Podcast Summary

    • Podcasting for Yourself vs. Podcasting for ClientsBoth podcasting for yourself and podcasting for clients have unique benefits. Self-podcasting builds credibility, promotes business, and creates evergreen content. Client-podcasting addresses specific needs, provides solutions, and handles publishing process.

      Producing a podcast for yourself and producing one for your clients can serve different purposes. When creating a podcast for yourself, your goal may be to establish expertise, promote your business, and create evergreen content that remains useful over time. This type of podcasting can help build your credibility and attract clients. However, when producing a podcast for your clients, your focus shifts to addressing their specific needs and challenges. This could involve creating content tailored to their industry, providing solutions to common problems, and handling the publishing and posting process. Ultimately, both types of podcasting can be effective marketing tools, but it's important to understand the unique benefits and requirements of each. By creating valuable, evergreen content for yourself and customized content for your clients, you can expand your reach and build a successful podcasting business.

    • Different approaches for podcasts based on purposeFor clients: 40% current events, 60% evergreen. For personal use or service providers: 100% evergreen content.

      Creating podcasts for clients and for personal use serves different purposes and requires different approaches. For clients, particularly those in industries with constantly evolving products or services, incorporating current events and news can help position them as experts and generate leads. Up to 50% of their podcast content can be tied to current affairs, while the remaining content should focus on evergreen topics. This approach keeps their podcasts relevant and engaging to listeners. On the other hand, for personal use or for generating business as a service provider, evergreen content is key. This type of content never goes out of date and provides ongoing value to listeners. By offering a mix of both current and evergreen content for clients, service providers can effectively meet their clients' needs while also maintaining a consistent brand and message.

    • Recycling your marketing: Evergreen content in podcastsEvergreen content, relevant and valuable over long periods, can be recycled and repurposed, saving time and extracting value. Podcasts can be transcribed and repurposed into various formats like reports, blog posts, and articles.

      Creating evergreen content is a valuable strategy for marketers, particularly in age-old activities like advertising and marketing. Evergreen content is relevant and valuable over a long period of time, unlike content tied to specific external products or services or current events. By recycling and repurposing old content, marketers can save time and continue to extract value from it. This concept, known as "recycling your marketing," can be applied to various formats like podcasts, which can be transcribed and turned into special reports, blog posts, or feature articles. It's essential to ensure the old content remains relevant and factually accurate, but the addition of current affairs and issues can help refresh it. Ultimately, evergreen content forms the foundation, with current events and issues serving as the wrapper, making the content timely and engaging.

    • Leveraging evergreen content with current eventsConnecting timeless value content with current events keeps it relevant and engaging, allowing creators to maximize the value and longevity of their content.

      Creating evergreen content and wrapping it with current events can be an effective content strategy. Evergreen content refers to materials that provide timeless value, while connecting it with current events can make it more relevant and engaging. This approach allows content creators to leverage the value of their existing content while addressing new developments. For instance, a lawyer could create evergreen content about the importance of asset protection and common mistakes, while also discussing new laws and their potential impact. This strategy can help maintain a balance between providing timeless value and addressing current situations. Additionally, the use of podcasting as a platform for this approach is not new, as it has roots in the form of radio programs. By following this strategy, content creators can maximize the value and longevity of their content, while also staying current and relevant to their audience.

    • Optimizing a podcast: Narrowing topics, offering evergreen content, and consistent deliveryNarrow podcast topics to key ideas, provide evergreen content, and deliver consistently for maximum reach and engagement. Optimize content later for search engines and keep offers within your ecosystem.

      Creating and optimizing a podcast involves careful planning and execution. The speaker shared his approach, which includes narrowing down topics to key ideas tied to products or services, offering evergreen products or services for listeners to access, and testing titles and descriptions for maximum reach. He also emphasized the importance of consistency in getting content in front of the audience and optimizing it later for search engines. The speaker also mentioned the importance of keeping offers within one's own ecosystem and avoiding external links to social media or other platforms. By following these steps, the speaker has been able to maintain a presence and engage with his audience effectively for over two decades.

    • Approaches to Podcasting: Personal vs. ClientFor personal podcasts, focus on evergreen content for long-term audience growth. For clients, prioritize finished material for initial advertising potential.

      Creating and managing a podcast for personal use versus for a client requires different approaches. For personal use, focusing on evergreen content with high value and consistent flow traffic can help stretch out the long tail and attract a larger, ongoing audience. However, for clients, producing finished material with a strong title, description, backlinks, and keywords is necessary for the first 30 days to maximize advertising potential. In a studio environment, recording multiple podcasts for clients in advance and delivering a complete package is feasible, but in-house, resources and time are limited, making it more efficient to focus on evergreen content and buildable hours. For clients interacting with a general marketplace, about half of their content should be topical, seasonal, and tied to their industry to maintain relevance.

    • Maximizing Content's Impact through Quality, Optimization, and PromotionInvesting in high-quality content and optimizing it after publication adds long-term value for clients, while automated marketing efforts expand reach.

      Producing high-quality content once and making it accessible to a large audience over time is more beneficial for long-term exponential growth, rather than constantly striving for viral posts that satisfy clients' immediate expectations. However, this doesn't mean neglecting optimization. Instead, optimizing content after publication can be demonstrated to clients as a value-add, while automated marketing efforts can help reach a larger audience. This approach allows for scale and efficiency, particularly for clients who can afford it. Ultimately, it's about finding the right balance between quality, optimization, and promotion to maximize content's impact.

    • In-house vs client podcasting: Different goals, same benefitsBoth in-house and client podcasting offer syndication benefits, but have distinct goals: consistent education vs lead generation and sales

      Creating a podcast in-house and creating one for a client have their unique differences and benefits. For an in-house podcast, the focus is on providing consistent educational content to a loyal audience, while for a client's podcast, the goal is to create complete packages with multiple headlines and offers to attract new leads and sales. Both forms of podcasting share the benefit of syndication, allowing content to reach a wider audience across multiple platforms. However, it's crucial to track the source of traffic for client podcasts to accurately attribute new leads and sales. Podcasting is a valuable tool for generating leads and building a loyal audience, as once posted, the content remains accessible forever. If you have any questions about creating a successful podcast, visit www.addbriefings.co.uk and opt-in to our newsletter for more tips and success stories.

    Recent Episodes from AdBriefing Copywriting Tips

    A sure fire way to lose subscribers (and clients)

    A sure fire way to lose subscribers (and clients)
    Don't do this if you want more clients. I make this mistake all the time. It makes my life more difficult as a copywriter or marketer.

    The biggest takeaway is that "monthly regular, better than weekly irregular." When it comes to prospect communications, regular is better.

    Listen carefully if you use podcasting or periodic content to build your client list. My last episode was in December for one of my channels; now it is February.

    I wasn't slacking. I had billable client work, published in other channels, and been engaged elsewhere. Fortunately, I have so many channels, but I could see the drop in analytics.

    This is for freelance copywriters or marketers who feel overwhelmed by content creation. Remember, you aren't in the content business. You are in the business of marketing copywriting services.

    Want to improve your ability to write copy that sells? Want to learn the business of copywriting? Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    #PublishPodcast #VideoLogging #SocialMedia #SocialMarketing #VideoMarketing

    Content Creation Best Practices You Will Ignore

    Content Creation Best Practices You Will Ignore
    Publish, promote, promote some more: The truth about content creation. The content treadmill is real. Let's answer the question of how content marketing can generate leads.

    Everyone's scrambling for trends in the content creation gold rush. They seek the next big algorithm hack. But amidst the noise, a question whispers: What content helps create new customers?

    I'm not about about chasing clickbait or fleeting virality. You know something isn't right about content creation "best practices," the gurus proclaim.

    There is an attraction to being popular, but I'm more interested in you being profitable. As a content marketing agency, my team tests what works and what doesn't.

    Results come from hard work and by design. There is no shortcut to content that transcends trends. Yet there is a proven approach to speaking directly to prospects' desires.

    Join me as I delve into timeless principles of effective communication. I'll focus on content marketing strategy rather than trying to nail the latest trend. It starts with evergreen content.

    If you'd like to go into more depth, we can explore the art of storytelling that captivates. Learn how to craft writing that resonates with your audience. Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/?utm_source=006-l0427a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=content-creation-best-practices-you-ignore

    Forget the fads and algorithms. I celebrate the slow burn of evergreen content. Write the kind of content you can measure, optimize, and improve for lead generation. A lead can tell you what works.

    If you'd like me to look at your back catalog, many best practices increase conversion rates. Ask your specific questions here, https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/contact/?utm_source=006-l0427a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=content-creation-best-practices-you-ignore

    As a copywriter, I want you to build your legacy on substance, not hype. Learn quiet perseverance that is amplified with foundational direct response principles.

    Every freelance copywriter, marketer, or business owner has a story to share. This podcast is your sanctuary from the content chaos. I'm here to help you share that story with clients who will pay, stay, and refer.

    Here, we find solace in the power of genuine connection. A place to build business relationships through words that sell. I'm looking forward to your comments below.

    #ContentCreation #ContentDevelopment #ContentMarketing #LeadGeneration

    A $20k a Month Podcast, Is It Possible?

    A $20k a Month Podcast, Is It Possible?
    Do you have a high-traffic website but no revenue to show for it? That's typical for podcasts, YouTube channels, and content websites.

    You must do something different to earn $20,000 a year or more. That's what this episode is about. How to add additional streams of income to any periodic audio or video podcast.

    The office is so busy lately that I cannot get through a podcast without an inbound call. That's a great place to be. But not the kind of distraction I need.

    Start with understanding current earnings. Use a measure called CPM. This is "cost per mille" or "cost per thousand." The number doesn't matter; improve it each month.

    But advertising alone won't get you to $20,000 a month. That's where so many podcasters, influencers, and publishers make a huge mistake. As a copywriter or marketer, you can help.

    Want to grow your freelance copywriting business? This is only one example of the hundreds of ways smart copywriters grow their bottom line. Join us for more ideas at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/?utm_source=007-k0225a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=is-20k-month-podcast-possible

    #MonetizePodcast #Podcasting #PodcastMagic #LeadGeneration

    Stop writing content! Get clients instead

    Stop writing content! Get clients instead
    If content got you clients, then every copywriter and consultant would be rich. Churning out content is the de facto standard.

    Writing content is easier than ever before. AI writing tools can write hundreds of articles in seconds. Folks focus on content because it feels like progress.

    Instead of writing content, there is a better, more reliable way to get clients. Big technology doesn't want you to know about this productivity hack.

    Writing for clients rather than clicks is what this episode is about. Stop working for Google, YouTube, and Facebook without getting paid.

    Are you a copywriter or marketer who wants more clients? Get client attracting insights, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    Do you want more sales and grow your opportunity? It starts by becoming a recognized expert. Learn how here, https://www.jwhco.com/product/establish-instant-credibility/

    Justin Hitt is an expert in helping subject matter experts attract high-ticket assignments. With his help, clients have gained more than a billion dollars in growth in the last two decades.

    #CopywritingTips #ClientAttraction #RecognizedExpert #BuildAuthority #AuthorityMarketing #LeadGeneration

    Triple Conversion Cleaning Up Content The Right Way

    Triple Conversion Cleaning Up Content The Right Way
    Stop wasting time chasing Google Search updates. Most websites can't convert traffic even if search engines send you traffic.

    Stop deleting content on a hunch chasing rankings. Instead, use a scientific approach that triples conversion.

    You're in the right place if you want double digital conversion rates and more cash flow from your business website.

    This approach looks at extracting best practices for lead and sales conversion. Then turns those best practices into better evergreen content.

    Evergreen content helps you draw consistent visitors and conversion. You'll have more predictable results for your business website.

    Unfortunately, many marketing managers choose to delete content rather than improve it. They look for quick wins without understanding how conversion rate optimization works.

    Copywriters and marketers can provide a valuable service in rewriting poor-performing content. This is value-added because you understand targeting.

    More importantly, as conversion rates increase, so can cash flow. Documenting best practices makes new content creation more predictable.

    I'm looking forward to your questions in the comments.

    Want more consistent cash flow in your freelance copywriting or small agency? Start with lessons on the business of copywriting. Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    #SearchOptimziation #ConversionRate #ConversionOptimization #WebAnalytics #FreelanceCopywriting #ContentMarketing

    Do this to read the minds of prospects

    Do this to read the minds of prospects
    What do you do after researching buyer personas, keywords, or industries? Are you increasing capacity or grinding through the boring weeds?

    Do this to read the minds of prospects. Over your copywriting career, you'll be more productive. This concept of information management makes you more productive.

    You don't need any fancy database, software, or even a librarian. Start organizing your research to help you reach hungry prospects.

    I cannot compete with Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, or others teaching copywriting. Why should I? When it comes to improving profits in business, I excel.

    Listen carefully; this episode addresses the real problems of copywriting. The information overload. The hours they were grinding doing research for a campaign.

    If you're tired of the rollercoaster income of freelance copywriting, do this. You'll attract higher-value clients. Write control beating copy faster.

    And most importantly, you'll set yourself up for faster onboarding of new clients. You'll need it because your results will justify being a high-demand copywriter.

    If you're ready to graduate from freelance copywriter to agency owner, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    Discover the systems and business of copywriting that grow your earnings. You'll earn more with fewer hours and less headache. Thanks for subscribing.

    #FreelanceCopywriter #StartAgency #MarketingAgency #CopywritingBusiness #MoreClients

    My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed

    My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed
    Do you want a seven-figure agency? Use this strategic system for selling high-ticket solutions. You are five steps away from bankable results.

    Many will ask, "If this system is so powerful, why would you share it?" Most who start listening to this mega-podcast episode won't finish it.

    The majority looks for "marketing secrets" that don't require effort, or somehow magically work in every economy. Those shiny objects are an illusion.

    This high-ticket-selling system is strategic. In teaching it I demonstrate how the system works, but also how you can make it work.

    There is no need to create gobs of content. Content marketing is a distraction. You don't have to design a high-ticket product either.

    Start where you are today as a freelance copywriter, marketer, or subject matter expert. Don't be a part of the distracted masses.

    This proven system is disguised as hard work. That's why I'm not concerned about revealing it to you. Most don't take action.

    Do you want a seven-figure agency? Or at least to earn more income more consistently. If you are an action taker, you'll join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    #StartAgency #MarketingSystem #FreelanceCopywriter #SellingSystem #ProspectSurvey

    By the way, I have a PDF of my handwritten notes available for those who request it. You'll be the first to see the marketing funnel and ascension ladder I discuss here.

    The only way to get it is to ask for it. Use the form here, https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/contact/

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