578. Q&AF: Motivation Sources, Maximizing Business Exposure & Self Doubt Days

    enSeptember 25, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Exploring personal growth through podcast discussionsListen to the 'Ask Andy' podcast for insights on personal development, real talk, and solutions to everyday problems, with a focus on mental toughness and resilience.

      The "Ask Andy" podcast covers various topics including answering listener questions (submitted via email or YouTube comments), discussing current events and news, providing real talk and advice, and featuring guests who have completed the 75 Hard program. The host, Andy Priscilla, shares lessons from his entrepreneurial experiences and asks listeners to share the show if they find value in it. The podcast aims to provide insight and solutions to listeners' problems and encourage personal growth. The host also emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and resilience, which is a key theme in the 75 Hard program. Overall, the podcast offers a raw and authentic perspective on various aspects of life and business, with a focus on personal development and overcoming challenges.

    • Document past criticisms for motivationDocumenting past criticisms can provide motivation and fuel determination to overcome obstacles and prove doubters wrong.

      Keeping a record of past criticisms and using it as motivation can help fuel success. When striving for greatness, it's inevitable to face negativity and doubts from others. These criticisms, often passive-aggressive, can discourage and plant seeds of self-doubt. However, by documenting these instances, one can reflect on them and use the fuel of determination and resilience to overcome obstacles and prove the naysayers wrong. The use of ancient remedies like the Chinese tiger bomb, a pain-relieving ointment, can also aid in the physical toll of hard work and training.

    • Use criticism as fuel for motivationCollect and remember negative comments for motivation during challenges, prove doubters wrong, expand fuel source to include those who doubt you

      Negative comments and criticism from others can be used as fuel to push through challenges and continue working towards goals. Instead of getting upset or defensive, it's important to collect and remember these comments for times when motivation is lacking. By using negative energy in a healthy way, individuals can prove their doubters wrong and stay motivated even when faced with adversity. It's important to remember that in the beginning, not everyone may believe in your abilities, so expanding the fuel source to include those who doubt you can be a powerful motivator.

    • Using Negative Energy as MotivationGreat achievers use negative energy as motivation to overcome criticism and doubt, but it's essential to shift focus towards purpose and mission as success is achieved to avoid relying solely on negative energy indefinitely.

      Using negative energy and experiences as motivation can be a productive way to drive success. The speaker emphasizes that great achievers, like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, have used this approach to overcome criticism and doubt. However, as success is achieved, it's essential to shift focus towards purpose and mission. The speaker warns against relying solely on negative energy indefinitely, as eventually, people will stop doubting and questioning your abilities. Instead, use the energy to fuel your growth and evolve towards a bigger vision. The speaker also mentions the possibility of people who initially believed in you flipping to envy or jealousy as you succeed. This is a natural response, but it's essential to stay focused on your mission and not let it derail you from your goals.

    • The loneliness of successNot all supporters are genuine, friendships may change, but valuable relationships can be formed through the journey of pursuing potential and entrepreneurship.

      Not everyone who pretends to support you during your journey to success truly believes in you. Some people may only show up when you're experiencing good times or have achieved a certain level of success. The reality is, people find it hard to be happy for others' success, and as you continue to grow and evolve, your friendships may change. The loneliness often comes from the transitions between different friend groups as you pursue your potential. The relationships you build along the way, however, can be more valuable, even if there are fewer of them. Encouraging children to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, like a mini donut business, can be a great way to instill the values of hard work, understanding economics, and the importance of following one's passion.

    • Maximizing Exposure: Online and Offline PresenceLeverage free social media, provide exceptional product and customer experience, and gain essential communication skills in a high-traffic retail environment to reach a larger audience and build a loyal customer base.

      In today's digital age, maximizing exposure for a new business can be achieved through leveraging free social media platforms and providing an exceptional product and customer experience. This was not an option for entrepreneurs before the internet and social media, who had to rely on traditional marketing methods like door-to-door sales and word of mouth. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having both online and offline presence, and recommends young entrepreneurs to gain essential communication skills by working in a high-traffic retail environment. By focusing on these strategies, a business can reach a larger audience and build a loyal customer base.

    • People skills are crucial for business successEmbrace a 'zero options mentality' to give your best daily, overcome self-doubt, and prioritize human connection in business

      Developing strong people skills is essential for business success, and it's an opportunity to stand out since fewer people prioritize it. Technology can help, but human connection is crucial. Entrepreneurs should adopt a "zero options mentality," giving their best every day to avoid being surpassed by competitors. Self-doubt is inevitable, but executing tasks regardless of feelings is crucial. Andy shares that he's had many days of self-doubt and imposter syndrome over his 25-year career but still managed to succeed by focusing on action rather than emotions.

    • Stay disciplined for successFocus on action and results to overcome self-doubt, frustration, and anxiety, and achieve greatness

      Discipline is the key to success, regardless of feelings or circumstances. The ability to execute consistently, even when facing self-doubt, frustration, or pain, puts you at an advantage over others. Feeling irrelevant to results, it's essential to focus on action rather than emotions. On days when motivation is low, it's crucial to push through and complete necessary tasks. Anxiety can serve as a reminder of pending responsibilities, and tackling them head-on can alleviate feelings of unease. The more disciplined and consistent you are in your execution, the more confident you become, and the less frequently you'll experience negative emotions. Ultimately, focusing on action and results, rather than feelings, is the path to achieving greatness.

    • Learning to Execute in Spite of Feelings of DoubtDespite feelings of anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt, consistently putting in the work can help build confidence and overcome imposter syndrome. Turn feelings into motivation and push beyond comfort zones.

      Feelings of anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt are natural and inevitable, especially when striving towards personal goals. Instead of trying to eliminate these feelings, it's essential to learn how to execute in spite of them. By consistently putting in the work every day, we can build confidence and overcome feelings of insecurity and imposter syndrome. Using challenging tasks like a cold plunge as an example, we can turn these feelings into motivation and even do extra to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Remember, successful people don't necessarily lack feelings of doubt; they've learned to operate effectively despite them. Embrace the challenge and use it as an opportunity to grow.

    • Take action despite feelingsPush through challenges and build confidence by taking consistent action towards your goals, even when feelings of fear or doubt arise.

      Overcoming feelings and taking action towards your goals is a crucial part of achieving success. Contrary to what some may suggest online, eliminating feelings before taking action is not a viable solution. Instead, it's essential to take action despite feelings and build confidence through consistent effort. Additionally, it's important to be cautious about the advice we receive from those who have not achieved significant accomplishments themselves. By following the playbook of true champions, we can learn to push through challenges and develop a strong sense of self-worth. Remember, success is not always pleasant or fun, but the reward is worth the effort.

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    Takeaways Talk (Tammi Relyea)

    Takeaways Talk (Tammi Relyea)

    Tammi Relyea is a real inspiration! We are fortunate to learn from such a wise, visionary, and level-headed businesswoman. As the Founder of both BRA-sériē and the WO3 movement, she is the epitome of steadfast commitment and mission-driven impact. Here’s the takeaways from our interview with Tammi.


    • Creatively fulfilling a consumer need is a key facet to achieving business success

    • It’s never too late to pursue a dream as maturity and experience are advantages

    • Entrepreneurship doesn’t always need to be a public journey

    • When you build fortitude, the haters and naysayers don’t negatively affect you

    • Small victories can give you big hope; allow those victories to fuel continuous inspiration

    • WO3 Day is truly an opportunity to partner, promote, and support women-owned businesses

    • Be proud of and embrace your unique entrepreneurial experience; don’t compare, be different!

    • You don’t need to wait for things to be perfect to activate your dreams, just get started


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    From a Horrifying Near-Death Experience to Success and Significance with World Record Holder Jenn Drummond

    From a Horrifying Near-Death Experience to Success and Significance with World Record Holder Jenn Drummond

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    Today's spotlight shines on Jenn Drummond; a woman of substantial accomplishments and heart. Jenn is an acclaimed motivational keynote speaker, world record holder, author and podcast host. Yet her credentials don't stop there. Jenn is also a resilient mother of seven children and a dedicated owner of a business in the financial service industry. Having faced significant adversity in the form of a life-altering car accident, Jenn emerged stronger than ever and has dedicated her life to personal growth, inspiring others along the way. Her story serves as a powerful beacon of hope and testament to human resilience.

    "Happiness is an inside game.”

    Tools for Personal Growth: Jenn Drummond shared her insights on the role of personal determination in overcoming adversity. She emphasized the importance of commitment to personal goals and the value of creating an environment that encourages personal growth and fun. Utilizing her own experiences, she demonstrated how a positive mindset and persistence could lead to significant personal and professional achievements.

    Books and Resources

    The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

    Quit-Proof: 7 Strategies to Build Resilience and Achieve Your Life Goals



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    WEBSITE: https://jenndrummond.com/

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    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thejenndrummond

    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzI9NbwoOzgANJBd2GJQvrQ

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