Podcast Summary

    • Young voices rising against adversity and fighting for their beliefsYoung individuals like Josh and Nick Alexander demonstrate the power of questioning authority and taking action to advocate for their rights and values, emphasizing the need for a society that encourages and respects the voices of the younger generation.

      Young people like Josh and Nick Alexander are standing up for their beliefs and advocating for their rights, even in the face of opposition and consequences. Despite being suspended from school and facing threats and violence, they continue to fight for their values and the principles they believe in. Their story highlights the growing concern over lockdown restrictions and mandates, and the impact it has on young individuals. It also sheds light on the fact that not all young people passively accept these measures, but rather have the capacity to question and take action. This shows the importance of fostering a culture where young voices are heard and respected, and where they are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue.

    • The Negative Impact of Mask Mandates and Lockdowns on Young People's Mental Health and Social LivesThe mask mandates and lockdowns had detrimental effects on young people, causing increased suicide rates, depression, anxiety, and reliance on substitutes for social interaction. Face-to-face communication and relationship formation were also severely impacted.

      The mask mandates and lockdowns had a detrimental impact on the younger generation. The speaker, Josh Alexander, shares his personal experience of facing social consequences for refusing to wear a mask and questioning the rules. He emphasizes how the mandates affected the morale and mental health of students, leading to increased suicide rates, depression, and anxiety. Rather than fostering healthy relationships and social interactions, young people turned to video games, pornography, and social media as substitutes. The speaker also highlights the loss of face-to-face communication and the challenges in forming relationships. Ultimately, this highlights the need to consider the negative consequences of such measures on young individuals and their overall well-being.

    • Courage and Determination: Young Individuals Standing Up for Freedom and ChangeJosh and Nick Alexander's story emphasizes the importance of individual action and staying true to one's beliefs, even in the face of adversity and opposition.

      These young individuals, Josh and Nick Alexander, took a stand against what they perceived as tyranny and oppression. Despite facing consequences like being fired from jobs and being suspended from school, they remained steadfast in their beliefs. They organized walkouts and participated in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, where they experienced a break from the oppressive state they felt they were living under. Their actions were not driven by political motivations initially, but rather a desire for freedom and change. They demonstrated courage and determination, even at a young age, and were willing to face the fallout of their actions. They also showcased entrepreneurial spirit through their welding business, which they started while still in high school. Overall, their story highlights the power of individual action and standing up for what one believes in, even when facing opposition.

    • The Power of Leadership and How It Inspires ActionLeadership qualities such as confidence, integrity, and positive role models can inspire and motivate others to take action and bring about positive change.

      Leadership can have a powerful impact on inspiring others to take action. In this conversation, Nick Alexander describes his brother Josh as a natural and confident leader who has the ability to rally people behind him. Despite facing opposition and strained relationships, Josh's strong leadership skills enabled him to organize successful walkouts and bring about change. Additionally, Nick highlights Josh's honesty and integrity, which likely contribute to the trust and support he gains from others. It is evident that leadership attributes such as intelligence, confidence, and integrity can inspire and motivate others, particularly in a time when many young people lack confidence. Moreover, having positive role models, like their father, can also shape and influence individuals' leadership abilities.

    • The Attack on Nuclear Family and its ConsequencesDespite facing backlash and consequences, the Alexander brothers are committed to fighting for their beliefs and awakening the youth to stand up for their values.

      The nuclear family is being attacked in our culture today. This attack leads to consequences, such as retaliation in employment. Nick and Josh Alexander's parents, both school teachers, were suspended from their jobs due to their children's political actions. The justification provided for their suspension was baseless, as their father had no online actions to speak of. Furthermore, their mother was placed under investigation for removing a pride flag from her kindergarten classroom door, which was deemed hateful. This highlights the intolerance and mob mentality that exists in society. Despite facing these challenges, the Alexander brothers are now actively involved in protests and efforts to wake up the youth and fight for their beliefs. They understand the importance of standing up and defending the values they hold dear.

    • Violence, Bias, and the Need for Peaceful DialogueMaintaining composure and staying grounded in beliefs, even in the face of provocation, is crucial. It highlights bias within law enforcement and emphasizes the importance of peaceful dialogue amidst political divisions.

      In short, the key takeaway from this conversation is the violent behavior and bias displayed by certain members of Antifa and the lack of support from law enforcement. Despite being outnumbered and physically attacked, Nick and his group maintained their composure and chose not to respond with violence. This experience highlights the importance of staying grounded in one's beliefs and taking the high ground, even in the face of provocation. It also sheds light on the top-down command within law enforcement and how some officers are more favorable towards the radical left, leading to a sense of bias and unequal treatment. Ultimately, this conversation underscores the need for peaceful dialogue and understanding amidst political divisions.

    • Upholding Freedom of Speech and Religious Beliefs in the Face of AdversityConfidence and courage are essential in expressing opinions, while standing up for freedom of speech and religious beliefs is crucial in the modern generation.

      Free speech violations and the suppression of beliefs are still prevalent in society. Joshua Alexander, while trying to spread his message and be a responsible role model to students, faced physical attacks and was arrested for handing out Bibles. He was interrogated about the scripture he was using and whether it targeted certain communities, violating his freedom of religious belief and conscience. Despite the adversity, Joshua remained calm and continued to engage with students, earning their respect. This incident highlights the importance of confidence and courage in expressing one's opinions, as today's generation is lacking these qualities. It also emphasizes the importance of standing up for freedom of speech and religious beliefs, even in the face of opposition.

    • Defying Adversity, Spreading Love: Nick Alexander's JourneyNick Alexander's unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel in a hostile environment challenges the misconception that evangelism is an act of hate, emphasizing its message of love and forgiveness.

      Despite facing adversity and a lack of police support, Nick Alexander and his group remained committed to spreading their message of love and redemption. Despite being locked behind police lines, Nick took the opportunity to engage with members of Antifa and share the gospel. He believes that everyone, regardless of their beliefs, needs Jesus and salvation. Sharing the truth about sin, redemption, and the sacrifice of Jesus, Nick aimed to show love even in a hostile environment. In doing so, he challenges the notion that sharing the gospel is an act of hate. Instead, he highlights its message of love and forgiveness for all.

    • The intertwining of political and religious beliefs and the consequences of political actionsPersonal beliefs, guided by religion, shape political actions and can have real-life consequences, highlighting the complexity of the relationship between personal beliefs and societal tensions.

      Political beliefs and religious beliefs can be deeply intertwined for individuals. This conversation between Jordan Peterson and Nick Alexander highlights how moral compass and biblical beliefs shape political actions. Alexander emphasizes that his political actions are rooted in his moral compass, which is guided by his biblical beliefs. Additionally, they discuss the significance of wearing masks during protests. They argue that individuals who hide their identities behind masks may be cowardly and potentially dangerous. The conversation takes a personal turn as Alexander recounts a violent incident where he was attacked, showing that political actions can have real-life consequences. Ultimately, this exchange shows the complex relationship between personal beliefs, political actions, and societal tensions.

    • Lack of Communication and Accountability in Law Enforcement during ProtestsBetter coordination and transparency between protesters and law enforcement is crucial to prevent misunderstandings and ensure safety during protests. The incident raises concerns about the credibility and impartiality of the police in certain situations.

      The incident described highlights the lack of communication and accountability within law enforcement during protests. It is concerning to see how the police failed to provide clear explanations for their actions, changing the charges from obstruction to breach of the peace, and even spreading false information about assault. Additionally, when the organizer requested to speak with his brother, who was wrongfully placed on the opposing side, the police refused without giving any valid reasons. This incident emphasizes the need for better coordination and transparency between protesters and law enforcement to prevent misunderstandings and potentially dangerous situations. It also raises questions about the credibility and impartiality of the police in certain situations.

    • Police violence and lack of transparency during protests underscores need for accountability and consequences.This incident emphasizes the crucial need to hold police officers accountable for their violent actions and demand transparency to prevent misconduct and abuse of power.

      During this incident, it became evident that some police officers acted violently and aggressively towards protestors, even going as far as physically assaulting them. It seemed that these officers took advantage of the chaotic situation and the lack of repercussions for their actions. Additionally, it was concerning to see that the police refused to file reports or provide information about the arrested individuals, showing a lack of transparency and accountability. This incident highlights the importance of holding law enforcement accountable for their actions and ensuring that there are consequences for any misconduct or abuse of power.

    • Nick Alexander's Experience and the Need for Accountability in the Justice SystemNick Alexander's story highlights the need for accountability and transparency within law enforcement to address potential corruption and ensure justice for all.

      Nick Alexander's experience highlights concerns about the justice system and potential corruption. Despite being falsely charged with breach of the peace and assault, Nick's charges were eventually dropped. The mistreatment he endured, including being denied medical attention and forced to stay in a paddy wagon instead of an ambulance, raises questions about the motives of the police officers involved. However, Nick remained hopeful, believing in the possibility of a fair justice system that would release him without charges. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and transparency within law enforcement and the need to address potential corruption to ensure justice for all.

    • Uncovering Corrupt Systems and Conflicting BeliefsThe conversation between Jordan Peterson and Nick Alexander exposes corruption at various levels, while highlighting the clash between personal beliefs and institutional ideologies.

      Corruption exists at various levels, as seen in Jordan Peterson and Nick Alexander's conversation. From alleged police misconduct to imposing policies that go against religious beliefs, it reveals a broken system. The incident at the hospital exemplifies the absurdity of certain rules, as Nick refuses to wear a mask while covered in blood and handcuffed. On the other hand, Josh Alexander's suspension from a Catholic school highlights the clash between personal beliefs and institutional ideologies. Even within a religious setting, divergent perspectives can emerge, with Josh's math teacher questioning the authenticity of biblical teachings. These anecdotes shed light on the challenges individuals face when their principles clash with societal norms or expectations.

    • Clash of Beliefs and Values: Navigating Challenging DiscussionsNavigating discussions with empathy, understanding, and respect is crucial when differing opinions collide, as it avoids accusations of intolerance and bullying.

      There is a clash of beliefs and values in this story, specifically regarding gender identity and freedom of expression. The student, Josh Alexander, challenges his law teacher's perspective on gender and engages in a continuous debate in a respectful manner. However, tensions arise when controversial statements are made, such as the claim that males can breastfeed children. Josh responds by using strong language, which leads to accusations of intolerance and bullying. Ultimately, the school's response is to indefinitely suspend Josh and impose conditions that he feels go against his religious beliefs. This highlights the challenges faced when differing opinions collide, and the importance of navigating discussions with empathy, understanding, and respect.

    • The Power Dynamics and Manipulation Tactics of School BoardsJosh Alexander's case highlights the need for transparency and accountability in educational institutions, as school boards use manipulation tactics and exploit power imbalances in disciplinary actions.

      Josh Alexander's fight against the school board showcases the power dynamics at play in disciplinary actions. Although the board claims that Josh's exclusion is not disciplinary, it unmistakably mirrors the characteristics of disciplinary measures. The board's refusal to use the word "discipline" highlights their attempt to manipulate perceptions. Additionally, the school board's contradictory stance on exclusion, claiming they cannot exclude anyone yet imposing an exclusion order on Josh, reveals their lack of transparency and double standards. Furthermore, the process of seeking justice is being prolonged to the advantage of the board, while Josh and his family face the brunt of the consequences. This case sheds light on the imbalance of power and the need for transparency and accountability in educational institutions.

    • Demoralization and the Education System: A Hidden Agenda of Societal Pressures.The education system and societal pressures aim to demoralize young men and women, hindering their potential and aspirations, but by supporting and nurturing them, we can empower the next generation.

      The education system and societal pressures can demoralize and weaken young men and women. Jordan Peterson highlights how the education system fails to meet the diverse needs and play preferences of young boys, leading to demoralization from a young age. Additionally, societal narratives associate ambition and enterprise with oppressive power dynamics, leading to a lack of purpose and direction for young people. This demoralization ultimately serves the purpose of keeping young men and women complacent and harmless, devoid of ambition and initiative. Furthermore, Nick Alexander emphasizes that softening young men is a strategic move by those in power to maintain control. Overall, the takeaway is that the education system and societal pressures need to better support and nurture the potential and aspirations of young people.

    • Engaging Students in the Culture WarBy organizing events near schools, Josh Alexander and his team have empowered students to share their voices and overcome fear. The exponential growth of their events highlights the resonance of their approach.

      Josh Alexander and his team are using their platform to engage with students in schools, creating opportunities for in-person interactions. By organizing events or protests adjacent to schools, they bring the culture war to the students' doorstep, making it more real and relatable. This approach has been effective in emboldening students to share their opinions and speak up, overcoming their fear of backlash or repression. The exponential growth of their events, with the number of attendees skyrocketing from 17 to 8,000-9,000, shows that their efforts are resonating with a larger audience. While their focus has primarily been in Ontario, they have also organized events in Alberta and Nova Scotia. Building a subsidiary organization underneath them could help multiply their efforts and expand their reach.

    • Lack of Political Leadership in the Canadian Culture WarCanadian politicians need to become more courageous and vocal in addressing the culture war, following the example of figures like Pierre Pev, Daniel Smith, and Scott Moe.

      There is a lack of political leadership in Canada when it comes to the culture war. Political figures have been a disappointment, with none of them publicly speaking up about the issues that are going on. This is a contrast to American politics, where the culture war is a prominent topic of discussion. There seems to be a fear among conservatives to stand up and speak out, as they face guilt and the threat of being mobbed. However, there are some politicians like Pierre Pev, Daniel Smith, and Scott Moe who are starting to push back. Overall, there is a need for more courageous and vocal leadership in Canadian politics.

    • Challenging the Status Quo and Sharing the Greatest Love StoryJosh Alexander, Jordan Peterson, and Billboard Chris are dedicated to spreading their beliefs, facing controversy and hatred, and using unique forms of activism to make a difference in high schools.

      Josh Alexander, along with the support of Jordan Peterson and Billboard Chris, is actively challenging the status quo and fighting for their beliefs. Despite facing legal challenges and constant conflict, they are dedicated to reaching and sharing their views with as many people as possible, particularly within high schools. Their main focus is to communicate the truth and the gospel, emphasizing the importance of understanding that everyone is a sinner and in need of a savior. They are willing to face controversy and hatred because they believe they are sharing the greatest love story ever told. Billboard Chris's use of a billboard as a form of activism is a testament to his commitment to making a difference.

    • Unconventional Approaches and Joint Collaboration for Making an ImpactNetworking and collaboration are key in achieving common goals, while also recognizing the influence of education faculties and the need for personal action to regain control over education.

      In order to make an impact and gain attention, sometimes you have to take unconventional approaches. Josh Alexander chose to become a walking billboard for his cause, engaging in conversations and quickly gaining fame. It was a smart move that couldn't easily be ignored or taken down. Furthermore, the power of joint organization and collaboration was evident in the success of their event. By reaching out to each other and combining their efforts, they were able to gather a massive crowd and make a statement. This highlights the importance of networking and working together towards a common goal. However, it is also crucial to recognize the influence that faculties of education have over teacher certification, which allows them to shape the education system and propagate harmful ideologies. Conservative and liberal individuals must wake up to this reality and take action to reclaim control over education. As for Josh Alexander's future, it remains uncertain due to the chaotic nature of his life, but his goal is to continue learning and growing while he is still young.

    • The Importance of Learning, Prayer, and Humility in Navigating Life's UncertaintiesContinuous learning, seeking guidance, and maintaining humility can help individuals make informed decisions and navigate uncertain paths effectively.

      Learning and self-improvement are crucial in navigating life's uncertainties and finding one's purpose. Josh Alexander highlights his constant pursuit of knowledge, seeking advice from role models, and spending time in prayer. Jordan Peterson emphasizes the connection between thought and prayer, suggesting that thought is secularized prayer. He explains that thought involves admitting a problem, seeking a solution, and being open to revelation. Critical assessment and aiming for truth are key in receiving reliable guidance. Furthermore, the conversation recognizes the importance of humility and careful speech, especially when facing public attention. Ultimately, the takeaway suggests that continuous learning, seeking guidance, and maintaining humility can help individuals make informed decisions and navigate uncertain paths.

    • The Potential of Long-Form YouTube Discussions with Young People in CanadaFacilitating thoughtful conversations on ethical and political issues with high school students through YouTube can help foster a cultural shift towards classic conservatism while promoting genuine self-respect and moral alignment with religious values and the social community.

      There is a niche in Canada for a YouTube channel that engages in long-form discussions on serious issues with young people. Jordan Peterson suggests that starting an interview series with high school students could contribute to a cultural transformation towards classic conservatism among the younger generation. YouTube provides a platform where in-depth conversations can take place, making it possible for young people to explore ethical and political matters. The advantage of standing up and expressing one's beliefs, as Nick Alexander emphasizes, is genuine self-respect and honor. Standing on the right side of what's happening, according to Nick, is rooted in moral beliefs based on the word of God. Aligning oneself both with traditional religious values and with the social community is crucial for ethical orientation.

    • The Power of Speaking the Truth and Choosing Self-RespectStanding up for the truth may lead to persecution, but not standing up for it also has its consequences. By speaking the truth, we maintain self-respect and prevent a future where everything we cherish falls apart.

      Standing up for the truth may bring persecution, but so does not standing up for it. When things start to destabilize, you're disadvantaged either way. However, accepting this and speaking the truth not only allows you to maintain self-respect, but prevents a future where everything you love falls apart. It's a choice between suffering with a certain degree of honor now or suffering much more later, dragging others along into misery as well. Furthermore, sacrificing your soul on the pathway of silence is not a good idea. Ultimately, this life is temporary, and as a Christian, we fight from a place of victory. By exercising self-discipline, learning, and embracing the truth, we can encourage others to join the winning side and make positive changes in a world that is spiraling out of control.

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    Dr. Haim is a General and Trauma Surgeon in Greenville, Texas. He recently finished his general surgery training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where he was a resident from 2018 to 2023. During this time, he helped expose Texas Children’s Hospital, the largest children’s hospital in the world, for lying to the public about the existence of their pediatric sex change program.


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    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, a Senior Fellow with the Future of Diplomacy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at The Harvard Kennedy School, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the bestselling author of “Infidel” (2007) and “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” (2015). Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Hirsi Ali strove to live as a devout Muslim during her early life, but in 1992, fled to the Netherlands to escape a forced marriage. She became a citizen and went on to study at the University of Leiden. From 2003 to 2006, Hirsi Ali served as an elected member of the Dutch parliament and then moved to the U.S., where she founded the AHA Foundation to protect and defend the rights of women from harmful traditional practices. In 2024, Hirsi Ali founded Restorationbulletin.com, where she explores the forces of subversion plaguing Western society.



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    Restoration Bulletin https://www.restorationbulletin.com/

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    Introducing Medium Rotation

    Introducing Medium Rotation

    A trailer for Medium Rotation by Alexander Provan, the editor of Triple Canopy and, along with Nikita Gale, host of the podcast. Why listen? That’s the question posed in the first season of the podcast, Omniaudience. The answer: we become who we are—and relate to one another as individuals and members of a body politic—through listening. But we live in a society that seems antithetical to listening, and set up to suppress the voices of those who have, historically, struggled to be heard. Omniaudience is a six-episode experiment in listening as well as an argument against the conflation of freedom and speech, an antidote to communication for the sake of outputting data and distraction (which isn’t to say you shouldn’t listen while cooking or cleaning).

    Medium Rotation is produced by Alexander Provan with Andrew Leland, and edited by Provan with Matt Frassica. Tashi Wada composed the theme music. Matt Mehlan acted as the audio engineer and contributed additional music.

    Medium Rotation is made possible through generous contributions from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Nicholas Harteau. This season of Medium Rotation is part of Triple Canopy’s twenty-sixth issue, Two Ears and One Mouth, which receives support from the Stolbun Collection, the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, Agnes Gund, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

    The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 04/16/23 - Dan Horowitz, Charlie Hurt, Raymond Arroyo, Sonya LaBosco

    The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 04/16/23 - Dan Horowitz, Charlie Hurt, Raymond Arroyo, Sonya LaBosco
    First up today, we talked with Dan Horowitz about political prosecutions, like the one Donald Trump is currently experiencing, and what we can do to stop them. Next, is Charlie Hurt with a great conversation about what political tactics we need to use to fight the left. Do we fight, or maintain decorum. Then Raymond Arroyo talks about the meaning of Easter, and society and religion in today’s world. Finally, Executive director of the Air Marshal National Council Sonya LaBosco who says Federal Air Marshals are spying on Americans who were in Washington DC on January 6th Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices