Garland Testimony & Abbott Responds to Colony Ridge | 9.21.23

    enSeptember 21, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Republicans accuse AG Garland of overseeing two-tiered justice system during hearing on Hunter Biden's dealings with BurismaRepublicans questioned why the statute of limitations lapsed for tax investigations into Hunter Biden's dealings with Burisma, while Garland refused to provide specifics during the hearing.

      During a contentious house judiciary committee hearing, Republicans accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of overseeing a two-tiered system of justice under President Biden. The GOP lawmakers zeroed in on the fact that the statute of limitations had run out on tax investigations related to Hunter Biden's dealings with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company at the center of influence peddling allegations. Hunter Biden admitted he was not qualified for the board position and Burisma executives reportedly reached out for help. Joe Biden also pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. Republicans questioned why the statute of limitations was allowed to lapse for those tax years. Garland refused to provide specifics during the hearing. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the international community to take action against Russia, warning that empty seats might appear in the UN General Assembly if Russia's aggression continues. In Texas, officials responded to a Daily Wire report about a large complex of illegal immigrants living in the US, expressing concern over the situation.

    • Merrick Garland clarifies US Attorney's jurisdictionAG Garland confirmed US Attorneys have authority to bring cases outside their districts, but inconsistencies remain regarding Weiss's past permissions.

      During the hearing, Attorney General Merrick Garland maintained that David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. Attorney and special counsel for the investigation into President Joe Biden's son Hunter, always had the authority to bring cases outside of Delaware. However, it was unclear if this was a promise made by Garland or if Weiss previously lacked this power. The inconsistency between Garland's statements and Gary Shapley's allegations that US attorneys in Washington D.C. and California had refused Weiss's requests to bring charges in their districts, left the issue unresolved. Despite Weiss being appointed by former President Donald Trump, it is important to note that senators have significant influence in the selection of U.S. attorneys for their states. The implication being that political affiliation may not necessarily dictate bias.

    • Democratic Senators Appointed Special Counsel for Hunter Biden InvestigationDemocrats appointed Robert Weiss as special counsel for the Hunter Biden investigation, defended the DOJ and FBI during a hearing, and remain uncertain about when they might be able to question him.

      The appointment of Robert Weiss as special counsel for the investigation into the Hunter Biden case was not made at the behest of Republicans, but was personally selected by Democratic senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons. During a hearing on the matter, Democrats largely defended the Department of Justice and Garland, while highlighting threats against DOJ officials and arguing against defunding the FBI. Garland suggested that Weiss might not appear before the committee for months or even until after the 2024 election, leaving the committee uncertain about whether they will be able to question him. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is in the US seeking more support for the war against Russia, criticizing the UN for a lack of assistance and denouncing the Russian invasion during a UN General Assembly address.

    • Ukraine's President Urges UN to Suspend Russia's Veto PowerThe UN's inability to act against Russia's involvement in Ukraine is due to its veto power as a permanent member. Zelensky called for its suspension and linked the conflict to climate change, while facing opposition from some US lawmakers regarding continued aid.

      The UN Security Council's inability to take significant action against Russia's involvement in the Ukraine war is due in large part to Russia's permanent membership and veto power. During his address to the UN, Ukrainian President Zelensky called for the suspension of this power and urged greater action. Additionally, Zelensky connected the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to the global challenge of climate change, emphasizing the potential for extreme weather events to be weaponized by evil states. During his visit to Washington, Zelensky is expected to meet with Congress, where he will likely discuss continued military and economic aid for Ukraine. However, there are growing concerns and opposition from some lawmakers, particularly on the right, who question the wisdom of continued support due to budget constraints and concerns over misleading claims made by Zelensky. These tensions come as the war in Ukraine continues to impact global stability and the world grapples with the challenges of climate change.

    • European-Russian tensions over Ukraine missile attack and US border crisis with migrantsEurope is facing uncertainty over the cause of a missile attack in Ukraine, while the US grapples with an influx of migrants at the southern border, both situations have the potential to strain resources and diplomatic relations.

      There are complex and evolving situations in both Europe and the United States that have the potential to significantly impact international relations and domestic policies. In Europe, there's ongoing confusion over the origin of a missile attack in Ukraine, with some accusing Russia and others suggesting it was a Ukrainian mistake. Meanwhile, in the US, there's growing concern over the influx of migrants at the southern border and the development of large enclaves of illegal immigrants, such as Colony Ridge in Texas. State officials, including Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, are urging action to address the situation. These issues have the potential to strain resources and diplomatic relations, and could lead to unintended consequences if not handled carefully.

    • Texas Development Under Investigation for Potential WrongdoingsTexas lawmakers are investigating a development for potential wrongdoings, including questionable donations to politicians, and are calling for action from the administration.

      The Colony Ridge development in Texas, which has raised concerns over potential wrongdoings and questionable donations to politicians, is under investigation by both state and federal lawmakers. The lieutenant governor of Texas has called for answers and action from the administration regarding the situation. The governor's office has responded by acknowledging the unacceptable nature of the potential wrongdoings but has not directly addressed the $1.4 million donation from the developer and $100,000 donation from his wife. Representatives Chip Roy and Brian Babin are among those actively looking into the matter and calling for more action. The issue of foreign investors exploiting America's generous laws to gain influence is a pressing problem that needs immediate attention, and lawmakers are determined to address it.

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