Podcast Summary

    • The dangers of extreme weight cutting in professional fightingExtreme weight cutting can have severe consequences on a fighter's health and performance, emphasizing the need for intelligent weight management and safer practices in the sport.

      Cutting weight for professional fighters is a dangerous practice that can have severe consequences for their health and performance. Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf discuss the negative effects of extreme weight cutting, highlighting the risks it poses to organs such as the kidneys. They both emphasize the importance of fighters intelligently managing their weight to avoid potentially life-threatening situations. They also mention that cutting weight can affect a fighter's durability and ability to take shots, impacting their performance in the cage. The conversation sheds light on the physical toll and challenges fighters face leading up to a fight, urging for safer practices in the sport.

    • The negative impact of weight cutting in the UFC and the question of its fairness and practicality.Weight cutting in the UFC can have detrimental effects on fighters' performance and well-being, raising questions about its fairness and practicality in achieving success in the sport.

      Weight cutting in the UFC can have detrimental effects on fighters' performance and well-being. Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf discuss the negative impact of weight cutting, such as dehydration and depleted energy levels, which can result in missed weight and loss of title opportunities. They also highlight the discipline and dedication required for fighters to cut weight successfully. However, they question the fairness and practicality of this practice, as it compromises fighters' ability to perform at their best. The conversation emphasizes that fighters who have moved up in weight class have often experienced career peaks, suggesting that weight cutting may not be necessary for achieving success in the UFC.

    • Hixson Gracie: Master of Jiu-Jitsu MasteryHixson Gracie's unmatched skill, knowledge, and ability to teach advanced techniques to black belts left even world champions in awe and feeling like beginners. His unique combination of physical, strategic, and spiritual practices set him apart from other fighters.

      Hixson Gracie possessed an extraordinary level of skill and knowledge in jiu-jitsu that surpassed even world champion black belts. He had the ability to teach advanced techniques to these black belts, leaving them in awe of his expertise. Hixson would then proceed to effortlessly defeat them in rolling sessions, showcasing his mastery of the art. His influence was so powerful that even highly skilled individuals like Paul Ophelia felt like white belts when rolling with him. Hixson's unique combination of physical prowess, strategic thinking, and spiritual practices set him apart from other fighters of his time. His ability to control space, apply intense pressure, and maintain tight positioning created a truly unparalleled jiu-jitsu experience.

    • The role of Jiu-Jitsu in MMA fights and the importance of adaptability and well-rounded skills.Jiu-Jitsu is effective in MMA fights, but being a well-rounded fighter with skills in wrestling and striking is essential for success. Adaptability and training in various disciplines are crucial for fighters specializing in Jiu-Jitsu.

      The effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu in MMA fights depends on various factors, including the skill set of the fighters and their training techniques. Joe Rogan explains that Jiu-Jitsu can still be successful in the UFC, citing examples of fighters like Paul Craig and Charles Jaudet who have exhibited strong ground game skills. However, Rogan emphasizes that being a well-rounded fighter is crucial in today's competitive landscape, as having skills in wrestling or striking can complement Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Furthermore, Rogan acknowledges that some fighters may specialize in Jiu-Jitsu, but their success in MMA also depends on their ability to adapt and train in various disciplines. While Jiu-Jitsu may not always guarantee victory, it remains an important aspect of mixed martial arts.

    • The Physical Toll of Professional FightingProfessional fighting is a brutal sport that can lead to permanent injuries and decline in skills. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing one's well-being outside of the ring.

      The world of professional fighting is filled with incredibly skilled and dangerous fighters from various divisions and countries. The Apex arena provides an immersive experience for spectators, allowing them to hear every strike, breath, and even commentary. COVID fights have been unique, with the ability to hear corners and even small crowds. However, the sport itself is brutal and can lead to permanent injuries and concussions. It's a rough way to make a living, and even experienced fighters like Bernard Hopkins eventually reach a point where their skills decline. The conversation highlights the physical toll that professional fighting takes on individuals and the importance of prioritizing one's well-being outside of the ring.

    • Thrilling Skydiving Experiences near the Pyramids: A Discussion with Andy Stumpf and Joe Rogan.Pursuing passions can lead to exhilarating and unique adventures, but it's important to find fulfillment beyond the thrill-seeking moments and appreciate the beauty in unexpected places.

