How do we continue to support underrepresented non profits?

    enSeptember 22, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Technology and community make a differenceOrder groceries conveniently, donate to charities during North Texas Giving Day, and invest in community health, wealth, living, and learning. Every little bit helps make a significant impact.

      Technology and community come together to make life more convenient and give back. Instacart allows you to order groceries from the comfort of your couch without missing a minute of your favorite game. At the same time, North Texas Giving Day encourages community members to donate to their preferred charities online during a 18-hour span, making a significant impact in the community. Dr. Fruswah Booker Drew, the founder of Solstice Consultancy and a top consultant to nonprofits and organizations in North Texas, including Communities Foundation of Texas, emphasized the importance of giving back and investing in the community's health, wealth, living, and learning. So whether it's through ordering groceries or donating to a charity, technology and community collaboration make a difference in our daily lives and the lives of those around us. Don't miss out on Instacart's free delivery offer, and celebrate and save during Ashley's anniversary sale. Remember, every little bit helps, and your contribution can make a significant impact on someone's life.

    • Highlighting Small, Southern Dallas Nonprofits on Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday brings significant financial contributions and visibility for nonprofits, with smaller, less recognized organizations in Southern Dallas featured on serve South Dallas dot org.

      Giving Tuesday is an important day for nonprofits not only for the significant financial contributions it brings, but also for increased visibility and volunteer opportunities. With over 3,000 organizations listed, it can be overwhelming for individuals to choose which one to support. To help highlight smaller, less recognized nonprofits, particularly those in Southern Dallas, the website serve South Dallas dot org was created. This website features about 80 plus organizations and aims to amplify their work and provide opportunities for support. While larger entities with established resources also require assistance, this platform serves to introduce individuals to the impactful work of grassroots organizations in need.

    • Underfunded Nonprofits Making a DifferenceLess than 1% of US funding goes to nonprofits led by black women, highlighting the need to support and raise awareness for underfunded organizations doing impactful work in local communities

      There are numerous underfunded and marginalized nonprofit organizations doing impactful work, despite not receiving the same level of visibility or resources as larger, more well-known organizations. For instance, groups like Miles of Freedom, led by individuals like Richard Miles who have made a significant difference in their communities, often go unnoticed. The demographic of nonprofits that historically don't receive adequate support includes those led by black women, with less than 1% of all funding in the US going to these organizations. Initiatives like Heritage Giving Circle aim to address this issue by providing much-needed funding to these deserving nonprofits. It's crucial to raise awareness about these organizations and the essential work they do in our local communities.

    • Supporting Nonprofits: More Than Just DonationsEngage in community efforts beyond donations, raise awareness for nonprofits, and appreciate the impact of their work.

      Supporting nonprofit organizations goes beyond just donating money online. It's about creating a connected chain of individuals and communities working together to make a positive impact. Nonprofit leaders are essential doers, but they also need support in return. The existence of thousands of nonprofits, each addressing unique needs through time, talent, and treasure, is a testament to the power of community engagement. From art and education to animal welfare and beyond, there's a nonprofit for every interest and cause. This Giving Tuesday, let's not only donate but also raise awareness for the incredible work these organizations are doing and the difference they make in our communities.

    • Creating a platform for lesser-known nonprofitsInvesting time and skills in nonprofits beyond writing checks and attending events can significantly increase their visibility and impact.

      Supporting nonprofits goes beyond writing checks and attending events. It's about investing time and skills to help these organizations grow and make a greater impact. The creation of a website to showcase lesser-known nonprofits has increased their visibility and recognition, and the hope is that it will continue to add more organizations and inspire deeper engagement from the community. Ultimately, the goal is to turn these nonprofits into household names, bringing awareness to their important causes and the difference they make in people's lives.

    • Empowering Individuals Through Nonprofit SupportCheck out Surfs South Dallas and the Heritage Giving Circle to learn about local nonprofits and make a difference. Your support can fill gaps and impact lives positively.

      Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in supporting individuals during difficult times. Their work becomes more notable when people become familiar with it, and this knowledge can be empowering for everyone involved. By donating and supporting these nonprofits, we help ensure they can continue to provide essential services to those in need. Dr. Frostwap Booker encourages everyone to check out Surfs South Dallas and the Heritage Giving Circle to learn more about local nonprofits and how they can make a difference. Remember, your support can help fill the gap during hard times and make a significant impact on people's lives. So, let's all do our part and give these nonprofits the love and support they deserve. To learn more, visit surfsouthdallas.org.

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    At least 39% of the U.S. population is type O positive, making it the most common blood type. O-positive is used in treating traumatic bleeding, often due to life-threatening traffic accidents and in other medical emergencies.

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    What is the new Texas data privacy law?

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    There's another one coming soon that deals with social media companies and the question of silencing some voices in a Texas case.

    In less than a week, Texans will get a little more control over their data online. It's called the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act.

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    What are the most common mistakes people make in the heat?

    What are the most common mistakes people make in the heat?

    Summer has returned with a vengeance to North Texas... We're under heat advisories from now through at least tomorrow, and those will probably get extended well into next week as we're dealing with temperatures near and above 100 degrees.
    If you're new to North Texas, this is something that we just learn to deal with every year. It's one of the benefits of having a more mild winter.
    There are different health conditions that can come from the excessive heat around here, and you need to know the differences.
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    Should social media platforms have a warning label like tobacco?

    Should social media platforms have a warning label like tobacco?

    Labeling is on a lot of things we might consume... our food, alcohol, tobacco... social media. Well not yet... but U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on Congress today to pass legislation mandating warning labels on social media sites.

    He claims social media is associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents. And suggests a surgeon general’s warning label, which requires congressional action, would regularly remind parents and adolescents that social media has not been proved safe.

    Dr. Ken Jones is the Behavioral Health Clinical Officer for Texas Health Resources. He joined the KRLD Afternoon News to discuss whether or not this could make a notable impact on people's health.




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    Free healthcare clinic coming this weekend for North Texans

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    Remote Area Medical’s pop-up clinic will be offering FREE dental, vision and medical services for two days only, this Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4.

    On Ask the Expert, Audra FitzGerald, Clinic Coordinator joined the KRLD Afternoon News to discuss what to expect.