Here’s What's REALLY Happening (Ep 2092)

    enSeptember 20, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Unexpectedly large turnout at book signing with diverse audienceDan Vongino's book signing attracted a large crowd of supporters from diverse backgrounds, who waited hours for a personal connection and endorsed ExpressVPN for online privacy.

      Dan Vongino had an unexpectedly large turnout at a book signing in his hometown, encountering liberal comedian comments, a NEPA update, and a warning on inflation. He also emphasized the importance of online privacy and endorsed ExpressVPN to protect it. The event was a reminder of the support from his audience, consisting of people from various places, who appreciated his work despite their different backgrounds. Dan expressed gratitude towards their kindness and understanding, as they waited in line for hours. Overall, it was an inspiring experience for Dan, highlighting the power of connection and the value of privacy in today's digital world.

    • Embrace mistakes, make amends, and move forwardDespite past mistakes, it's crucial to genuinely repent and make amends. Support free expression platforms and learn from experiences to grow.

      No matter what mistakes we make in life, it's important to try and make amends and move forward. The speaker shared a personal interaction with a man who had spent 18 years in prison, reminding him not to let his past define him and to genuinely repent. This message applies to everyone, as we all make mistakes and cause harm. The speaker also emphasized the importance of supporting free expression platforms that believe in due process and don't censor or attack creators without conviction. The speaker's book, which advocates for embracing failure, has been a success, and he encourages everyone to strive to make things right and learn from their experiences.

    • Pushback against Rumble and Russell Brand's open immigration viewsGovernment, big tech, and media are perceived to be coordinately suppressing Rumble due to its founder's criticism of liberal ideologies, specifically open borders. Brand's advocacy for a more open approach to immigration sparks controversy and highlights the tension between free speech and censorship.

      There is a perceived coordinated effort from government, big tech, and media to suppress the video platform Rumble, with its founder, Russell Brand, being a vocal critic of liberal ideologies. Brand's presence on Rumble, which does not censor content based on political beliefs, has been highlighted as a reason for this pushback. The liberal ideology criticized includes the idea of open borders and importing failed systems from other countries, which Brand believes is unsustainable and forces cruelty on others. The debate around this issue showcases the stark differences between liberal and conservative viewpoints, with Brand advocating for a more open and less exclusive approach to immigration. The controversy surrounding Rumble and Brand's stance underscores the ongoing tension between free speech and censorship in the digital age.

    • Wealthy individuals advocating for open borders without personal sacrificeElitist liberals urging sacrifices while refusing to act themselves is a hypocritical approach to societal issues.

      Some individuals, often identified as elitist liberals, advocate for policies without practicing them themselves. They urge others to make sacrifices while refusing to do so themselves. This was highlighted in a discussion about immigration, where Geraldo Rivera, a wealthy media personality, was criticized for advocating for open borders while not offering his own resources or home to those in need. The speaker also drew parallels between the sacrifices made by military personnel in wars and the current societal issues, emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility and action rather than just talk.

    • Complexities of Illegal Migration and its Impact on CitiesDemocrats urged to address residents' concerns on illegal migration, asylum seeking a federal responsibility but states decide on housing, consequences include increased crime, drug overdoses, and economic instability, people continue to vote Democrat, prepare for long-term solution through American Financing.

      The ongoing issue of illegal migration and the burden it places on cities like Chicago is a complex problem with federal and state implications. Democrats, including Lewis CK, are urged to engage with residents and understand their concerns. The process of asylum seeking is a federal responsibility, but states can decide where to house asylum seekers. The situation is not improving, and the consequences of the current situation include increased crime, drug overdoses, and economic instability. People will continue to vote Democrat despite these issues, and it may take a significant turning point for the situation to change. The speaker encourages listeners to prepare for the long haul and offers a potential solution for managing debt through American Financing.

    • Reaching out for credit help and border issuesContact your lender for credit concerns and consider the complexities of border issues, engaging in thoughtful dialogue to find solutions

      If you have credit issues, it's important to reach out to your lender as they may have a credit care team that can help you. Meanwhile, there are ongoing concerns about human trafficking and illegal immigration at the U.S. border, with reports of mass releases of immigrants into cities. These issues have sparked debates and calls for action, with some advocating for stricter border control and others arguing for more compassionate policies. Regardless of one's stance, it's clear that these issues are complex and require thoughtful consideration and engagement from all sides. If you're feeling overwhelmed, remember that there are resources available to help you navigate these issues and make informed decisions.

    • The 'motor voter' law and mass mail-out balloting can lead to a large number of ballots being sent outThe 'motor voter' law and mass mail-out balloting can potentially result in a significant number of ballots being sent out, increasing the risk of voter fraud and potentially undermining the electoral process.

      The 1993 National Voter Registration Act, also known as "motor voter," which allows people to register to vote when they apply for or renew public assistance, has been used by Democrats to expand the voter pool. This, combined with mass mail-out balloting, can lead to a large number of ballots being sent out, and there's no way to know who's returning them. For example, Pennsylvania's new automatic voter registration law, which was recently announced by Governor Shapiro, could result in a significant number of ballots being mailed out before the next election. Critics argue that this could lead to voter fraud and undermine the integrity of the electoral process.

    • Geopolitical shifts and economic instability could impact the US dollar and lead investors to consider alternatives like gold.Geopolitical shifts and economic instability could weaken the US dollar, causing investors to seek protection in physical gold. Maintaining good health is crucial, and Brickhouse Nutrition's Field of Greens can support a healthy diet. Trust in public health institutions and figures has been eroded, so approach information rationally and avoid panic.

