize that your happiness is a priority, setting boundaries isn't selfish, and prioritize self-care during challenging relationship situations.

      Prioritizing self-care and happiness is essential for personal growth, especially during challenging times in relationships. The speaker, Anna, reflected on her past advice given in an episode about coping with a breakup and realized she fully agreed with it. She emphasized the importance of recognizing that one's own happiness is a priority and that setting boundaries is not selfish. Anna shared her own experiences of emotional turbulence and growth over the past year, acknowledging that sometimes situations outside of official relationships can be just as emotionally challenging. Through her reflections, Anna came to understand the importance of prioritizing herself and her own emotional well-being, and encourages others to do the same.

    • Setting healthy boundaries in relationshipsRecognize and assert healthy boundaries to prioritize personal well-being over allowing toxic behavior

      Setting healthy boundaries is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. The speaker shares her personal growth from allowing emotional and physical disturbance in her past relationships to now having zero tolerance for games and inconsistency. She emphasizes the importance of clear communication and respecting oneself enough to walk away from toxic situations. The speaker's reflection on her past self, who let toxic behavior slide, highlights the power of self-awareness and the ability to recognize and assert healthy boundaries. The takeaway is not to let emotional upsets or inconsistency dictate the course of relationships and to prioritize personal well-being over allowing toxic behavior.

    • Supporting a friend through a tough timeBe a consistent and supportive friend, let them go through their own journey, respect their healing process, and offer compassion and understanding.

      When a friend is going through a tough time in a relationship, the best thing you can do is be a consistent and supportive friend. It's important to let them go through their own journey and trust that they will get out of it when they are ready. Trying to be their therapist or forcing a relationship can lead to emotional drain and potentially miscommunication. Everyone has their own unique experiences and healing process, and it's crucial to respect that. Additionally, it's essential to remember that people are not inherently bad; they are just hurt. We all go through various forms of pain and trauma, and it shapes us in different ways. Instead of labeling someone as a "bad person," try to understand their perspective and offer compassion and understanding.

    • Recognize and prioritize your own worth and needs in relationshipsSetting clear boundaries and prioritizing self-care are crucial for ending unhealthy relationship patterns and promoting personal growth.

      It's important to remember your own worth and boundaries in relationships, even when dealing with hurt or complicated situations. Just because someone else may be going through their own struggles doesn't mean you should abandon your own needs or allow yourself to be hurt. It's crucial to recognize when a relationship is not healthy for you and to take steps to prioritize your own well-being. Additionally, when it comes to repetitive patterns in relationships, it's essential to understand that the cycle will only end when you set clear boundaries and stick to them. The hardest part is often saying no when the other person expresses desire to reconcile, but it's necessary for your growth and self-preservation. Remember that your younger self is still a part of you, and neglecting your own needs for someone else's can have long-term consequences.

    • Actions don't always match wordsPeople's desires don't guarantee commitment, learn from past experiences, and embrace differences in relationships

      People's words don't always align with their actions. Someone expressing their desire for you doesn't guarantee a commitment. It's important to remember past experiences and protect yourself from emotional turbulence. Additionally, you don't have to date someone who is exactly like you. Embracing differences and allowing each other to have separate interests can lead to a healthier relationship. These realizations have helped the speaker gain a more open-minded perspective and understand that being alone or with someone from a different industry is equally valid.

    • Finding Balance in RelationshipsAllow people in, but don't neglect your own needs and desires. Balance self-love with openness to new experiences and lessons.

      While it's important to prioritize self-love and stability in our lives, it's equally important to allow people in and not completely shut them out. The speaker shares her experience of adapting too much in relationships and neglecting her own needs and desires. She encourages trying to live with someone's lifestyle instead of always adapting, as it may lead to growth and uncomfortable but necessary lessons. It's essential to remember that everyone who comes into our lives brings something new and valuable, even if it's just the opportunity to voice our needs or set boundaries. Ultimately, it's a balance between being true to ourselves and being open to the experiences and lessons that come with allowing others in.

    • Understanding emotional well-being in relationshipsCommunicate effectively, set boundaries, trust ourselves, prioritize personal growth, and be with those who uplift us

      Taking care of emotional well-being is crucial in relationships. It's essential to understand that emotional turbulence can impact us, and it's our responsibility to set boundaries to protect ourselves. Communication is key, and it's better to address issues head-on rather than letting things fester. When faced with uncertainty or difficult decisions, it's important to trust ourselves and be true to who we are. Relationships should support personal growth, not hinder it. If someone's actions don't align with our goals or values, it's important to prioritize our well-being and consider whether the relationship is beneficial for us. Ultimately, we deserve to be with people who uplift and encourage us to be our best selves.

    • Stay true to yourself in relationshipsFocus on being your best self, encourage partner growth, view challenges as opportunities, and prioritize self-well being.

