AG Garland Stonewalls Congress, Tries to Cover Up DOJ Obstruction

    enSeptember 22, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Attorney General Garland's Scrutiny Over Biden Family InvestigationAG Garland faced intense questioning over Biden family investigation, but refused to answer straightforward questions, raising concerns about transparency and commitment to the rule of law.

      Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, faced intense scrutiny during a congressional hearing regarding his handling of the investigation into the Biden family. Garland was accused of demonstrating a lack of transparency and a contempt for Congress, refusing to answer straightforward questions about his involvement. Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount against the Biden family for potential corruption. Elsewhere, Chumba Casino offers a bright spot with free-to-play social casino games, while HealthLock helps consumers ensure medical bill accuracy and potentially save significant amounts of money. Garland's refusal to answer questions and his apparent arrogance during the hearing has left many questioning his commitment to transparency and the rule of law.

    • Allegations of Lies and Biased Handling of Investigations against AG Merrick GarlandTwo IRS employees testified against AG Garland for lying about contact with FBI HQ over Hunter Biden case. Critics claim he favors Democrats over Republicans in investigations, eroding public trust in justice system.

      During a recent hearing, there have been allegations made against Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding his handling of investigations involving the Biden family and the FBI. Two career IRS employees have testified that Garland lied about not having personal contact with FBI headquarters regarding the Hunter Biden case. Garland's supposed forgetfulness about this interaction is seen as highly dubious, especially since he is recused from the matter. Furthermore, a congresswoman accused Garland of acting more like a defense lawyer for the Democratic Party instead of upholding the law. Critics argue that investigations into Democrats are being slow-walked, while those into Republicans are expedited. The public's trust in the justice system is being undermined due to these perceived inconsistencies. The Obama administration reportedly raised concerns about potential corruption involving President Biden and Ukrainian oligarchs, but no action was taken. The situation has led to widespread fear and distrust of the government.

    • Congresswoman's Criticism of DOJ's Handling of InvestigationsMany Americans share frustration over DOJ's passive response to alleged corruption and foreign interference, believing investigations should be pursued more vigorously.

      The frustration and anger of Americans towards the US Department of Justice's handling of certain investigations, particularly those involving alleged corruption and interference from foreign entities, was vividly expressed by Congresswoman Victoria Sparks during a hearing. Sparks, who grew up in the Soviet Union and experienced communist oppression firsthand, criticized the Department of Justice for its passive response to her concerns and its apparent slow-walking of investigations. She specifically referenced the cases of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's alleged corruption with China, pointing out that the statute of limitations on these cases had expired under the current administration. The Department of Justice's response was passive, with no defense or dispute offered. The situation echoed the tactics of the KGB, which Sparks was familiar with from her personal experience. The takeaway is that many Americans share Sparks' frustration and believe that only eligible US citizens should be voting in elections, and that investigations into alleged corruption and foreign interference should be pursued more vigorously.

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    • AG Garland's justification for mobilizing law enforcement was based on inaccurate infoAG Garland's memo to mobilize law enforcement against parents was based on anecdotes, not data, and he didn't consult with FBI before issuing it, raising questions about its validity

      Attorney General Merrick Garland's justification for mobilizing federal law enforcement against American parents in response to alleged threats and violence against school personnel was based on inaccurate information. During a hearing, it was revealed that Garland had not examined the reports of threats and violence himself, and had relied on a memo from the National Association of School Boards that contained anecdotes rather than data. Furthermore, Garland admitted that he did not consult with the FBI director before issuing the memo, despite the memo asking for the FBI's assessment of the situation. This raises questions about the validity of the memo and the motivations behind Garland's actions. The assertion that there was a widespread issue of violence against school board members was later debunked as a lie.

    • Critics argue memo targeting school board threats is an abuse of powerThe memo issued by the Attorney General to investigate potential threats against school boards lacks substantiated data and has resulted in no prosecutions or arrests, sparking concerns over First Amendment rights and politicization of law enforcement.