      Andy Stumpf and Joe Rogan had a discussion about their thrilling experiences of skydiving near the pyramids in Egypt. Andy expressed his admiration for individuals who pursue their passions but hopes that they still have a fulfilling life after the thrill-seeking adventures are over. They marveled at the stunning photos taken during their jumps and the proximity of a golf course and Marriott hotel to the pyramids. They also discussed their journeys to Antarctica, where they expected more wildlife but found a desolate landscape. Despite their high expectations, the jump near the pyramids turned out to be the most exhilarating experience for Andy. Overall, the conversation highlights the excitement and unique adventures that can be found in pursuing one's passions.

    • Ailey: The Hub of Film Projects and Tourism in AntarcticaVisitors to Ailey in Antarctica can enjoy the stunning scenery and attend presentations by professionals, but they must also be aware of the dangers and be prepared with necessary equipment.

      There is a fully established camp in Antarctica called Ailey, in Artic Logistics And Exploration, which serves as a hub for high-end film projects and tourism. The camp is well-equipped with amenities such as a library, indoor packing area, bathrooms, showers, and comfortable tents. Not only can visitors enjoy the scenic beauty and glaciers of Antarctica, but they can also attend presentations by renowned photographers and explorers. However, it is important to be cautious of the dangers in Antarctica, such as crevasses that can be hundreds of feet deep. Communication and self-rescue equipment, like GPS communicators, are essential when venturing into the backcountry. Overall, the conversation highlights the unique experience and challenges associated with visiting Antarctica.

    • Surviving and Thriving in Antarctica: Challenges and SolutionsLiving and working in extreme environments like Antarctica demands resilience, adaptability, and environmental awareness to overcome challenges like extreme cold, constant daylight, and ozone hole radiation.

      Conducting activities in extreme environments like Antarctica comes with unique challenges. The conversation highlights the difficulties faced by individuals who choose to live and work in such harsh conditions. It emphasizes the extreme cold temperatures, the constant daylight, and the powerful sun radiation due to the ozone hole in Antarctica. It also underscores the importance of proper clothing and protection against the elements. Furthermore, the conversation briefly touches upon environmental issues like ozone depletion and the efforts made to mitigate its effects. Overall, the conversation sheds light on the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in extreme environments and highlights the significance of environmental awareness in such regions.

    • Cautionary Tales from the Depths: Andy Stumpf and Joe Rogan Discuss the Hazards of the OceanRespect the power of the ocean and its creatures, and exercise caution when venturing into the water to ensure personal safety.

      The ocean is a dangerous place full of predators and potential harm. Andy Stumpf and Joe Rogan discuss the various risks and encounters people can have with wildlife in the water. Stumpf emphasizes that everything in the ocean is there to "fuck you up," highlighting the importance of caution and awareness when venturing into the water. They discuss instances of people being attacked by sharks and killer whales, reminding listeners of the potential dangers lurking beneath the surface. Overall, the conversation serves as a reminder to respect the ocean and its inhabitants, and to exercise caution when engaging in water activities.

    • Perspectives on Financial Responsibility and WealthFinding a balance between enjoying life and being financially responsible is crucial, and individuals have different approaches to wealth that are influenced by their experiences and responsibilities.

      Financial responsibility and mindset towards wealth can vary greatly among individuals. While some believe that organizations like the NFL should provide guidance and knowledge on finances to their members, others, like Joe Rogan, prioritize having fun and enjoying life's rewards. Joe's perspective is influenced by his experiences and responsibilities, such as supporting his family and employees. Furthermore, passing on excessive wealth to future generations can have negative consequences, as seen in the TV show "Succession," where wealthy children struggle with their inheritance. Overall, finding a balance between enjoying life and being financially responsible is crucial, and different individuals have different approaches to wealth and its impact on their lives.

    • Breaking free from traditional career paths and overcoming the challenges of student loan debt to work for oneself.Despite the challenges presented by the predatory lending system and the limitations it imposes, it is possible to escape it and pursue a career or lifestyle that aligns with our true desires through the opportunities provided by the Internet.