      Being true to yourself is crucial in relationships. Sometimes, trying to be someone you're not or creating scenarios in your head about the relationship can lead to misunderstandings and potential conflict. Instead, focus on being your best self and encouraging your partner to do the same. Additionally, when faced with difficult situations or recurring problems, try to view them as opportunities for growth and ask yourself what the universe might be trying to teach you. Remember, everything happens for a reason, and focusing on yourself and prioritizing your own well-being is not selfish. By staying true to yourself and approaching challenges with a growth mindset, you can navigate relationships more effectively and find greater fulfillment in the process.

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    your body doesn't need fixing, your relationship with it does
    EP67 - have you ever considered that the answer to your problems doesn't lie in losing weight and that it could be in healing the relationship you have with your body? i know from experience that your happiness and opportunities do not come from dieting and exercising to the point where you achieve a 'dream body'. your physical appearance cannot and will not resolve the issues you have that are related to your mental or emotional wellbeing. this episode is all about breaking down those bad body image days, how to deal with them and how to be kind to yourself because you are enough just as you are. let's focus on shifting that negative and unproductive mindset rather than numbers on the scales this year. lotsa love as always xoxo

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    Welcome to the Self Care Architect series within the Self Care Passport podcast. For the next 10 episodes it's you and me and the 9 foundations we will explore each week.

    These strong yet flexible foundations help us build, create and nurture ourselves to maintain and sustain a Self Care Lifestyle that we love.

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    Be, Be Courageous, Surrender, Be Loving, Allow.

    These interactions and discussions will be done in the private Facebook group, The Self Care Passport, on the blog and via Instagram. I do upon occasion archive the Facebook group to unplug and rejuvenate. If you are wanting the content during this time search Self Care Architect on the blog or search #selfcarearchitect on Instagram

    There is also a printable daily sheet you can use as a companion to this series.

    I look forward to going on this journey with you. All the links are below.

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    EP284 How to Set and Keep Healthy Boundaries with Heather Roberts

    EP284 How to Set and Keep Healthy Boundaries with Heather Roberts

    Heather Roberts is a Boundaries Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create space in their lives and businesses. She joins us today to share the importance of defining what boundaries mean to each individual, as well as advice for overcoming the struggles women often face when trying to establish boundaries.

    Listen in as she offers tips on how to overcome the guilt and other negative emotions that may arise during this process. You'll learn why it's crucial to ask for clarification when feeling unsure about what is expected of you, why texting or emailing may not be the best option for having difficult conversations, and how to create boundaries that will help you achieve the business and life you truly want.

    "You don’t have to have the business you have. You can have the business you wanted. - Heather Roberts

    This Week on Young Money:

    • Why Heather decided to focus her business on women.
    • The importance of remembering that you can have the business you truly want.
    • Why women struggle to put boundaries in place.
    • How to overcome the guilt that comes up when you set boundaries.
    • The benefit of creating expectations around relationships with loved ones.
    • The importance of asking for clarification if you’re feeling unsure of expectations.
    • Why text and email are not an option for hard conversations.

    Key takeaways:

    1. Define your boundaries.
    2. Set expectations.
    3. Ask for clarity or help when needed.
    4. Take time to communicate.

    Connect with Heather Roberts:

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    EP44: Fiercely Loving Yourself

    EP44: Fiercely Loving Yourself

    The difference between doing self care when it’s convenient VS fiercely loving yourself.. that’s the topic we’re diving into this week my love.

    I share my recent personal examples, as well as what has been showing up with clients of late..

    Here’s the rundown of what you’ll receive: 

    • A life update on what my intuition is showing me


    • Fiercely loving yourself VS convenient self love


    • Recent examples from my personal life


    • Common misconceptions about self love and care


    • The Lioness and her cub


    • The internal battle of obligation: “should”, “have to”, “need to”


    • The problem with always wanting more

    And (as always) a whole lot more!

    Connect with Gemma here daily on instagram, and for more resources head to gemmahanley.com

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    EP06: On Boundaries and Accountability, Part 1

    Sarah Rice and Therapy Jeff are back with the first half of their two-part conversation on boundaries and accountability. This first episode is all about defining, understanding, setting, communicating, and respecting boundaries.

    Jeff breaks down why setting boundaries can be really difficult and how we might gaslight ourselves into thinking our desire to set boundaries is asking for too much. But really, a boundary can be a "gift or a little map" to tell someone else how to be a good friend, lover, co-worker, or family member (because boundaries aren't just for romantic partners).

    Sarah and Jeff model a caring, loving way to set boundaries, and Sarah shares her "Relationship Mad Libs" which is a template you can use when you need to establish a boundary in your life.

    We also get introduced to Sarah's superhero alter ego that she calls in to do the hard stuff. Her name is Rogue Carbonara, and she's a boundary-setting badass.

    We want to hear about your superhero alter ego! They're your favorite superhero combined with your greatest weakness. Jeff's is He-Man Algebra, but we're still workshopping that one.

    Listen to more podcasts like this: https://wavepodcastnetwork.com

    We want to hear from you! Let us know what's on your mind:

    Jeff's TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therapyjeff

    Jeff's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therapyjeff

    Sarah's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imsarahrice

    More podcasts at WAVE: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/artist/wave-podcast-network/1437831426