Exposing Colleen Ballinger's Manipulation & Trisha's Recent Drama

    enSeptember 19, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Trish's Adoration for Ariana and OliviaTrish is a devoted fan of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, emulating their styles and hoping to interview them. She's a thorough researcher and believes in manifestation.

      Trish is a huge fan of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, and she goes to great lengths to emulate their styles. She wore a hat and clothes inspired by Ariana, and she wishes to own the exact outfit Olivia Rodrigo wore. Trish believes in the power of manifestation and hopes that both Ariana and Olivia will appear on her show someday. She also credits Olivia Rodrigo for bringing back the sweater vest trend. Trish is a dedicated researcher and prepares thoroughly for her interviews, even for guests she already knows well. She used to follow Olivia Rodrigo on Twitter but was unfollowed when Olivia gained fame and became inactive on other social media platforms.

    • Communication and Financial Management in RelationshipsEffective communication and financial responsibility are essential for maintaining a healthy relationship and avoiding unnecessary stress and financial burdens.

      Effective communication and financial management are crucial in relationships. The speaker in this conversation expresses her frustration with not being able to connect with a celebrity on social media platforms and the unexpected expenses that arose during her wedding planning. She also shares her past experiences with credit cards and how they have impacted her financially. Effective communication is evident when the speaker shares her observations about the celebrity's social media presence and her attempts to buy concert tickets. However, miscommunications arose when she and her husband did not fully understand the terms of their joint credit account and the repayment requirements. This led to unexpected financial burdens and feelings of guilt. The importance of financial management is highlighted when the speaker discusses her past experiences with credit cards and her current reliance on her husband to manage their bills. She admits to being disorganized and forgetful with payments, which has negatively impacted her credit score in the past. Therefore, the takeaway is that open communication and financial responsibility are essential for maintaining a healthy relationship and avoiding unnecessary stress and financial burdens.

    • Understanding Finances and EconomicsPay bills on time, avoid high-interest loans, save money, learn about finance and economics, and consider philanthropy for a well-rounded financial plan.

      Managing personal finances and understanding economics can be complex and confusing, but it's essential to pay bills on time, avoid high-interest loans, and learn about finance and economics to make informed decisions. The speaker shared her experience of having to secure an income loan to buy a house due to poor credit, and the long-term consequences of taking out small loans with high interest rates. She emphasized the importance of saving money, understanding the economy, and being mindful of the impact of money transactions in the world. The speaker also highlighted the importance of philanthropy and the positive impact of donating to charities. Overall, the discussion underscores the importance of financial literacy and the significance of giving back to the community.

    • Impressed by a Guest's Charisma and GenerosityA charismatic and generous guest left a lasting impression on the speaker, inspiring her to reflect on her own actions and motivations. She was inspired by the guest's ability to raise money for a Lyft driver and considered inviting more relatable guests for interviews.

      The speaker was deeply impressed by a guest's charisma and generosity during a business interaction. The guest's natural performance and ability to raise money for a Lyft driver left a lasting impression on the speaker, making her reflect on her own actions and motivations. The product the guest endorsed was also well-received. The speaker was inspired by the guest's girl boss behavior and considered inviting more relatable guests for interviews. However, she expressed reservations about the complexity and specificity of working as a barista at a place like Starbucks, where customers have exacting orders. The speaker also shared a story about a powerful figure in their industry, Ariana, who reportedly had the ability to create and order custom drinks at Starbucks, showcasing the influence and power that comes with charisma and popularity.

    • Finding Clarity After a BreakupEven in the midst of a breakup, trust that things will work out for the best and appreciate the lessons learned.

      Even in difficult situations like a breakup, it's important to remember that things often work out for the better in the long run. The speaker believes that if someone is fully invested in a relationship, they wouldn't be swayed by external factors to leave it. Breakups can be devastating at the time, but looking back, they can bring clarity and appreciation for what is to come. The speaker also shared her belief that if you're meant to be with someone, it will come back to you. She encouraged listeners to leave reviews for the podcast and appreciated the experiences she's had, such as her interview with Donny Aspen. Overall, the speaker emphasized the importance of staying positive and trusting that things will work out for the best.

