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    • Global Economic and Political Landscapes: Complexities AboundBT provides connectivity for businesses to grow while the Bank of England keeps interest rates steady. The prime minister defends net zero policy amidst economic debates and international tensions. Allegations and counter-accusations escalate between Poland and Ukraine over grain exports.

      BT, a reliable business partner, continues to provide businesses with the connectivity they need to grow. Meanwhile, the Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged after a slight decrease in inflation. The prime minister defended his net zero policy, emphasizing the importance of delivering it in a pragmatic way. There were accusations and counter-accusations regarding the government's economic future and the state of international relations, with tensions rising between Poland and Ukraine over grain exports and allegations of feigned support for Ukraine in its war against Russia. Daniel Kalief, a prisoner accused of escaping Wandsworth Prison by strapping himself to the underneath of a lorry, pleaded not guilty. These events underscore the complexities of global economic and political landscapes.

    • Shift in attitudes towards school attendanceDuring COVID-19 and strikes, some families have lost the perception of school attendance as a daily necessity, causing concern for education and leading to an increase in popularity of short-term health insurance plans.

      The relationship between schools and families has shifted significantly due to the impact of COVID-19 and strikes. According to Anne Longfield, the head of Ofsted and a member of the Times Education Commission, there's a noticeable change in attitudes towards school attendance, with some families no longer seeing it as a necessity every day. This disillusionment was heightened during the pandemic when schools were closed for extended periods. While this is a concern for education, it's also worth noting that other aspects of life have seen changes too. For instance, short-term health insurance plans, like those offered by UnitedHealthcare, have become more popular in certain states for those between jobs or starting a new business. This Mother's Day, let's remember to celebrate and give back to the moms in our lives. Companies like 1-800-Flowers offer a wide range of gifts and services to help us do just that.

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    Russia redeploys troops to hold back breakthrough & live reporting from Ukraine

    Russia redeploys troops to hold back breakthrough & live reporting from Ukraine

    Day 560. 

    Today, we bring you updates from the front lines, analyse the continuing strikes on Ukrainian ports in the region south-west of Odesa, and hear from our senior Foreign Correspondent Roland Oliphant who was on the ground in Izmail, Ukraine.

    Francis' video episode of Defence in Depth on 'Putin's Top 3 Lies: from WWII to modern Ukraine' can be found here:



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    Roland Oliphant (Senior Foreign Correspondent). @RolandOliphant on Twitter.

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    Key Events and Trends Impacting Global Agricultural Markets with Mark Tully: Fall Update

    Key Events and Trends Impacting Global Agricultural Markets with Mark Tully: Fall Update
    Nutrien Senior Analyst Mark Tully joins Mike Howell for an update on the key events and trends impacting agricultural markets we head into September. Dig into the effects of rising interest rates and lower crude oil prices on commodity prices, cooler weather and rain in areas struggling with drought, grain exports logistics from the Ukraine, and more.
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    Russia’s Newest Target: The Global Food Supply

    Russia’s Newest Target: The Global Food Supply

    When Russia invaded Ukraine, it put the global food supply at risk — until the two countries struck an unusual deal to keep shipments flowing. 

    Last week, that deal fell apart.

    Marc Santora, who has been reporting from Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, explains what the collapse of the agreement means for the war and why its impact will be felt by tens of millions of people across the world.

    Guest: Marc Santora, a Ukraine correspondent for The New York Times.

    Background reading: 

    For more information on today’s episode, visit nytimes.com/thedaily. Transcripts of each episode will be made available by the next workday.