Podcast Summary

    • Reflections on Drinking Laws, Prison Systems, and their ChallengesThe conversation delves into the drinking age change in Massachusetts, the taste of nonalcoholic beer, concerns about releasing potentially violent prisoners, advocating for nonviolent drug offenders, and the prevalence of DUI offenders in jail.

      The drinking age in Massachusetts was raised from 18 to 21 in 1984. Joe Rogan recalls people being upset about this change during his elementary school years. The conversation also touches on nonalcoholic beer, with Joey Diaz praising Heineken for its taste and ability to trick the taste buds into thinking it's real beer. They discuss the release of prisoners during COVID-19, expressing concern about potentially violent individuals being let out, while advocating for the release of nonviolent drug offenders. Brian Redban mentions the prevalence of DUI offenders in the jail system, with some individuals having to blow into a tube to start their cars. Overall, the conversation highlights various aspects of drinking laws, prison systems, and the challenges they present.

    • Joe Rogan's Concerns about City Living and Its Psychological ImpactJoe Rogan questions the healthiness of living in cities, explores the connection between cities and political leanings, and discusses the desensitization to violence, highlighting the psychological effects of city environments.

      Joe Rogan is contemplating leaving Los Angeles because he believes it is not a healthy way to live and may not be good for one's brain. He also questions why cities tend to lean towards the Democratic side, suggesting that it may be because universities are predominantly located in cities. Joe Rogan further describes how he has become desensitized to the violence and riots that occur in cities on a regular basis, and how events like the Oklahoma City bombings and the Waco standoff had a significant impact on him. He acknowledges the presence of insane individuals who are capable of planting bombs without considering the lives inside buildings. Overall, the conversation highlights Joe Rogan's concerns about living in a city and the psychological impact of such environments.

    • The State of Society and Our Safety: Alarming Events and UncertaintyThe world is facing alarming events and uncertainty, highlighting the potential for corruption and the need for a safer, more positive environment.

      There are concerning and unsettling events happening in the world, such as explosions and kidnappings, that can make us question the state of society and our safety. It is alarming to hear about acts of violence and abuse of power, whether it's individuals carrying off bombs or government authorities committing egregious acts. These stories serve as a reminder that power can corrupt and lead to devastating consequences. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions and uncertainty, with the recovery process expected to take a considerable amount of time. These factors, along with other negative news, can contribute to a desire to seek out a safer and more positive environment elsewhere.

    • Lack of Readiness and Preparedness in Pandemic Response by Government AuthoritiesThe pandemic revealed the unpreparedness of governors and mayors, leading to frustration among the public due to inconsistent measures and a lack of resources. The focus on individual health was also neglected.

      There were several failures in the response to the pandemic by governors and mayors. While it may not be entirely their fault, they were not adequately prepared for a situation like this and lacked the resources to effectively handle it. People were told they couldn't work while the government officials continued to receive their paychecks, which created a sense of frustration and an unsustainable plan. Additionally, there was a lack of focus on individual health and well-being, with no mention of exercise, taking vitamins, or improving metabolic health. Overall, it is evident that there was a lack of readiness and preparedness for a crisis of this magnitude.

    • Rising Crime Rates and Fears Amidst COVID-19 PandemicCrime rates are increasing, and people are experiencing heightened anxiety. There is a need for improved emergency response systems and individuals are resorting to extreme measures, like acquiring guns, to protect themselves.

      Crime rates are increasing, and criminals are becoming more brazen. One example mentioned is the stealing of catalytic converters, which are then melted down to sell the platinum inside. Additionally, the conversation touches on the need for improved emergency response systems, as one person recounts a situation where they were put on hold for an hour when calling 911. The conversation also highlights the fear and anxiety that has arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with people seeking to protect themselves by acquiring guns. It is interesting to note that the conversation shifts to the topic of medicinal alcohol during the Prohibition era and the humorous anecdotes shared by the individuals involved.

    • Joey Diaz's Cynical View on Politics and Staying Grounded in Chaotic TimesIn a world tainted by corruption, Joey Diaz encourages maintaining a positive mindset by prioritizing personal routines, physical activity, and avoiding negative influences to preserve mental well-being.