    • The team's dedication and unique dynamic create a beloved podcastTrisha's humor and the trio's long, in-depth conversations create a dedicated fanbase, with each member handling various roles and the podcast's length contributing to its success.

      The podcast, hosted by Trisha, Moses, and Oscar, is a beloved source of entertainment for its audience. Trisha's humor and the trio's long, in-depth conversations make each episode a highlight of the day for many listeners. The team's dedication to the podcast is evident, with each member handling various roles, from editing and production to PR and guest booking. The listeners' appreciation for the podcast is mutual, with many expressing their love and admiration for the hosts. The trio's unique dynamic and their ability to discuss various topics in depth have created a dedicated fanbase. Additionally, the podcast's length and the team's willingness to address various topics on camera have contributed to its success. The team's dedication to their craft and their ability to create engaging content has resulted in a podcast that resonates with its audience and keeps them coming back for more.

    • Discovering Morning Recovery and Bumble's new featuresThe hosts discuss the benefits of Morning Recovery drink and share their excitement about Bumble's latest dating app improvements, promoting enjoyable nights and positive mornings.

      The podcast "Just Trash" features entertaining conversations and reviews, with the hosts being natural conversationalists who ask thought-provoking questions. They recently discovered Morning Recovery by More Labs, a drink that helps recover from the effects of alcohol consumption, allowing them to enjoy their nights and feel good the next morning. The hosts also shared their appreciation for Bumble's new features aimed at making dating easier, safer, and more enjoyable. During the episode, they addressed an apology from Brianna Chickenfry for any misunderstandings regarding comments about her and Trisha's OnlyFans. Overall, the podcast offers a fun, lighthearted approach to discussing various topics while providing valuable insights and recommendations.

    • The Power of an ApologyApologies, no matter how small, can provide closure and healing, and are essential for building and maintaining healthy relationships.

      The power of an apology should not be underestimated. Even a seemingly insignificant incident can leave a lasting impact on someone, and an apology can provide closure and healing. The speaker in this conversation had made a casual comment about someone she didn't know well, but when the person reached out with an apology, the speaker was moved by the sincerity of the gesture. Apologies may seem trivial to some, but they can mean a great deal to the person on the receiving end. The speaker herself values apologies and tries to offer them whenever she feels she may have hurt someone's feelings, no matter how small the infraction. Ultimately, the ability to apologize and forgive is an essential part of building and maintaining healthy relationships.

    • Misunderstanding due to poor communicationEffective communication is essential for maintaining relationships. Apologize for mistakes, respect others' time, and be mindful of how words may be perceived.

      Effective communication is crucial in maintaining relationships. The speaker shared an experience where she failed to respond to a friend's text, leading to a misunderstanding and feelings of annoyance and embarrassment. She acknowledged her non-confrontational nature and poor communication skills, but understood the importance of apologizing and making amends. Additionally, she realized the impact of her words and how they can unintentionally hurt others. The situation also highlighted the importance of respecting people's time and understanding the impact of canceling plans at the last minute. The speaker expressed regret for her actions and apologized, emphasizing the importance of being accountable for our words and actions. She also learned the importance of avoiding defensive mechanisms and being mindful of how her words may be perceived by others. Overall, the experience served as a valuable lesson in the importance of effective communication and respect in relationships.

    • Learning from mistakes and growingApologize when needed, stand up for yourself, consider context, and surround yourself with supportive people.

      Everyone makes mistakes and experiences embarrassment, but it's important to learn from them and give yourself and others the grace to grow and change. Apologies are necessary when appropriate, but so is standing up for oneself against mischaracterizations and misogynistic comments. The power of being unbothered and keeping it moving can be valuable, but so is defending oneself when needed. People's past actions should be considered in context, especially when mental health issues or undiagnosed illnesses were involved. Ultimately, it's essential to surround oneself with the real ones who understand and support through the ups and downs of life.

    • Moving past the pastFocus on the present and new experiences, set boundaries, and choose what parts of the past to share or let go.

      People have the power to choose what parts of their past they want to focus on and share, and it's important to not let old issues define the present or be used against them. The speaker shares her experience of moving past past topics that no longer serve her, such as old controversies or expensive possessions. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on the present and new experiences, rather than dwelling on the past. Additionally, she mentions the importance of setting boundaries and not engaging with questions or topics that are not meaningful or productive. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of self-reflection and moving forward in life.

