Into the Lion's Den-Debating School Choice, Abortion, Second Amendment & Border Crisis with Austin Liberals

    enSeptember 25, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Exploring new experiences and important issuesDiscovering new experiences can lead to personal growth, while tools like HealthLock help correct medical bill errors, and open dialogues about important issues, like school choice, bridge gaps and foster understanding.

      Discovering new experiences, like Judy did with chumbacasino.com, can lead to personal growth and enjoyment. Meanwhile, in the realm of healthcare, it's crucial to be vigilant about potential errors in medical bills. HealthLock is a tool that helps consumers save money by identifying and correcting inaccuracies. In a broader context, open dialogues about important issues, like school choice, can bridge the gap between different perspectives, even in seemingly polarized environments. Senator Cornyn shared his experience at Trib Fest, where he discussed school choice with a predominantly left-leaning audience. Despite initial disagreements, the exchange highlighted the importance of listening to diverse viewpoints. In the current political climate, these types of conversations are essential for fostering understanding and progress.

    • School choice: A critical issue for disadvantaged communitiesSchool choice empowers families, particularly those from African American and Hispanic communities, to escape failing schools and access better education opportunities, but opposition often comes from self-interested parties.

      School choice is a critical issue for many families, particularly those from African American and Hispanic communities, who want their children out of failing schools. The momentum behind school choice is growing, with more and more states passing programs. Education is seen as the gateway to solving various social issues, and trapping children in failing schools is considered a barrier to the American dream. The opposition to school choice is often driven by self-interest, specifically from teachers unions and politicians. Low-income families, often in inner cities, are disproportionately affected and lack the resources to change their situation. It is ironic that Democrats, who position themselves as champions for minority communities, are blocking their children's access to better education opportunities. My advice for those running for office on this issue is to embrace it and take it to the people, as it is an issue that has the potential to make a significant positive impact on communities and individuals.

    • A young policy advisor advocated for school choice during the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaignMissing out on advocating for school choice during the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign could have had significant electoral gains and long-term implications for the Republican Party.

      During the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign, a young policy advisor passionately advocated for the Republican nominee to embrace school choice as a key issue, especially appealing to the top priority of minority voters. The advisor provided polling data and electoral hypotheticals to illustrate the potential electoral gains. However, the senior advisors on the campaign, who were less interested in the issue, did not embrace the idea. This missed opportunity could have significantly impacted the election outcome. Now, in the current political climate, the potential adoption of school choice could positively change the Republican Party's stance for decades to come.

    • Legacies of hope and valuesFirearms are used defensively to prevent crimes up to a million times a year, disarming law-abiding citizens may increase crime rates, focus on putting criminals in jail instead.

      Giving hope and opportunity to the next generation and standing firm on values like the Second Amendment are meaningful legacies. Patriot Mobile, a Christian conservative cell phone provider, not only offers competitive rates but also supports causes aligned with these values. Meanwhile, debates around the Second Amendment often lead to heated discussions, with some advocating for stricter gun control laws. However, data from sources like the Obama White House shows that firearms are used defensively to prevent crimes up to a million times a year in the US. Disarming law-abiding citizens may lead to increased crime rates, including murder and sexual assault. Instead, focusing on putting criminals in jail is a more effective approach to reducing crime.

    • Criminal justice reforms and increased crime ratesReleasing violent criminals contributes to increased crime, especially in low-income communities, and some argue that policies pushing for criminal justice reforms have worsened the issue, with organizations like George Soros funding the election of district attorneys promoting lenient policies.

      The connection between criminal justice reforms, such as defunding the police and releasing violent criminals, and increased crime rates, particularly in low-income communities and inner cities, is a significant issue. This pattern of releasing criminals who go on to commit more crimes has been observed by law enforcement officials, who want to arrest and keep dangerous individuals off the streets. However, the response to this issue is met with anger and denial from some, particularly those who support gun control and criminal justice reforms but do not face the same level of threat from crime. The data shows that organizations and individuals, such as George Soros, have spent large sums of money on electing district attorneys who implement policies that let violent criminals out of jail, contributing to the problem. It's important to consider the impact of these policies on the most vulnerable populations and to prioritize public safety for all.

    • The miracle of preborn life: saving babies and protecting retirementPre Born saves 200 babies daily, eyes form by six weeks, thumb-sucking by ten, $28 donation makes a difference, Democrats' extreme stance on abortion, Pre Born's mission to save lives, tax-deductible donations, consider Augusta Precious Metals for retirement savings

      The heart of a preborn baby begins to form at conception and starts beating at just three weeks. Pre Born, an organization that rescues unborn babies from abortion, reports that they save 200 babies every day. A baby's eyes begin to form by six weeks, and they can suck their thumb by ten weeks. For just $28, you can make a difference in a child's life. Abortion is a contentious issue in politics, with Democrats attempting to codify Roe v Wade, which would effectively legalize abortion up until birth. However, this view is not in line with the majority of Americans, as only 9% of the population agrees with it. The Democratic position on abortion is extreme and out of step with the American people. Pre Born's mission is to save lives, and every donation, no matter the size, is tax-deductible and will make a difference. As for protecting your retirement savings, consider Augusta Precious Metals for a secure investment.