      It can be difficult to break free from the traditional path of working for others and pursue a career or lifestyle that we truly desire. The conversation highlights the challenges that young people face, particularly due to the immense debt associated with higher education. The predatory lending system around education limits options and makes it almost impossible to work for oneself unless it's done in the limited off-time available. Furthermore, the conversation sheds light on the unfairness of student loans, which cannot be discharged even through bankruptcy. However, the conversation also emphasizes that it is not impossible to escape this system and work for oneself, especially with the opportunities provided by the Internet. It's important to recognize the systemic issues and work towards creating a more equitable and supportive environment for individuals to pursue their passions.

    • Mayor proposes housing migrants in houses of worshipThe proposal to house migrants in houses of worship raises concerns about potential security risks and the accessibility of harmful information online.

      The New York City mayor has proposed housing migrants in houses of worship and private homes in order to address the overwhelming number of people flowing into the city. This decision has sparked concern about the lack of background checks and potential security risks associated with allowing migrants, some of whom may be illegal, into the city without proper vetting. The conversation also highlights the potential dangers of radicalization and the accessibility of harmful information online, as demonstrated by the San Bernardino shooting where individuals were radicalized through the internet. It raises questions about the effectiveness of border security measures and the extent of surveillance capabilities by intelligence agencies.

    • Credible Evidence and Whistleblower Testimony Support Existence of Nonhuman Origin Spacecraft and UFOsMultiple individuals with intelligence backgrounds have exposed a secretive materials recovery program, providing evidence for the existence of nonhuman origin crafts. This raises questions about the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth.

      There are credible claims and evidence suggesting the existence of nonhuman origin spacecraft and UFOs. David Grush, an Air Force veteran and former intelligence officer, has blown the whistle on the government's secretive materials recovery program, stating that they have recovered materials and intact crafts of nonhuman origin. This aligns with previous claims made by Bob Lazar and the infamous Roswell incident. The fact that multiple individuals with significant experience in intelligence have come forward with similar stories adds to the credibility of these claims. Additionally, the conversation raises the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. Considering the vastness of space, the odds of us being the only intelligent life forms are not favorable. Despite our technological advancements, our behavior and actions may be seen as destructive and dangerous by other advanced civilizations.

    • Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial ObservationThere is a growing belief that advanced extraterrestrial beings may be monitoring humanity, and advancing technology and information accessibility could reveal the truth about their existence.

      There is a strong belief that extraterrestrial beings may be observing and monitoring human beings. The conversation touches upon the idea that highly advanced species would find us fascinating due to our complex social structures, abilities, and tendencies towards chaos. The mention of UFO sightings, alleged recoveries of crashed objects, and even the retrieval of bodies add to the belief that there may be more to the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth. The conversation suggests that as technology advances and information becomes more accessible, the truth about extraterrestrial existence may gradually come to light. Overall, the conversation highlights the intrigue and fascination surrounding the possibility of intelligent alien life and their potential interest in observing humanity.

    • Government Cover-Up and Recovered Alien SpaceshipsBob Lazar and David Grushfellow reveal a government cover-up involving nonhuman spacecraft, suggesting a hidden race among superpowers for advanced technologies and a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the public.

      There are claims of a government cover-up involving the recovery of nonhuman origin spacecraft. Bob Lazar and David Grushfellow have come forward to expose this information, risking their careers and reputations. According to their testimonies, there is a race between superpowers to obtain and hide these advanced technologies, and they have been kept secret from presidents and congress. The UAP task force, a military program, has reportedly found and retrieved fully intact spacecraft from another species. These revelations suggest that the American public has been lied to for decades, and there is a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the population. While some may dismiss these claims, it is important to consider the possibility of hidden programs and government secrecy surrounding this topic.

    • Examining Government Secrecy, UFOs, and Scandals: Seeking Truth, Transparency, and AccountabilityQuestions remain on government secrecy, UFOs, and scandals. Limited time and knowledge hinder investigation, but transparency, equal treatment, and accountability are desired for truth-seeking in complex issues.

      There are lingering questions and skepticism surrounding government secrecy, UFOs, and high-profile scandals. Andy Stumpf and Joe Rogan discuss the compartmentalization of information within organizations like the military, suggesting that the truth may be withheld or distorted. They also ponder the possibility of misdirection and the release of controversial information to divert attention from other pressing matters. Furthermore, they touch upon conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial intervention in human evolution. The conversation highlights the limited time and knowledge that most individuals have to dedicate to investigating these complex issues. Ultimately, they express a desire for transparency, equal treatment, and accountability in both government affairs and high-profile cases.

