Journal - What Did September Bring You?

    en-gbSeptember 24, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Reflecting on September's ExperiencesTake time to reflect on the experiences and moments that brought joy or growth in September, and consider sharing them with a community.

      Reflecting on the past month can bring a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the experiences and moments it has brought. For the speaker, September brought a rhino encounter, a safari adventure, friendship, officiating opportunities, and new work. However, everyone's experiences are unique, and what September meant to the speaker may be different for others. The important thing is to take the time to reflect on the moments that made an impact and brought joy or growth. Additionally, engaging with podcasts like Everyday Positivity on Spotify can provide an interactive platform to share and discuss these experiences with a community. So, take a moment to consider what September brought you and share it with others.

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    Ep 16: My Favorite Moments of 2020

    We made it, Birth Warriors! We survived, and in some cases, even thrived in 2020. Here we are stepping into 2021—perhaps with uncertainty or hesitation—but doing it just the same! In our very first episode for the New Year, I reflect on the moments in 2020 that brought me the greatest levels of joy, growth, and appreciation. And I end this episode with sharing the thought I am using as my guiding principle for the New Year. If it resonates with you, I encourage you to explore using it as well. 


    Here we go, Birth Warriors. We’re doing it! Sending you so much love for the year ahead! 

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    36: Season 2 Begins! Buddhism, Law of Attraction, & Creative Expression: Takeaways From a Buddhist Creativity Retreat + Updates of Dreams Manifested

    36: Season 2 Begins! Buddhism, Law of Attraction, & Creative Expression: Takeaways From a Buddhist Creativity Retreat + Updates of Dreams Manifested

    We're so excited to be back with season 2! In episode 36, we talk about how we're handling some new big changes in our lives and Megan shares takeaways from a recent Buddhist retreat called "Meditation and the Spirit of Creativity." Megan talks about her experience at this 6-day silent meditation retreat that included daily creativity classes and culminated in a creative showcase and dance party. She talks about the writing process and the importance of creative expression and how this experience relates to Law of Attraction. Aaron also shares news about his big life changes and dreams manifested. Show notes can be found at https://www.museandthecatalyst.com/podcast/episode36

    22. Discovering Your Own Personal Joy with Kelsey J Patel

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    What if we told you that you were in control of the amount of joy in your life? Would you believe it? Would you accept the challenge to begin finding it?

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    As you will hear in this episode, Kelsey is someone who radiates joyfulness. Through this episode, Michelle and Brad both hope that you will be able to take away some of Kelsey’s wisdom, apply it to your lives, and become one step closer to living an abundant life full of joy.

    Episode Highlights: 

    • The importance of processing things we have gone through.
    • A conversation on what joy truly is.
    • How to develop self-awareness to begin experiencing joy.
    • A conversation on whether or not we are in control of our own joy.
    • Actionable steps on how to begin practicing intuition.

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