Podcast Summary

    • Hulk Hogan's Struggle with Physical Toll in WrestlingWrestling may be perceived as fake, but the physical toll on wrestlers' bodies is real, as seen through Hulk Hogan's 25 surgeries in the past 10 years.

      Hulk Hogan, despite the perception of wrestling being fake, experienced a tremendous amount of physical toll on his body. With 25 surgeries in the past 10 years, Hogan's statement sheds light on the reality of wrestling and the pain that comes with it. Hogan's dedication to his craft is evident in the grueling schedule he maintained, wrestling 400 to 450 times a year and traveling extensively. The advancements in equipment and athleticism in wrestling today have made it safer for performers, but they still face risks due to the high-intensity stunts they execute. Hogan's story emphasizes the physical demands and sacrifices that wrestlers endure, challenging the misconception that wrestling is purely staged entertainment.

    • Brock Lesnar: From Pro Wrestling to UFC ChampionDespite limited MMA training, Brock Lesnar's background in amateur wrestling and exceptional genetics contributed to his success as the UFC heavyweight champion. His physical abilities make him a standout among his peers.

      Brock Lesnar's transition from pro wrestling to becoming the UFC heavyweight champion is nothing short of remarkable. Despite having a short amount of training in MMA, his background as a top amateur wrestler and his extraordinary genetics played a significant role in his success. Many people underestimate the immense challenge he faced in defeating Randy Couture, who was considered one of the best fighters at the time. Lesnar's exceptional physical abilities and natural talent make him stand out among his peers, akin to watching LeBron James play basketball. His speed, strength, and agility set him apart even in a highly competitive environment like the Royal Rumbles. Overall, Brock Lesnar's achievements showcase his unparalleled abilities and make him a true monster in both professional wrestling and MMA.

    • Celebrating Athleticism and Strength: A Conversation between Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan.Recognize and appreciate the incredible physical abilities and sacrifices made by athletes in combat sports, as they constantly push their limits to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

      Physical abilities and accomplishments can be awe-inspiring and deserving of recognition. The discussion between Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan highlights the extraordinary athleticism and strength of certain individuals, showcasing their top-level combine numbers and impressive feats like running fast, jumping high, and bench pressing heavy weights. It also touches on the resilience and determination of athletes, such as Hogan's comeback after surgery and his experience in wrestling over several decades. The conversation emphasizes the physical toll and challenges faced by athletes, particularly in combat sports, highlighting the need to appreciate the sacrifices and physical demands of these individuals.

    • Hulk Hogan's Journey to Success in Wrestling and MusicDiverse experiences and skills, including physicality, endurance, discipline, teamwork, and adaptability, can greatly contribute to success in any field.

      Hulk Hogan's early experiences in wrestling and music helped shape him into the successful performer he became. He learned the importance of physicality and endurance in wrestling, facing off against much larger opponents and enduring intense physical challenges. Hogan's background in playing music also taught him discipline and the ability to work as part of a team. These skills and experiences became crucial in his wrestling career, where he had to adapt to different roles and perform under pressure. Hogan's journey serves as a reminder that diverse experiences and skills can greatly contribute to one's success in any field.

    • Hogan's Surprise Movie Role with Stallone: Dedication and Enthusiasm Ensured Rewarding ExperienceSeize unexpected opportunities, pursue with confidence — fruitful experiences and success await.

      Hulk Hogan was initially hesitant to believe that Sylvester Stallone wanted him to be in a movie, considering Stallone's fame and stature. However, after receiving a letter from Stallone himself, Hogan flew out to meet him and ended up getting in the ring with him for filming. Hogan recounts how he willingly let Stallone hit him in the nose, despite having just had it broken in Japan. This shows Hogan's dedication and enthusiasm for the opportunity. Additionally, Hogan shares that he negotiated a deal with Stallone for a $10,000 payment, eventually settling for $14,000. The takeaway is that seizing unexpected opportunities and having the confidence to pursue them can lead to rewarding experiences and success.

    • The Physical Demands and Injuries of Professional WrestlingProfessional wrestlers, like Hulk Hogan, endure significant physical tolls from their careers, with chronic pain and limitations. Understanding and appreciating these sacrifices is important for recognizing the impact of professional wrestling on the body.

