Dems Bailing on Biden...Who Could Replace Him? plus RFK Jr Denied Protection & Ridiculous Trump Gag Order

    enSeptember 18, 2023

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    • A baby's heart starts beating at three weeks and can be heard on an ultrasound at five. Preborn organization helps save 200 babies from abortion daily.A preborn organization saves 200 babies from abortion daily by allowing mothers to meet their babies and hear their heartbeats, increasing their chances of life. Donations as little as $28 make a difference.

      The heart of a preborn baby starts beating at just three weeks, and at five weeks, its heartbeat can be heard on an ultrasound. Preborn is an organization that helps rescue 200 babies from abortion every day by arranging for mothers to meet their babies and hear their heartbeats. This encounter increases a baby's chances of living. The organization relies on donations, and for as little as $28, a donor can make a difference in a child's life. Meanwhile, in politics, there have been signs that Joe Biden's chances of being the Democratic Party's nominee in 2024 have decreased. Democrats are growing concerned about his age and the corruption scandals involving him and his family. Even The Washington Post, a major media outlet, has suggested that Democrats consider replacing him or his vice president, Kamala Harris, with a stronger candidate.

    • Media's coverage of Biden's inconsistencies prompts scrutinyThe media's previous avoidance of reporting Biden's lies due to party allegiance has given way to increased scrutiny, revealing significant false claims like denying 9/11 presence and ignoring Hunter's business deals.

      The media's recent coverage of Joe Biden's inconsistencies and lies, as highlighted in a Washington Post op-ed, has opened the door for more scrutiny and discussion of his questionable statements. Previously, the media had largely avoided reporting on Biden's fabrications due to their allegiance to the Democratic Party. However, the op-ed served as a "starter's pistol," prompting other media outlets to follow suit. While some examples of Biden's lies are minor, others are more significant, such as his false claim of being at ground zero the day after 9/11 and his denial of discussing his son Hunter's overseas business dealings. The media's reluctance to address these more serious lies underscores the importance of holding politicians accountable for their words and actions.

    • Shifting Political Landscape for Biden's 2024 Re-nominationCriticism from major news outlets and concerns over Biden's age and approval ratings fuel speculation about his re-nomination. Harris's role as VP adds complexity to potential replacement discussions.

      The political landscape surrounding the potential re-nomination of President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic ticket is shifting, with increasing criticism from major news outlets like CNN and The Washington Post. This comes amid concerns over Biden's age and declining approval ratings, as well as uncertainty about Vice President Kamala Harris's ability to lead if Biden were to step down or be unable to serve out a second term. The pressure on Biden to retire could grow if the Democrats' internal power brokers believe it's necessary to secure a more electable nominee. However, given the potential backlash against removing a female vice president, particularly one who could be the first female president, it's unlikely the party would consider replacing Harris. The ongoing discussions about Biden's potential departure and Harris's role highlight the complex dynamics within the Democratic Party as they prepare for the next presidential election.

    • Two potential scenarios for Joe Biden not being the Democratic nominee in 2024If Biden's mental health is a concern or the party convinces him to withdraw, Elizabeth Warren could emerge as the Democratic nominee in 2024

      There are two potential scenarios for Joe Biden not being the Democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential race. The first is if the Democratic party convinces him to withdraw, leading to a wide-open primary where Elizabeth Warren is expected to emerge as the winner. The second is if Biden's mental health becomes a significant concern at the Democratic National Convention in 2023, leading to the party replacing him with another candidate. The first scenario would require a quick decision, as filing deadlines for major party candidates are approaching. The second scenario could unfold over the next year if Biden's mental health deteriorates further. Regardless of the scenario, the media's coverage of the Biden family's scandals could play a role in pressuring Biden to step down.

    • Democratic Party's 2024 nomination process may cause internal strifeThe absence of superdelegates in the Republican Party could lead to a more unifying nomination process. Potential Democratic candidates, including Harris, Newsom, Buttigieg, Warren, and Michelle Obama, each present unique challenges. Michelle Obama's potential involvement could unify the party due to her popularity, but her willingness to run is uncertain.

      The Democratic Party's selection process for their presidential nominee in 2024 could lead to significant internal strife and discontent among various factions of the party. The absence of superdelegates in the Republican Party may make their nomination process more unifying. The potential candidates, including Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren, each come with their own set of challenges and could provoke dissent. Michelle Obama, as a wildcard option, could potentially unify the party due to her popularity and ability to rise above rivalries. However, her willingness to run is uncertain. The speaker also expressed concern about the current Biden administration being controlled by Barack Obama, increasing the likelihood of Michelle Obama's involvement in the 2024 race. This scenario, while speculative, could have significant implications for the Democratic Party and the country as a whole.

    • Brands offering additional benefits beyond wireless servicesPatriot Mobile supports conservative values, Consumer Cellular offers affordable plans, and CHOC provides natural supplements. Discussions revolve around potential Democratic nominees and their motivations.

