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Building an email list is an essential strategy for effectively communicating with your audience. As a podcasteremail marketing provides you with a unique way to send updates, notify about new episodes, engage listeners, and ask for their valuable feedback. But where should you begin? In this article, we'll explore the first three emails that every podcaster should send to a new email subscriber. These emails are designed to maximize engagement, build a loyal following, and enhance your podcasting journey. Let's dive in!

Why Podcasters Should Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is crucial for podcasters as it allows them to connect with their audience in a more personal and consistent way. By utilizing email marketing strategies, podcasters can enjoy a range of benefits that enhance their podcasting journey.

Owning the communication channel

One of the significant advantages of email marketing for podcasters is that it provides them with ownership of the communication channel. Unlike social media platforms that are subject to algorithm changes or even deactivation, email marketing ensures a direct line of communication with subscribers.

Controlling the message

With email marketing, podcasters have full control over the content and tone of their messages. They can craft personalized and engaging emails that perfectly align with their brand and podcasting goals. This control allows podcasters to present their messages in a way that resonates with their audience, further strengthening their connection.

Personalizing emails

Email marketing allows podcasters to deliver personalized content tailored to the specific interests and preferences of their subscribers. By segmenting their email list based on various demographics or engagement levels, podcasters can provide relevant and valuable information, fostering a deeper relationship with their audience.

Low cost/high return

Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing is cost-effective for podcasters with a potentially high return on investment. It eliminates the need for printing materials or paying for advertising space. Instead, podcasters can leverage their existing audience to grow their listenership and monetize their podcast more effectively.

Easy content creation

Email marketing provides podcasters with a platform for easy content creation. While producing regular podcast episodes may require significant time and effort, composing emails can be more efficient. By repurposing existing podcast content or creating exclusive content, podcasters can engage their audience consistently without the same level of production involved in podcast episodes.

Ability to communicate between episodes

Podcasters understand the importance of staying connected with their audience between episodes. Email marketing allows them to nurture this connection by keeping subscribers informed, sharing behind-the-scenes insights, or seeking feedback. By maintaining consistent communication, podcasters can cultivate a loyal and engaged listener base.

"Email marketing enables podcasters to connect with their audience on a personal level, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing the overall podcasting experience."

Furthermore, email marketing offers podcasters opportunities to grow their revenue. By promoting products, services, or sponsors within their emails, podcasters can generate income and support the ongoing production of their podcast. Additionally, email marketing allows podcasters to establish a more intimate relationship with their listeners, strengthening the bond beyond the podcast itself.

How to Build an Email List for Your Podcast

To build an email list for your podcast, you need to strategically place opt-in forms throughout your podcast website. These forms can be embedded in pages, sidebars, footers, or at the end of blog and podcast posts. You can also use popup overlays or notification bars to grab visitors' attention. If you don't have a dedicated website, a landing page will suffice. When setting up opt-in forms, you can choose between single opt-in and double opt-in. There are various email marketing tools available, such as Drip, Convertkit, MooSend, and MailerLite, that offer the features you need to start sending messages to your subscribers.

The First Email: Send Updates about New Episodes

The first email you should send to new email subscribers is an update about new episodes. This email serves as a way to keep your audience informed and engaged with your podcast. Here's what to include in this important email:

  1. Brief Description: Start the email with a concise description of the episode. Highlight the main topic or guest, and tease any exciting or intriguing aspects of the episode.
  2. Call to Action: Include a clear call to action that encourages subscribers to listen to the episode. Use an engaging button or link that directs them to the page where they can easily access and enjoy the episode.
  3. Podcast Listening Apps: Make it convenient for your subscribers to access your show by including links to popular podcast listening apps, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. This allows them to choose their preferred platform and easily start listening.
Remember, the goal of this email is to notify your subscribers about your latest episodes and provide them with a seamless experience to listen. It's important to keep the email concise, engaging, and visually appealing to capture their attention and drive them to take action.

The Second Email: Incentivize Your Listeners to Sign Up

Now that you've successfully welcomed your new email subscribers with the first email, it's time to take your engagement to the next level. The second email is all about incentivizing your listeners to sign up and become more involved with your podcast.

Offer a Valuable Lead Magnet

One of the most effective ways to incentivize your listeners to sign up is by providing them with a valuable lead magnet. This can be anything from bonus episodes and exclusive content to helpful resources like checklists, templates, or worksheets. By offering something of value, you give your listeners a reason to subscribe and continue receiving your emails.

"By providing valuable content as a lead magnet, you not only attract more subscribers but also establish yourself as an expert in your niche. This builds trust and encourages your audience to stay connected with your podcast."

Community Access

In addition to valuable content, consider offering your subscribers exclusive access to a community related to your podcast. This can be a private Facebook group, a dedicated forum, or any other platform where your listeners can connect with each other and engage in discussions. Creating a sense of community fosters a deeper connection with your audience and encourages them to stay engaged with your podcast.

Quotes and Testimonials

To further incentivize your listeners to sign up, include quotes and testimonials from existing subscribers who have benefited from your podcast. These testimonials can highlight the value they've received from your episodes or the positive impact your content has had on their lives. Hearing from others who have found value in your podcast can be a powerful motivator for new listeners to subscribe and become part of your thriving community.

Call to Action

Don't forget to include a clear and compelling call to action in your second email. Make it easy for your subscribers to take the desired action by providing a prominent sign-up button or a direct link to your subscription page. By guiding your listeners through the process, you increase the chances of them signing up and joining your growing email list.

The Third Email: Promote Your Online and Offline Events

Now that your new email subscribers have received updates about your podcast and an incentive to sign up, it's time to take their engagement to the next level. The third email you send should be all about promoting your exciting online and offline events.

  • Webinars: Host educational webinars where you can share valuable insights and interact with your audience in real-time.
  • Livestreams: Stream live episodes or behind-the-scenes content to give your listeners an exclusive experience.
  • Twitter Chats: Engage with your audience on Twitter, answering their questions and discussing topics related to your podcast.
  • Conferences: Organize conferences that bring together like-minded individuals and industry experts for a day of learning and networking.
  • Masterminds: Create intimate group sessions where you can provide personalized advice and guidance to a select number of your listeners.
  • Meet-and-Greets: Arrange meet-and-greets where your loyal fans can meet you in person, take photos, and have a memorable experience.

Your third email is your chance to showcase these exciting events and encourage your subscribers to participate. Provide all the necessary details such as the date, time, location (for offline events), and how they can get involved. Make it easy for them to add the event to their calendars by including direct links. This will ensure they don't miss out on any of the action.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we'll dive deeper into the topics discussed on our podcast. Don't miss this opportunity to interact with industry experts and gain valuable insights that will take your knowledge to the next level. Register now and secure your spot!

By promoting your online and offline events through email, you create a sense of excitement and anticipation among your subscribers. They'll feel more connected to your podcast and eager to participate in these special occasions. Keep your audience engaged and ensure they always have something to look forward to!

Remind Your Listeners to Subscribe

As a podcaster, you have the advantage of an existing audience, and it's important to leverage that to grow your email list. Reminding your listeners to subscribe to your email list during your podcast episodes is a simple yet effective way to encourage them to stay connected with your podcast beyond listening. By mentioning it during the intro or outro, you can reinforce the importance of subscribing and provide them with a clear call to action.

Use Email Nurture Sequences to Engage with Subscribers

Email nurture sequences are a powerful tool for podcasters to engage with their subscribers and build meaningful relationships. These sequences consist of 3-5 strategically crafted emails that provide valuable content related to your podcast. By delivering what subscribers signed up for in the first email, such as a lead magnet, you immediately provide value and establish trust.

Subsequent emails in the nurture sequence continue to engage subscribers with relevant content over a period of time. This content can take various forms, such as exclusive podcast episodes, bonus materials, expert interviews, or resources that align with your podcast's niche. By consistently providing valuable content, you keep your subscribers interested and invested in your podcast.

In addition to delivering valuable content, email nurture sequences serve as a guide, leading your subscribers along the path from being a stranger to becoming a loyal listener or customer. These sequences allow you to establish a deeper connection with your audience and keep them engaged with your podcast. As you nurture these relationships, you can further personalize emails based on your subscribers' interests and behaviors.