    • Protecting Retirement Savings with GoldThe Biden administration's policies have led to record-breaking illegal immigration, causing concern for retirement savings and the future of the country. Educate yourself on the facts and consider diversifying with gold.

      Augusta Precious Metals focuses on helping individuals protect their retirement savings through the use of a gold IRA or 401(k). They offer personalized web conferences to answer any questions and help people understand how gold can be used as a diversification tool. The speaker expressed concern about the impact of illegal immigration on the country and the unwillingness of some individuals, particularly young college students, to have an open dialogue about the issue. He highlighted that the current crisis at the border was not inevitable but was caused by specific decisions made by the Biden administration, including halting border wall construction, reinstating the catch and release policy, and withdrawing from the remain in Mexico agreement. These actions led to the highest rate of illegal immigration in recorded history, with over 7.5 million people crossing the border since Biden took office. The speaker urged listeners to educate themselves on the facts and consider the potential impact of these policies on their own retirement savings and the future of the country.

    • Worst border crisis in history continues with 500% increase in illegal immigrantsThe Biden administration faces a worsening border crisis, with August 2023 seeing a 500% increase in illegal border crossings compared to August 2020, straining resources and communities.

      The number of illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border in August 2023 reached nearly 500% of what it was in August 2020, marking the 30th consecutive month of the worst border crisis in history. The Biden administration reported 232,972 encounters, with encounters being instances where border patrol agents stop and apprehend individuals, and gotaways being instances where individuals are seen but not apprehended. The August 2020 numbers were 40,929 encounters, the lowest in 45 years. However, in August 2021, there were 213,593 encounters, a 400% increase. This trend continued in August 2022 with 204,008 encounters and in August 2023 with 232,972 encounters. The cartels are taking advantage of the situation, leading to mass illegal crossings, as seen in the viral footage of over 2,500 migrants crossing into Eagle Pass in one night, which is a small town on the southern border with a population of about 28,000. This influx of illegal immigrants is putting a strain on resources and communities, leading to a crisis in New York City with 110,000 illegal immigrants, and Eagle Pass alone saw over 4,000 illegal immigrants on one day, equivalent to 14% of the town's population.

    • Strain on Cities from Massive Immigrant InfluxesGovernor Hochul expresses concern over NYC's capacity to accommodate massive influxes of immigrants, despite previously welcoming them, while critics blame the federal government for the crisis

      The discussion highlights the significant strain caused by massive influxes of immigrants entering cities, specifically New York City, which has a population of 9 million people. The speaker expresses concern over the current situation, where 1.2 million people entering on a single day would be a crisis for the city. This is in contrast to the Biden administration's policies, which have led to the release of over 100,000 immigrants in a short period. New York Governor Hochul previously welcomed immigrants with open arms but now acknowledges the city's limitations due to capacity issues. However, she also emphasizes the importance of applying for asylum before leaving one's country. Critics, including Mayor Adams, blame the federal government for the situation but fail to hold their fellow Democrats accountable for their actions or lack thereof. The speaker's tone conveys frustration and a call for action to address the issue.

    • Political leaders criticize border crisis but fail to actGovernors criticize border crisis while doing little to help, smaller towns face safety and economic issues, and natural supplement Chalk can boost testosterone levels

      Political leaders, such as New York's Democrat governor, are criticizing the border crisis while not taking significant actions to address it. Instead, they are passing the responsibility to other states and continuing to virtue signal. This hypocrisy was highlighted during a press interview where both the governor and the interviewer wore identical white suits. The border crisis is causing significant issues for smaller towns, like Eagle Pass, Texas, where mayors are declaring states of emergency due to the influx of illegal immigrants. These communities are facing safety concerns and economic strain due to the crisis, yet they are receiving little to no support from the federal government. Additionally, the speaker expressed concern over the historical decline in testosterone levels and encouraged listeners to check out Chalk, a natural herbal supplement that can help boost testosterone levels.

    • CNN fails to label Democratic Mayor as DemocratOmitting political affiliations in news reporting can influence viewers' perceptions and impact the political narrative

      CNN, in a report about the border crisis, inexplicably failed to label Democratic Mayor Rolando Salinas as a Democrat on their screen. The omission is significant because most elected officials in South Texas, where the crisis is unfolding, are Democrats. The mayor's call for addressing the crisis is not in line with the Democratic party's stance on open borders, and CNN's omission could influence viewers to assume the mayor is a Republican. The discussion underscores the politicization of the border crisis and the importance of accurate labeling in news reporting. It's crucial to stay informed and share reliable information, especially during times of crisis. To stay updated, follow the Ben Ferguson podcast, available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the Saturday podcast for a weekend review of news stories. Additionally, BritBox is a streaming service offering acclaimed British TV shows, including dramas with powerful performances, original series, and crime thrillers. Start a free trial at brittbox.com.

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