Border Invasion Reaches Crisis Levels-and Democrats Don't CARE!

    enSeptember 20, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Senator Ted Cruz raises concerns over border crisis as Chumba Casino gains popularitySenator Ted Cruz expressed concern over the border crisis, with over 2,200 migrants illegally crossing in Texas overnight. He criticized the Biden administration and encouraged listeners to donate to Pre Born, emphasizing the importance of a baby's heartbeat.

      Chumba Casino is gaining popularity, with many people enjoying its free casino games even during travel. Meanwhile, an urgent issue was discussed regarding the border crisis, with over 2,200 migrants illegally crossing the border in Texas overnight. Senator Ted Cruz expressed concern, stating that small towns near the border are being invaded and overwhelmed by the volume of immigrants. He also criticized the Biden administration for not addressing the issue effectively. In a heartfelt moment, Ryan encouraged listeners to donate to Pre Born, an organization that saves babies from abortion, emphasizing the significance of a baby's heartbeat in the early stages of life.

    • Political will lacking to enforce immigration lawsAgents need clear policy and political leadership, not more resources, to address border crisis and prevent exponential growth in migrants entering the country.

      The current border crisis is not due to a lack of resources or manpower among border patrol agents, but rather a lack of political will from the Biden administration and Democratic leadership to enforce existing immigration laws. Agents on the ground are frustrated and morale is low due to the repeated release of apprehended individuals, leading to a cycle of catch and release that encourages more migration. Brandon Judd, head of the Border Patrol Union, has stated that what they need is not more money, but clear policy and political leadership to send apprehended individuals home. The consequence of this crisis is the potential for exponential growth in the number of migrants entering the country, with many more encouraged to make the journey due to the promise of staying and accessing government welfare.

    • Clarifying Asylum Laws at the US BorderThe US asylum law grants protection only to those facing persecution, not poverty or violence. Illegal entry for economic reasons is not permitted.

      Ekpure.com is a solution for people seeking clean air in their homes, especially beneficial for those with asthma. The US Customs and Border Protection's tweet clarified the law regarding asylum, stating that it's not intended for economic reasons or general violence. However, the confusion lies in the fact that border patrol agents have been allowing some individuals to enter the country despite not meeting the asylum criteria. The law grants asylum only for those facing persecution, not poverty or violence. The US welcomes more legal immigrants than any other nation, but cannot accommodate everyone living in poverty. Border patrol's tweet was correct in stating that violence alone does not qualify for asylum. The ongoing situation at the border, with cities like San Diego dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants, highlights the complexity of the issue.

    • Biden Administration Releasing Illegal Immigrants into US CitiesThe Biden administration is releasing large numbers of illegal immigrants into US cities, allowing them to travel freely within the country, resulting in encampments forming in areas like San Diego

      The Biden administration is releasing large numbers of illegal immigrants into cities like San Diego, and they are being given the freedom to travel anywhere they please within the United States. This was evident in a conversation between a border patrol agent and an illegal immigrant, who asked if he could travel to Chicago and was given the go-ahead. These immigrants, many of whom are military-aged men, are not being held in detention centers but are instead being released to city streets and forming encampments. The border patrol agents use a new app to process the immigrants' information quickly and determine their desired destinations within the country. This hands-off approach to border control has resulted in a constant stream of immigrants turning themselves in to border patrol agents, leading to encampments forming in areas like San Diego.

    • Biden administration disregards US immigration laws, causing border crisisThe Biden administration's new policy of not enforcing immigration laws has led to a surge in border crossings, overwhelming CBP and allowing cartels to exploit the situation.

      The current border crisis is a result of the Biden administration deliberately disregarding US immigration laws. The administration's new policy of not enforcing laws against illegal immigration has led to a surge in crossings, with migrants flooding the border in large numbers. This change in strategy, combined with the administration's disregard for the law, has created a situation where CBP has had to temporarily suspend port of entry operations due to the overwhelming number of crossings. The cartels are taking advantage of this situation, organizing mass crossings that result in thousands of migrants illegally entering the country at once. This is a stark contrast to the Obama administration, which followed the law and deported millions of people who entered the country illegally. The constitutional structure of the country was not designed to function with a president who ignores the law, and this situation poses a significant challenge to the system.

    • Border Crisis Overwhelms Biden AdministrationThe Biden administration's handling of the border crisis is leading to a large influx of migrants and criminals, overwhelming resources, and inconsistent media coverage. Concerns about the duration of the surge and lack of transparency from the White House persist.