    • Nicki Minaj's Performance and Personality Impress VMAs HostsThe VMAs were filled with maximalist vibes, unexpected moments, and Nicki Minaj's unique rap skills and humor left hosts in awe.

      During the VMAs discussion, the hosts expressed their admiration for Nicki Minaj's performance and personality, noting her unique rap skills and humor. They also commented on the maximalist vibe of the event and the unexpected moments, such as Nicki's reference to potential conflicts with other artists. The hosts also acknowledged the allegiances and dynamics between artists, with some surprising reactions from Taylor Swift during a performance by Megan Thee Stallion. Overall, the VMAs provided an entertaining and engaging experience, with Nicki Minaj's presence adding to the excitement.

    • Taylor Swift's Shining Moment at the VMAsTaylor Swift's fanbase (munchkins) and her unique charm shone at the VMAs despite the event's messiness. She won multiple awards, enjoyed fan interactions, and even found a lost ring.

      Taylor Swift stood out at the VMAs with a dedicated camera focus on her, allowing her to shine and have fun despite the event's messiness. Taylor, who is considered an icon, turned down performing but still attended due to winning multiple awards that night. A memorable moment involved the loss of a $12,000 ring, which was found with the help of fans. Swift's fanbase is called "munchkins," and they were excited about the possibility of her trying the pumpkin ice spice Munchkin drink. Halloween is a significant event for Swift and her fans, with costumes and coordination required. The NSYNC reunion at the beginning of the VMAs was also a highlight. Overall, Swift's ability to enjoy herself and connect with her fans, even in the chaos of the VMAs, showcases her unique charm and iconic status.

    • NSYNC Nostalgia: Speakers Share Favorite MemoriesSpeakers fondly remembered NSYNC during childhood, discussed favorite members and performances, and expressed excitement for potential reunion and Vegas show.

      The speakers shared their fond memories of the boy band NSYNC, specifically the No Strings Attached album, and reminisced about their favorite members and performances. They discussed their fascination with the band during their childhood and how they still hold a special place in their hearts. The speakers also mentioned their excitement about the potential NSYNC reunion and the possibility of seeing them perform in Vegas. Additionally, they shared some personal stories about their favorite NSYNC memories and how certain members stood out to them. Overall, the conversation was filled with nostalgia and appreciation for the impact NSYNC had on their lives.

    • A conversation about celebrities, Trolls movie, and advertisingThe speaker shared their thoughts on celebrities' reactions, Ben Affleck's Dunkin' commercial, and disliked long commercials on streaming services, emphasizing kindness and honesty.

      The speaker had a conversation about various topics including the Trolls movie, famous celebrities, and advertising. They discussed how some celebrities reacted strongly to certain situations, while others seemed more indifferent. The speaker also shared their thoughts on Ben Affleck's involvement in a Dunkin' commercial with I Spice and expressed their dislike for him. They also talked about the lengthy commercials they encounter while watching streaming services like Hulu and criticized the pricing structure. The speaker emphasized their efforts to look at situations with a kind heart and avoid unnecessary drama. Despite this, they couldn't help but share their honest opinions about Ben Affleck and the advertising industry. Overall, the conversation showcased the speaker's observations and thoughts on various topics, ranging from pop culture to consumer experiences.

    • Creating Authentic and Affordable Custom ShirtsSpeaker values authenticity and affordability in her work, strives to avoid cheap knockoffs, and focuses on creating meaningful experiences through her custom shirts and observations of others at events like the VMAs.

      The speaker is a creative individual who values authenticity and affordability in her work, but is concerned about copying and being accepted by others. She is working on creating custom, affordable shirts while avoiding cheap knockoffs. The discussion also touched upon her experiences at the VMAs, including her observations of Selena Gomez's reaction to the audience and performances, and her own thoughts on the Trolls movie. Overall, the speaker's focus is on creating meaningful and authentic experiences, whether through her own work or her observations of others.

    • The Challenges of Promoting ContentCreating and promoting content demands dedication, but technical aspects and fear of going live can hinder creators. Easier monetization on some platforms motivates creators.