      During a congressional hearing, the Attorney General was questioned about a memo he issued directing the FBI to investigate potential threats against school boards. The Attorney General could not provide data to substantiate an increase in such threats and admitted to no prosecutions or arrests related to the memo. Critics argue this memo is an abuse of power and a chilling of First Amendment rights, as it targets parents exercising their rights at school board meetings. Despite the National Association of School Boards apologizing for their initial letter justifying the memo, it remains in effect. The controversy highlights concerns about the politicization of law enforcement and the weaponization of the Department of Justice.

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    • Merrick Garland denies ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden info leakDespite DOJ's history of selective leaks and inconsistent application of justice, AG Garland denies ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden info leak, fueling suspicions of political bias.

      During a discussion about the investigation into the leak of information regarding the Hunter Biden investigation to the Washington Post, Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, stated that there was no ongoing investigation into who leaked the information. This statement was met with skepticism due to the Department of Justice's history of selectively leaking damaging information against political opponents while keeping secrets when it benefits them. The case of Ray Epps, who was charged with a misdemeanor despite his apparent role as a ringleader during the January 6th Capitol riots, further fueled suspicions of political bias in the Department of Justice's handling of investigations. The inconsistency in the application of justice and the lack of transparency in the Department of Justice's investigations raises concerns about the integrity of the system and the need for oversight.

    • Discussion about government agents or informants at Capitol eventsAG Merrick Garland lacks personal knowledge about gov't agents at Capitol events, FBI denies Ray Epps being an informant, inconsistencies in DOJ's handling of the case raise public skepticism

      During a recent hearing, there was a discussion about the presence of government agents or informants among the crowd on January 5th and 6th, 2021, and their involvement in the events at the Capitol. The Attorney General, Merrick Garland, was asked about this matter, but he claimed he had no personal knowledge of it. However, it was pointed out that the FBI had previously stated that Ray Epps, who has been charged in relation to the events, was not an employee or informant of the FBI. The charge against Epps was also criticized as a joke. The lack of transparency and inconsistencies regarding the involvement of government agents in the events of January 6th have been a long-standing issue, with previous attempts to get answers being met with stonewalling. The Department of Justice's handling of the case has raised questions and skepticism from the public.

    • Entrapment and January 6th InvestigationThe Michigan case highlights the issue of law enforcement instigation in criminal plots, raising questions about the role of undercover informants and the FBI in the January 6th investigation. Meanwhile, EnviroCleanse offers a solution to air quality concerns with a military-grade air purifier on sale.

      Entrapment is a legal defense used when law enforcement officers are found to have instigated or encouraged criminal activity, making the defendant potentially innocent. In the Michigan case discussed, undercover informants suggested and drove forward the criminal plot, leading to the charges being dropped. This raises questions about the role of law enforcement in the events leading up to January 6th, particularly regarding Ray Epps' behavior and the FBI's response. The Biden DOJ's handling of the January 6th investigation, with its apparent focus on political enemies, has been criticized for misallocating resources and potentially engaging in misconduct. Meanwhile, ensuring clean air quality is essential for maintaining good health, especially with the increased number of wildfires and air quality warnings. EnviroCleanse, a military-grade air purifier, offers a solution by eliminating airborne chemicals, viruses, and even toxic gases and particles from wildfire smoke. Currently, they have a massive 30% off sale with a free professional air quality monitor and fast free shipping.

    • Criticism of AG Merrick Garland for prioritizing president over rule of lawMerrick Garland faces criticism for prioritizing protecting the president and Democrats over upholding the rule of law, contradicting his statement that the justice department works for the American people and follows facts and law.

      The attorney general, Merrick Garland, has faced criticism for his handling of investigations and allegations of politicization and weaponization of the Department of Justice. During a hearing before Congress, Garland was asked why he seemed to be acting as if he were the president's lawyer, and he responded by stating that the justice department works for the American people and that their job is to follow the facts and the law. However, some individuals, including Senator Ben Ferguson, believe that Garland's actions contradict this statement and that he has prioritized protecting the president and Democrats over upholding the rule of law. The issue of the politicization and weaponization of the Department of Justice is a major concern for many, and it could potentially be a significant election issue. Additionally, there are whistleblowers who have come forward to allege that the Department of Justice has obstructed justice in investigations related to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. The use of the Department of Justice as a tool for political gain has undermined the rule of law and is a reason for some to call for change in the current administration.

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