      Joey Diaz holds a cynical view of politics and doesn't trust the system due to personal experiences with corruption and thievery at various levels. He believes that politics is a game of buying influence and getting things done through connections, rather than serving the public's best interest. He also expresses concern about the current state of society, highlighting the despair and fear that many people are experiencing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joey emphasizes the importance of staying grounded and maintaining a positive mindset amidst chaotic times, while rejecting mainstream media's tendency to focus on disaster and selling fear. Ultimately, he values personal routines, physical activity, and avoiding negative influences as a means of preserving mental well-being.

    • A Positive Transformation: The Comedy Store's Supportive Environment for ComediansSuccess in the comedy industry requires personal growth and stability, as highlighted by the positive and supportive environment at The Comedy Store.

      The Comedy Store during its last few years was a supportive and positive environment for comedians. Despite the image of the darker days, where comics were thought to be mean and the industry didn't go there, the atmosphere had changed. People were incredibly nice to each other, supporting and pumping each other up. With the rise of podcasts, everyone fed off each other's success and shared opportunities. The Comedy Store became a place of positivity, laughter, and camaraderie. The conversation also highlights the challenges some comedians face due to their difficult childhoods and chaotic experiences. It emphasizes the importance of stability and personal growth in order to succeed in the comedy industry.

    • Reflecting on the Comedy Store: Nostalgia and Longing for ChangeJoey Diaz reminisces on the changing phases of the comedy store and expresses his longing for a different lifestyle while sharing his past experiences in acting.

      Joey Diaz reflects on his experiences at the comedy store and how it changed over time. He describes different phases and eras, from following moonies and crazy people, to the Adam era which was incredibly special but eventually became monotonous. Joey Diaz expresses a desire for a change in scenery and longing for home, wanting to participate in activities like going to parties and feasting with friends. He shares his past experiences with acting, including a failed pilot and working alongside big-time actors like Tom Cruise and an unnamed doctor. Through this conversation, we understand Joey Diaz's nostalgia for the past and his current desire for a different lifestyle.

    • Athletes and rappers proving their acting skills, while some actors excel without training. Unconventional career paths leading to opportunities in different industries.Success in one industry can open doors in another, even for those without prior experience or training. Natural talent and the ability to embody various roles can be just as valuable as formal training.

      Some athletes have successfully transitioned into acting, which can be perceived as a difficult skill to master. It is interesting to note the examples of high-level rappers who have become accomplished actors, such as Tupac. The conversation also touches on the notion that actors can sometimes excel without prior experience or training, as they have a natural ability to embody various roles. Additionally, the conversation highlights the strange and unconventional career paths of certain individuals, including Mickey Rourke and John Enos. It is intriguing to see how fame and success in one industry can lead to opportunities in another, despite the unconventional nature of these transitions.

    • Ensuring Testing and Safety Measures in the Entertainment IndustryCOVID-19 has forced a shift in priorities, emphasizing the need for effective protocols, including nurses on set, to safeguard the health of those involved in the entertainment industry.

      COVID-19 testing and safety measures are crucial for the entertainment industry to continue production. Joey Diaz shares his frustration with the lack of proper protocols and highlights the need for nurses on set to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Joe Rogan agrees and emphasizes that catching the virus can be detrimental, especially for those who are older or have pre-existing medical conditions. He acknowledges that the pandemic has changed the way people view work and prioritizes personal well-being over job security. Ultimately, the conversation emphasizes the importance of taking COVID-19 seriously and implementing effective testing and safety measures in order to protect the health and well-being of individuals in the entertainment industry.

    • The Ongoing Pandemic's Toll on Health, Work, and National Strength.Candid discussions about financial support and options are crucial in overcoming health and economic crises for the well-being of individuals and the nation.

      The ongoing pandemic has had severe impacts on individuals' health, work options, and overall national strength. Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan discuss how many people they know personally who have contracted the virus, some of whom have been hospitalized or are still dealing with lingering symptoms like fatigue. They also touch on the difficulties faced by restaurants and the economic struggles caused by prolonged lockdowns. The conversation highlights the need for honest discussions about financial support and the importance of providing people with options, while also acknowledging the vulnerability and potential weaknesses of a country facing health and economic crises. Ultimately, this conversation underscores the necessity of finding effective solutions to bring about recovery and ensure the overall well-being of both individuals and the nation.

