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    • Discussing Infant Deaths and Gift IdeasExploring sensitive topics with humor, discussing crimes committed by a UK nurse, and sharing gift ideas from 1800flowers.com, Burrow, and Bombas.

      This podcast episode discusses various topics, including gift giving with 1800flowers.com, Burrow's durable outdoor furniture, and Bombas' comfortable essentials. However, the main focus is on a disturbing topic: the crimes committed by a nurse, Lucy Letby, in the UK involving the death of infants. Rebecca Watson, a vlogger, writer, and co-host of Girls on Boys, and Robert Evans, host of Behind the Bastards and author, join Kaveh Hoda to discuss this sensitive issue. While the topic is difficult, they attempt to approach it with humor to cope. If you're interested in gift ideas, Burrow's outdoor furniture sale, or Bombas' comfortable essentials, remember the corresponding codes (acast) for discounts. If you're not comfortable with the topic of infant deaths, feel free to skip this episode. Leave a review on iTunes and find Kaveh online for any questions or comments.

    • Goats: Easy Companions with a Fascinating HistoryGoats are low-maintenance, gentle creatures with occasional mischievous tendencies. Their Angora breed has a rich history and might have originated from Persia.

      Goats, which were first domesticated by the Persians, make great companions for those with ample living space. The speaker, who has goats on their property, shares that they are easy to care for, even tempered, and generally cautious animals, despite the occasional escapades of smaller goats. The speaker also mentions their Angora goats, which are one of the oldest types of goats, and shares that the term "angora" may originate from Ankawa, a Persian suburb. The conversation then shifts to a past prediction the speaker made about a potential pandemic, which came true with the onset of COVID-19. The speaker reflects on the importance of taking warnings seriously and acknowledges the gravity of the current topic, which involves discussing infanticide. Despite the challenging subject matter, the speaker plans to share the story in a conversational style, drawing comparisons to Robert's Behind the Bastards podcast.

    • A Confusing Sentence for a Nurse Who Killed BabiesThe lengthy sentence for a nurse who murdered babies raises questions about judicial fairness, while acknowledging the severity of her actions and their impact on survivors.

      The discussion revolves around the case of Lucy Letby, a nurse who murdered seven babies and attempted to murder at least six more in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in England. The trial, which was the longest in English history, resulted in her being sentenced to life in prison without parole. The speaker expresses confusion over the lengthy sentence, comparing it to seemingly lenient sentences for other crimes in the English judicial system. The speaker also acknowledges the gravity of Letby's actions and the long-term effects on the survivors. Despite the serious nature of the topic, the speaker intends to provide comedic relief while being respectful.

    • The Emotional Impact of Harming Babies and the Role of NursesThe discussion underscores the significance of trust in healthcare and the emotional toll on nurses when caring for vulnerable populations. It also explores the complexities of human behavior and the importance of understanding motivations before judging.

      The discussion highlights the importance of trust and the role of nurses in healthcare, particularly in caring for vulnerable populations like premature babies. The speaker expresses his shock and inability to comprehend the idea of someone intentionally harming a baby. He emphasizes the deep emotional impact of witnessing such tragic events. Additionally, the conversation touches on the topic of breaking laws and the potential consequences, with the speaker sharing his personal experience of smoking marijuana in the UK and expressing apprehension about English prisons. However, an intriguing question arises regarding the motivations of a woman accused of harming babies, with the possibility that she may have been trying to rescue them instead. The conversation provides food for thought on the complexities of human behavior and the importance of considering all perspectives before jumping to conclusions.

    • The Complexities of Assigning Responsibility: The Case of Lucy LetbyThe case of Lucy Letby underscores the unintended consequences of our actions and the importance of transparency and accountability in preventing harm.

      The case of Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of killing multiple babies, raises complex questions about the externalities of our actions and the difficulty of assigning responsibility. Letby, an only child of a finance manager and an accounts clerk, had always aspired to become a nurse and seemed normal, with a happy and active social life. However, she has never admitted any wrongdoing and some people continue to support her. The case highlights the unknowable consequences of our actions and the need for accountability and prevention measures. Despite the ongoing investigation into her past, Letby's crimes began in her twenties when she was considered an unremarkable nurse. Her friends described her as happy and bubbly, and she often posted pictures of herself on social media. However, it was later discovered that she had sent Facebook messages to the families of the babies she is accused of killing. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging the externalities of our actions and the need for transparency and accountability.

    • Manipulation in Systems: Munchausen by Proxy in a Neonatal ICUIndividuals with Munchausen by proxy syndrome can manipulate systems and relationships, even in healthcare settings, causing harm to others. Be aware of potential manipulation and the importance of thorough investigations.

      Certain individuals, such as serial killers or individuals with Munchausen by proxy syndrome, can manipulate systems and relationships to their advantage, often inserting themselves deeply into investigations or caregiving roles. This discussion highlighted the case of a nurse suspected of Munchausen by proxy in a neonatal intensive care unit, where unexplained deaths occurred. The nurse, who had been employed at the hospital for some time before the incidents, seemed normal but was able to manipulate the system and cause harm to patients. Despite the ongoing investigation, it's important to be aware of the potential for such individuals to exploit their positions and the trust of others. While the speaker is not a psychologist, they have researched the topic and have insights to share.