      Creating and promoting content, whether it be through commercials or social media platforms, requires effort and dedication. The speaker in this conversation expresses her surprise at not having promoted herself more, despite her long-term presence in the content creation world. She shares her hesitation towards creating a Twitch channel due to the technical aspects and the fear of going live. The speaker also mentions the importance of platforms making it easy for creators to make money, as seen with her experience on TikTok. Ultimately, she appreciates the ease and fun of having someone else handle the technical aspects of content creation and promotion.

    • Waiting for a Proposal During Uncertain TimesPersonal readiness and comfort are key factors in proposing, regardless of societal norms.

      The pandemic brought about unexpected experiences and opportunities for some, such as Storm's financial success during the lockdown. However, even during challenging times, traditional roles and expectations, like proposing in marriage, can still apply. For Storm, she found herself in a unique situation where she was waiting for her partner to propose, despite having the means to do so herself. Ultimately, the decision to propose lies in personal comfort and readiness, regardless of societal norms. Animal Crossing also served as a source of comfort and connection during the early stages of the pandemic, bringing people together in a virtual world as the physical one came to a standstill.

    • The importance of getting engaged after a long-term relationshipSome see engagement as a formal commitment and exciting new chapter, while others prioritize living together and commitment. Social media influences wedding expectations.

      The significance of getting engaged after a long-term relationship varies from person to person. Some individuals view the engagement as a formal commitment and an exciting new chapter, while others may prioritize the actual commitment and living together as the most important aspects of their relationship. The discussion also touched upon the influence of social media and the desire for the perfect wedding or engagement photos. Ultimately, whether or not getting engaged after many years together holds meaning depends on the individuals involved and their unique perspectives on love and commitment.

    • Appreciating the private lives of content creatorsCuriosity and admiration for creators who keep personal lives low key, reflection on cosmetic enhancements, and appreciation for British personalities.

      The speaker expresses curiosity and admiration for content creators who keep their personal lives and content low key, such as the case with a particular YouTuber who has been in a long-term relationship without getting engaged or married publicly. The speaker also shares her thoughts on the topic of cosmetic enhancements, as brought up by Ariana Grande's recent Vogue interview. She reflects on her own experiences with injectables and the resulting definition they bring to her jawline. The speaker also mentions her past experiences on Celebrity Big Brother and her admiration for certain British personalities. Overall, the conversation touches on various topics including content creation, personal relationships, and cosmetic enhancements.

    • Pressure to Maintain Appearance through Plastic SurgeryPublic figures face immense pressure to maintain a certain appearance, but it can come with emotional costs. Everyone should make choices based on their own values and priorities, whether that be embracing natural aging or continuing cosmetic procedures.

      The pressure to maintain a certain appearance through plastic surgery and cosmetics can be overwhelming, especially for public figures. The speaker shared her personal experience with lip fillers and Botox, expressing how she felt hidden behind her altered appearance and the emotional toll it took on her. She also discussed the risks associated with plastic surgery as she aged and the shift in priorities towards valuing time and experiences over physical appearance. The speaker emphasized that everyone should make choices based on their own values and what brings them joy, whether that be continuing to get cosmetic procedures or choosing to embrace natural aging. The conversation also touched on the idea that as people get older, their perspectives change, and they may reconsider choices they made when they were younger.

    • Embrace life's experiences, even if busyRegret not living authentically in 20s, value honesty, seize opportunities, and appreciate authentic public figures

      Living life to the fullest and being present in your experiences is important, even if it means being busy and potentially exhausting at times. The speaker regrets wasting her twenties waiting around for relationships and encourages young people to live authentically and seize opportunities. She also appreciates honesty and authenticity, even in public figures, and disapproves of the lack of transparency around cosmetic procedures in the entertainment industry. Lastly, she shares her thoughts on Ben Shapiro, expressing admiration for his Jewish pride but disapproval of his views on sex workers and politics.

    • Discussing the use of past actions against politiciansThe use of past actions or personal history against politicians is a contentious issue, with some arguing it's unfair and others believing it's fair game in politics.