      The border crisis is not being addressed effectively by the Biden administration, leading to a large influx of migrants, many of whom believe they will be released into the US, and criminals taking advantage of the situation to enter the country and traffic drugs. The volume of people coming across the border is overwhelming resources, and the media coverage varies greatly between networks, with many not providing comprehensive or continuous coverage. The situation is getting worse and there are concerns about how long this surge might last. The administration's messaging that people are not just walking across the border is not aligning with reality, and the lack of transparency and acknowledgement of the issue from the White House is raising concerns.

    • Media's lack of coverage of border crisisCriticism towards media for not reporting on humanitarian crisis at the border, encouraging listeners to switch to Christian conservative wireless provider, and emphasizing the importance of protecting unborn life with donations to Pre Born.

      The media, including CNN, ABC, and MSNBC, are being criticized for not covering the humanitarian crisis at the border, as the presence of politicians and TV cameras could bring attention to the suffering of immigrants, including children and women. The speaker also encourages listeners to switch to Patriot Mobile, a Christian conservative wireless provider, as a way to make a difference and not fund the "woke left agenda." Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting unborn life and encourages donations to Pre Born, an organization that helps rescue babies from abortion. The speaker also mentions the shocking images of thousands of people crossing the border in trains and the media's reluctance to cover it due to the scale of the issue.

    • Border crisis disrupts legal trade and commerceThe Biden administration's policies have caused significant disruptions to legal trade and commerce at the U.S.-Mexico border due to an overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants, leading to financial losses for businesses and hardships for truckers.

      The current situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is causing significant disruptions to legal trade and commerce due to the overwhelming influx of migrants crossing into the country illegally. This has resulted in temporary suspensions of cargo processing at border crossings, causing financial losses for businesses and hardships for truckers. The root cause of this crisis is the Biden administration's policies that have allowed the border to be overrun by cartels, leading to a surge in illegal immigration. A solution exists, as demonstrated by the successful Remain in Mexico agreement during the previous administration. However, the Biden administration has deliberately chosen not to implement these solutions, leading to the ongoing crisis and the continued strain on legal trade and commerce. The situation is expected to worsen with reports of a third wave of migrants, and the lack of action from politicians and humanitarians is raising concerns.

    • Biden's decision to skip border visit fuels cartel profitsBiden's avoidance of the border contributes to cartel profits, turning them into billion-dollar enterprises, while endangering innocent lives and destroying Mexican civil society

      President Joe Biden's decision to avoid visiting the U.S.-Mexico border during the ongoing immigration crisis and the subsequent surge in human trafficking profits for Mexican cartels is a deliberate act of willful blindness. The cartels, which are among the most violent criminal organizations, have seen their profits skyrocket due to the influx of illegal immigrants, turning them into billion-dollar global enterprises. The consequences of this situation extend beyond financial gains, as the cartels' brutal tactics, such as decapitations and boiling victims in oil, have resulted in the destruction of Mexican civil society and the endangerment of innocent lives. The corporate media's lack of scrutiny over this issue further exacerbates the problem. It's important to remember that the human beings caught in the middle of this crisis are treated as property by the cartels and often face grave danger, including drowning during border crossings. The overall situation is a stark reminder of the severe consequences of neglecting border security and the responsibility of the media to hold those in power accountable.

    • Political Tensions Between Leaders Impact Chalk's BusinessDespite Chalk's effective natural supplements, political tensions prevent productive dialogue between leaders, leaving unresolved issues like border security and funding.

      While Chalk's natural herbal supplements can significantly improve energy, focus, and mood, political tensions between leaders continue to escalate. Last year, the President of the United States met with the Mayor of New York City during his visit to the UN and attended fundraisers together. However, this year, due to the Mayor's criticism of the administration's handling of the migrant crisis, the President has no plans to meet with him or address the issue during his visit. The federal government is providing insufficient funding to New York City to address the crisis, and Democrats, including Mayor Adams, are under fire for their refusal to call out the President to secure the border. The Democrats' inaction and unwillingness to acknowledge the problem have left many suffering, and the reasons for their inaction remain unclear. While Chalk's supplements can provide personal benefits, the larger issue of political leadership and border security remains unresolved.

    • Political motivations behind immigration policiesControversial beliefs that illegal immigration benefits some politicians may impact current policies, while record numbers of migrants face dangerous conditions at the border, including crime and cartel involvement.

      Some politicians see a political benefit in the large number of illegal immigrants entering the country, believing it will help keep them in power. This perspective, while controversial, raises questions about the motivations behind current immigration policies. Meanwhile, on the ground at the border, the situation remains dire, with record numbers of migrants crossing illegally and dangerous conditions, including human smuggling and cartel involvement. Reports from the border reveal the serious risks involved, with individuals committing crimes such as murder and sexual assault among those being apprehended. Despite this, some officials seem unaware or unconcerned about the situation. It's crucial to stay informed about these developments and engage in thoughtful discussions on the implications for our society.

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