    • Hospital management ignored multiple warnings about a nurse's involvement in baby deathsHospital management's dismissal of concerns led to six infant deaths. Listening to and acting on suspicions can prevent harm to patients.

      Despite clear signs and suspicions, hospital management failed to take appropriate action when a nurse, Lucy Letby, was present during the unexplained deaths of multiple babies. Doctor Steven Briery raised concerns after three infants died within a month, but his warnings were dismissed. Over the next few years, two more babies died under Letby's care, and doctors John Gibbs and others began to suspect foul play. Despite the mounting evidence, management continued to downplay the situation, leading to a total of six babies' deaths. The case highlights the importance of listening to concerns and taking swift action when dealing with potential harm to patients.

    • Suspicious Events at Hospital's NICU FloorDespite growing concerns from staff, senior management ignores suspicious behavior from a nurse, leaving babies potentially at risk, and raising questions about privilege and power dynamics in healthcare.

      The discussion revolves around a series of suspicious events at a hospital's NICU floor, where a nurse, Rebecca, is under suspicion for potentially harming or even killing babies under her care. The hospital's staff, including doctors and priests from various religions, are growing increasingly concerned and are taking various measures to investigate. However, their efforts are met with skepticism and dismissal from senior management. One doctor, Ravi Jayaram, notices Rebecca's strange behavior and tries to raise the alarm, but his concerns are ignored. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Rebecca appears to be a nice, blonde woman, leading some to speculate about the role of white privilege in the situation. Despite the mounting evidence, no action is taken against Rebecca, leaving the hospital staff feeling frustrated and powerless.

    • Negligent Employee in NICU Causes Infant DeathsFailure to address incompetent employee's actions led to multiple infant deaths. Proper management, accountability, and transparency essential for patient safety.

      Ineffective management and lack of accountability within a healthcare organization allowed a potentially dangerous employee to continue working in a neonatal intensive care unit, resulting in multiple infant deaths. The employee, Lucy, exhibited signs of incompetence and callousness towards the babies, but was not removed from her position despite concerns from her colleagues. The hospital administration, led by Greer, failed to take appropriate action, leading to a traumatic situation for the staff and tragic outcomes for the infants. The hospital was reportedly underfunded and VC-backed, adding to the complexity of the situation. The lack of transparency and reporting within the National Health System further hindered the identification of the issue. Despite evidence of wrongdoing, Lucy was not fired but instead transferred to a safety unit within the hospital. This case underscores the importance of proper management, accountability, and transparency in healthcare organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

    • A lengthy process to remove a controversial patient from an ICUHospital administrators resisted removing a controversial patient from an ICU, despite efforts from pediatricians and external help.

      The investigation and removal of a controversial patient from an ICU in an English hospital proved to be a complex and lengthy process. Despite the pediatricians' efforts to have her moved or investigated further, hospital administrators tried to keep her in the ICU. The doctors sought external help, including the police and the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, but faced resistance. The hospital was run by an outside trust within the National Health Service, making it a public institution. Despite the public nature of the hospital, the administrators seemed reluctant to remove the patient completely. The process involved a great deal of back-and-forth and escalating pressure from the hospital administration.

    • Hospital's handling of suspected infant mortality case raises questionsThe hospital's handling of a suspected infant mortality case involved conflicting investigations, heavy redactions, and an unusual attempt at mediation, raising questions about accountability and social justice.

      The hospital's handling of a suspected case of infant mortality involved conflicting investigations, heavy redactions, and an unusual attempt at mediation. The hospital's medical director, Ian Harvey, sought a second opinion from a neonatal specialist amidst the Royal College's investigation. Both reports suggested further investigation into some baby deaths. After the hospital board reviewed the findings, they concluded the issue was with the doctors' leadership and timely intervention, but made no mention of Letby's involvement beyond her capability as a nurse. Seven pediatricians who had been advocating for further investigation were then told to apologize to Letby or face consequences. One doctor complied, but another, Dr. Breary, refused. The hospital's handling of the situation raised questions about accountability and social justice, with the suggestion of a mediation session being particularly contentious given the seriousness of the accusations. Doctors, as a profession, tend to be risk-averse and dislike confrontation, making this situation even more unusual.

    • Addiction and Harmful Behaviors: A Personal StoryAddiction can take various forms, causing harm to oneself and others. Apologies and forgiveness are crucial in healing relationships.

      Addiction can manifest in various forms, including substance use and unhealthy behaviors. The speaker in the podcast shares their experience of being a Vicodin user and a cane enthusiast, and how they've imagined committing violent acts. However, they also acknowledge the harm caused by their words and actions towards others. The podcast also touches upon the concept of a real apology and the importance of seeking forgiveness. The speaker mentions Dr. Faith Fitzgerald, who was a role model and one of the smartest doctors they've ever worked with. The podcast also includes plugs for guest appearances by Rebecca Watson and Robert Evans, and promotes UnitedHealthcare's short term insurance plans and Quince's affordable luxury fashion. The speaker emphasizes that the podcast is not a substitute for professional medical advice and encourages listeners to consult a physician for their specific health care needs.

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    “I win by default”

    “Allow manipulation to find out where your enemy wants you to go”







    Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller “Life Leverage” Host of UK’s No.1 business podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur”

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