      Professional wrestling takes an immense toll on the body. Hulk Hogan shares his experiences of the physical demands and injuries he endured throughout his career. He explains how his body changed over time due to the leg drops, surgeries, and the natural effects of aging. Hogan emphasizes that his experiences are not unique, as he mentions how other wrestlers also suffer from chronic pain and physical limitations. It becomes evident that the average person may underestimate the physical punishment endured by wrestlers. This conversation sheds light on the sacrifices these athletes make for the entertainment of others, highlighting the importance of understanding and appreciating the toll that professional wrestling takes on the human body.

    • Hulk Hogan's Physical Challenges and the Potential of Stem Cell Therapy in WrestlingStem cell therapy holds promise for healing and pain relief in athletes like Hulk Hogan, but its limited availability in the US hinders its potential to replace invasive surgeries and improve mobility.

      Hulk Hogan has experienced significant physical challenges and injuries throughout his wrestling career. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries and stem cell treatments, he still struggles with pain and limited mobility. The conversation also highlights the potential benefits of stem cell therapy for athletes, as many have reported positive results in countries where it is legal. It is unfortunate that these treatments are not widely available in the United States, as they could potentially provide healing and relief for individuals like Hulk Hogan. The discussion raises the possibility of more frequent dosages and advances in the use of stem cells to repair injuries and avoid invasive surgeries like fusions.

    • Stem Cell Therapy: A Promising Alternative for Health Conditions and InjuriesStem cell therapy offers significant potential for treating various ailments, providing relief and avoiding surgeries. Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan's experiences highlight the importance of holistic approaches to well-being.

      Stem cell therapy has shown significant potential for treating various health conditions and injuries, providing relief where traditional treatment methods may have failed. Both Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan shared their personal experiences with stem cell treatment, highlighting the dramatic improvements and pain relief they achieved. This alternative treatment option allowed them to avoid surgeries, reduce reliance on pain medications like opiates, and regain their quality of life. Despite the challenges and setbacks they faced during the recovery process, they emphasized the resilience of the human body and the importance of taking a holistic approach to overall well-being, including exercise, proper nutrition, and reducing the use of harmful substances like alcohol and excessive medications.

    • Finding Natural Solutions for Pain Relief and Well-beingHulk Hogan's journey emphasizes the importance of seeking alternative pain relief methods, such as CBD, while prioritizing a healthy lifestyle through vitamins, diet, and exercise.

      Hulk Hogan has experienced the negative effects of opioids and surgeries, leading him to seek alternative methods of pain relief. He emphasizes the need for better alternatives to opioids and mentions that CBD has helped him manage his pain. Hulk Hogan also discusses the importance of taking care of his body through a strict vitamin regimen and incorporating healthy foods like turmeric into his diet. He even expresses admiration for big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and his dedication to physical fitness. This conversation highlights the significance of finding natural and effective ways to manage pain and maintain overall well-being.

    • Shark dangers and thrilling encounters: Bull sharks and tiger sharks explained.Bull sharks and tiger sharks are known for their aggression and pose a real danger to humans, but controlled shark dives offer a thrilling and safe opportunity to experience their presence.

      There are certain sharks, like bull sharks, that can live in freshwater and pose a real danger to humans. While other sharks may bite and move on, bull sharks are known to be persistent and aggressive. They have a high testosterone level and are more likely to finish the job if they attack. Additionally, tiger sharks are highly aggressive and often responsible for biting people in Hawaii. However, it is important to note that there are shark dives available in places like the Bahamas, where experts can safely take individuals underwater to experience the thrill of being surrounded by sharks.

    • Be cautious and prioritize safety when engaging in dangerous activities.Prioritize your well-being and avoid unnecessary risks by considering the potential consequences before participating in dangerous activities.

      Engaging in dangerous activities can lead to serious consequences. Both Hulk Hogan and Joe Rogan share stories of incidents where people took unnecessary risks and faced life-threatening situations. Whether it's swimming with sharks or flying in helicopters, there is always a potential for danger. These stories serve as a reminder that we should prioritize our safety and think twice before participating in activities that may put our lives at risk. While some may find thrill in these adrenaline-filled experiences, it's crucial to consider the potential consequences and exercise caution. It's better to prioritize our well-being and avoid unnecessary risks.

    • Exploring the Impact and Artistry of Memorable Wrestling MatchesWrestling matches can create historic moments and captivate fans through intense performances and engaging storytelling, showcasing the significance and artistry behind the sport.