    • The Culture of Outrage and the Challenges of Bringing About ChangeDespite public anger and the potential exposure of politicians involved in scandals, the insulated system and outrage culture may hinder significant changes. Discipline is crucial for personal success and making sound business decisions.

      The current climate of distrust towards mainstream media and the government has created an intense culture of outrage. Many people have been deceived, lost businesses, and even faced adverse effects from experimental medications, leading to a growing anger among the public. However, despite the potential release of a hypothetical Epstein client list involving politicians, it is believed that the well-insulated system of politicians and the outrage culture may not bring about significant changes. The conversation also highlights the power of the silent majority against the vocal minority on social media, as seen in the case of Bud Light's sales. Additionally, the conversation emphasizes the importance of discipline, which is often lacking in many individuals due to a lack of role models and not having experienced the challenges of intense physical endeavors. Developing discipline can benefit individuals in various aspects of life, including business decisions and personal success.

    • Importance of Discipline, Hard Work, and Mentorship in Achieving SuccessSuccess can be achieved through discipline, hard work, and seeking mentorship. It is important to carefully choose who to look up to and explore various income opportunities to make informed choices for a better life.

      Discipline and hard work are important factors in achieving success. Joe Rogan emphasizes that those who work harder and possess discipline often get ahead in life. He suggests that some individuals struggle with discipline because they have not developed it as a natural part of their personality or were never taught the importance of it. Andy Stumpf adds that interconnectivity through social media can provide mentorship opportunities and alternative perspectives. However, he cautions against blindly idolizing individuals and advises careful consideration of who to look up to. The conversation also touches on the idea of exploring online income opportunities, including unconventional ones like selling explicit content. Ultimately, the discussion highlights the importance of having options and resources in order to make informed choices and strive for a better life.

    • The Fight Against Human Trafficking: Challenges, Awareness, and ActionAddressing human trafficking requires serious actions, awareness, and support for victims. Conspiracy theories should not distract from the vital work of combating these heinous crimes.

      Human trafficking and sexual exploitation, especially against children, is a widespread and horrifying issue that exists in various forms all over the world. The individuals involved in fighting against these crimes face immense challenges and are exposed to traumatic content on a daily basis. The conversation highlights the need to address this issue seriously and take actions to prevent and stop such heinous acts. It also emphasizes the importance of awareness and understanding, as well as the significance of organizations and individuals who dedicate themselves to combatting these crimes. While the conversation briefly mentions conspiracy theories surrounding elite involvement, there is a lack of evidence to support these claims. The focus should instead be on supporting efforts to protect and support victims and prevent future instances of exploitation.

    • Challenges and Implications in Sharing Sensitive Information and the Role of Artificial IntelligenceVerify information, be aware of the influence of social media bots, and regulate artificial intelligence to ensure operational effectiveness and protect society.

      There are certain challenges and implications in sharing sensitive information with partner forces or turning it over to local law enforcement. In an overseas context, it is crucial to hand over target packages or gathered information to ensure operational effectiveness. However, corruption, bribes, and relationship dynamics can often hinder the success of these operations. Additionally, the conversation touched on the credibility and reliability of news sources, highlighting the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions. The discussion also raised concerns about the prevalence of bots on social media platforms and the potential influence they can have on shaping public opinion. Finally, there was mention of the need for heightened awareness and regulation regarding artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society.

    • The impact of search engine algorithms on public opinion and the need for alternative platforms.Search engine algorithms can manipulate information and censor content, emphasizing the importance of seeking diverse viewpoints for informed decision-making.

      The curation of search engine results and news articles can significantly impact public opinion and potentially influence elections. Research conducted by Robert Epstein reveals that search engine algorithms, such as Google's, can manipulate the information presented to users, leading to biased perceptions. For instance, when searching for Robert Kennedy Junior, the results may prioritize anti-vaccine propaganda over balanced information. It is crucial to consider alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo or Brave Browser that prioritize uncensored search results. Moreover, the conversation highlights the censorship and removal of interviews and content deemed as COVID misinformation, even if the statements are verifiably true. This underscores the importance of critical thinking and accessing diverse viewpoints for informed decision-making.