    • The Rules of Politics in North Bergen: Survival, Influence, and LoyaltyPolitics in North Bergen operate by a unique set of rules, where aligning with the intended winner and demonstrating unwavering loyalty are crucial for success. Corruption and manipulation are prevalent, as seen in the TV show Narcos.

      Politics in Hudson County, specifically North Bergen, follows a different set of rules and tactics. It is a place where picking a side and aligning with the intended winner is crucial for survival and career progression. The conversation reveals the use of intimidation and influence to control the outcome of elections, with mayors either ending up in prison or dying. Additionally, the conversation highlights the importance of loyalty and the consequences one may face if they don't align with the expected results. The reference to the TV show Narcos further emphasizes the manipulation and rigging of elections for personal gain. It sheds light on the corrupt nature of politics in such areas.

    • Corruption and Fear: The 1987 Mexican Elections and the Power PlayThe 1987 Mexican elections reveal the deadly consequences of government involvement in drug trafficking, emphasizing the immense power held by certain individuals and the need for informed perspectives when evaluating the actions of police officers.

      The 1987 elections in Mexico were highly corrupt, influenced by the government's involvement in drug trafficking and their desire to maintain power. The government that was coming into power was going to side with the United States, which threatened their drug operations. As a result, they resorted to brutal tactics, such as putting guns to people's heads and instilling fear in small villages. This highlights the dangerous amount of power that certain individuals, whether they are government officials, cartels, or law enforcement, can possess. It also sheds light on the complexity and challenges faced by police officers and the necessity for individuals to have firsthand experience and understanding before forming judgments on their actions.

    • Manipulating the Police: Joey Diaz's Mischievous Encounter with Law EnforcementDespite his mischievous behavior, Joey Diaz realizes the significance of personal growth and taking responsibility for one's actions while reflecting on his experiences in jail.

      Joey Diaz recounts a time when he was being pursued by the police for credit card fraud and eventually got arrested for kidnapping. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Joey Diaz managed to manipulate and torment the police officers during the investigation by feeding them false information and creating a crazy narrative. He demonstrated his cunning and ability to play mind games with law enforcement. Additionally, he reveals that one of the cops held a personal grudge against him, which further escalated their interactions. Despite his mischievous behavior, Joey Diaz reflects on his experiences while being incarcerated and acknowledges the importance of personal growth and taking responsibility for his actions.

    • The Power of Perseverance: Joey Diaz's Journey to SuccessResilience, authenticity, and dedication are essential qualities for pursuing one's passion, as shown in Joey Diaz's story of overcoming challenges and staying true to himself.

      Perseverance and staying true to oneself can ultimately lead to success. Joey Diaz shares his personal journey of facing financial ruin, divorce, and rejection in his early comedy career. Despite the challenges, he never gave up and continued to work hard. He even wrote letters to a judge, which eventually led to his case being thrown out. He talks about the struggle of being a dirty comic in clean venues, but he remained true to his comedic style. Joey Diaz's story highlights the importance of resilience, authenticity, and dedication in pursuing one's passion, even in the face of adversity.

    • The Importance of Balancing Difficult Gigs with Time for Recovery and ImprovementWhile challenging gigs can enhance performance skills, it is essential to strike a balance and give oneself time to recover and improve. Being adaptable, prepared, and surrounded by experienced performers is crucial.

      Experiencing difficult and challenging gigs can ultimately make you a better performer. However, it is important not to rely solely on these types of gigs, as they can have negative effects on your act. Just like lifting heavy weights every day can lead to physical damage, constantly performing in tough situations can limit your ability to be versatile and adaptable on stage. It is crucial to give yourself time to recover and improve between these hard gigs. Additionally, the conversation highlights the importance of being prepared with different sets for different audiences and situations. The comedy scene discussed also emphasizes the need for continuous growth and learning by being surrounded by top-notch performers.

    • The Impact of Audience and Comedy PioneersGenuine audience interaction is vital for a successful comedy experience, with both small and large crowds contributing to the development of comedic routines. The influence of legendary comedians continues to shape the world of stand-up comedy.