Why Use Email Nurture Sequences?

  1. Engage Your Subscribers: Email nurture sequences provide an opportunity to consistently engage with your subscribers and keep your podcast top of mind. By delivering valuable content, you ensure that your audience remains active and interested in your podcast.
  2. Build Trust: Through valuable and relevant content, you establish yourself as an authority in your podcast's niche. This helps to build trust with your subscribers, making them more likely to continue listening to your podcast and potentially becoming loyal followers.
  3. Guide Subscribers: Nurture sequences allow you to guide subscribers along a specific path. Whether it's introducing them to different podcast episodes, promoting specific products or services, or inviting them to exclusive events, you can tailor the sequence to meet your podcast's goals.
  4. Personalize Emails: As you gather more information about your subscribers, such as their preferences and interests, you can personalize your emails accordingly. This level of personalization helps to create a more tailored and engaging experience for your audience.

Overall, email nurture sequences are a highly effective tool for podcasters to engage with their subscribers, provide valuable content, and guide them towards building a stronger connection with their podcast. By consistently delivering relevant and personalized emails, podcasters can cultivate a loyal and dedicated audience.


Email marketing is a game-changer for podcasters. It allows them to establish a direct line of communication with their audience, fostering deeper connections and building a loyal following. By crafting the first three emails every podcaster should send to new email subscribers, podcasters can provide valuable content and engage with their audience right from the start.

Building an email list strategically is the foundation of a successful email marketing campaign. By strategically placing opt-in forms on their podcast website and using the right email marketing platform, podcasters can effectively capture the attention and contact information of their listeners. This enables them to continuously communicate, engage, and nurture their audience.

Furthermore, email nurture sequences are an essential tool for podcasters to keep their subscribers engaged. By providing valuable and relevant content through a series of emails, podcasters can establish trust, build credibility, and guide their audience towards becoming loyal listeners or customers.

In conclusion, email marketing is a powerful tool that podcasters should leverage to maximize the success of their podcast. By implementing effective strategies for building an email list and delivering valuable content through email nurture sequences, podcasters can connect with their audience on a deeper level, drive engagement, and ultimately achieve their goals.


Why is building an email list important for podcasters?

Building an email list is important for podcasters because it allows them to effectively communicate with their audience, send updates and notifications about new episodes, engage listeners, ask for feedback, and grow their revenue.

What are the benefits of email marketing for podcasters?

Email marketing offers several benefits for podcasters, including owning the communication channel, controlling the message, personalizing emails, low cost/high return, easy content creation, and the ability to communicate between episodes.

How can I build an email list for my podcast?

To build an email list for your podcast, you need to strategically place opt-in forms throughout your podcast website, use single or double opt-in forms, and choose the right email marketing platform.

What should be included in the first email to new email subscribers?

The first email to new email subscribers should include an update about new episodes, a brief description of the episode, a call to action to listen to it, and links to popular podcast listening apps.

What should be included in the second email to new email subscribers?

The second email to new email subscribers should offer them a valuable lead magnet, such as bonus episodes, exclusive content, checklists, templates, worksheets, or community access, to incentivize them to sign up and become more engaged with your podcast.

What should be included in the third email to new email subscribers?

The third email to new email subscribers should promote your online and offline events, providing all the necessary details about the event and encouraging subscribers to attend. It's also helpful to include links to add the event to their calendars.

How can I remind my listeners to subscribe to my email list?

You can remind your listeners to subscribe to your email list during your podcast episodes by mentioning it during the intro or outro, reinforcing the importance of subscribing and providing a clear call to action.

What are email nurture sequences?

Email nurture sequences are a series of emails sent to new subscribers to nurture their relationship with your podcast. These sequences provide valuable content related to your podcast and help you engage with your subscribers, build trust, and guide them along the path from a stranger to a loyal listener or customer.

Why is email marketing important for podcasters?

Email marketing is important for podcasters because it allows them to connect with their audience in a more personal and consistent way, grow their revenue through promotions, and build a loyal following by providing valuable content.