      Geopolitical shifts and economic instability could lead to a weakening US dollar, making investors and savers look to alternatives like physical gold for protection. Meanwhile, maintaining good health remains crucial, and despite the challenges with public health figures, products like Brickhouse Nutrition's Field of Greens can help support a healthy diet. Additionally, trust in public health institutions and figures has been eroded due to their handling of the COVID-19 situation, making it essential to approach information rationally and avoid panic.

    • Potential discovery of Nipah virus in Wuhan lab samplesReports of Nipah virus outbreak in India; potential discovery of Nipah virus in Wuhan lab samples from 2 years ago; concerns about lab's safety record and potential creation of deadly viruses; importance of staying informed and cautious

      There have been reports of an outbreak of the Nipah virus in India, and while it's important to stay informed, panic is not helpful. Dr. Stephen Quay, a respected medical professional, has raised concerns about the potential discovery of the Nipah virus in laboratory samples from Wuhan, China, two years ago. He identified these samples through their unique genetic footprint and believes that this finding is significant. The lab where this discovery was made has a history of safety violations and was reportedly working on viruses with up to 80% lethality rate. The potential creation and handling of more powerful viruses in such a lab raises concerns about safety and security. While some may dismiss these findings as conspiracy theories, it's important to approach them with a rational and informed perspective. The Nipah virus is real and deadly, and it's crucial to stay informed about potential health risks while also being cautious and skeptical of sensationalized information.

    • Distrust in Health Authorities and MediaThe erosion of public trust in health authorities and media due to past incidents and perceived mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic could hinder effective responses to future health crises. Honesty and transparency from authorities are key to rebuilding trust and encouraging cooperation.

      The public's trust in health authorities and the media has been significantly eroded due to perceived mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and past incidents like the NEPA scare. This distrust could make it difficult for authorities to effectively respond to future health crises, as people may be skeptical of their messages and unwilling to take recommended actions. The speaker also expressed concern about the increasing difficulty to distinguish COVID-19 symptoms from other common illnesses and the potential long-term consequences of pandemic response measures such as school closures and vaccine mandates. The speaker advocated for honesty and transparency from authorities to help rebuild trust and encourage cooperation in addressing health crises.

    • Impact of Biden's climate policies on industries and workersBiden's climate policies may negatively impact industries like steel, cement, factories, and oil refineries, potentially leading to job losses for union workers, but not all may change their voting allegiance

      President Biden's climate policies could negatively impact various industries and their workers, particularly those in swing states and unions. Despite the workers' increasing lean towards the Republican Party, union bosses have reportedly pushed for these green initiatives, potentially leaving their own members facing job losses. The speaker expressed concern for industries such as steel mills, cement plants, factories, and oil refineries, which could be targeted in Biden's second term. This could lead to a shift in voter allegiance, but the speaker noted that not all workers may follow suit. The speaker also mentioned his upcoming appearance on Newsmax to discuss his book and current events.

    • Union leaders and electric vehicles: A disconnectSome union leaders prioritize access to politicians over their members' economic interests, leading to concerns and potential backlash.

      Some union bosses are pushing for electric vehicles despite the financial instability and job loss potential for their workers. This disconnect between union leaders and their members is a major concern for many, leading some to question their leadership and vote for political parties that align more closely with their economic interests. The speaker, who comes from a working-class background, expresses his solidarity with union workers and criticizes union leaders who he believes are not being truthful about the potential consequences of the shift to electric vehicles. He also accuses some union leaders of prioritizing access to politicians over the needs of their members.

    • Media's inconsistent handling of Ray Epps caseMedia can shift narratives, questioning initial reports can be crucial, and transparency is key for honest reporting

      The media's handling of certain stories can be inconsistent and biased, as illustrated by the case of Ray Epps and the January 6th Capitol protests. Initially, many questioned why Epps, who was seen on video encouraging people to enter the Capitol, hadn't been charged by the Department of Justice. However, they were labeled as conspiracy theorists. Later, when Epps was indeed charged, the media shifted the narrative, implying that the initial questioning was based on a conspiracy theory. This whiplash effect highlights the importance of questioning information and the potential for media manipulation. It also underscores the need for transparency and honest reporting from the start.

    • Author Jim's audio book outsells hardcover, invites listeners to book signingJim's audio book sales surpass hardcover version, listeners invited to attend final book signing at Barnes and Noble, Jim is a religious scholar speaking at a college.

      The author, Jim, mentioned during a radio interview that the audio version of his book is outselling the hardcover. He intentionally left some mistakes in the audio book to make it sound more like a podcast and included a few extra stories. Jim invited listeners to attend his final book signing at Barnes and Noble in Naples on September 23rd, 5 p.m. He also mentioned that he is a religious scholar and will be speaking at a college. Jim expressed his gratitude for his audience's loyalty and encouraged them to join him at the live chat or the book signing.

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    #157 - Gareth Icke - UK vs Canada Totalitarian Outlook - Blade Runners vs Maskers

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    What should we do? Be the face of it! Say things that we are not allowed to say.
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    1/13/23 Weekly Roundup: Biden Classified Files Saga, Pete Buttigieg Airlines FAA, Krystal and Saagar Debate Border Crisis, Jordan Peterson Censorship, Richard Wolff Interview, Trump NFT's Losing Value

    1/13/23 Weekly Roundup: Biden Classified Files Saga, Pete Buttigieg Airlines FAA, Krystal and Saagar Debate Border Crisis, Jordan Peterson Censorship, Richard Wolff Interview, Trump NFT's Losing Value

    In this Friday Weekly Roundup we're discussing Biden's Classified Documents, Pete Buttigieg's inability to manage the Airlines and hold them accountable, Krystal and Saagar debate the Border crisis during Biden's visit, Ontario College of Pyschologists demands Jordan Peterson take a re-education course over his social media posts, Richard Wolff joins the show to discuss inflation and the future of 2023 economy, and Trump NFT's losing 72% of their value.

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