      Comedy, even in virtual reality, is a unique experience that requires genuine interaction with the audience. While performing for small groups can lead to more honest and intimate comedy, bigger bits and polished routines often come from larger crowds. This highlights the importance of the audience in shaping the overall comedic experience. Dismissing the significance of the audience is misguided, as they play a crucial role in the dynamics of a comedian's performance. Additionally, the conversation reflects on the historical significance of comedy, with references to old Johnny Carson episodes and the impact of legendary comedians like Richard Pryor. These comedic pioneers have left an indelible mark on the world of stand-up comedy.

    • The Power of Influence and Unexpected SourcesExternal accomplishments do not guarantee inner happiness and personal memories can have a lasting impact.

      The power of influence and inspiration can come from unexpected sources. Joey Diaz shares his experience of wanting to talk like his comedic idols to win people over and overcome his insecurity as an immigrant. By mimicking their style and bringing albums to people's houses, he inadvertently influenced and entertained those around him. However, the conversation also highlights the tragic side of fame and success. Freddie Prince, someone who seemed to have it all, took his own life at a young age. It serves as a reminder that external accomplishments and appearances don't always correlate with inner happiness and fulfillment. The conversation also shows that personal memories can be vivid and impactful, as Joey Diaz vividly recalls the night he accidentally urinated on himself.

    • Funny anecdotes and reflections on past experiences by Joey Diaz and Joe RoganOpen communication and trust are crucial in family relationships, as highlighted through Joey Diaz's experiences and reflections on his mother's reactions.

      Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan reminisce about their past experiences and share funny anecdotes. They discuss dressing up in kung fu outfits and the perception it gave them. Joey Diaz talks about his mother's disapproval of his behavior and his encounters with alcohol and marijuana. He also recalls an embarrassing moment involving a girl and a misunderstanding about her period. Despite these amusing and sometimes inappropriate stories, the key takeaway is the importance of open communication and understanding within families. Joey Diaz reflects on his mother's reactions and how mothers often have a sense when their children are lying. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the significance of honesty and trust in relationships.

    • Cultural shifts in attitudes towards sex and relationships over time.Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan reflect on the changing societal norms around sex and relationships, highlighting the evolution from guilt and shame to a more open and normalized discussion.

      Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan reminisce about their experiences with relationships and sexual experiences as teenagers. They share stories about their strict Catholic upbringing, the guilt and shame associated with premarital sex, and the lack of education about birth control. They highlight the societal changes over the years, discussing how sex has become more normalized among teenagers and how it was less openly discussed in the past. They also touch upon famous figures like Marilyn Monroe and the alleged sexual encounters with younger individuals. Overall, the conversation underscores the cultural shifts and evolving attitudes towards sex and relationships over time.

    • Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz reminisce on memory loss, Marilyn Monroe encounters, and controversial relationships in a humorous conversation.Reflecting on past experiences can lead to humorous and controversial discussions about memory loss, societal norms, and famous encounters.

      Both Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz are reminiscing about their past experiences and how memory loss comes with age. They discuss various topics, including an article about Johnny Russo, who claimed to have lost his virginity to Marilyn Monroe at the age of 15. Despite the questionable nature of this encounter, they express excitement and admiration for Russo's experience. The conversation then shifts to the idea of famous actors engaging in relationships with high school seniors, with a particular focus on a gym teacher in Joey Diaz's school who allegedly had relationships with multiple students. Overall, the conversation highlights the humorous and sometimes controversial discussions that can arise when reflecting on past experiences and societal norms.

    • Childhood Memories, Old Fashioned Dating, Conspiracy Theories, and E-Bike Safety: A Conversational Journey with Joey Diaz and Joe RoganEvolving social dynamics demand critical thinking in the face of conspiracy theories while embracing the importance of safety precautions, even on e-bikes.

      Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan reminisced about their childhood experiences and the old-fashioned dating customs in their neighborhood. They discussed how people used to marry their high school sweethearts and the cultural norms surrounding dating different ethnicities. The conversation then shifted to conspiracy theories and the controversy surrounding Tom Hanks and Jeffrey Epstein. Joe Rogan clarified that the Tom Hanks rumors were merely internet memes, but acknowledged the reality of Epstein's crimes. They also discussed the potential dangers of riding e-bikes and the importance of safety precautions. The conversation serves as a reminder of the evolving social dynamics and the need for critical thinking in the face of conspiracy theories.

    • The dangers and risks of using scooters without cautionExercise caution, prioritize safety, and avoid operating scooters under the influence to prevent accidents and legal consequences.

      Using scooters can be dangerous and potentially lead to accidents, especially if someone is intoxicated or lacks coordination. While it may seem convenient to rent scooters without a license, it's important to exercise caution and be aware of the risks involved. Falling down or crashing into someone can cause serious injuries. These scooters have been banned in certain areas due to safety concerns and the irresponsible behavior of riders. It's crucial to prioritize safety by wearing a helmet and staying vigilant while riding. Additionally, operating any vehicle, including scooters, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is highly discouraged and may result in legal consequences.

    • Uncovering the intricate underground tunnels linking Mexico and Arizona and exploring the fascination with crime in popular culture.The discovery of a highly advanced tunnel highlights the incredible engineering behind hidden passageways, while the popularity of crime-related content shows society's fascination with the dark underbelly of cartels.

      There was a highly sophisticated tunnel discovered between Mexico and Arizona, which is believed to be the most complicated tunnel ever found. Although the exact purpose of this structure is unclear, it had features such as ventilation, a rail system, and extensive reinforcement. The conversation also touches upon the escape of infamous drug lord El Chapo through a similar tunnel, highlighting the incredible engineering behind these hidden passageways. Additionally, the discussion shifts to TV shows depicting Mexican drug cartels, with a particular emphasis on the actor who portrays Pablo Escobar in Netflix's "Narcos" and the exceptional performance of the lead actor in "Marco's Mexico." The key takeaway showcases the fascination with crime and cartel-related content in popular culture.

    • The Complex World of Marijuana Cultivation and SmugglingMarijuana cultivation involves unique challenges such as specialized irrigation systems and gender differentiation, while also exposing the dynamics of the illegal drug trade and its impact on different countries.

      The cultivation and smuggling of marijuana, particularly the high-quality strain known as Seneca, has a complex process and unique challenges. Seneca, which is grown without seeds for easier packing and transportation, can only be grown successfully in desert regions due to the risk of male plants ruining the crop. This requires setting up specialized irrigation systems in the desert. Gender plays a crucial role in marijuana cultivation, as the female plants produce the desired flowers for consumption. The conversation also highlights the illegal drug trade, government involvement, and the historical context behind the marijuana industry. It sheds light on the power dynamics and corruption associated with drug trafficking and reveals the impact of these activities on various countries.

    • The Hypocrisy of Drug Control: Corruption and Deceit in Government AgenciesTransparency and integrity are crucial in government agencies responsible for drug control to curb corruption, deceit, and dangerous consequences like plane crashes caused by drug trafficking.

      There is a pervasive hypocrisy within government and law enforcement agencies when it comes to drug control. While politicians like Reagan publicly claimed to be against drugs and promoted the "Just Say No" campaign, their own administrations were involved in funding illegal drug operations. This hypocrisy raises questions about the extent of corruption and deceit within these institutions, leading to concerns about what else they may be hiding or willing to do. The conversation also highlights the dangerous consequences of drug trafficking, including plane crashes caused by overloaded planes filled with cocaine. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the need for transparency and integrity in government agencies responsible for drug control.

    • The Complex Story of a Wealthy Criminal's Rise and FallThis conversation sheds light on the intricate and severe repercussions that come with engaging in illegal activities, as well as society's intrigue with tales of criminality in the entertainment industry.

      There is a person who went from Florida to Germany and built a fortune through various questionable activities, including creating a podcast with cameras and naked women. This person made millions of dollars every day and had an addiction to cocaine. He also had an island as a distraction and a main supplier who was Fidel Castro from Cuba. Eventually, he testified against Fidel and provided vital information about money movement. However, this person was given a 1000-year sentence, which seemed excessive. The conversation also touched on a movie called "Blow," which is loosely based on this person's life. Overall, the conversation highlights the complexities and consequences of a life involved in illegal activities and the entertainment industry's fascination with such stories.

    • Exploring the Impact of Smartphones on Daily LifeSmartphones have revolutionized communication and daily tasks, but it is important to be mindful of their potential drawbacks and find a balance in their usage.

      Technology, particularly in the form of smartphones, has become an integral part of our lives. Joe Rogan and Brian Redban discuss the features of different devices and platforms, highlighting the convenience and efficiency they offer. They emphasize the benefits of iPhones, such as Airdrop and Apple Pay, which enhance communication and streamline daily tasks. The conversation also touches on the evolution of technology and how it has transformed various aspects of society, from purchasing goods to staying connected. However, they also mention the potential drawbacks, such as the concern of using phones too much. Overall, the conversation underscores the significant role that smartphones play in the modern world.

    • Joey Diaz: The Fusion of Music and ComedyEmbracing unique moments and incorporating elements of music can help comedians like Joey Diaz create an authentic and unforgettable experience for their audience.

      Joey Diaz's bold and unconventional approach to comedy, as seen through his memorable performance on stage, has taught Joe Rogan the importance of capturing unique moments in live comedy. Joey Diaz's ability to authentically connect with the audience and convey his message is influenced by his study of great singers like Robert Plant and Leonard Skinner. By observing their body language and stage presence, Joey Diaz has developed his own persona on stage and incorporated elements of music into his comedic performances. This fusion of music and comedy has allowed Joey Diaz to truly explode as a comedian and create a one-of-a-kind experience for his audience.

    • A Casual and Humorous Conversation on Music, Famous Personalities, and Hidden GemsJoey Diaz and Joe Rogan have a light-hearted rapport, sharing anecdotes and observations on various topics, highlighting the importance of practice and repetition and appreciating down-to-earth personalities.

      Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan are discussing various topics such as music, famous personalities, and their personal experiences. They talk about the unexpected talent of Leonard Skinner and their polished guitar solos, highlighting how practice and repetition can lead to greatness. They also mention their admiration for Rob Lowe and his down-to-earth personality. The conversation takes a light-hearted turn as they discuss barbecue and strip clubs, emphasizing their preference for a hidden gem called Hoggy Woggies in Van Nuys. Overall, the key takeaway is that these friends have a casual and humorous rapport, sharing anecdotes and observations on a wide range of subjects.

    • The escalating prevalence of random violence in cities like Los Angeles highlights the importance of maintaining a civilized society.The stability and safety provided by civilization are crucial for progress and the well-being of individuals; a breakdown in law and order can lead to chaos and danger.

      Society can quickly become chaotic and dangerous when there is a breakdown of law and order. Joey Diaz's recounting of various violent incidents highlights the increasing prevalence of random acts of violence in cities like Los Angeles. With stories of axe-wielding attackers and people getting sucker-punched for no reason, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining a civilized society. Joe Rogan's observation that this is not the envisioned outcome of those who wanted societal change underscores the need for a more equitable system rather than a complete breakdown. It serves as a reminder that the stability and safety provided by civilization are crucial for progress and the well-being of individuals.

    • Balancing immediate dangers and long-term consequences in times of crisis.Addressing the immediate dangers of a crisis is important, but it is also necessary to consider the long-term consequences, such as economic collapse and mental health repercussions. Investing in proactive measures and fostering rational dialogue can help protect against future crises.

      In times of crisis, such as the current pandemic and social unrest, it is important to find a balance between addressing immediate dangers and considering the long-term consequences. It is necessary to acknowledge that individuals facing poverty, despair, and unemployment are inclined towards engaging in destructive behavior and addiction. Focusing solely on preventing the loss of lives to the disease disregards the economic collapse and its repercussions on mental health. While it is unrealistic to expect complete preparedness for unforeseen events, investing in proactive measures to protect against pandemics and other crises can be beneficial. It is crucial to foster rational dialogue and not let destructive elements overshadow genuine causes.

    • Differentiating genuine activists from attention-seekers and exploring the need for specialized leadership and awareness in addressing issues like fracking.Not all activists have the same intentions, and it is crucial to stay informed and cautious about the actions and decisions made by those in power, especially regarding potentially harmful practices like fracking.

      There are individuals who exploit activism for attention, which can overshadow the genuine desire for positive change. It is important to recognize that not all activists are the same and that there will always be disagreement within any group. The conversation also highlights the need for a more specialized and decentralized approach to leadership, rather than relying solely on a single individual like the President. The impact of fracking on communities is explored, emphasizing the potential dangers and negative consequences it can have on people's homes and environment. This conversation suggests the importance of being informed and aware of the actions and decisions made by those in power.

    • Understanding Motion Plus on TVs and its impact on picture quality.Motion Plus setting on TVs stabilizes the camera shake, but it may not suit everyone's preference. It can enhance sports or live TV viewing, but may not be ideal for movies or fight scenes with fast movements.

      There is a setting called Motion Plus on TVs that can make the picture look like a soap opera. This setting stabilizes the shake of a natural camera, removing the jiggling effect and making it look like the camera is on a tripod. Many TVs have this setting turned on by default because TV companies believe it improves the viewing experience. However, some people, like Brian Redban, find it annoying and prefer the more realistic feel of a handheld camera. Motion Plus can be great for sports or live TV, but it may not be ideal for movies or fights where fast movements occur. Joe Rogan, the host of the conversation, was not even aware of this setting until it was pointed out to him.

    • Stand-up comedy in the face of COVID-19Comedians navigate challenges posed by the pandemic, showcasing resilience and determination to adapt and continue pursuing their passion for live performances.

      The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the entertainment industry, particularly stand-up comedy. Both Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz express their eagerness to get back on stage and perform for live audiences. They discuss the challenges they may face with remembering their material after months of being away from the stage. Additionally, they touch upon the importance of adapting to the current situation, such as recording shows on phones to keep track of material and staying updated on the events of the past few months. The conversation also highlights the different opinions on reopening businesses and the varying restrictions imposed across states. Ultimately, it emphasizes the resilience and determination of comedians to continue pursuing their passion despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic.

    • Balancing Public Health and Economic Recovery during COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic has placed individuals in difficult financial situations, leading to tough decisions and frustrations. Balancing public health and economic recovery requires careful consideration and examination.

      The COVID-19 pandemic has created a difficult situation for many people who are struggling financially and facing uncertainty. There is a dilemma between prioritizing public health and allowing individuals to return to work. The conversation highlights the frustration of individuals who have not received financial support and are forced to make tough decisions, such as violating regulations to earn a living. Additionally, the conversation touches on the fear of government control and people's compliance with regulations. It also highlights the risk associated with large gatherings and the challenges faced by the entertainment industry. In conclusion, there is a need for careful examination and consideration of the balance between public health and economic recovery.

    • Prioritizing Self-Care and Positivity for Personal Well-BeingTake care of yourself by avoiding unnecessary risks, disconnecting from negative influences, and creating a supportive community to prioritize mental health and personal happiness.

      There is a strong emphasis on the importance of taking care of oneself and avoiding unnecessary risks in order to protect physical and mental well-being. Joey Diaz expresses concerns about potential conflicts during comedy shows and the unpleasant experiences associated with dental visits. Additionally, he discusses his decision to disconnect from news media and social media platforms due to their negative impact. This highlights the need to prioritize personal happiness and mental health by avoiding distressing content. The conversation also touches upon the idea of starting a comedy mini cult in Montana, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive and respectful community. Overall, the key takeaway is to prioritize self-care, positivity, and creating a conducive environment for personal well-being.

    • Ancient Giants and Friendly NeighborsCrocodiles and alligators have adapted and evolved over millions of years, making them fascinating creatures to coexist with. Plus, we can't help but love the guilty pleasure of a tasty but unhealthy breakfast treat.

      Crocodiles are living dinosaurs that have been around for millions of years. They have survived and thrived because they have adapted and evolved to be slower and less aggressive than their ancestors. Alligators are similar to crocodiles but are even more chill, making it easier for people to coexist with them. Florida, in particular, is known for having a large population of alligators. Despite their prehistoric origins, crocodiles and alligators are still fascinating creatures that capture our attention. On a lighter note, the conversation also touches on the love for fast food breakfast items such as the McDonald's McGriddle, acknowledging its delicious taste despite its unhealthy reputation.

    • Exploring the popularity of the McRib sandwich and its cultural differencesThe conversation delves into the seasonal nature of the McRib sandwich, its popularity in Germany, and the ethical concerns surrounding advertising and children's eating habits.

      The McRib sandwich is a limited time menu item because the ingredients for it are seasonal and come from Indonesia. Furthermore, it is a permanent menu item in Germany, suggesting that it is well-liked there. The conversation also brings up the topic of manipulation in advertising, with Joe Rogan questioning the ethics behind creating desires in people. There is also a discussion about the practice of giving toys with fast food meals, with some places considering outlawing it due to its influence on children's eating habits. Overall, the conversation touches on various food-related topics and cultural differences, highlighting the appeal of certain dishes and the ways in which consumer desires are influenced.

    • Exploring Change and Adaptability in the Face of UncertaintyEmbracing change and being adaptable is crucial in navigating life's uncertainties, as discussed in the individuals' considerations regarding relocation, career choices, and the importance of staying safe during the pandemic.

      The individuals involved are considering making major changes in their lives due to various concerns and circumstances. They discuss the possibility of relocating to a different place, such as Texas or Montana, in order to potentially improve their quality of life and escape certain challenges they currently face. They touch upon topics like taxes, defunding the police, and budget cuts in education. Joey Diaz expresses his desire to return to stand-up comedy and leave quarantine behind. Throughout the conversation, they also mention the importance of staying safe and taking precautions during the ongoing pandemic. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that change and adaptability are essential in navigating the uncertainties of life.

    • Finding Alternatives for Worship and Exploring the Power of PodcastingDespite challenges during the pandemic, outdoor services and podcasting have provided people with opportunities to continue practicing their faith and freely express themselves. Consider starting a new show or podcast and explore merchandise options for fan engagement.

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, places of worship, such as churches, have been heavily impacted. People who want to attend religious services and continue practicing their faith have faced challenges due to mass gatherings being banned. However, alternatives like outdoor services in parks have been suggested as a way to continue worshiping while adhering to safety protocols. The conversation also highlighted how podcasting has become a significant part of people's lives, where they can freely express themselves and entertain others. Additionally, the conversation touched on the idea of starting a new show or podcast, with suggestions such as "uncle Joey Power Hour" being thrown around. Lastly, they discussed the potential success of merchandise, specifically t-shirts, with phrases like "You know me, dog" being popular among fans.

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    #2174 - Annie Jacobsen

    #2174 - Annie Jacobsen
    Annie Jacobsen is a Pulitzer Prize finalist, investigative journalist, and bestselling author. Her latest book, “Nuclear War: A Scenario,” is out now. www.anniejacobsen.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    #2173 - Jimmy Dore

    #2173 - Jimmy Dore
    Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comic, political commentator, and host of "The Jimmy Dore Show" on YouTube. Watch his new special, "Covid Lies Are Funny," at jimmydore.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    #2172 - Sebastian Junger

    #2172 - Sebastian Junger
    Sebastian Junger is a bestselling author, journalist, and an Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. His latest book, "In My Time of Dying", is available now. www.sebastianjunger.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    #2171 - Eric Weinstein & Terrence Howard

    #2171 - Eric Weinstein & Terrence Howard
    Eric Weinstein holds a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University and is a member of the Galileo Project research team.  www.ericweinstein.org www.geometricunity.org Terrence Howard is an actor of stage and screen, musician, and researcher in the fields of logic and engineering. www.terryslynchpins.com www.tcotlc.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    #2170 - Max Lugavere

    #2170 - Max Lugavere
    Max Lugavere is a filmmaker, health and science journalist, author, and host of The Genius Life podcast. His debut film Little Empty Boxes is out now. http://littleemptyboxes.com www.maxlugavere.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    #2169 - Protect Our Parks 12

    #2169 - Protect Our Parks 12
    Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir are stand-up comics, writers, and podcasters. Shane is the co-host of "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" with Matt McCusker and one half of the sketch comedy duo "Gilly and Keeves" with John McKeever. Watch his new comedy series, "Tires," and special, "Beautiful Dogs" on Netflix. www.shanemgillis.com Mark is the co-host of the podcasts "Tuesdays with Stories" with Joe List and "We Might Be Drunk" with Sam Morril. Watch his latest stand-up special, "Soup to Nuts," on Netflix. www.marknormandcomedy.com Ari is the host of the "You Be Trippin'" podcast. His latest comedy special, "Ari Shaffir: Jew," is available now via YouTube. www.arishaffir.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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