    • Unveiling the Lack of Trust in Government and Mainstream MediaIt is crucial to critically analyze news sources, vet information from trusted outlets, and be mindful of biases and agendas in our consumption of news.

      There is a lack of trust in the government and mainstream news organizations. Joe Rogan highlights the bias and agenda-driven reporting within these institutions, emphasizing that they prioritize their sponsors and narratives over genuine concern for the public's welfare. This lack of credibility is further exemplified by the censorship of certain information on platforms like YouTube. The conversation also explores the idea that individuals within the government may not always be competent or fully understand the technology and information they are dealing with. Overall, this conversation sheds light on the importance of critical thinking, vetting information through trusted sources, and being aware of the potential biases and agendas behind the news we consume.

    • The erosion of trust and the need for reliable information during the COVID-19 pandemic.Lack of trust in government handling of the pandemic highlights the importance of transparent and trustworthy information dissemination to ensure public compliance with guidelines during crisis situations.

      There is a lack of trust in the sources of information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. People who are busy working to make ends meet find it difficult to access reliable and objective news. The conversation highlights the concern that there may be hidden agendas and conflicts of interest within organizations like the FDA and CDC. The focus on profit and the potential disregard for public health has eroded trust in the government's handling of the pandemic. This lack of trust may lead to a situation where even if a more deadly variant of the virus emerges, people may be hesitant to follow government guidelines due to their previous experiences. It emphasizes the importance of transparent and trustworthy information dissemination in times of crisis.

    • Examining Risks and Trust in COVID-19 VaccinesIt is crucial to question information, evaluate multiple perspectives, and make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccination by critically analyzing data and considering personal health.

      There is a growing concern about the potential risks and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Joe Rogan and his guests discuss the parallels between the handling of the opioid epidemic, the Vioxx scandal, and the AIDS crisis, suggesting that the government and certain media outlets may not always act in the best interest of the people. They highlight the importance of questioning information and not blindly trusting headlines from any specific news source. The conversation also mentions a peer-reviewed study from the renowned Cleveland Clinic, which suggests a possible association between receiving a higher number of COVID-19 vaccine doses and an increased risk of infection. This highlights the need for further research and careful evaluation of vaccine strategies. The key takeaway is to critically analyze information, consider multiple perspectives, and make informed decisions about vaccination and personal health.

    • Taking ownership and prioritizing well-being: the power of personal responsibilityIndividuals have the power to positively impact their lives by focusing on their health, discipline, and time, and making informed decisions based on reliable information and self-reflection.

      Individuals should take ownership of their lives and prioritize their well-being. Regardless of the vaccine debate, it is crucial to focus on what we can control, such as our health, discipline, and time. The conversation highlights the importance of not relying solely on the government for safety and security. It emphasizes that individuals have the power to make choices that can positively impact their lives and reduce their susceptibility to various risks, including COVID-19. The dialogue also raises skepticism about misinformation and biased narratives, urging people to critically evaluate sources of information. Ultimately, the key message is to take personal responsibility and make informed decisions based on reliable information and self-reflection.

    • Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle and Taking Control of Your Well-beingPrioritize your physical health by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking vitamins. Engage in open dialogue, critically evaluate information, and make informed decisions about vaccines and medical interventions to improve your overall health and well-being.

      There is a growing movement towards promoting healthy lifestyles and taking responsibility for one's own well-being. Influential figures like Jocco and Goggins, along with campaigns and health-conscious individuals, are inspiring others to prioritize their physical health. The conversation emphasizes the importance of eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking vitamins to improve overall health and eliminate common problems. However, it also highlights the disinformation and lack of trust in certain media sources and the government. The conversation encourages open dialogue and critical thinking to combat misinformation and make informed decisions about vaccines and other medical interventions. By raising awareness and discussing the actual facts, individuals can take control of their health and well-being.

    • Taking Control of Your HealthBy making conscious choices to improve our health, such as addressing obesity and ensuring sufficient levels of vitamin D, we can have a significant impact on our overall well-being and quality of life.

      Individuals have control over their own health and well-being. While external factors such as the political system or societal norms may be beyond our control, we can take charge of our own bodies and make conscious choices to improve our health. This includes addressing issues like obesity and ensuring sufficient levels of vitamin D. The discussion highlights the importance of personal responsibility and the ability to make positive changes in our lifestyle. By focusing on our own health, we can become more resilient and better equipped to handle challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking control of our own health can have a significant impact on our overall well-being and quality of life.

    • Joe Rogan on the Importance of Discussing Obesity and Weight Loss SolutionsOpen conversations about obesity are beneficial for both individuals and society. It is essential to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, consult professionals before using weight loss drugs, and consider long-term effects and trade-offs.

      Discussing obesity is important for the health of individuals and society as a whole. Joe Rogan emphasizes that people who are in good physical shape and have lost weight generally support open conversations about obesity. They understand the benefits of acknowledging and addressing the issue. The conversation also touches on the use of weight loss drugs like Ozempic, with different opinions on its long-term effects. It is important to consider the potential trade-offs and consult professionals before using such drugs. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and mental well-being.

    • Pushing Boundaries for Personal Growth and RespectIntelligence, curiosity, and dedication are essential for excelling in any activity, like martial arts. Training and self-improvement are crucial, and striking and grappling can have real-life benefits. Pushing oneself and learning new skills can lead to a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

      Maintaining position and being physically vulnerable can lead to personal growth and respect. Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf discuss their admiration for individuals who are willing to put themselves out there and test their abilities. They emphasize that intelligence, curiosity, and dedication are important factors in excelling at any activity, such as martial arts. They also highlight the importance of training and continually improving oneself. While different activities can lead to a healthy lifestyle, they acknowledge that certain skills, like striking and grappling, can be beneficial in real-life situations. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the value of pushing oneself, learning new skills, and finding enjoyment in the process.

    • The importance of wrestling and kickboxing in MMA, leg injuries, Joe Rogan's fashion choice, and Andy Stumpf's new show on societal issues.Wrestling and kickboxing skills are crucial in MMA, while leg injuries can be horrific. Joe Rogan's fashion choice and Andy Stumpf's show highlight diverse interests and aims towards creating positive change.

      Wrestling is seen as the number one skill in MMA, providing a massive advantage in fights. However, being an elite kickboxer also gives a significant advantage since every fight starts standing up. The conversation also touches on the horror of leg injuries in MMA, with Chris Weidman's leg break being a particularly memorable and gruesome incident. Additionally, the conversation briefly discusses Joe Rogan's preference for wearing black clothing during his podcast and the reasoning behind it. Furthermore, they mention Andy Stumpf's new show called Change Agents, which aims to shed light on various social, economic, and political issues and provide actionable steps for viewers to make a difference.

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    #60 Vinicius -Draculino- Magalhaes and Victor Estima - Living the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle

    #60 Vinicius -Draculino- Magalhaes and Victor Estima - Living the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle
    In deze Engelstalige podcast spreken we met Braziliaans Jiu Jitsu legendes Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes en Victor Estima. Deze podcasts is speciaal voor alle liefhebbers van Braziliaans Jiu Jitsu. Draculino groeide op met de Gracie familie. Hij trainde dagelijks met bekende vechters uit de stal van de Gracie familie zoals Renzo en Rickson Gracie. Victor Estima hoort bij de nieuwe generatie vechters. Als prof atleet vecht deze wereldkampioen over heel de wereld tegen de beste ter aarde. Beide heren leven en ademen de Jiu Jitsu lifestyle en vertegenwoordigen het wereldwijde competieteam Gracie Barra. Ze vertellen de liefde voor de sport ze letterlijk uit de armoede van Brazilie haalde en ze beide succesvolle bedrijven opzetten in Amerika en Engeland. We spreken over de historie van Braziliaans Jiu Jitsu. Wat zijn de trends en ontwikkelingen in de sport? Wat is de visie op BJJ in Europa? Waarom de oost Europese landen opkomend zijn en waar ligt de oorsprong van de Estima Lock. Hoe kom je aan de bijnaam Draculino. Deze strijders weten wat het is om te presteren aan de top. Hoe gaan zij om met stress en angst? Zou elke Braziliaans Jiu Jitsuka wedstrijden moeten doen? Wat is de correlatie tussen je hoofd koel houden tijdens wedstrijden en omgaan met stress in het dagelijks leven? Als je een liefhebber bent van de sport is dit een niet te missen aflevering! Zie het privacybeleid op https://art19.com/privacy en de privacyverklaring van Californië op https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.