      The use of past actions or personal history against individuals in politics can be a contentious issue. During a conversation, it was discussed how a Virginia Democrat named Susanna Gibson's past adult work is being used against her in her political campaign. Some argued that it should not be used as it's part of her past and should not define her ability to serve as a congresswoman. Others believed it's fair game due to the nature of politics. Additionally, the topic of Ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract, was brought up, and it was discussed how it requires the man to pay the woman if they get divorced, regardless of their earning capacity. The conversation also touched upon Ben Shapiro's use of clips from the speaker's past for viral content and the speaker's criticism of Shapiro for doing so. Overall, the conversation highlighted the complexities of using personal history in politics and the various perspectives on the matter.

    • Jewish Traditions: Ketubah and Orthodox vs Non-Orthodox PracticesBen Shapiro discussed the Jewish tradition of the ketubah and contrasted orthodox and non-orthodox practices, touching upon dietary laws, Sabbath observance, and idolizing public figures. Many Jews in Israel are not orthodox, and Ben Shapiro himself may not strictly follow all Jewish laws.

      Ben Shapiro, a well-known public figure, shared a story about the Jewish tradition of the ketubah during a conversation, which was unfamiliar to some listeners. This led to a discussion about the differences between orthodox and non-orthodox Jewish practices, and the controversy surrounding idolizing public figures in the Jewish faith. The conversation also touched upon various aspects of the Jewish faith, such as dietary laws, observance of the Sabbath, and the practice of having sex through a sheet during menstruation. It was noted that many Jews in Israel are not orthodox, and some public figures, including Ben Shapiro, may not strictly adhere to all Jewish laws. The conversation ended with a mention of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and a discussion about the presence of Ben Shapiro in various media platforms. Overall, the conversation provided insight into the diversity and complexity of Jewish practices and beliefs.

    • Encountering Unexplained Event with Potential Alien BodiesSpeakers shared their belief in aliens and their fascination, despite lack of concrete evidence and controversy surrounding the topic.

      During a road trip, the speakers encountered an unexplained event involving a UFO and potential alien bodies, which they believed was covered up by authorities. They were unable to provide concrete evidence and the conversation shifted to various topics including the potential existence of aliens, their appearance, and the perceived prevalence of unusual phenomena in Mexico. The speakers expressed a desire to learn more about aliens and even interview them, highlighting their fascination and belief in their existence. However, they acknowledged the controversy surrounding the topic and the potential for hoaxes.

    • Celebrity Friendships and AccountabilityFriendships can blur lines of accountability, making it complex when celebrities engage in harmful actions towards minors. Apologies and accountability are crucial for healing and moving forward, regardless of personal relationships.

      The line between celebrity friendships and accountability for harmful actions can be blurred, leading to complex situations that involve loyalty, manipulation, and the potential for causing further harm to those already affected. The speaker expresses frustration with the lack of apology and accountability from those involved in the JoJo Siwa controversy, particularly regarding allegations of inappropriate behavior towards minors. The speaker's personal connection to the situation adds to their anger and feelings of manipulation. The issue is further complicated by the fact that the individuals involved have been friends for a long time, creating a sense of loyalty that can make it difficult to separate the person they know from the actions they've taken. Ultimately, the speaker believes that accountability and apology are necessary for healing and moving forward, regardless of the personal relationships involved.

    • Friend's manipulation from unexpected sourcesFriendships can lead to manipulation, even when past actions involve harm to others. Acknowledging and taking responsibility for one's actions is crucial.

      Manipulation can come from unexpected sources, even from longtime friends. The speaker in this conversation shared an experience where their friend, Colleen, manipulated them into participating in a podcast, despite the speaker's skepticism and unease about Colleen's past actions. Colleen had previously had inappropriate conversations with a minor, and when the truth came out, she downplayed it as lies and tried to manipulate the speaker into defending her. The speaker felt icky about the situation because Colleen was pushing for them to come back on the podcast to clear her name, but she hadn't taken accountability for her actions herself. The speaker believes that Colleen's manipulation was a result of their long-standing friendship and her desire to maintain a public image. The situation highlights the importance of acknowledging and taking responsibility for one's actions, especially when they involve harm to others.

    • Age disparity in online friendships between adults and minorsAdults must be aware of power dynamics and potential harm in online friendships with minors, recognizing the importance of respecting age boundaries and ensuring appropriate behavior.