      Several brands, including Patriot Mobile, Consumer Cellular, and CHOC, offer various benefits beyond just wireless services. Patriot Mobile stands for conservative values and supports causes like the First and Second Amendments, protecting unborn children, and helping with adoptions and first responders. Consumer Cellular provides affordable wireless plans with the same fast, reliable coverage as leading carriers. CHOC offers natural herbal supplements to help boost testosterone levels and maximize masculinity. In the political sphere, there are discussions about potential Democratic nominees and their motivations. While it's uncertain whether Joe Biden will step down, some believe his vanity and the Democrats' appeal to his legacy could influence his decision. Michelle Obama's recent political speech at the US Open has raised concerns about her potential future involvement in politics. Overall, these brands and discussions showcase a blend of personal values, health, and politics.

    • Michelle Obama's Potential Presidential Bid: A Game-Changer for Democrats?Michelle Obama's entry into the Democratic presidential race could alter the dynamic, with her high positives, insulated First Lady role, and husband's campaign skills. However, her policy leanings and security concerns may pose challenges.

      Michelle Obama's potential entry into the Democratic presidential race could be a game-changer due to her high positives, relatively low negatives, and the insulation of the First Lady role. The Democrats, known for their top-down, command-and-control structure, may see her as the least disruptive option to avoid a civil war. Additionally, her husband, Barack Obama, is a skilled political campaigner. However, her policy leanings may be further left than some Democrats prefer, potentially leading to challenges. Another concerning issue in the Democratic primary was the security incident involving RFK Jr. A man dressed as law enforcement, carrying loaded firearms and impersonating part of RFK's security detail, was arrested at an event. RFK, a major candidate, has been denied Secret Service protection by the Biden administration despite his family history of assassinations. The law grants major presidential candidates Secret Service protection, and it's unclear why the administration has not granted it to RFK Jr. This incident highlights the importance of prioritizing candidates' safety, especially those with a history of threats.

    • Secret Service protection for RFK JuniorHistorically, major party nominees receive Secret Service protection, but RFK Junior's unique history and potential threats warrant it. Biden admin's reluctance could be political.

      The determination of a major candidate for Secret Service protection is based on various criteria, including poll numbers and threat levels. Historically, both major party nominees receive this protection before officially becoming the nominees. However, some candidates choose not to request it due to the operational slowdown it brings. In the case of RFK Junior, given his unique personal history and the potential threats, it is widely believed that he deserves Secret Service protection. The Biden administration's reluctance to grant it could be politically motivated, as they may not want to acknowledge RFK Junior as a significant contender in the Democratic primary.

    • Ensuring Safety of Political Figures and Diversifying Retirement FundsEnsure political figures' safety during election seasons, protect savings with precious metals, and maintain fairness and transparency in politics and finance.

      Politics and security are crucial, especially during election seasons. The discussion highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety of political figures, including potential presidential candidates, to prevent potential tragedies. Additionally, the conversation touched on the importance of diversifying retirement funds using precious metals like gold, emphasizing the need to protect hard-earned savings, especially in uncertain economic times. Furthermore, the speakers expressed concern over judges interfering in elections by scheduling court dates that could impact a candidate's campaigning abilities and imposing gag orders on their speech. Overall, the conversation emphasized the importance of upholding fairness and transparency in politics and finance.

    • Legal case against Trump raises concerns of election interference and First Amendment violationThe ongoing legal case against Trump in DC could result in a gag order limiting his public statements, potentially infringing on his First Amendment rights and impacting the Republican primary

      The ongoing legal case against Donald Trump in the District of Columbia raises serious concerns about election interference and potential violation of the First Amendment. The jury pool in DC, which is heavily Democratic, and the left-leaning district judge presiding over the case have the potential to bias the trial against Trump. The Biden Department of Justice has requested a gag order to restrict Trump's public statements about the case, potentially including comments about witnesses or opponents like Mike Pence. If granted, this gag order could prevent Trump from criticizing his opponent during the ongoing Republican primary, which some argue is a violation of his constitutional rights. The potential consequences of violating a gag order, including contempt and jail time, add to the controversy. While gag orders are common in criminal trials, the unique circumstances of Trump's case and his status as a presidential candidate add complexity and potential for election interference.

    • Proposed court order to silence political criticism during electionsA court order silencing political criticism during elections would infringe on free speech and democracy, potentially leading to election interference. Protecting the right to criticize opponents is crucial for a fair and democratic process.

      A proposed court order preventing a leading presidential candidate from criticizing their opponents would be exceptionally foolish and likely to be overturned on appeal. This order would infringe on free speech and democracy, potentially leading to election interference. It's important to protect the right to criticize opponents during elections, regardless of political affiliation. The Democrats' actions, including attempts to prevent voting and silence opponents, show a disregard for democracy and free speech. This discussion also touched on Hollywood's relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and the potential for external control. The importance of protecting free speech and democracy, particularly during elections, cannot be overstated. Listeners are encouraged to check out the "Hollywood Takeover" documentary for more information on external control in Hollywood. Remember to subscribe, follow, and listen regularly for the latest news and insights.

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