      Wrestling matches can create historic moments that leave a lasting impact. Hulk Hogan and Joe Rogan discuss a specific match at WrestleMania 18 that was considered one of the greatest in wrestling history. Hogan shares his experience of transitioning from a bad guy to a fan favorite, engaging the audience in a way that made the match incredibly entertaining. The intensity and electric atmosphere of the event are highlighted, showcasing the appeal of professional wrestling. Despite the scripted nature of the sport, the performances and storytelling make it captivating for fans. This conversation emphasizes the significance and artistry behind memorable wrestling matches that become part of pro wrestling history.

    • Hulk Hogan's wrestling journey and collaboration with The RockHogan's ability to adapt, collaborate, and share personal anecdotes helped him maintain relevance and popularity in the wrestling industry.

      Hulk Hogan had a successful career in wrestling, where he played the role of a villainous character. Despite being involved in controversial storylines and performing outrageous stunts, Hogan managed to win over the crowd and become beloved by the audience. This was largely due to his chemistry and collaboration with fellow wrestler The Rock, who possessed remarkable talent and instincts in the ring. Hogan's ability to adapt and work with a younger generation of wrestlers helped maintain his relevance and popularity in the industry. Additionally, Hogan shared anecdotes about his early life, revealing his passion for music and his fortunate circumstances that allowed him to own multiple cars while still in high school.

    • The Power of Perseverance: Hulk Hogan's Journey in Professional WrestlingPerseverance, commitment, and resilience are essential for success. Despite facing adversity, Hogan's determination to never give up and his ability to rise above conflicts led him to achieve his goals in professional wrestling.

      Perseverance and determination are crucial in the face of adversity. Hulk Hogan's journey in professional wrestling showcases the importance of not giving up, even when faced with challenges and setbacks. Despite breaking his leg and enduring tough training, Hogan refused to be discouraged and continued to pursue his dream. He overcame his fear and worked alongside the person who initially caused him harm, demonstrating the ability to rise above personal conflicts. Hogan's story emphasizes the significance of commitment, resilience, and a strong mindset in achieving success. No matter how difficult the circumstances may be, staying focused, learning from experiences, and pushing forward are key aspects of achieving one's goals.

    • The Wild West of Pride Fighting: Insane Physiques, Epic Battles, and Potential Fixed FightsThe Pride era was known for its larger-than-life fighters and controversial fights, showcasing the blurred lines between real fights and predetermined outcomes.

      The Pride days in fighting were like the Wild West, with insane physiques and epic fights. One example of this was Bob Sapp, a massive athlete who fought Minitoro Noguera in a memorable battle. While Sapp's size was impressive, he ultimately lost the fight and suffered a career-ending injury. The conversation also highlights the blurriness and potential fixed fights that occurred during the Pride era. Additionally, it touches on the promotion of freak show fights featuring unmatched opponents, such as Gabby Garcia fighting much smaller women. Finally, the conversation includes insights into the wrestling style in Japan and the difference between works (predetermined outcomes) and shoots (real fights).

    • The Diverse and Multi-Faceted World of Professional WrestlingProfessional wrestling is a dynamic industry with various styles and territories, showcasing unique techniques and athleticism, making it a diverse and entertaining form of entertainment.

      The world of professional wrestling has varied styles and territories. Hulk Hogan recalls his early experiences in the wrestling industry, where different regions had their own promotions and boundaries. Promoters respected one another's territories and didn't overstep. Hogan mentions Florida Championship Wrestling as his initial exposure to wrestling, but as he traveled and wrestled in different territories, he encountered Mexican, Japanese, and American styles, each with their unique techniques. He highlights the acrobatics and athleticism of wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and the wild and entertaining performances they put on. This conversation shows that professional wrestling is not a monolithic entity but a diverse and multi-faceted industry with different styles and regions.

    • Crossing Boundaries and Facing Hostility: The Dangerous World of WrestlingThe wrestling industry is filled with intense rivalries and dangerous situations, showcasing the risks and challenges wrestlers face in their quest for success and the lengths they would go to protect their positions.

      The wrestling industry was filled with intense rivalries and dangerous situations. Hulk Hogan recalls his experiences of crossing territorial boundaries and facing the wrath of other wrestlers. He shares how Vince McMahon wanted to expand the reach of WWF, which sometimes resulted in hostility from established champions like Harley Race. Hogan even found himself in frightening encounters, such as when Harley Race threatened him with a gun. Additionally, Hogan recounts the violent atmosphere in Puerto Rico, where Brody was tragically killed by a promoter during a disagreement. These stories highlight the risks and challenges faced by wrestlers in their quest for success and the lengths they would go to protect their positions.

    • The Revolution of Hulk Hogan: Breaking Boundaries in the Wrestling IndustryThe wrestling industry was forever changed by Hulk Hogan and his crew, who fearlessly took wrestling worldwide and disregarded the traditional rules of territories, showcasing the immense pressure and risks wrestlers face both in and out of the ring.

      The wrestling industry was filled with drama and boundary-breaking actions. Hulk Hogan and his crew revolutionized the industry by taking wrestling worldwide, disregarding the unspoken rules of territories. They were fearless in their pursuit of success, even when faced with challenges and threats. Hogan's encounter with the Iron Sheik in New York showcased the cutthroat nature of the business, with Hogan willing to put his career on the line for the sake of business. This conversation highlights the immense pressure and risks involved in professional wrestling, where athletes become larger-than-life characters and navigate through both physical and backstage battles.

    • Exploring the Demands and Legacy of Professional WrestlingProfessional wrestling is a physically demanding sport that requires strength and athleticism. Despite the toll it takes on their bodies, wrestlers strive to entertain the audience and create memorable matches.

      Professional wrestling requires a combination of strength, athleticism, and storytelling. Hulk Hogan and Joe Rogan discuss the physical demands of the sport, highlighting the exceptional strength of wrestlers like Andre the Giant and Kurt Angle. They also touch on the injuries wrestlers often face and the toll it takes on their bodies. Despite the physical challenges, they emphasize the importance of entertaining the audience and pushing the boundaries of performance to create memorable matches. The conversation also reflects on the nostalgic value of past wrestling events, such as the legendary matches at the Boston Gardens. Overall, this conversation sheds light on the dedication and physical prowess required to succeed in the world of professional wrestling.

    • Hulk Hogan: A Wrestling Icon and Film Industry EnthusiastHulk Hogan's wrestling moves and catchphrases were a mix of inspiration and creativity, while his film career brought fame but lacked the thrill of wrestling. He carefully selects projects with the help of his trusted agent.

      Hulk Hogan's iconic wrestling moves and catchphrases were inspired by others and some were even stolen. The famous hand-to-ear gesture was borrowed from Austin Idol, and the "Hey Brother" phrase was Hogan's own creation. The shirt tear was initially an accident in a six-man tag match, but it became a crowd-pleasing move. Hogan also shared his experiences in the film industry, from low-budget kids' movies to working with big names like Lonnie Anderson and Jim Barney. However, he found the filmmaking process tedious and preferred the intensity and freedom of wrestling. Despite the fame and numerous opportunities, Hogan carefully chooses which projects to pursue with the support of his long-time agent and attorney.

    • Maintaining a Balanced PerspectiveRemember that most people are good and not everything you hear or see in the media should be taken at face value. Stay open-minded and critical to avoid unnecessary fear and anxiety.

      It's important to have a balanced perspective on people and situations. While it's easy to focus on the negative and the outliers, the reality is that most people are genuinely good and respectful. The media often amplifies the bad news, leading to a distorted perception of the world and its people. It's crucial to remember that the majority of days pass by without witnessing accidents or encountering any major issues. Similarly, it's necessary to critically evaluate information and not blindly believe everything presented by so-called experts or the media. Keeping an open mind and seeking diverse perspectives can help avoid falling into a cycle of fear and unnecessary anxiety.

    • The Negative Impact of Technology on Mental Well-being: Joe Rogan's ConcernsThe accessibility of information through technology can lead to anxiety and harm, as highlighted by Joe Rogan. The integration of artificial intelligence also raises concerns about the future generation's experiences and perspectives.

      The accessibility of information through technology can have negative effects on our mental and emotional well-being. Joe Rogan expresses his concern about the overwhelming amount of information and constant exposure to troubling events, which can lead to feelings of discomfort and despair. He believes that the current access to information is not necessarily beneficial for us as it can cause anxiety and harm, evident in the rising rates of self-harm and suicides among young girls. Additionally, the conversation highlights the rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our lives and the potential consequences it may have. As the internet becomes an integral part of society, the impact on future generations' experiences and perspectives will be vastly different from those who remember life before the internet.

    • Remembering the Good Old Days of TV and MoviesDive into the past with classic shows and movies, experiencing a simpler time filled with entertainment and unique charm, offering a nostalgic escape from the present.

      Nostalgia for TV shows and movies from the past can bring joy and a sense of simpler times. Hulk Hogan and Joe Rogan reminisce about the A-Team and other classic shows, highlighting how these shows provided entertainment before the internet and had a unique charm. They discuss the fun and goofy aspects of these shows, from the over-the-top acting to the questionable directing choices. The conversation also touches on the influence of drugs, particularly cocaine, in Hollywood during that era. The key takeaway is that these shows and movies offer a glimpse into a different time and can be enjoyed for their nostalgic value.

    • Hulk Hogan's Busy Lifestyle and Growing BrandHulk Hogan discusses his busy lifestyle, love for the beach, and growing brand through licensing and merchandising deals. He also opens up about his past struggles and sheds light on the demanding schedule and risks in the wrestling industry.

      Hulk Hogan's busy lifestyle revolves around training, spending time with his partner and her children, and managing various business ventures. He emphasizes his love for being on the beach and staying active. Hulk Hogan also discusses his numerous licensing and merchandising deals, highlighting how his popularity and brand have grown over the years. Despite his previous struggles with pain medication, he states that he doesn't have an addictive personality and ultimately made the decision to pull back from excessive partying. The conversation sheds light on the demanding schedule and lack of rules in the wrestling industry, as well as the high number of wrestling-related deaths in comparison to other sports.

    • The Challenges and Importance of Maintaining Physical and Mental Health for Retired WrestlersStaying active and taking care of one's body is crucial for retired professional wrestlers to transition successfully into a normal life and maintain a healthy outlook on life.

      Maintaining physical and mental health is crucial for individuals who have had careers filled with physical activity and high levels of stress. Hulk Hogan highlights the challenges that retired professional wrestlers often face when transitioning back to a normal life. Many struggle fitting in at home after being away for so long and have difficulty adjusting to a non-violent lifestyle. This can lead to over medicating, excessive drinking, and tragedy. Hogan emphasizes the importance of staying active and taking care of one's body in order to maintain a healthy outlook on life. Despite the physical challenges he faces from past surgeries, Hogan's commitment to training and eating well has allowed him to remain healthy and happy.

    • The Power of Faith and Spirituality: A Conversation between Joe Rogan and Hulk HoganHaving a spiritual connection can enhance our well-being by grounding us, bringing peace, and providing guidance in navigating life's challenges. It's important to open our minds to the positive impact of faith and belief in something greater than ourselves.

      There is value in being connected to a higher power and living a good and centered life. The discussion between Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan highlights the importance of having faith and believing in something greater than ourselves. Hogan emphasizes the significance of his relationship with God and how it grounds him, brings him peace, and helps him navigate through life's challenges. Rogan, who initially dismissed religion, now recognizes that many happy and grounded individuals are religious, and it's not something to be smug or dismissive about. This conversation encourages listeners to open their minds to the benefits of having a spiritual connection and highlights the positive impact it can have on one's overall well-being.

    • Hogan's Journey: From Wrestling Character to Personal GrowthThe power of faith and personal growth can transform one's life by changing their thoughts and beliefs, as Hulk Hogan experienced through his wrestling character and personal struggles.

      Hulk Hogan experienced a gradual transition back to his faith, which was influenced by his wrestling character. Through his character, Hogan emphasized the importance of training, prayers, and vitamins. However, as his fame grew, he realized the impact he had on his fans, especially Make-A-Wish kids, and how his character was making him a better person. Hogan also went through personal struggles, including a difficult divorce, which led him to search for answers. He watched the movie "The Secret" and embraced the idea of the law of attraction, understanding that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. Hogan's journey highlights the power of faith, personal growth, and the ability to change one's life by changing their thinking.

    • The Power of Faith and Belief for Peace and SuccessHaving faith and belief, prioritizing positivity, and taking action are key ingredients for attracting greatness and achieving success in life.

      Having faith and belief can bring peace and positive outcomes in life. Hulk Hogan shared his experience of praying and believing in meeting someone he admired, which eventually led him to find what worked for him and his faith in Jesus Christ. He emphasized that his belief became his number one priority, which brought him peace and a strong connection to his faith. Hulk Hogan also discussed the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and avoiding negativity. Joe Rogan added that having a positive outlook and taking action are crucial for achieving success. Both speakers agreed that mindset and belief play a significant role in attracting greatness and manifesting success.

    • The Power of Belief, Hard Work, and a Positive Mindset in Achieving Extraordinary SuccessWith unwavering belief, hard work, and a positive mindset, anyone can achieve greatness and make a positive impact in their lives.

      Having an unwavering belief, hard work, and a positive mindset can lead to extraordinary achievements. Hulk Hogan's story of envisioning himself as the greatest wrestler ever showcases the power of the law of attraction. By setting positive intentions and working towards them, he was able to accomplish remarkable things. The conversation highlights the importance of not being a hater and instead drawing inspiration from others' successes. It emphasizes the idea that anyone can achieve greatness if they apply themselves and have a focused mindset. Additionally, the story of Oliver Anthony further illustrates the transformative power of faith and the ability to turn one's life around. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that with the right mindset and dedication, individuals can achieve incredible success and make a positive impact in their lives.

    • Finding Joy in the Present MomentAppreciate and enjoy things without judgment, focusing on the present and finding joy in simple things. It is important not to judge someone based on their past or personal struggles.

      People should try to appreciate and enjoy things without judgment. The story of the anonymous singer who captivates people with his simple song serves as a reminder to not judge someone based on their past or personal struggles. Joe Rogan questions why people can't just appreciate the beautiful song without trying to figure out what's wrong with the person behind it. This leads to a discussion about being more charitable and living in a way that aligns with Christian values. The conversation shows the power of coming together as a community to strive towards being better individuals. Hulk Hogan shares how he has seen the positive impact of going to church and how it has changed people. Ultimately, the takeaway is to focus on the present moment and finding joy in simple things, appreciating them without judgment or preconceived notions.

    • Hulk Hogan's Journey of Redemption and FaithThrough faith and support, individuals can overcome addiction and transform their lives. It is crucial to have awareness and understanding of substances like opioids to prevent tragedies and prioritize physical and mental well-being.

      People have the power to change and find redemption. Hulk Hogan shares his personal journey of turning his life around, embracing Christianity, and helping others do the same. He highlights the importance of having a higher power and giving oneself up to it, as seen in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. They discuss the dangers of addiction and the devastating impact of opioids, particularly fentanyl. Hogan emphasizes the need for awareness and understanding of these substances to prevent further tragedies. Lastly, they touch upon the importance of taking care of one's physical and mental well-being, with Hogan mentioning his use of vitamins and personalized nutrition. Ultimately, the conversation demonstrates the transformative power of faith and the importance of compassion and support in overcoming challenges.

    • Prioritizing Health for Personal GrowthTaking care of your physical and mental health is essential for making smart choices, achieving personal growth, and leading a fulfilling life.

      Taking care of your physical and mental health can greatly impact your overall well-being. Hulk Hogan shares his experience of how adopting a healthier lifestyle, including quitting alcohol and improving his nutrition, has positively affected his mindset and choices. Joe Rogan explains how being well-rested, nourished, and hydrated allows you to make better decisions and avoid making poor food choices. They both emphasize the importance of having mental resources and energy when it comes to making smart choices and achieving personal growth. Additionally, they discuss the negative effects of unhealthy habits, such as binge eating and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Overall, prioritizing your health and well-being can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life.

    • Hulk Hogan's Business Ventures and Camaraderie with Joe RoganFederal legalization is necessary for the timely availability of certain products and to generate tax revenue. Hulk Hogan's company offers a range of products and his website is a platform for accessing them.

      Hulk Hogan's company, Immortal by Hulk Hogan, offers a range of products including nicotine vapes and CBD items. Hulk Hogan expresses frustration that the legalization of certain products, such as nicotine vapes, has taken a long time. He highlights the need for federal legalization in order to generate tax revenue. Immortal by Hulk Hogan's website, immortalbyhulkHogan.com, is mentioned as a platform for accessing these products. Joe Rogan expresses admiration for Hulk Hogan and his company. The conversation also touches on upcoming events, such as a podcast with Rick Flare, and the excitement surrounding them. Overall, the conversation revolves around the business ventures of Hulk Hogan and showcases the camaraderie between the participants.

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    Open GuardCast #128 - UFC 289 and Kade Ruotolo Light Up the Stage

    Open GuardCast #128 - UFC 289 and Kade Ruotolo Light Up the Stage

    For today's episode of OGC I go over the co-main and main event of UFC 289 as well as ONE Championship's title match between Kade Ruotolo and Tommy Langaker.

    Sitting with just me at the microphone can be a doozy, but I feel I am getting better at it. Looking forward to the next episode where I will interview Lionel Turner, owner of Leao Optics.


    00:01:02 - Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush

    00:06:46 - Amanda Nunes shuts out Irene Aldana

    00:11:12 - Kade Ruotolo retains ONE belt vs. Tommy Langaker

    00:13:55 - Next episode preview/Outro


    Thank you guys so much for listening once again, see you in a week!