      The age disparity and the nature of online friendships between adults and minors can be problematic and potentially harmful, especially when the adult involves themselves excessively in the minor's life. The case of Jojo Siwa and Colleen Ballinger, also known as Miranda Sings, highlights this issue. Despite their friendship starting when Jojo was just 12 years old, the closeness and idolization of Colleen may have clouded Jojo's judgment about the appropriateness of their relationship. Colleen's attempts to downplay her actions as harmless only serve to further raise concerns. The public's consumption of their content, which often overlooked the age disparity, also played a role in normalizing the situation. As adults, it's crucial to recognize the power dynamics and potential harm in such relationships and be mindful of our actions towards minors in the digital space.

    • Underage student-teacher relationships: Complex and inappropriateRecognize and apologize for inappropriate behaviors in teacher-student relationships, especially when the student is underage. Accountability and understanding are crucial.

      The dynamic of a relationship between a teacher and student, especially when the student is underage, can be complicated and inappropriate, regardless of the intentions or perceived closeness between them. The speaker expresses confusion and discomfort with the situation, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and apologizing for such behaviors. The speaker also reflects on the complexities of growing up in the public eye and the potential blurred lines that can exist between teachers, students, and influencers. Ultimately, the speaker emphasizes the need for accountability and understanding when it comes to these types of relationships.

    • Trust and communication essential in relationshipsAcknowledge past mistakes and communicate openly to build trust and move forward in relationships.

      Trust and communication are essential in any relationship, be it personal or professional. The speaker in this conversation had no idea about her co-host's past issues and felt confused and manipulated when she acted as if she was the problematic one. The co-host downplayed her actions and was more concerned about losing ads for her podcast than addressing the elephant in the room. This lack of transparency and trust led to a strained working relationship and a snowball effect of other issues. It's important to acknowledge past mistakes and communicate openly to build trust and move forward in any situation.

    • The blurred line between creators and young fansCreators should be mindful of their actions towards young fans, avoiding manipulation and potential grooming, as the potential harm outweighs any entertainment value.

      The relationship between a content creator and their young fans can be problematic when lines are blurred. The discussion highlighted instances where a creator, Coleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings), was accused of befriending and manipulating young fans, potentially crossing the line into grooming. This behavior was allegedly combined with damaging ex-partners online and engaging in inappropriate behavior. While some may argue that this is just a part of her character, the serious implications of these actions cannot be ignored. The exploitation of young fans for personal gain and manipulation is a serious issue, and it's crucial to focus on the ethical implications of these actions rather than getting sidetracked by less relevant details. The entertainment value of the content should not overshadow the potential harm caused to young fans.

    • Complexities of public figures' personal lives and the impact of manipulation, accountability, and closure in a messy divorcePublic figures' divorces can involve intense fan involvement, manipulation, and a lack of closure, leading to uncertainty and complexities in understanding the situation.

      The discussion revolves around the complexities of public figures' personal lives and the impact of manipulation, accountability, and closure in the context of a messy divorce. The speakers express their opinions on Josh's situation, where he was silenced during his divorce due to Colleen's manipulation and the intense fanbase's involvement. They also discuss the strange behavior of Colleen talking about Josh to Shane Dawson and the potential normalcy of talking negatively about an ex during a breakup. The speakers also touch upon the idea of closure and healing through sharing one's story, but express uncertainty about the situation due to the lack of complete information. Additionally, the topic of vlogging and its authenticity comes up, leading to some personal experiences and reflections. Overall, the conversation highlights the intricacies of public figures' personal lives and the various perspectives that can emerge when discussing such sensitive topics.

    • Reflecting on Past Mistakes and Learning from ThemIt's crucial to acknowledge past errors, especially those causing harm, and work towards growth and accountability. Raising awareness about inappropriate behaviors and promoting healthy relationships is essential.

      It's important to acknowledge and address past mistakes, especially when they involve harm to others. The speaker expresses regret for her past defense of Woody Allen and Joe Jonas, acknowledging that their actions were wrong and hurtful to many people. She also emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about inappropriate behaviors and normalizing healthy relationships, particularly between adults and minors. The speaker's reflections demonstrate the importance of growth and self-reflection, and the need to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

    • Navigating complex friendships during conflictEmpathy, self-awareness, and clear communication are essential for maintaining healthy relationships. Recognize personal triggers and understand the full situation before taking action.

      Navigating complex friendships, especially during times of conflict or betrayal, can be incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing. The speaker's experience of a friend's behavior, which included manipulation and emotional distress, illustrates this point. Despite feeling sympathy for her friend, the speaker recognized the importance of setting boundaries and not making excuses for harmful actions. The situation was further complicated by the friend's desire for a podcast comeback and constant communication, making it difficult for the speaker to know how to respond. Ultimately, the speaker emphasized the importance of understanding the full situation before taking action and recognizing personal triggers from past experiences. This experience highlighted the importance of empathy, self-awareness, and clear communication in maintaining healthy relationships.

    • Speaking Up About Past ExperiencesIt's important to speak up about past experiences, even if it's late, as everyone deserves a voice. Own up to mistakes and make amends for the sake of supporters.

      It's never too late to speak up about past experiences, even if they happened years ago. The speaker in this conversation learned this lesson the hard way when she discovered she had been manipulated and lied to by someone she trusted. At first, she held back, but once she let her personal feelings cloud her judgment, she saw the situation clearly and was grateful for the new perspective. However, she understands that people may view her actions as too little, too late. Regardless, she believes that everyone deserves a voice, and as someone who has gone through similar experiences, she feels compelled to use her platform to share her perspective. The speaker also acknowledges the fear of backlash and the potential consequences of speaking up, but ultimately believes that there is power in defending oneself and standing up for others. She encourages owning up to past mistakes and making amends, especially for the sake of fans who support and believe in you.

    • Personal growth through acknowledging and addressing issuesAcknowledge shortcomings, seek help, make improvements, and continue learning despite challenges. Self-awareness and transparency can lead to growth and positive public perception.

      Acknowledging and addressing personal issues is crucial for growth and improvement. The speaker in the text shared her experience of struggling with emotional regulation and initially thinking it was a mental health issue. After getting help, she realized it was a reaction issue and took steps to improve. It's essential to acknowledge our shortcomings and make an effort to do better, even if we can't fully erase past mistakes. The text also touches on the importance of seeking help and support when needed, and the value of continuing to create and learn despite challenges. Additionally, the text highlights the importance of self-awareness and the impact of transparency on public perception.

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    What Happened to Jenna Marbles? + Trisha Befriends MrBeast & Reaches Out to Tati...

    What Happened to Jenna Marbles? + Trisha Befriends MrBeast & Reaches Out to Tati...
    The tea is PIPING on episode 90 of 'JUST TRISH'! It's been 4 years since Jenna Marbles canceled herself off the Internet, but how has the beloved YouTube icon avoided being seen? Plus, Trisha reaches out to Tati Westbook via TikTok Live... and then regrets it. And while she may have burned a bridge with MrBeast, Trish is ready to befriend him! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
    Just Trish
    enJune 25, 2024

    Tana Mongeau Addresses Cody Ko Scandal, Getting Cheated On & Future of CANCELLED

    Tana Mongeau Addresses Cody Ko Scandal, Getting Cheated On & Future of CANCELLED
    Tana Mongeau is ALWAYS a Hot Topic. Our bestie is back to spill the tea on the latest drama surrounding her life, including the aftermath from her shocking allegations about commentary it-boy, Cody Ko. Plus, Tana gives an update on her ambitious plans for the future, from starting her own podcast network to writing her debut tell-all book.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
    Just Trish
    enJune 20, 2024

    The DOWNFALL of Cody Ko, REJECTED by Trixie Mattel & Leo Skepi SHADES Trisha

    The DOWNFALL of Cody Ko, REJECTED by Trixie Mattel & Leo Skepi SHADES Trisha
    Despite trying to remain drama free, is Trisha beefing with EVERYONE? Leo Skepi allegedly throws some serious shade at Trish during a TikTok Live, while Trixie Mattel has started ignoring her altogether. Plus, after Tana Mongeau makes a shocking allegation about Cody Ko, is his downfall finally coming? And looking back at Dramageddon II has the 'JUST TRISH' team reflecting on Shane Dawson's cancellation four years later. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
    Just Trish
    enJune 20, 2024

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    Mastering the game of life and leaving no stone unturned

    Mastering the game of life and leaving no stone unturned

    This week on the YOU Have Infinite Power podcast we have special guests; Matt and Angela Vahue of Alliance Advisor Group.  Matt who is the regional director of a thriving financial services firm, Alliance Advisory Group in Rochester, NY and Angela who is a sought after adviser in the same firm.  The two of them have cracked the code on how to achieve multi-dimensional success.  In the podcast they share their stories powerful stories on why they are in the financial services and how they are able to balance the hectic life of their demanding careers, sustain a strong relationship with each other and raising their beautiful baby girl.  They are a true testament to the statement, “You can have it all”.  Listen to their tips on mastering the game of life and leaving no stone unturned.

    A few value bombs are…

    1. It is essential to communicate regularly what each partner is doing
    2. Appreciate each others unique abilities and play to each others strengths
    3. Be honest with your partner and feel comfortable to ask for help when needed
    4. Make sure to spend time with each other
    5. Work on the relationship and not just in it through effective communication

    When you are able to apply the principals and concepts in this podcast, you will be able to create multi-dimensional success and yes, you too could have it all and the Vahue’s will show you how.

    You could reach both Matt and Angela by visiting Alliance Advisory Group’s website at www.allianceadvisorygroup.com, email them at matthew.vahue@allianceadvisorygroup.comangela.vahue@allianceadvisorygroup.com and you could find them on LinkedIn as well.  Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions regarding this podcast or are interested in a career in the financial services with a very reputable firm.


    EP 8: Kick 'Em To The Kerb Baby - (Part 2)

    EP 8: Kick 'Em To The Kerb Baby - (Part 2)

    Welcome back to another episode of In Sickness and in Health, the smash hit podcast hosted by James and Clair Buckley.

    Once again, the Buckley’s are back with another disastrous train journey story, and boy, do they have a lot to get off their chests today! They then go on to discuss the phenomenon of ‘Love Languages’ and take the quiz themselves! James gets flustered by today’s marital mayhem and spills all on what he classes as his ‘vanilla’ bedroom antics! Keep sending in your voice notes because we are loving them!

    Tune in every Tuesday for more In Sickness and in Health, and subscribe and follow us on social media to watch the best bits from the latest episodes - @insicknessandinhealthpodcast

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    Financial DNA White Paper - Accelerate Your Communication

    Financial DNA White Paper - Accelerate Your Communication
    This podcast will address how enhancing your communication is foundational to making more optimal decisions and enhancing the quality of your relationships and your overall life. We naturally communicate based on who we are, and how we see the world. How the other person hears the message, depends on who they are, so there is often a gap that needs to be bridged between what is said and what was heard. One of the keys to success in any relationship is closing this gap by communicating with the other person on their terms, and not your own.

    My Husband Keeps Hiding Money From Me

    My Husband Keeps Hiding Money From Me
    On today’s show, we hear about: - A woman who caught her husband hiding money from her - A man who feels like he has no self-worth - A woman disenchanted by the church To order John's new book Building a Non-Anxious Life click here. Let us know what’s going on by leaving a voicemail at 844.693.3291 or visiting johndelony.com/show.  Support Our Sponsors: BetterHelp DreamCloud Hallow Thorne Add products to your cart create an account at checkout Receive 25% off ALL orders Resources: Anxiety Test Own Your Past, Change Your Future Questions for Humans Conversation Cards John’s Free Guided Meditation Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts anytime, anywhere in our app. Download at: https://apple.co/3eN8jNq These platforms contain content, including information provided by guests, that is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional medical, counseling, therapeutic, financial, legal, or other advice. The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries (including their respective employees, agents and representatives) make no representations or warranties concerning the content and expressly disclaim any and all liability concerning the content including any treatment or action taken by any person following the information offered or provided within or through this show. If you have specific concerns or a situation in which you require professional advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified professional expert and specialist. If you are having a health or mental health emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately. Learn more about your ad choices. https://www.megaphone.fm/adchoices Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy