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    • Government's commitment to infrastructure projects like HS2 despite potential cancellationFormer leaders urge against canceling HS2 due to investments made and potential economic consequences. Cancellation could impact Northern Powerhouse Rail and have implications for law enforcement.

      BT, a sponsor of this podcast, is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes and sectors, recognizing their importance and the need for infrastructure projects like HS2 to drive economic growth and development. Rishi Sunaka, the Chancellor, has not yet commented on the potential scrapping of the Birmingham to Manchester leg of HS2, but housing minister Rachel MacLean reassured listeners that the government's commitment to leveling up projects remains strong. Former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine and former chancellor George Osborne have urged against canceling the project due to the significant investments already made and the potential negative economic consequences. The cancellation of HS2 could also impact Northern Powerhouse Rail, a priority for many in the north of England. Additionally, concerns have been raised among senior police officers about the potential impact on their force if one of their own is found guilty of murder.

    • Pressure and Consequences for Firearms Officers, Hollywood Writers' Agreement, and Asana's SolutionFirearms officers face immense pressure and potential consequences, Hollywood writers reached a tentative agreement, and Asana offers a solution for companies to streamline processes

      The shooting death of Chris Cabot and the subsequent protests from firearms officers highlight the immense pressure and potential consequences they face in their line of duty. Harry Tanguy, a former firearms police officer, expressed the fear of hesitation during high-risk situations, as the fear of being charged with murder could cost someone's life. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Writers Guild's tentative agreement with major film studios marks the end of their strike action, granting meaningful gains and protections for writers on issues like residuals and payments for successful programs. Lastly, Asana, a work management platform, offers a solution for companies to streamline their processes and maximize efficiency by connecting all teams in one place. In health care, UnitedHealthcare's Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity insurance plans provide additional coverage to help manage out-of-pocket costs.

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    Ep 2. Data, Decarbonisation & Diversity of Thought, Mike Hulme

    Ep 2. Data, Decarbonisation & Diversity of Thought, Mike Hulme

    Mike Hulme, Director of Alstom and Chair of Northern Rail Industry Leaders, joins us in the studio for our second RTM podcast, giving us exclusive insight into the rail supply chain and why rail is starting to become more cutting-edge.

    With our hosts Emily Rodgers and Matt Roberts, the conversation covers everything from cricket to claustrophobia, Pendelino to Portillo and more. 

    Digitalisation, smart ticketing, and the three biggest things threatening the rail industry are all covered in this light-hearted sit down with one of the most important people in rail.

    Hulme goes into detail on why SMEs play a huge role in the rail industry and how companies can get in front of industry giants like Alstom. 

    If you’re looking to make your mark in the rail industry, you’re in the right place. Mike has all the experience and is willing to share it with us all on this podcast. 

    Our guest has been there for some of the most important projects in recent rail history and knows first-hand about Northern Powerhouse Rail and HS2’s role in the UK economy. 

    Young people thinking about a career in rail shouldn’t miss out on this one, or maybe you’re in the industry already and want to further expand your knowledge before taking your next step.

    Think you can beat an industry leader in a railway quiz? Play along with him and see if you’ve got what it takes. 

    Find out who Mike would have at his TCR table and his favourite thing about working in rail on this second episode of the #WeAreRTM podcast. 

    To quote Mike “we have the tools in the box, we just have to find the commercial way to make it happen” That’s where you come in.

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